June 21

‘The forever whale’ By Sarah Lean

Forever WhaleSarah Lean is the author of “The forever whale”. She grew up in Wales, but now lives in Dorset with her husband, son and dog. Sarah has written all kinds of different books including “A dog called homeless”. “A dog called homeless” is her best-selling book. Sarah has won awards for this book like the Hazelgrove Book Award and the prestigious Schneider Family Middle School Book Award in the US.

“The forever whale” is a wonderful book. The main character is Hannah. Hannah is a young girl who lives near the water. When her grandma died, Hannah and her mum and dad moved in with her grandpa. Hannah didn’t get to meet her grandma, though she really wanted to. Hannah is named after her grandma.

“She is Hannah Jenkins and you’re Hannah Grey,” Grandpa says. “You are like her in many ways.”

Hannah and her grandpa go out on a beautiful brown boat with oars sometimes. When Hannah goes out with her grandpa he tells stories about his childhood. But grandpa hasn’t told Hannah the most important story of all. When grandpa forgets everything, Hannah has to work out by herself what is his most important memory. Can Hannah put together this amazing story that connects her childhood to her grandfather’s?

By Emma Hill, Year 8

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