June 3

Shakespeare – Seniors

shakespeare cartoonThis site includes videos and links to website to help Year 10 – 12 students learn more about Shakespeare’s life, the theatre of the time, The Globe theatre, and Elizabethan times and values.

The Aquinas Resource Centre also has a number of books and DVDs which will help you with your work. They are located at 822.33


Shakespeare’s Life:

William Shakespeare Biography

William Shakespeare (Bio) – site includes two videos ‘Mini biography’ and ‘Life of a bard’

William Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s world – how Shakespeare lived; in the setting of the Elizabethan Age.

The Seven ages of Shakespeare’s life

Absolute Shakespeare (lots of links)

Shakespeare, his writing and his sources


Elizabethan times, values and attitudes:

Renaissance society

History and politics

The background of ideas (including religion)

The Elizabethan World


Themes of Shakespeare’s work:

Shakespeare; Themes of Macbeth

Themes of Romeo and Juliet

Themes of Othello

The Merchant of Venice (funny summary)

Themes of Hamlet


His plays:

60 second Shakespeare

His Plays


Elizabethan theatre and its audiences:

Shakespeare’s stage (video)

Shakespeare’s stage

Elizabethan Theatre (Encyclopedia Britannica)

The Elizabethan Age

The Globe Theatre:

Shakespeare and The Globe Theatre (video)

7 Facts about the Globe Theatre

A Virtual Tour of The Globe Theatre

A cutout of The Globe

The Globe (Absolute Shakespeare)


Shakespeare’s Language:

Quotes from Shakespeare

Everyday expressions from Shakespeare

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