June 12

‘Gone’ by Michael Grant

One minute there. The next, gone.

In a split second every person aged fifteen and over simply disappears from the small town of Perdido Beach in California. Panic sweeps over the young teens, preteens and toddlers as the fight for survival begins. Modern technology is useless, emergency services are non-existent and phone lines are down. Among the chaos of screeching cars, burning kitchens and looting children, the struggle for control emerges when strangers arrive in town. They begin acting suspiciously towards Sam Temple and Astrid Ellison, two friends from school. A boy named Caine Soren from Coates Academy gains the trust of numerous kids with a plan brewing to introduce a leader’s council, with Sam being nominated. But behind the false act, what are Caine and his malicious friends really planning?

Embark on a journey with Sam, his best friend Quinn and Astrid, to find Astrid’s severely autistic four-year-old brother and uncover the secrets hidden within an enormous dome enclosing their world like a bubble. Mysteries will be discovered, changing the world for some or ending it for others, as a radioactive nuclear plant reveals the shocking truth. Soon teens learn and adapt to new abilities becoming dangerous, rules are enforced and anyone who doesn’t follow Caine’s second in command, Drake Merwin, will surely pay the price.

Beyond the streets of Perdido Beach, animals mutate and evil creatures emerge. Outbreaks of war will determine who’s weak and who’s strong. Lives will be lost, promises will be broken and friendships will be tested. Who will be next to leave the constricting dome? The clock is ticking as breathtaking decisions are made by Sam to protect his beloved town and his closest friends. Gone is a book that keeps you guessing, is full of suspense and has some surprising twists. A must read for young teens who enjoy action and drama.

By Michaela P., Year 8

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