June 20

‘Ship Breaker’ by Paulo Bacigalupi

Do you like dystopian novels?

Ship breakerDo you like intense action?

Do you like adventure?

If the answer is yes to all of these questions, then Ship Breaker is the book for you. In this dystopian novel the world is a cruel place. The rich are born to ride through the seas in massive ships, while the poor are left to break down ships and sell their findings. The two crews that operate on these ships are light crew and heavy crew. The heavy crew are the big, strong people that remove iron panels off the ships and pretty much anything too big and heavy for the light crew. The light crew are the smaller people who are usually young. The light crew search the inside of the ship to try to find things such as wire. But both crews are looking for one thing: oil.

In this world if you find oil, and a lot of it, say goodbye to ship breaking, and welcome to the life of the rich.

Nailer, the hero of our story, is a light crew worker breaking ships with his crew: Pima, Sloth, Moon Girl and Tick Tock. Nailer’s father, Richard Lopez, is an angry drunk who is abusive and deadbeat.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The story had enough twists and awesome breakthroughs to keep anyone glued to this book. Paulo Bacigalupi wrote this book very well, with amazing descriptions. The characters were diverse and colourful, the scenes and places were described perfectly and the plot was structured very well.

I would recommend this book to young adults and teenagers who enjoy action packed, survival, dystopian style novels. This book is definitely a worth the read. I’d rate the book 5 out of 5 stars.

Kai B, Year 8

June 20

‘The 5th Wave’ by Rick Yancey

5th waveMy finger yanked back on the trigger, the rifle kicked against my shoulder hard, and the barrel bucked in my hand as I emptied the clip.

Meet Cassie. She is an ordinary high school girl; well that was before Earth was invaded by aliens. Cassie is a girl on a mission. The only thing keeping her alive is her will to find her brother.

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey is a fast paced book that will keep you hooked right to the very end.

Things are no longer as they seem on Earth since the aliens arrived. They have wiped out 97% of the population and are disguising themselves as humans. Cassie has to do what she can to survive after her mother was wiped out by the sickening red death, a disease the aliens released to control the population of humans. She continues on her quest to find her brother, who was taken by the aliens, and tries to avenge her dad after he died fighting. Can Cassie save the Earth from the aliens before the human race ceases to exist?  Along the way Cassie is shot and is unable to move. Fortunately she is saved by a mysterious stranger. But can the stranger really be trusted? Evan Walker acts as if he is to be trusted, but Cassie begins to do some investigating and something about him just doesn’t add up.

I totally enjoyed this book because it really engaged me and I started to think about whether this thing could happen to us. Evan’s mysterious nature kept me guessing about the person he was.

The 5th wave is action packed and fast moving and is incredibly hard to put down.

I recommend this book to anyone from the age of 15 and up, as it does get a bit complicated throughout parts of the book and has some coarse language. Anyone who is interested in mysterious, action packed and adventurous novels will really enjoy this book. The 5th wave. I rate 8 out of 10 stars.

Riley S, Year 8

June 17

‘World Shaker’ by Richard Harland

World ShakerHave you ever thought the world is unfair? Well our world is nothing compared to the world of the Juggernauts. Do you like a book about character development, action and adventure in a steampunk setting? Then World Shaker is the book for you!

Meet Colbert Porpentine, grandson of the leader of the Juggernaut known as “World Shaker”. He wakes up in the middle of the night to a noise outside his room and some guards inform him that a “Filthy” (primitive humans living at the bottom of the ship) has escaped to the upper decks. He then looks under his bed and surprise! Two eyes are staring back at him. The Filthy girl, Riff, refutes everything Col has ever known about the people at the bottom of the ship, that they can talk, make civilisations and most importantly, that they are just poor humans who had been exiled so they do not mix with the rich people. The main characters in this story are Col, the grandson of the leader of the ship and Riff, the Filthy girl who escapes to the upper decks.

