April 24

Baptism & Initiation

Most religions include a rite of initiation or joining the religion, however the rituals and meanings of the rite may very. As you take a look at the videos and websites below, note down the differences between those rites and meanings in the Catholic and Protestant faiths and in Islam.

The baptism of Jesus:

The baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist (clip from movie).

Read this Wikipedia article on baptism to gain a general understanding of baptism and its history.
Baptism in the Catholic Church:

Pope Francis spoke about the meaning of baptism at his weekly general audience Jan. 15, 2014.

The Catholic rite of initiation – Baptism

Here’s another Catholic point of view about baptism.

The following websites explain the rituals and meanings associated with Catholic baptism:

Catholicism – Sacrament of Baptism (About.com)

The baptismal ceremony (Catholic Australia)

The Catholic sacrament of baptism (For Dummies)
Baptism in Protestant churches:

The following website will help you understand a little more about Protestant baptism:

Protestantism – Rites and ceremonies

Initiation into the Islamic Faith:

Initiation Ceremony into Islam

The meaning of initiation and discipleship in Islam

Declaration of Initiation

The 10 Conditions of Initiation

The Initiation Declaration

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