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‘Delirium’ by Lauren Oliver

“The most dangerous sicknesses are those that make us believe we are well,” –Proverb 42, The Book of Shh.

Lena is running out of time. The day is near for her procedure but the one thing that is holding her back has golden brown hair, eyes like the ocean and a beautiful caramel-coloured skin tone. He is named Alex. Love killed Lena’s mother but will it take over her? Follow Lena and her best friend Hanna and see which path they choose.

‘Delirium’, written by Lauren Oliver, was published in 2011. It is the amazing story set in Portland, America 64 years after love has been named a disease and 34 years after scientists found a cure. Every teenager (18years old) must be cured before it’s too late; before they become an invalid.

Lena was very sure about the cure, the fence and the wilds “After the cure I’ll be happy…”  although after meeting Alex she then starts to question everything, question love, question her mother and question herself. The theme of the book is genetic engineering because of the way it reacts love and choosing for yourself and instead they do it all for you.

To sum up Delirium in a couple of words would be UNREAL, BEAUTIFUL and WOW. Delirium answers the nagging question of Love. What if it was a disease? And if you didn’t take the procedure you would be wanted by the government leaving you no choice but to go into the wilds. Which side would you choose? Love or no Love. The choice is yours.

I would rate this book out of 5 a 4, this would be because of how engaging it was to read. As soon as I started the book it was very difficult to stop. The age group it would be recommended for would be the young readers of 13 years and over. This book would be perfect for a female that loves Romanic, Sci-Fi books. Another book to put you on the edge of you would be “The Fault in Our Stars,” this book is Romanic and has every person getting the tissue box ready just like “Delirium.”

Mia A., 8.7

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