February 26

Strictly Ballroom FTV

For your FTV assignment: You are to conduct a TED talk (multimedia seminar presentation) that comments on the representations, symbols and stereotypes constructed in Australian films, and how they reinforce or challenge the stature of our egalitarian Australian society.

You are required to use the films Strictly Ballroom (Baz Luhrmann, 1992) and The Black Balloon (Elissa Down, 2008) in conjunction with events in Australian history to discuss how Luhrmann and Down are attempting to change the ideology of the Australian audience.


strictlyballroomThe following websites will help you gain information to complete this task. You will obtain more resources from your teacher, and will be expected to complete some research of your own.

Strictly Ballroom

Strictly Ballroom study guide

Strictly Ballroom Study Guide (2)

‘Belonging’… Strictly Ballroom analytical response

TheBlackBalloon_Official-PosterHSC standard English modules: ‘Strictly Ballroom’


The Black Balloon

The Black Balloon study guide


Australian history, stereotypes and Ideologies

feminismAustralia in the 1980s

Australia in the 1990s

Australia in the 2000s

Egalitarianism in Australia

The Politics of Economic Change in Australia in the 1980s and 1990s

On Australian mateship

The great mateship myth

Mateship, diggers and wartime (see more references at end of article)

Changing rights and freedom – Women

StateLibQld_1_117744_Statue_of_Simpson_and_his_donkey,_1919Women – their rights in Australia over the past 40 years

Stolen Generation

Stolen Generations

Cultural Values and Attitudes (French Australian Chamber of Commerce)

Culture of Australia (use last section of this website only: Attitudes, Beliefs and Stereotypes)

Dutch_Migrant_1954_MariaScholte=50000thToAustraliaPostWW2The White Australia Policy

Income and wealth inequality: How is Australia faring?

Is the Australian ‘fair go’ dead in 2014?


The following website may also be handy to help you answer this question:

Attitudes, values and beliefs in texts (Aquinas Reads)

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