I really enjoyed World Shaker despite its slow start due to the captivating writing and setting of the book, as well as the likeable characters who change a lot over the course of the story. I also really like the alternate timeline it was set in, with major countries creating movable cities and the smaller villages being crushed underneath because it created a sense luck inside me. I personally would hate it if I was stuck inside a city for the rest of my life with basically no way to leave safely. It wouldn’t be any better if I lived inside one of the villages as the juggernauts would pay no attention to our area and chances are I would be crushed. The character arcs in the story really helped me to understand the characters, from Col learning how to fight and basically becoming a Filthy himself, to Riff accepting that not all rich people are horrible and unkind. World Shaker ended with the story being tied up, but also leaving room for a sequel.

Overall, I recommend this book to anybody who has an interest in dystopian, steampunk books and enjoys reading about a lot of action and adventure. I would rate “World Shaker” by Richard Harland a 4 out of 5. Will. B., Year 8


Picture a world where mechanical mountains ruled over land and sea, travelling at crazy speeds and also being a home for many wealthy families. This is the setting for the bestselling book ‘World shaker’. The story of the book follows Colbert, a teenage boy around 17, who is just about to be made the successor to the Supreme Commander of the juggernaut. But something goes terribly wrong…

‘World shaker’ is a story set in the Victorian era and the characters we meet live on a giant metal juggernaut that goes across land and ocean called ‘World shaker’. The only time that the juggernaut stops is to refuel every 18 months in ports around the world. The main characters in this story are Colbert Porpentine and Riff. These two characters are complete polar opposites of each other. Col is a prestigious young man living with his wealthy family in the upper floors of the ‘World shaker’ and Riff is a filthy that escaped captivity living on the lowest floor of the juggernaut down the food chute. Col was always taught that filthies were savages, didn’t know how to speak and they were not smart like the propers. These teachings were all wiped away when he finds that Riff is really smart and not a savage like he was told.

During the book Col is destined to be the successor to his grandfather and be Supreme Commander of the ‘World shaker’. He was informed of this at a family gathering in the Porpentine hall room. Some events during this book make this choice a very hard one for Col. Col’s family is an extremely wealthy family and their surname is Porpentine. Col has one older sister who does not like him one bit. She thinks that he is a spoiled brat who always gets his own way. Her name is Gillabeth, but to be fair she does have a point… Colbert has indeed led a very nurtured life. He does not know many things about the outside world nor does he have any real curiosity. He is told things about the filthies and menials that aren’t true to make them appear as objects for them to use. But the moment that he meets Riff, everything was about to change…

I really enjoyed ‘World shaker’ because it has many qualities about it that not many other books have. I like that kind of uniqueness to the book, as you would never expect those genres to go together but Richard Harland pulled it off extremely well. However, the start of the book was very slow and made me quite bored during the first few chapters but after that, things are happening left and right and all becomes very entertaining. But the reason I enjoyed it so much is because you really felt for the characters. You really wanted Col to make the right decision and you also want Riff to show him what filthies really are and how menials are ‘made’ and treated. I would recommend this book to people looking for something new, that hasn’t been done before and that are between the ages of 13-17 and most likely boys would enjoy this book but I’m sure there are many features of this book that girls would enjoy as well.

Ronan O. Year 8

June 14

‘Incarceron’ by Catherine Fisher

Incarceron-1a4o3ju“What can be wrong in a perfect world?” -Claudia, Incarceron.

Do you want to see how a ‘perfect’ world can be something totally different from what it seems?

This book is set in Incarceron, where there is a prison and an outside world. There are many different groups in the prison and everybody will do anything to survive even if that involves risking their own life or killing others. Meanwhile, outside of the prison, the warden is the person who rules. There are also royals who live in a palace.

There are two main characters in this story: Finn and Claudia. Finn lives his life in the prison with his friends and group. Claudia, the daughter of the warden, lives outside the prison, but she likes to do things that are more challenging especially when her father doesn’t want her to do those particular things. Where Claudia lives, she is stuck in the 17th century and she’s not free to do things that she wants.

Claudia and Finn have a crystal key which lets them communicate with each other. Finn wants to get out of Incarceron but it is a problem because the prison has many areas that contain corridors, cells, forests and more. Claudia is a help to Finn but many different events occur in Incarceron and things get tricky for the two of them.

