July 11

‘Nine Letters Long’ by J.C. Burke

Nine letters longThe novel “Nine letters long” is the sequel to “The red cardigan” by J.C. Burke, which I personally have not read. In my opinion I strongly believe that you should definitely read The red cardigan first because in the the second book, it doesn’t really refer back to the first book. It also brings minor characters back into the story, but talking as though they are the main characters, which confuses me a lot. The novel is a paranormal thriller based on the story of a girl named Evie, who has “developing psychic abilities.”  Evie’s last paranormal experiences leaves her fearful (from The Red Cardigan. ) Evie is contacted by a spirit named Caz and Evie and her friends try to understand some coded messages from “the other side.”

I really enjoyed this paranormal thriller as I’m sure I would have done to the first. It has a great plot throughout most of the book and I would recommend it to young adults.

Antonia D., Year 8

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