October 28

Tides, Seasons, Eclipses

Even in the time of Seneca (4 BC – 65 AD), some people understood that the moon had something to do with tides. But why do tides happen? What causes an eclipse? And what different types of eclipse are there? Take a look at the sites below to help you understand tides, eclipses and seasons.


Moon tides

The Moon

How do tides work?

Explain-it: How do tides work?


What causes the seasons? (Space place, NASA)

Why are there seasons? (Universe Today)

Why are there seasons? (Weather.com)


What is an eclipse? (NASA Knows) – lunar and solar eclipses = many other links

Lunar eclipse

What is a solar eclipse? (YouTube)

What is a lunar eclipse?

Solar eclipse 2015 (actual eclipse)

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