February 3

So Much to Tell You

So much to tell youSo Much To Tell You by John Marsden, published in 1987, is the story of Marina, a fourteen-year-old girl who can’t speak. She has recently transferred from a mental hospital to a boarding school. Marina is mute because of a traumatic incident in her life, when her father, in a moment of fury at her mother, threw acid at her mother, missing and hitting his daughter’s face instead. Severely scarred, both inside and outside, Marina writes about her life and feelings in her journal. Slowly, Marina begins to heal as she begins to interact with others until finally she finds the courage to visit her father, imprisoned for the assault, and the language to tell him how she feels.

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F MAR So Much to Tell You by John Marsden

F MAR So Much to Tell You by John Marsden (audiobook) – see Library Staff

823.09 MAR Marsden on Marsden: The stories behind John Marsden’s bestselling books p.1 – 20 tells the true story that prompted John Marsden to write So Much To Tell You.

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