June 19

‘The Last Dragon’ By C.A. Rainfield

The book I am reviewing is ‘The Last Dragon’ from the Dragon Speaker series. The author of this book is C.A. Rainfield and this is my first time reading one of his books. This book is a science fiction book. The illustrator of this book is Charlie Hnatiuk.

The main things that I am going to be saying about this book is that it is an exciting book and it is about the year 1144 and the world’s last dragon comes back. The evil lord is planning to use the dragon to rule the kingdom and the only person that can stop him is a 16-year-old boy called Jacob. The story is set in a faraway kingdom and it is very convincing. Jacob’s character does seem very real because when the dragon came he had to find a way to talk to the dragon. The ending is very satisfying because even though they had a lot of work ahead of them, everybody was happy. They had to rebuild their village but they were going to enjoy the sweetness of their success.

I liked this book because it was an interesting sci-fi book about a boy whose name is Jacob. He is the only person that can talk to the world’s last dragon and he must rescue the egg of the world’s last dragon. I would recommend The Last Dragon for any teen that likes to read sci-fi books. I would rate this book as an 8/10.

Josh T., Year 8

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