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‘Hunter’ by Joy Cowley

‘Hunter’, by Joy Cowley, is a good book in which two stories are set two hundred years apart in time. The first story is set in 1805, which is about a boy named Hunter, who is about 15 years old. He is a slave to a tribe that he lives in and he dreams of running away to a white settlement, not too far from his tribe. Hunter frequently has visions about things that he can’t understand.  When he has a vision about a Moa Bird in a valley not far from the village, he is told to track the bird with the help of three hunters and then kill it. The second story is set in 2005 where a young girl named Jordan and her two younger brothers, Robert and Baxter are trying to fly back home on a light air craft when they almost entirely run out of fuel. The pilot, Harold, makes an emergency landing on a small peninsula of land. Harold is able to land the plane but the plane’s exterior is badly damaged by branches and undergrowth that pierce through the cockpit and cabin on impact. The book is enjoyable to read for anyone between the ages of 11 – 16 years old. In all, I think the book was very interesting, suspenseful and enjoyable to read.  Jacob, Year 9

‘Hunter’ is set in the south island of New Zealand. It is based on Hunter communicating with a young girl named Jordan along with her brothers Baxter and Robbie. Hunter has the unique gift of sight, which plays a big part later in the story. Jordan and her brothers had the best time of their lives on their holiday but then in a twist they land in the uninhabited part of southern New Zealand.  Hunter is kept captive by a group of Maori warriors who hunt moa. During the story the Maori Warriors hunt him in the hope to get him back. He helps Jordan and her brothers get to safety, using his gift of sight while under constant pressure of being one step ahead of the Maori Warriors. Brad Year 9

The book ‘Hunter’ is a very complex and mysterious novel, just like the main character in the story. His journey through life is very confusing. He is at one moment being treated like a dog, a slave to a human tribe. Then he is stranded with a bunch of children struggling for survival. Throughout this novel it explains and tells the story about how he lived off the bare land and looked after his fellow friends. I would recommended this book for children ages 16-18 years of age. This book teaches and shows us how lucky we are to have what we have today. Chloe, Year 9


The book ‘Hunter’ is a mysterious yet exciting novel just like the main character ‘Hunter’. His adventure throughout his life is very perplexing, I mean at one moment, he is being treated like an overpopulated unimportant animal which deserves to die, but then he is thrown into a group with a bunch of stranded children struggling to survive. Throughout the novel, it tells the story about how he lived off the wild animals and the dry humid land, and how he looked after his amazing friends. I would most definitely recommend this book to many ages but the preferable age would probably be 14-18. This book shows that you are the most luckiest person that could live, because out there, they are not as privileged as you, so count yourself lucky. – Christian, Year 9

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