March 13

The Ink Bridge

Ink BridgeThe Ink Bridge by Neil Grant tells a remarkable and gripping story about one refugee boy on a desperate journey from Afghanistan, and the Australian boy who befriends him.Published in 2012, the novel has won several awards and been shortlisted for many more.

The following resources will help you understand more about the novel and issues revealed in the story:

Review by John Bailey (Sydney Morning Herald, 25 May 2012)

Review by Alex Kua (The Signal Express, 8th May 2012)

Neil Grant’s webpage (including an interview with the author and his time in Afghanistan)

Teachers’ Notes (18p. booklet by Allen & Unwin Publishers)

Neil Grant in Afghanistan

Other resources:

Map of Afghanistan

Timeline of Afghanistan’s history (ABC)

A history of the Taliban

Lost treasures of Afghanistan (Film by National Geographic)


The Bamiyan Buddhas:

Destruction of Bamiyan Buddhas (Sydney Morning Herald)

The history of the Bamiyan Buddhas (Wikipedia)

Should the Bamiyan Buddhas be rebuilt? (BBC)

Buddhas fall after 1700 years (The Telegraph)


Asylum Seekers, Refugees and People Smuggling:

Asylum seekers, refugees and Australia (Australian Human Rights Commission)

Smugglers’ Paradise (4 Corners) People smuggling operations in Australia, 2012.

People smugglers – heroes or villains? (An alternative view from Bob Ellis on The Drum)

Mission Accomplished? After Australian troops leave Afghanistan, will law and order prevail? (4 Corners, 2013)

No advantage: inside Australia’s offshore processing centres (ABC)

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