February 7

Boy Overboard

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F GLE Boy Overboard (novel)

F GLE Boy Overboard (written and read by Morris Gleitzman on CD)

823.09 GLE Boy Overboard: The English Club Resource Packet  /  Morris Gleitzman

About the author – Morris Gleitzman

Writers Talk – Gleitzman talks about his writing and the themes of his novels.

Podcast of Morris Gleitzman (ABC Radio)

Afghanistan before and after the Taliban – BBC

Some facts about Afghanistan – The CIA World Factbook

A student’s book trailer of Boy Overboard

Background to Boy Overboard and Chapter 1

Book review of the novel

Teacher’s Notes on Boy Overboard – Penguin (see top left-hand column of page below)

or https://cdn.penguin.com.au/438/document/Boy%20Overboard.pdf

Teacher’s Notes – Pearson

Boy Overboard – Teaching Activities

Boy Overboard – Language and Grammar activities