January 30

The Quiet American

The following articles and clips have been collated to help you understand Graham Greene’s novel, The Quiet American, published in 1955.


quietamericanLibrary resources

F GRE The Quiet American, by Graham Greene (the novel)

823.09 GRE The Quiet American, Graham Greene: Insight Text Guide by Ross Walker

DVD0895 The Quiet American (DVD)



The full audiobook is available on YouTube here.


Reviews of the novel

The Quiet American – review by Simon Ryan, ACU

‘Short cuts’ by Thomas Jones, London Review of Books, 14 November 2002.

‘In life, as in fiction, Greene’s taunts left Americans in a quiet fury’ by Rob Evans and David Hencke, The Guardian, 2 December 2002. (The response to the novel in the US)

Powells.com: The Quiet American


Analysis of the Novel

‘In our time, no man is a neutral’ by Robert Gorham Davis (New York Times, March 11, 1956)

‘Shades of Greene’ by Zadie Smith, The Guardian, September 18, 2004.

Encountering conflict: The Quiet American

SparkNotes on the novel

BookRags guide to the novel


Trailer for the film:

Guide to the Film

The Quiet American (2002), review by Cynthia Fuchs (PopMatters, 13 February 2003)

Review of the film by Roger Ebert

The wily American: A look at the new Graham Greene movie shows how much anti-Americanism has changed over the years, by Katie Roiphe (CultureBox, February 2003)

Films of Michael Caine: The Quiet American (Vicious Imagery – blog) – deals with the historical setting of the time of the film’s release (9/11) and gives a short plot summary.

Film Education guide to The Quiet American (film)

The making of the film and discussion of the novel and its themes (ABC/Journeyman Pictures, 2001):

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