April 21

Schoolies – Fully Sik!


Step 1:

SCHOOLIES – Surf the Brainspace!

Brainstorm – Use the mindmap below to work out WHAT I KNOW about Schoolies…and WHAT I NEED TO KNOW.

e.g. Dates of Schoolies Week 



 e.g. Cost of accommodation 



In pairs, add information to your chart. Be as specific as you can in your information.


DVD – Check out the scene!

Watch the DVD “Schoolies – Fully Sik”.

Now go back to Activity 1. What information have I left out of Activity 1?

What questions did the DVD raise that I hadn’t thought of?

Add these to your ‘Mindmap’.


Check out my Options

What are my other options? (e.g. rent a unit on the Gold Coast in Surfers Paradise, houseboat on the Broadwater, stay at home and go into Surfers Paradise during the day, holiday in NZ, cruise, holiday somewhere else?) Do I want to compare 3 options? The following link will help you to complete the activity: www.schoolies.com

Option1: Option 2: Option 3:




Option Selected__________________________________________





Actions I need to make so this will happen (money, people, place etc.)______




After printing out the activity, check out the websites below to learn more about schoolies:


http://www.fairtrading.qld.gov.au/ and click on ‘Get set for Schoolies’



Check out Gold Coast Accommodation

There are many different accommodation options on the Gold Coast from 3 star to 5 star. Check out 4 different places to stay in Surfers Paradise, two of them being possible options for you to stay. Visit http://accommodation.schoolies.org.au/ first to read about fair and dodgy rules and then http://www.schoolies.com. You will find house rules under ‘book now’ – ‘building list’ tabs – click on a hotel name and then onto ‘house rules’.

Fill out the chart below to find the differences between 4 hotels:

Mantra Sun City Cascade Gardens My Choice My Choice
Cost of room per week
Number of people in room
Distance from Cavill Ave
Distance from beach
How to book a room
House rules
Guest curfew times
Inspection times and notice given
Cost of extra guests
Replacement keys
Bond Refund

After doing this research, what am I looking for in my accommodation for Schoolies?


What will it cost?

The requirements for your budget are fairly simple to understand.  You need to use http://www.schooliesweek.qld.gov.au/schoolies/money/calculator/ to create a schoolies budget for yourself. Add in the information that you have already collected from Activities 3 and 4. The important thing is that you plan your budget as realistically as possible, and that you take care of the details

Once you have completed your personal Schoolies budget, transfer the total cost for each category to myschooliesbudget.xls. Print this spreadsheet including the pie chart that it generates from your data.


How can I get the money together?

How long will it take me to save up for Schoolies?

Your budget from Activity 5 will tell you how much you need to save.

Use the Savings Tool below to help you plan your savings:



Estimate your interest at 3 % p.a.

Saving for Schoolies


Initial amount $0
Deposit amount
Interest rate 3%
Savings term
Deposit frequency


Many students have part time jobs while they are at school. Now is the time to start a savings plan for your big event! Visit the Youthsaver section of the Commonwealth Bank Website http://www.commbank.com.au/personal/accounts/youthsaver/default.aspx and surf the site to learn more about savings plans so that you can maximize your Schoolies’ savings. Make the most of every one of your hard-earned dollars.

A Summary of my savings plan for Schoolies (how I will earn and keep the money):





What if things go wrong?

Despite planning well, sometimes things go wrong unexpectedly. That’s when a backup plan is essential – what will if do if….? Who will I contact when…..?

In pairs, write down in the space below

  • 5 problems that could arise while celebrating Schoolies (at least 2 of these must be financial problems).
  • Your back up plan and contacts for each of these problems
  • HINT: Look up the Red Frogs page to see what support this organisation gives to schoolies.
Problem Back up Plan


How did I go with my plan?

Evaluate your ability to carry out the activities above successfully and realistically.  The object of ‘Schoolies – Fully Sik!’ is to produce a financial plan as real to life as possible. We hope that you can use these financial planning skills later in life if you choose.

  Beginning_1 Developing_2 Accomplished_3 Exemplary_4 Score
Ability to explore different Schoolies options You have outlined some options with few details You have explored three options in some detail You have explored three options in detail with rough budget You have thoroughly explored all options in detail with realistic figures
Ability to research a range of Gold Coast accommodation You have searched the Internet and found information about accommodation options on the Gold Coast You have accumulated a range of accommodation options and outlined obvious differences between them. You have accumulated a range of accommodation options and outlined essential differences between them. Your accommodation options show that you have a high level of discernment about subtle differences between them
Ability to create a realistic Schoolies budget You have constructed a graph or plan for your budget that is reasonably realistic. You have prepared a budget using your projected income from your job You have prepared a realistic budget with information that includes all expenses in detail. You have created a budget plan that allows you to live within your means and have money available for savings.
Ability to form a workable savings plan You are able to write a savings plan. You are able to write a savings plan and give a few ideas on how you will keep to that plan You are able to at write a savings plan in line with your expenses and how you will invest that money You are able to write an effective savings plan that can easily be implemented
Ability to propose a contingency plan You have a brief contingency plan You have a contingency plan and contact names You have a full contingency plan and contact details You have a detailed contingency plan including contact details ensuring your success


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