June 12

‘The Industry’ by Rose Foster

If you love action, code breaking skills, mysteries and plot twists, then ‘The Industry’ is the book for you. ‘The Industry’ written by Rose Foster is a fantastic book because of its mysterious characters and action.

It is about a girl named Kirra Hayward who gets kidnapped by a shadowy group of mercenaries called the Industry. They are using her for her code breaking skills. She is torn away from her family and close friends.

The story is set in school, Kirra’s house, plane and the Industry’s base and it is based in the present day. ‘The Industry’ is aimed at all ages from 13+ because of its action and mystery. It may not be suitable for younger kids. For example, Kirra gets kidnapped and violently thrown into a van.

Overall this is a brilliant novel because of the suspense and action. This is a book once you start reading you don’t want to put it down.

Ethan B  8.3

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