June 22

Aboriginal Literature

English, Year 11 & 12  Supplementary Materials – Aboriginal Australia:

Burnum Burnum Declaration  26 January 1988

Danalis, John 2009, Riding the Black Cockatoo

Davis, Jack 2000 A Boy’s Life

Dingo, Sally 1998, Dingo: The Story of our Mob

Freeman, Cathy 2003, Cathy: Her own Story

Gare, Nene 1988 The Fringe Dwellers

Ginibi, Ruby Langford 1988, Don’t Take Your Love to Town

Ginibi, Ruby Langford 1994, My Bundjalung People

Grant, Stan 2002, The Tears of Strangers: A Memoir

Gwynne, Phillip 1998, Deadly Unna

Gwynne, Phillip 2000, Nukkin Ya

Heiss, Anita & Minter, Peter (ed.) 2008, Macquarie PEN Anthology of Aboriginal Literature

Jeffrey, Belinda 2009, Brown Skin Blue

Keneally, Thomas 1983 (1st pub. 1982), The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith: The Classic Novel of an Aboriginal Torn Apart

Lockwood, Douglas 1988, I, the Aboriginal

McPherson, Sue. Grace Beside Me

Meehan, Donna 2000, It is no secret: The Story of a Stolen Child

Morgan, Sally 2000 (1st pub. 1987), My Place

Mudrooroo (Colin Johnson) 1965, Wild Cat Falling

Norrington, Leonie 2003, The Spirit of Barrumbi

Ottley, Matt 2007, Requiem for a Beast

Pearson, Noel 2009, Up from the Mission

Pearson, Noel 2003, Our Right to Take Responsibility, www.vic.ipaa.org.au/document/item/106

Pilkington, Doris Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence

Pritchard, Katharine Susannah 1985 (1st pub. 1929), Coonardoo

Pryor, Boori (Monty) 1998, Maybe Tomorrow

Silvey, Craig 2009, Jasper Jones

Svendsen, Mark, 2001, Poison Under their Lips

Sykes, Roberta 1998, Snake Dancing

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