June 20

‘Ads R Us’ by Claire Carmichael

Ads are everywhere. It’s like Barrett’s brain is covered in them. That’s all he can see. It’s like a world of mystery. Barrett is running out of time. What will he do?

“Never look down on anybody else unless you’re helping them up.” Ads R Us, written by Claire Carmichael.

It is a very interesting, intriguing and happy novel to read. You never know what else may happen on the next page. It is mainly an adventure and action book, but there is a twist that no one is expecting.

The book is based in an ultra-modern city in the near future, where advertising is a non-stop occurrence. Wherever Barrett goes, advertising is always around him. Orphaned as a baby, Barrett Trent was raised in Simplicity outside the world of advertising but with the death of his uncle he has set off to find and live with his Aunt Cara, Uncle Adrian and cousin, Taylor. They work for an advertising company called Ads for Life where they advertise, but are they doing something wrong? Barrett finds out that his aunty and uncle aren’t telling him something, so he goes to find out what is happening.

I loved this book because it was always interesting and never failed to make me stop reading. The themes of this book are adventure, mystery and action. It made me very interested in what may happen next. Thrilling and thought provoking are the perfect words to explain this book. It makes you think, which creates a different mindset.

I would recommend this book to any age but 10 – 14 years of age would love this book. Ads R US relates to teenagers because it is based around a teenager called Barrett Trent where he tries to figure what is happening in his life. He is so young which relates to that age group.

In conclusion, teens would find this book a fascinating story. It is a great story about peer pressure, privacy and much more about advertising and how you should always do the right thing. This specific book fits in with the Science Fiction genre. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves action and mystery books.

Amy L., Year 8

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