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Jasper Jones

jasper Jones    Jasper Jones, by Craig Silvey, was published in 2009. It has been shortlisted for a number of awards and named the ABIA Book of the Year 2010.

     “Protagonist Charlie Bucktin is a thirteen-year-old boy living in the regional mining town of Corrigan. He reflects that he is somewhat socially awkward, being uncoordinated in a town that values sporting ability. He is relatively intelligent – a fact which causes the other students to resent him. His best friend is Jeffrey Lu, a Vietnamese boy who, along with his parents, experiences racial discrimination throughout the novel. On a summer evening in 1965, Charlie is visited by fourteen-year-old Jasper Jones, an outcast in Corrigan due to his mixed White-Aboriginal heritage. Jasper takes Charlie to his secret glade in the bush where Charlie bears witness to a terrible discovery.” (Wikipedia)

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Here are some resources to help you understand the novel:

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Prezi presentation on Racism in Jasper Jones (click ‘Transcript’ below for the full text of the speech).

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