September 20

Looking for Alibrandi

It is now over twenty years since Melina Marchetta’s acclaimed novel Looking for Alibrandi was published (1992), yet the issues in the novel are as current today as they were then.

The Aquinas Library holds a copy of both the novel Looking for Alibrandi (F MAR), the audiobook F MAR (ask Library staff) and the movie DVD0095.

The full movie can also be watched on YouTube.

The Google book of Looking for Alibrandi (1/2 book only) is available here.

Melina and Marj

Here is a brief biography of Melina Marchetta.

Read interviews with the author on Whatyareading; or on the blog Misrule.

Melina talks about the novel here.

Looking for Alibrandi chapter summaries

Discussion guide

Study Guide

Importance of themes (novel and film)

Teachers’ notes and chapter study questions

Guide to the characters in Looking for Alibrandi (Slideshare of student work)
Looking for Alibrandi character profiles from AlexisCowan


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