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Significant people 12RAE

Significant people – Year 12 Religion and Ethics:

“Research widely and select two significant people – One who is considered to have perpetrated grave evil (or is not a good role model) and one an honorable person who is (or was) truly human, true to themselves and true to truth…”

Firstly, let’s look at what makes a hero. This short TED film looks at heroes in literature. Keep in mind some of these points as you research your hero and villain.

Here is the link to the BCE page on Good and Evil.

There’s some great information also on this page: What makes a hero?

Places to look for information:

  • Library Catalogue
  • Mashpedia http://www.mashpedia.com/ Look under the Wikipedia tab as well as video tabs.
  • Encyclopaedias and biographical dictionaries
  • Other Internet sources

Dalai lamaHeroes:

100 people who changed the world

The names mentioned below are examples of people you could choose to study:

Aung San Suu Kyi – Burmese freedom fighter

Gladys Aylward – missionary to China

Deitrich Bonhoeffer – religious thinker and martyr

Victor Chang – surgeon

Caroline Chisholm – friend to immigrant women

Father Damien – priest to lepers of Molokai

Dalai Lama – religious leader and freedom fighter

Edward “Weary” Dunlop –doctor to prisoners-of-war

Dr John Flynn – the flying doctor

Dian Fossey – saviour of the great apes

Pope Francis

Mahatma Gandhi – the pioneer of peaceful resistance

Bill and Melinda Gates (Source 2) – inventor and philanthropist

Sir Bob Geldof – founder of Bandaid

Catherine Hamlin – doctor to women in Ethiopia

Sir Edmund Hillary – Everest explorer and humanitarian

Fred Hollows – eye doctor to the poor

Jesse Jackson – civil rights protester

Joan of Arc – heroic woman martyr

Helen Keller – campaigner for civil rights for the blind

Dr Martin Luther King – pastor, black civil rights campaigner and martyr

John Simpson Kirkpatrick – the man with the donkey at Gallipoli

Eddie Mabo – Torres Strait Islander land rights campaigner

Nelson Mandela – anti-apartheid black leader and political prisoner

Catherine McAuley (Source 2) – founder of the Sisters of Mercy

Sir Douglas Nicholls – aboriginal leader

Florence Nightingale – nurse, the lady with the lamp

Oodgeroo Noonuccal (Kath Walker) – human rights campaigner and environmentalist

Rosa Parks – civil rights protester

Nelson Rockefeller – philanthropist

Mother Teresa – worker with the poor in Calcutta

Oskar Schindler – saviour of Jews in Hitler’s Germany

Dr. Albert Schweitzer – missionary doctor

Shirley “MumShirl” Smith – charity worker

Jim Stynes – humanitarian; Founder of ‘Reach’

Rev. Desmond Tutu – leader

Rev. Dr Sir Alan Walker – founder of Lifeline

Nancy Wake – spy

Oprah Winfrey – philanthropist


10 most evil men

10 most evil humans

25 worst people ever

25 most evil serial killers of the 20th century

20 of history’s deadliest dictators

10 most evil women in history

The all time worst people in history

Attila the Hun – ruler of the Hunnic Empire

Idi Amin – president of Uganda

Osama Bin Laden – founder of al-Quaeda

Martin Bryant – Port Arthur Massacre

Ted Bundy – serial killer

Oliver Cromwell – ruler of England who massacred Irish Catholics

Jeffrey Dahmer – serial killer

Matilda ‘Tilly’ Devine – criminal; part of the Razor Gang Wars

Adolf Eichmann – Nazi war criminal

Dennis Ferguson – Paedophile

Muammar Gaddafi – leader of Libya

Heinrich Himmler – leading member of the Nazi Party

Adolf Hitler – German leader

Saddam Hussein – President of Iraq

Ivan the Terrible – Ivan IV, ruler of Russia

Jim Jones – People’s Temple cult leader

Ned Kellybushranger

Ayatollah Khomeini – leader of Iran

Leopold II of Belgium – ruler of Belgium

Mao ZedongChinese ruler, leader of the Cultural Revolution

Mary I of England – Queen of England

Nero – Roman Emperor

Bonnie Parker & Clyde Barrow – Bonnie and Clyde – bank robbers

Pol Pot – Cambodian dictator

Maximilien Robespierre – leader of the French Revolution

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