This book is interesting because it is an original story in its structure. Some of the chapters change narrator from Finn to Claudia. This is good because it gives a different point of view from different areas, places and personal view. By reading the beginning of the book, you need to keep on reading to see what happens next. It makes you keep reading and reading until it gets to the most interesting part. There is lots of descriptive language which makes it easier to see a picture of the scenes in your head. Even though the story wasn’t interesting in the beginning, it got more interesting towards the end of the book. This book would be recommended for teens and young adults ages between 11 to 18 who enjoy an adventure, fantasy and sci-fi novel. The rating I would give Incarceron would be 3 out of 5 starts.

Jazmin. P, Year 8


‘Incarceron’ is an exiting young adult, fantasy, dystopian novel jam packed with mystery and adventure.

In the beginning the novel seemed slow yet filled with a lot of important information, and I found it difficult to enjoy it. This was until I continued reading and got captivated. Firstly I would like to say Catherine Fisher’s writing style is beautiful, in my opinion. It has elegance and shows an experience of the past within her writing.

‘Incarceron’ is about a futuristic prison and an artificial world. It follows two main protagonists, Claudia and Finn. Finn is a prisoner inside Incarceron. He has a tattoo of an eagle on his wrist. Claudia is a teenage girl living in the realm. Her father is the warden of Incarceron. She sneaks into his office and finds a key with a holographic eagle on it. This key has direct communication to the key inside Incarceron, which then allows Finn and Claudia to communicate and devise an escape plan for Finn.

Throughout the book I was enticed. It was an absolute page turner, however when I reached the end I just stared wide eyed and mouth opened. It was an incredible finish to an incredible book. This book had flare and personality. I’ve never read anything like it. It’s different, it’s original and the book itself is simply breathtaking. I loved how the characters are all so different and they all have unique personalities. The whole plot and concept of the book is magnificent.

I really loved this book and I would rate it 4.5 stars. The one thing stopping me from giving it at full 5 stars is that some of the twists in this book were quite predictable, however the plot itself made up for that. I would recommend this book to readers 14+.

Tuscany F., Year 8


Incarceron is a story that takes you into the 18th century that is locked in the past.

“Imagine a living prison so vast that it contains corridors and forests, cities and seas… Imagine Incarceron.”

Incarceron is an amazing story about a world where time and technology have been forbidden even though their science in so advanced. This is a classic story of a utopia turned dystopia. When the prisons of the land became overcrowded, the King decided to make one gigantic prison that could easily house all the prisoners. To make a prison as large as the world would be perfect, as it would leave to prisoners no choice but to live in peace and harmony as everything anyone could ever need would be provided, he thought.

Finn is a boy who woke up one day inside the prison with no memory and no one to help him. He wandered the prison until he found a pack of thieves who became his cheating allies. Claudia was a girl raised in the care of the Warden of the prison. Raised in luxury and tutored by a Sapient, she grew defiant of her Father and wanted anything but what was forced upon her.

Incarceron is a story about how a girl named Claudia sneaks into her father’s study and steals a crystal key. Claudia is doomed to an arranged marriage and her only way out of it is to prove that Finn, a boy who lives in the prison, is in fact the long dead prince. Finn has always known he is not from the prison, always known he came from outside, but his only evidence of that are moments when he experiences dream-like hallucinations and the eagle print on his wrist. But when he finds a key that bears the same mark as the one on his wrist, he is more sure than ever. He sets off with his oath brother Keiro and a sapient by the name of Gildas to find the way out of the prison. With the crystal keys the two are able to communicate and work together to find the way out.

This was a great book because of the different spin on the future. It was a lot different to the sort of future story most are used to because of the laws that have been set out in this make-believe world. The story was intricate, detailed and there were many twists and turns in the plot. The only flaw was maybe the lack of animation in the characters. This was an amazing book.

I recommend this book to teens and above because of the complicated story line. Younger children will definitely have a hard time understanding what’s going on.

Daniel P., Year 8

June 13

‘A Single Stone’ by Meg McKinlay


‘The Mothers’ words echoed in Jena’s mind as she eased into the crevice, flattening herself against the rock. When she was through, she paused, waiting for the next girl. They were deep now, in the heart of the mountain. Around her, the earth pressed so tightly it was hard to tell where her body ended and the stone began.’

