June 13

‘Jump: Twin maker’ by Sean Williams

If you could be anywhere in a moment where would you go?

If you could change your appearance in a minute, what would you choose?

If you discovered something was very wrong with this perfect world, what would you do?

This book has a nice combo of action and exporting the future of technology. I would recommend this book to young adults or teens because they can relate to the characters when they feel some emotion and what they do.

There are a few main characters in the book ‘Jump’. One of them is Clair, who is very cautious. She doesn’t really like to try things unless she knows everything about them. Then she will really give it a go. There is also Libby, who is always keen to give everything a try. She is funny and optimistic. Then there is Q. Q is very strange. Clair says he can’t be trusted. She doesn’t trust her, but then she slowly does.

In the future, technology can teleport you anywhere instantly, anywhere you want. Imagine if there was such a code that could change your height, strength, making you more beautiful.

Clair wakes up one morning and gets a call about this ‘offer’. She thinks the offer is too good to be true. Her friend Libby gets the same call. She is sure she wants the offer. She thinks it will be great to have a new and improved version of herself. Clair’s worst nightmare comes when her best friend Libby falls into a deadly trap. Clair needs help. She gets Jesse (the school freak) and a wired but powerful stranger named “Q” to help her. Clair tries to help and protect Libby, even risking her own life to save her. Clair is running out of time as she is getting chased across the world. Will Clair save herself or try to save her best friend.?

This is a novel by Sean William.

Ethan G., Year 8


Ethan G., Year 8

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