June 15

‘After Earth’ by Peter David

After Earth is a thrilling novel of action-packed bravery. Written by Peter David, the book is based on a story by Will Smith.

The story is set on another planet because we destroyed ours and made it uninhabitable. We populated and destroyed our planet, but we fled and made our home on another planet.

The main characters are Kitai and his father. Kitai is a determined boy who strives to be like his father and never gives up. But he is scared and panics when he is in danger. His father, on the other hand, is a strong and fearless man. He is a solider on this new planet and is away most of the time, but he loves his family.

The story is mainly about Kitai finding his courage. He and his dad have decided to go on one of the missions his father was assigned but they crashed and found our lost world. Kitai and his dad are the only two that survive the crash. But to get home they need a beacon to send for help, but the beacon was broken the only other working one is in the tail of the ship, but the ship’s tail was detached and is miles away. This is how the epic story of Kitai begins.

I really enjoyed this novel because it grips you and keeps you wanting to know more and more but you can’t take your eyes off it. I love how Kitai and his dad fight through dangerous tasks. I love how you can kind of connect to the story. You see Kitai grow slowly into a more courageous and intelligent man.

I would recommend this story for any age of reader.

Reviewed by Reuben B., Year 8

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