The story of ‘A Single Stone’ is set in a village next to a mountain that holds mica, a mineral which the village uses for energy. Jena is a strong leader who comes to question her own determination to do the work she was raised to do. It’s every girl’s dream of being part of the line of seven young girls chosen to crawl deep into the mountain to collect the precious mica which will ensure the village’s survival.

Jena is the leader of the line, and believes passionately in all that her mother tells her. She doesn’t question and doesn’t doubt. A Single Stone is a thoughtful middle fiction novel. The isolation of the village and the process of mining the mica creates a fascinating background for an engaging story. Meg McKinlay’s writing is thoughtful, deliberate and breathtaking. It is the underlying themes and ideas and the questions they provoke, however, that will remain with readers after the book ends.

‘A Single Stone’ is a beautiful and delicate novel that tackles some big questions about gender and power in an interesting manner, entertaining the reader but in my opinion the story wasn’t easy to understand and wasn’t suitable for my age. However people who like to read about adventures would really enjoy this book. I would recommend this book for teenagers and over.

Ella C., Year 8

June 9

‘First Light’ by Rebecca Stead

First LightThea has never seen the sun. Her world lies deep within a glacier. Peter, a city boy, has arrived at Greenland with his parents. There he is troubled with strange visions that lead him to a crevice in the glacier. What happens when these people from two very different worlds meet? If you enjoy adventure and fantasy books then First Light is the book for you!

First Light is about Thea, a girl who lives deep within a glacier, and Peter, a boy who goes to Greenland with his parents while they study climate change. Thea has always wondered what it would be like above the ice, and her curiosity takes over her as she and her friend Mattias explore a tunnel, leading them to the unknown. Peter is no stranger to adventure, so one day he goes exploring in the snow and soon discovers a red light. The red light turns out to be a glowing ring, but before he can find out anything else about the ring, he becomes temporarily blinded. When he finally regains his vision, he knows his life will never be the same.

I really enjoyed the book First Light by Rebecca Stead because of its marvellous storyline about a boy and a girl from two very different worlds that eventually meet. This particular plot really intrigues me because it is like nothing I have ever read before, making it very unique. I was drawn to the way Stead wrote because it was very descriptive and made me picture the characters and scenes throughout the book. The descriptive language made it very easy for me to imagine the scenes in my head. The story progressed perfectly with just enough suspense and plot twists to keep my full attention. I just kept wanting to read more and more. I couldn’t put the book down!

I would recommend this book to girls and boys aged between 10 and 15 who enjoy adventure and fantasy books. This book is medium difficulty and suitable for both genders. This book is truly a great read. I would rate the novel First Light 3 out of 5 stars.

Ashley R., Year 8


First Light by Rebecca Stead

Thea has never seen the sun. Her whole entire life she has been living deep down within icy glaciers. Peter, a 12 year old boy, is about to leave New York City on a journey to assist his father in studying Greenland climate change.

Shortly before they leave for Greenland, Peter experiences irritating headaches that lead him to seeing scary visions. At the same time, Thea dreams of a path to the Earth’s surface. She hopes that one day Grace-Hope will return above the ice and she will find out the truth behind her mother’s death. Peter’s search for answers brings him even closer to Thea’s hidden home. Does this sound like a book that you would like to read? Then First Light is the book for you!

First Light by Rebecca Stead has to be one of the most gripping stories I have ever read. Stead has described the amazing adventures that Thea and Peter embark on during the novel in an intriguing way. Once I had picked the novel up I couldn’t put it back down. Each page led you deeper into the story unravelling the secrets of Grace-Hope. Each scene was detailed and made me feel as if I was there myself. Stead kept the excitement running through the entire book and made me want to read her other novels, which I did and they were just as amazing as First Light.

I do recommend this novel for anyone with a great imagination who enjoys adventure fantasy books. This novel is versatile for both genders and is a great read but not too difficult to understand either. I would rate this novel a 4 out of 5 stars. Trust me, once you read the first line of the novel you won’t be able to put it down.

