November 17

‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days’ by Jeff Kinney

diary-of-a-wimpy-kid-dog-days-dvd-cover-40On the off chance that you’ve never read the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days, it’s about Greg Heffley, a middle school kid who is always being tormented by his more seasoned sibling Rodrick and his younger sibling Manny, who annoys him and escapes with it. His companion, closest companion Rowley, is an unusual child, however he appears to dependably get it right with the girls while Greg is horrible with them. Greg endeavors to wind up acclaimed, however he is always a disappointment.

Does this sound like a book you would enjoy reading and will it keep you reading for the duration of the day and night? Assuming this is the case “Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog days” is the book for you.

When Greg and Rowley go to Rowley’s country club, they bring a girl friend, Trista, along, yet she begins communicating with some lifeguard and simply overlooks Greg and Rowley who were the ones that took her there. It was one unfortunate day, it was. Rowley’s father appears at Greg’s home and expects that Greg will pay for all the smoothies he’s requested at the country club. Greg and Rowley begin a grass cutting business to attempt to earn cash to pay off Rowley’s father. A client shows up and says Greg provided for her with an awful quality yard cutting. At that point his father comes and completes the employment for him, however the woman still has a bad take on Greg’s reputation.

All these grievous occasions and more made him have the need to stay home for whatever remains of the summer as all that he arranges goes totally pear-shaped.

In this book I adore the characters Greg, Manny and Rodrick because they single out Greg and attempt to mix things up, and he figures out how to transform it into an huge show. It makes the book more successful. Greg’s guardians are careful, because they don’t know what Greg’s brothers will be up to next. Rowley is a painful character, as everything needs to go his direction.

I found this book very amusing and an incredible page-turner. Before you turn the following page in the book you know Greg’s going to have a terrible accident, in the same way as when Rodrick deceives him into hopping off the high stage into the swimming pool. The style of writing relates well to teens because it provides a view of teen life.

If you like a courageous, humorous tale around a truly dorky young person and his disastrous life, go read this book.

Po-Jen, Year 9

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