October 7

Japan under the Shoguns

The term ‘shogun’ was a title given by the Emperor of Japan to the country’s top military commander. Gradually through history, military leaders became more and more powerful. For almost 700 years from 1192, shoguns ruled japan, their reign passing on from generation to generation.

Learn more about the shoguns by reading these websites and viewing the documentaries below.

Who were the shoguns?

More about shoguns and samurai

Shogunate (Encyclopedia Britannica)

Japan under the shoguns (an outline of the periods during the shoguns’ reign)

The will of the shogun – this 60 minute film gives a comprehensive overview of life during the shogun reign.

Shoguns rule Japan with iron fists (3 ½ min. film)

Japan’s shoguns keep everyone in their place (4 min. film) – deals with the social life surrounding the shoguns and samurai

Samurai life in medieval Japan

Samurai (Japan Guide)

Japanese samurai and shoguns (British Museum)

Japan Tokugawa shogunate (5 ½ minutes) – the beginnings of this shogunate

Tokugawa Japan – how they maintained law and order

The Tokugawa era in Japan

Tokugawa period and the samurai (includes films)

Tokugawa Shogunate is overthrown (3 min film)

Edo was the ancient name for Tokyo, the city from which the shogun ruled Japan.

Follow through this website to take a look around the city and find out about the life of the shoguns.

The true story of the last samurai

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