June 19

‘A single stone’ by Meg McKinley

A Single Stone is about a girl who ends up questioning the world. The book is also about seven girls who adventure off into the mountains to find the harvest for the town. So they can survive, they gather the harvest from the mountains surrounding the village. Nothing is more important than the harvest.

Jena the main character discovers something. The seven girls have trained many years for this adventure. There is something called ‘The Line’ and it is every girl’s dream to be on the line. Jena is the leader of the line.

Jena was born small and could take on anything. The village she lived in keep the seven girls strong so that they could leave for the adventure up the mountains. The village doesn’t over feed the girls or let them thicken because if they do they can’t climb the rocky hills.

Jena’s foster mum gives birth to a small baby that was just like Jena. Jena starts to wonder if the mum has something to do with small births. One day Jena was climbing the mountains when one single stone changed her whole perspective on life.

The story gives off big questions to the reader and makes you think about gender and the role of a women in society.

A Single Stone is a great book and is good for ages 12 or above. It is interesting and makes you think and want to read more. It was very entertaining. When reading A Single Stone, you can imagine the movement of Jena and the seven girls traveling up the mountains. It can change the way you think about the appearance of others and yourself. A Single Stone is beautiful and a many people should read it.

By Mabel B-M, Year 8

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