Holly. M // Year 8

November 30

‘The Adoration of Jenna Fox’ by Mary E. Person

Jenna Fox“I used to be someone…

Someone named Jenna Fox

Well that’s what they tell me.”

If you are into futuristic novels, The Adoration of Jenna Fox written by Mary E. Person is one of the best books to read. Jenna Fox was just a normal teenage girl until the accident. After being in a coma for a year, Jenna is about to discover who she really is, gradually putting the pieces together. With Jenna’s family having to hide secrets and move far away due to the use of illegal medical research and sources to keep Jenna alive, Jenna slowly discovers that she may not be a normal teenage girl after all. With that knowledge her life will change forever. Memories documented on video from nearly every day of her life help her try to remember what life was before the accident.

This book makes you question everything like: Why does Jenna’s Grandmother Lily have so much hatred towards Jenna? What is her family keeping from her that could be so bad? Why does Jenna’s neighbour know so much about her? Will he inform Jenna how and what he knows about what happened to her?

I enjoyed this book very much, because the plot was amazing with its intriguing twists and perfect amount of suspense. It just made you continue turning the page wanting to know more and more about the life of Jenna Fox. I like how we are thrown into the story right away, knowing as much as Jenna, the story not being dragged on and boring. You follow her story right until the end, knowing her fears, what she learns and experiencing what she experiences. I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good read associated with fantasy/Sci-Fi and a hint of romance thrown into the mix.

Arabella G, Year 9

November 27

‘Legend’ by Marie Lu

legend_coverSet in the future when plague spreads the land, war is ongoing between the republic and colonies and the government is corrupt, an unlikely story occurs.

Day is a most wanted criminal, raised in the poor suburbs. His mother thinks he is dead, nonetheless he does all he can to protect his family. But when his youngest brother, Eden, falls ill with the plague, Day has to do whatever he can to raise enough money to buy expensive plague cures.

June is the highest ranking in her class scoring the only perfect score on the trial (test). Her beloved brother, Metias, who is the captain of the republic’s army, raises her. When Metias dies, all the evidence points to Day. June sets out to avenge her brother’s death. When June and Day meet by chance, they both end up falling for each other and once June discovers the truth about the government and what really happened to her brother and parents, June risks everything to save Day.

This novel is one of an exciting trilogy. Legend is a book that’s impossible to put down, incorporating romance, adventure and lots of twists. The book is perfectly written to suit teenagers between the ages of 12 and 16.

Madison, Year 9


Day is the most wanted criminal, providing for his family on the streets; June is a student at the university, training to become an agent for the Republic. Day murdered June’s brother and she has sworn to avenge his death.

Set in the future, two colonies are at war: the Patriots and the Republic. This book is mainly set in the Republic of America, where a fatal plague is spreading throughout the communities.

June Iparis is an intelligent young girl who doesn’t follow the rules. She is most famous for her perfect trial (test) score, which no one has ever achieved. Her older brother Metias, who is a military officer for the Republic, raised her as her parents died when she was young. June and Metias have an unbreakable bond, and if anything were to happen to either of them, they wouldn’t be able to live without each other. June is the smartest person in the entire republic, and shows her skills when she is appointed to a new job: going undercover for the Republic to locate the Republic’s most wanted criminal.

Day is the Republic’s most wanted criminal. At the age of fifteen he steals and manipulates people to provide for his family who live in the slums of the Republic. Day has two brothers: one older – John, and one younger – Eden, who has been diagnosed with the fatal plague that has been spreading among the slums of the Republic. The plague has a cure, with a cost of wealth, something that Day and his family do not have. The only way to save Eden is by stealing a vial of the cure from the guarded science labs in the hospital.

Metias is at the hospital on one fatal night guarding the cure, but Day manages to convince other guard to let him into the labs. When Day steals the vial of medicine, he ends up on the streets being chased by Metias. When Metias pulls out his gun to shoot Day, he throws a knife at Metias’s shoulder that should have only injured him, but ends up killing him. Day manages to escape, but June has sworn to avenge Metias’ death, and was given the task to hunt down and kill Day.

