June 19

‘Storm Thief’ by Chris Wooding

The book Storm Thief is set on an island\city called Orokos, a futuristic city where people live in high-walled districts, overseen by a government called The Protectorate. The Protectorate tries to shield their people from the impacts and dangers of the probability storms which can change structures and several other different things. Adding to this wreckage is the arrival of the Revenants which can kill you if touched by them. Throughout the course of the novel it is found that the Revenants and the storms were made many years prior by the founders of Orokos.

Rail and Moa are two teenagers from the ghettos, who live by stealing for their master Anya-Jacuna. Rail finds a faded artefact with the capability to open any gateway. Rail and Moa both escape from their master, now seeking to trade their fortunes in this chaotic city, and travel to the secret village of Kilitas, who are staging a break-out into the oceans of Orokos, believing there is land to be found on the other side of the sea’s.

During their adventure, Rail and Moa encounter Vago who was made by the Protectorate as the ideal weapon to be used against the Revenants. However, Vago had gotten away because of a storm, during which he had been taken from his captivity, and held prisoner by a brutal toymaker. Moa and Vago build a trust while Rail and Vago not so much.

As the head of the Secret Police, Lysander Bane and the assassin Finch (sent by Anya-Jacuna) surround the trio, each trying to either recover the golem or the artefact. The trio end up being taken to the Fulcrum, the heart of the storms and the Chaos Engine. Here Rail must figure out how to trust Moa and give up his own tenacious ways, while Moa needs to figure out how to stand up for herself. The golem must choose which side he is truly on, either the Protectorate’s or the ghetto people’s.

Ryusei K., Year 8

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