April 30

World War I

The following page has been created to add to Year 9 History class materials already in use at Aquinas College.

Library resources:

WWIThe Aquinas Library has many resources on World War I. Use the following search term: WORLD WAR, 1914 – 1918  Print resources are found at 940.3 – 940.4

Some films that you may find useful are:

The Great War – DVD0139

Australians at War – DVD0772

1914 – 18 – DVD0708

Catastrophe – DVD0687

Gallipoli and the ANZACS – DVD0620

Gallipoli: The Frontline Experience – DVD0191

In their footsteps – DVD0800

1914: Killing Fields – DVD0705

The Lighthorsemen – DVD0273

Gallipoli – DVD0094




World War I:

World War I (History on the Net)


Causes of WWI:

Causes of World War I – the assassination of Franz Ferdinand I  (Part 1  & Part 2  and Part 3

deal with previous causes of the war – )


The Causes of WWI

The Causes of WWI



Gallipoli: the first day (ABC) – covers events on the first day and the following eight-month-long campaign. Includes  videos, timeline, eyewitness accounts, commentaries and an overview.

Teachers’ notes on Gallipoli: the first day

Gallipoli and the ANZACS (Australian Government)

There are a number of valuable documents found on the Australian Government’s ANZAC site.

Gallipoli and the ANZACS (Department of Veterans’ Affairs)

Understanding ANZAC Day – past, present, future – 18p. worksheet (Aust. Gov.)


The Trenches:

The following original film clip is a rare glimpse into what life was like on the front during World War I.

The trenches

Life on the Front Line (BBC)

What was it like in a World War One trench? (BBC)

Life in the trenches

Trenches in WWI

Trench warfare

What was war like in the trenches? This film shows us:

The Western Front:

ANZACS on the Western Front – this film uses original footage of the war on the Western Front, supplemented by voices of diggers who served on the Western Front.

Australians on the Western Front (Australian Government)

ANZACS on the Western Front


WWI propagandaAttitudes towards WWI – propaganda posters:


WWI Propaganda (SLV)

Australian WWI Propaganda Posters 



Arguments over conscription (SLV)

World War I and Australia (SLNSW)


anzac dayANZAC Day:


Gallipoli and the national identity (17 page PDF worksheet including lots of primary materials – maps, posters etc.)



Lesson plan for WWI unit

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