This book is amazing and it really captures your attention and makes you not want to put the book down. It is filled with plot twists and it is the ultimate game of cat and mouse. This book captivates the audience with a perfect balance of action, adventure, mystery and a little bit of romance. I would recommend this book for teenagers of both genders between 12 and 16. If you liked the Hunger Games Trilogy, then you will love this epic book.

Sienna K., Year 9


“Brave thoughts, but am I ready to follow through on them?”

In the future country we now know as The United States of America, government has divided the population into two groups according to their wealth. People’s statuses define who they are in society and where they stand. Fifteen-year-old June Iparis, born into one of the richest sectors in the country, is known as the first ever Republic Military Prodigy. They worship her and her abilities even though her attitude can get in the way of the goal they would like to reach. They would never risk losing such a talented being, especially in their society. She lives with her older brother Metias and can sometimes push his patience as he constantly finds himself being pulled from his work to save her from troubles. But on the day of her brother’s murder, June finds herself looking for vengeance against the city’s most wanted criminal – Day.

Day was born into the poorest sector. He lives for his family and if anything gets between them, he goes so far as to risk his life for them. He does not live at home and instead provides for them at a distance. His unlawful status was achieved by many different crimes, none of which included murder, until the night of an attempted hospital break in.

June is put in charge of her brother’s murder investigation due to her hunger for justice against the killer, who is suspected to be Day. She is so determined to find Day that when she does, she is forced to rethink what she wants compared to what she needs.

The story progression in this book was very intriguing and grabbed your attention at every turn of the page. It had a unique feature and that was that it was written from the perspectives of both of the main characters, June and Day. This really gave the book more facts and details compared to other novels. The dual points of view also mean that you don’t have to necessarily assume what happened between the other characters or even what they were thinking. The transitions between the two characters were very smooth. When switching narrators, the story either repeated the event from another totally different perspective or it carried on from where it had left off. There was never a part where it jumped to another different scene. Overall the book was amazing and filled with high suspense, energy and even some romance.

Other book series that are very close to this trilogy are the ‘Hunger Games Trilogy’ and the ‘Divergent’ series. If you found you liked these two very much then I would highly advise you to read Legend, along with Prodigy and Champion. These are the other novels in the series, and both continue the story very well.

Jade J., Year 9

November 26

‘The Young Elites’ by Marie Lu

17984141Malfettos are survivors of the plague known as the blood fever, cast aside by everyone, even their loved ones, hunted down by inquisitors, all because they are marked, but some of these malfettos have manifested powers. They are called the young Elites.

The Young Elites is set in a medieval fantasy world at a time after a tragic plague has struck the land and follows one of the survivors named Adelina Amouteru on her journey. Adelina grew up with an abusive father a mother and a little sister, Violetta, in a wealthy home. When she was young, her mum, her sister and she were all infected with the blood fever. Only she and her sister survived costing Adelina an eye. Because her little sister and she were marked, her father’s business suffered, which would lead to her father constantly hurting and teasing her.

The story starts off showing Adelina eavesdropping on her father having a conversation, were he bargains her off to a man. This was the last straw for her. She ran off starting the adventure that is The Young Elites. Without spoiling too much of the story, Adelina is captured by the Inquisitors and the leader of the Young Elites saves her life. He reveals himself to be the son of the king, Enzo, who was banished from the kingdom for being a malfetto. He reveals to her his plans to overthrow the new king who has ruined the kingdom. From this point Adelina is trained by the Young Elites to use her powers of creating illusions as part of Enzo’s master plan.

The story of The Young Elites was different and more entertaining than my usual reads, and although it is set in a fantasy world, the characters’ interactions and emotions were very grounded. Everything they did had an affect on the main plot. The main character also made this story very interesting. Instead of having a cliché protagonist they have a realistic and dark hero with a tragic past. I would recommend this book to people who like good character interaction, a little edginess from their books, fantasy and action.

Gil T., Year 9

November 26

‘Ship Breaker’ by Paolo Bacigalupi

Ship breakerWelcome to a world where oil is scarce, but loyalty is scarcer. Nailer lives on Bright Sands Beach in America and earns a living or quota by stripping copper from old rusty ships. He lives with his dad who is always sliding high and killing people.

