June 19

‘A mutiny in time’, by James Dashner

“Today’s science fiction is tomorrow’s science fact”- by Isaac Asimov.

This quote describes the best science fiction novel you will ever read. ‘A mutiny in time’, written by James Dashner, is filled with excitement and adventure, but that’s not all it has in store.

A convincing story, ‘A Mutiny in Time’ makes the reader want to read more, and that’s exactly what this novel produces in the reader. There are two main characters in the novel: a girl names Sera Frost and a boy named Dak Smith. Dak’s parents are scientists, and they discover how to make a time travelling device that is able to travel back in time, but there is only one part they need to figure out to complete the machine.

The experience you will have reading this book is beyond your expectation.

Find out what comes next. Look out for the most amazing book yet: ‘A Mutiny in Time’.

Hiral U., Year 8

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