May 17

Australian Poetry


 Year 11 students, for your assignment, you will need to cover four elements:

  • Author information and a brief biography
  • The poem itself
  • Analysis and deconstruction of the poetic elements of the poem
  • The poem’s relevance to Australian identity and its representation of marginalised voices

Check out the page about POETRY ANALYSIS to help you with your task.


Judith Wright (1915 – 2000)

Judith Wright Centre – biography of Judith Wright 

‘Bora Ring’ by Judith Wright

Analysis of ‘Bora Ring’

‘Metho Drinker’ by Judith Wright

Oodgeroo Noonuccal (formerly Kath Walker – 1920 – 1993)

Biography Oodgeroo (Britanica)

Student documentary about Oodgeroo including reading of ‘Son of Mine’:

‘Son of Mine’ by Oodgeroo Noonuccal

‘Colour Bar’ by Oodgeroo Noonuccal

Questions about ‘Colour Bar’ and a short analysis of the poem.

‘Last of his Tribe’ by Oodgeroo Noonuccal 

Analysis of ‘Last of His Tribe’:

‘No More Boomerang’ by Oodgeroo Noonuccal 

Analysis of ‘No More Boomerang’:

‘The Dispossessed’ by Oodgeroo Noonuccal

Oodgeroo recites and talks about ‘The Dispossessed’:

Henry Kendall (1839 – 1882)

‘Last of his tribe’ by Henry Kendall

Analysis of ‘The Last of His Tribe’: 

Jack Davis (1917 – 2000)

Documentary about Jack Davis, his life, poetry and plays. Davis recites ‘The First-born’ at the beginning of the film:

‘The First-born’ by Jack Davis IN 821.08 INS ‘Inside Black Australia’

Analysis of ‘The First-born’:  

Jack Davis’ poetry in context, including analysis of ‘The First-Born’, ‘Land’ and ‘Fire’:

A longer analysis of Davis’ work in context:

‘Aboriginal Australia’ (To the Others) by Jack Davis 

‘The Black Tracker’ by Jack Davis IN 820.8 MAC ‘Macquarie Pen Anthology of Aboriginal Literature’ p.58

‘Urban Aboriginal’ by Jack Davis IN 821.08 INS ‘Inside Black Australia’ p.57

‘Integration’ by Jack Davis IN 820.8 MAC Macquarie Pen Anthology of Aboriginal Literature p.59

Les Murray (1938 – )

Les Murray – feature article in ‘The Australian’

‘The Aboriginal Cricketer’ by Les Murray

Kevin Gilbert (1933 – 1993)


 ‘Shame’ by Kevin Gilbert

Analysis of ‘Shame’ by Kevin Gilbert (including some biography) 

‘Redfern’ by Kevin Gilbert IN 820.8 MAC ‘Macquarie Pen Anthology of Aboriginal Literature’ p.83

An analysis of ‘Redfern’ by Kevin Gilbert 

‘Me and Jackomari Talkin’ About Landrights’ by Kevin Gilbert IN 820.8 MAC ‘Macquarie Pen Anthology of Aboriginal Literature’ p.83

‘Song of Dreamtime’ by Kevin Gilbert IN 820.8 MAC ‘Macquarie Pen Anthology of Aboriginal Literature’ p.86

Lionel Fogarty (1958 – )

Lionel Fogarty, poet 

 ‘For I come – Death in Custody’ by Lionel Fogarty 

Ania Walwicz (1951 – )

‘Australia’ by Ania Walwicz  (at bottom of webpage below My Country) also IN 821.08 PEN ‘The Penguin Anthology of Australian Poetry’

Analysis of ‘Australia’ by Ania Walwicz

A.D. Hope (1907 – 2000)

A.D. Hope and his poetry 

‘Australia’ by A. D. Hope 

‘Standardisation’ by A. D. Hope


Rosemary Dobson (1920 – 2012)

‘The Tiger’ by Rosemary Dobson

An analysis of ‘The Tiger’ 

 Gwen Harwood (1920 – 1995)

‘In the Park’ by Gwen Harwood 

An analysis of ‘In the Park’ 

Bruce Dawe

Bruce Dawe’s poetry (The Sydney Morning Herald)

Bruce Dawe’s poetry (The Age) 

‘Up the Wall’ by Bruce Dawe 

Analysis of ‘Up the Wall’

‘The Not so Good Earth’ by Bruce Dawe

‘No Fixed Address – for Old Harry’ by Bruce Dawe

Judith Wright (1915 – 2000)

‘South of my Days’ by Judith Wright

‘Drought Year’ by Judith Wright

Les Murray (1938 – ) 

‘The Widower in the Country’ by Les Murray 

‘Driving through Sawmill Towns’ by Les Murray 

‘On Home Beaches’ by Les Murray 

Discussion of ‘On Home Beaches’ 

Peter Skrzynecki (1945 – )

Peter Skrzynecki and the story of his immigration to Australia

Peter Skrzynecki and his poetry (YouTube) 

‘Migrant Hostel’ by Peter Skrzynecki 

Analysis of ‘Migrant Hostel’ (YouTube) 

‘The Polish Immigrant’ by Peter Skrzynecki 

‘Sailing to Australia’ by Peter Skrzynecki 

Yu Ouyang (1955 – _)

‘The Ungrateful Immigrant’ by Ouyang Yu 

Song for an Exile in Australia

‘Post-Colonial’ by Adam Aitken 

Australian culture in poetry:

Defying stoicism – Australian poetry

Representations of Australian identity in poetry