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‘Six Impossible Things’ by Fiona Wood

Six impossible things“There’s this girl I know. I know her by heart. I know her in every way but one: actuality. Her name is Estelle. I yearn for her. ” – Fiona Wood.

The book is set in Melbourne, Australia, mainly at Dan’s school. This story is about a young man named Dan Cereill. His dad announces to him and his mother that he is gay and is deciding to move out of the house, and then they find out that his mother’s wedding cake business is going nowhere but downhill and eventually out of business. Then, to make matters worse, his great Aunt Adelaide passes. Lucky for him and his mother, in Adelaide’s will she leaves Dan and his mother her giant mansion and her dog, Howard. There is also a girl named Estelle in this story, who is the girl of Dan’s dreams. He has never seen her, talked to her, or met her, but somehow he knows she exists and has a huge crush on her.


I liked this book because I can relate to it, it’s interesting and overall a great book. I enjoyed this book a lot because it is very descriptive, which helps paint a picture in my head about what is really happening throughout the story, and it helps me to imagine the situation in my mind. I also liked the storyline of this book and the way it progressed, because it kept me engaged the whole time and I could barely put the book down for anything.


I would recommend this story to both boys and girls from about ages 10+ and I believe that anyone would love this book, especially those who enjoy reading teen novels. I would rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

Millie L., Year 8


Dan Cereill, normal boy who goes to a normal school? Right? Wrong. Dan is the complete opposite of normal with a crazy life.


Dan’s life was turned upside down when his Dad announced that he was gay, broke and would be moving out. This left Dan and his Mum with no food, no money and no life. All they had was a dead aunt’s old house and her dog Howard.


Dan Cereill had to live in a new town, with a new school and no job. This involved Dan meeting new people, going through new school hell and finding a successful job for both of them to kick-start their lives again.


The only thing getting Dan through this crisis is the girl next door, Estelle. Dan fell in love with her the first time he saw her and it just so happens that they are in the same class. Lucky or not?


Dan wrote a list of six impossible things that could happen in his life in his diary.


The list includes:


1.     Kiss Estelle

2.     Get a job

3.     Cheer my mother up

4.     Try not to be a complete loser at school

5.     Talk to my Dad when he calls

6.     Figure out how to be good.                                Fiona Wood


I loved this book from the very start. Fiona Wood described the setting and the characters so well, which made it easier to understand the book and to picture what the characters look like. I loved it because it could be someone’s life and it has a large amount of events in it which are relevant in today’s world.


I would recommend this book for 13- 16 girls who are interested in love stories and drama. I would rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.


Emma, Year 8

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