June 16

‘Earth Fall: The Battle Starts Here’ by Mark Walden

‘Earth Fall: The Battle Starts Here’ is the main book in the new Earth Fall series by Mark Walden.

The story begins with little information about the hero who endeavours to take a living among the remnants of a post-outsider intrusion Earth. Whether this attack is limited or worldwide is a secret, just like the presence of some other free survivors. We are quickly acquainted with ‘automatons’— the outsider animals/makes who watch the city searching for any survivors—and ‘walkers’— local earthlings who have fallen under the spell of a puzzling outsider flag and are currently close to zombie-like labourers for the trespassers.

After some narrow escapes, including one where our hero is “stung” by one of the outsider automatons and spared by the opportune intercession of obvious officer Rachel, he is at long last presented as Sam Riley. Sam and Rachel escape the end swarms of outsiders and after some tight situations, get back to make it to Rachel’s HQ where we are acquainted with whatever is left of the survivors, all bar two of whom are youngsters like Sam and Rachel.

The special cases are one Dr Stirling, who drives the gathering and makes “missions” against the trespassers and seems to know an exasperating lot about the outsiders and Jackson, possibly a previous regal marine who prepares every one of the teenagers to be fight prepared.

What takes place after is a progression of heightening clashes and missions as the survivors endeavour to disturb the outsider building works and supplies while endeavouring to find out how their flag controls most of the human populace; how, on the off chance that it is conceivable to break this impact and why Sam isn’t yet dead from his sting.

By Jake L., Year 8

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