May 1

World War II

The following page has been created to add to Year 10 History class materials already in use at Aquinas College.

Australian_troops_at_Milne_BayLibrary Resources:

The Aquinas Library has many resources on World War II. Use the following search term: WORLD WAR, 1939-1945 Print resources are found at 940.53

Some DVDs which may be of use are:

The causes of World War II – DVD0780

Australians at War – DVD0772

The great sea battles of WWII – DVD0134

The history of WWII – DVD0136

Prelude to war – DVD0006

Fury in the Pacific – DVD0007

Battle of the Coral Sea – DVD0885

Kokoda – DVD0764

Australians at war – DVD0772


Bombing of Japan

 Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (includes a number of audio files)

The atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Pearl Harbour:

The Battle of the Coral Sea

Curtin’s speech announcing that Australia had entered WWII



The Kokoda Track


Kokoda Trail Campaign (Aust. War Memorial)


Threat to Australia:

Australia attacked

Bombing of Darwin

Under attack

Sydney Harbour under attack


womenChanging role of Women:

All in – ‘leaving home’ (The role of women in WWII)

Roles for women in WWII

Women in wartime

Women in wartime

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