July 24

Dog Breeding (Science)

Dog Breeding

Year 10 Science students, your assignment asks you to research the topics below. The following links will help you find out more about dog breeding and genetics:

Dog Genetics – Introduction

Basics of genetics

Punnet squares (Wikipedia)

Probability of inheritance

Canine genetics (Briard Medical Trust)

In the Mode: How traits pass in dogs, lines and breeds

Dog genetics

Dominant and recessive genes

Dominant vs. Recessive (an introduction to dominance in human characteristics)

Dominant and recessive traits in your dogs (Paw Print Genetics)

Recessive and dominant alleles (BBC)


 Genetic Counselling

Minding the map (Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine)

Genetic testing and genetic counselling in pet and breeding dogs

Genetic counselling and management of genetic diseases (Veterinary medical guide to dog and cat breeds)

Genotypes and Phenotypes

Personal Genetics Education Program

Phenotype and genotype (BBC)


Understanding the heritability of behaviour in dogs (The Institute of Canine Biology)

How canine coat colour is inherited (Labbies)


Inbreeding and Health (The Kennel Club)

Inbreeding of dogs – Problems, benefits and reasons (Pets4Home)

Problems with Inbreeding dogs (VetInfo)

Progressive and Retinal Atrophy

Progressive retinal atrophy (Animal Eye Services)

Progressive retinal atrophy (Eye Vet)

PRA Progressive retinal atrophy (Dogs NSW)

Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) (Animal Eye Care)

Using Pedigrees

What is a pedigree (Family Education)

Dog Breeder Simulator