June 20

‘Star Wars Journal, Hero for Hire’ by Donna Tauscher

“May the force be With You”.

Han Solo, his handy partner Chewbacca and their ship, the Millennium Falcon travel through the galaxy with debts to pay off and goods to smuggle while surviving the dangers they face. He needs to tell a monk about his past journeys to survive and escape his death sentence.

If action packed, space journey, science fiction books are for you, then, Star Wars Journal, Hero for Hire is the book for you.

This science fiction book is set on a variety of different planets in their galaxy somewhere in space. Han Solo is one of the leaders of the rebel alliance, a fierce smuggler, scoundrel, hero and captain of the almighty millennium falcon. Alongside him is his co-pilot, Chewbacca, a legendary Wookie warrior. Han Solo is trapped in a jail cell awaiting Luke Skywalker to save him from his death sentence when a monk, Sai’da comes across Han. Luke worked for the rebellion and is one of the greatest Jedis in the galaxy. Sai’da is a historian who wants to record Han’s life story. Han tells him about the adventures he has been on throughout the galaxy.

I enjoyed this book very much because of the amazing stories that were told and also because of the plot twists there were. This book always kept you on the edge of you seat because you could never predict what would happen next. I highly recommend for teens to read this book.

I would recommend this book to experienced readers in between the age of 11-30 that enjoy action packed, space journey books, preferably boys, but girls can read it if they enjoy books like this. I really enjoyed this book a lot and can’t wait to read it again and again. I rate this book a 4 out of 5-star book. – Jonah S., Year 8.

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