June 19

‘The Rose Society’ by Marie Lu

Could you be the type of person who loves a book that has an incredible story line?

Are you interested in these science fiction novels? If, so I feel you will enjoy The Rose Society, published in 2015.

After one of the main characters died and all was turning dark, Adelina fought through the tough times and ended up on top. The Rose Society was no different. It kept me intrigued all throughout the 398 paged novel with an adventurous storyline. As things started to settle down and the fight was over, I almost put the book down, then suddenly another throbbing battle had me back in making it nearly impossible to put the book down.

Although Adelina goes against her friends I knew she would come back to them. Working together is key for people like Adelina, especially when she is being hunted.

In conclusion, I would recommend this book to ages 12-18 and to someone who is a capable reader and is interested in science fiction, action, and drama-packed storylines with a little bit of romance. I was entertained and enjoyed this book. Therefore I give ‘The Rose Society’ by Marie Lu Three out of five stars.

by George D., Year 8


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