May 15


debatingAn introduction:

Debating – an introduction (Learn Debating)

Effective debating (Business School, University of Sydney)


Debating etiquette:

Debating format (Middle School Debate)

Style (Debateable)

Guide to manner and etiquette (South Australia Debating Association)


Roles of each speaker:

Debating structure (TSS)

Debating fact sheet (NSW Department of Education and Training)

Structure of a Team Case – Speakers’ Roles

Speech Structure Template


debateStructuring your speech:

Structure of the debate

Constructing arguments (also see other tabs on the right hand side of this page)



Guide to rebuttal



Debating topics – For and Against: (Look for topics under the MORE ISSUES tab just below the site logo.)


More debating resources (in depth):

Taking the Initiative (NSW)

Monash Debaters – Schools Training Guide

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