Nailer comes close to death after being involved in an accident whilst stripping copper, after his co-worker betrays him and leaves him to die. Nailer is then faced with a massive decision that could change his life forever: go back to normal life or hit a ‘lucky strike’ and meet the most beautiful and wealthy girl ever, after everything he has known changes in the blink of an eye. But his dad has already found out about this and is coming to take it for his own and Nailer must get out before his dad finds out. He chooses to flee his home and enter a dangerous war between swanks. Nailer begins hunting for what he thinks is the right thing to do but at the same time he is being hunted. He then finds himself boarding a sinking clipper and having to fight for his life.

Personally I don’t do much reading anymore and when I was told to read the book Ship Breaker I was quite surprised to find myself reading it in my own time because of how well it kept me interested. There is a lot going on and even I felt a bit scared at times because of how well it was written. I highly recommend this book for people who like a bit of thrill, gore, suspense and action. This book is good for people in their young teens. It is a reasonably short book and none of the scenes are slow and boring; they’re full of action and depth. Also if you don’t mind a bit of creativity the novel will suit you, because there are a few cool characters.

Jake S, Year 9


November 25

‘I am Number Four’ by Pittacus Lore

I AM NUMBER FOURThree are dead. Six remain. John Smith is number four, therefore he will be the next to be hunted down by the vicious Mogadorians.

The story is set in Ohio, one of the many places John has lived with his guardian Henri. Since John and Henri are always on the run hiding from the Mogadorians, they need to change identities and live in completely different states or cities.

John is also known on Lorien as a Garde, which means he develops powers which can help him defeat the Mogadorians but it’s taking time for him to get them. He isn’t meant to stay attached to people but that was until he got himself a girlfriend.

Henri is John’s Cepan (guardian). He stays with John for the rest of his life helping him control his powers and keeping him out of trouble and harm.

Sarah is John’s new girlfriend from the rural town John now lives in. She is the daughter of the real-estate agent that sold John and Henri their new house. Sarah also loves photography.

Sam is obsessed with aliens. This was because of his dad also liking them but then disappearing without a trace. Sam is bullied at school and is lonely until he becomes John’s best friend.

Mark is the school bully and Sarah’s ex-boyfriend. He loves football and his two dogs. He hates John for liking Sarah because even though they broke up he still wants to be with her.

There were nine Lorien kids. Three are dead and John Smith is number four. There is a charm where the alien children must die in a certain number sequence. John has been training so that he can fight the Mogadorians with his new found legacies (powers) in order to save their planet and go home. John wants to learn everything about his past, about when his planet was invaded and his parents died, but everything comes and goes in bits and pieces from dreams and when he’s training to get his legacies (powers), John was told not to get too attached to places or people because he needs to be able to leave at any moment but instead he gets a girlfriend, a best friend and a very strange dog.

There is romance, suspense and drama to enjoy in this great book therefore I would recommend this story for boys but mainly girls in their teen years because the book is long and has violence and science fiction themes.

Lachlan P. Year 9


Number Four isn’t from here. He’s a Garde from a planet called Lorien, a planet that was destroyed by a wicked alien race called the Mogdorians, who ruined their own planet through their ignorance and lack of care. Nine children and nine guardians escaped the planet during the destruction, Number Four being one of them, in the hope that they will eventually be able to return to their planet and fight the Mogdorians.

I must admit that normally I don’t read alien-themed books. However, I Am Number Four had me hooked from the blurb, which is really rather impressive, as I tend not to like judging books by their covers. What I really loved, though, was the alien races and what we learnt about them. The Mogdorians were horrible, obviously, but the Loriens were awesome: from the way they cared for their planet and all on it, to the way they love – one partner forever, one true soul mate. Amazing world building!

I saw some of the twists coming, but there were lots I couldn’t predict. If I’d had the time, I would have been more than happy to just sit and devour the three-hundred-and-sixty-odd paged book all in one go. I think this is a must-read for anyone who loves to be hooked from the word go, even if you aren’t necessarily a sci-fi fan, like myself. The movie was amazing and really lived up to the novel, if you ask me. I am hoping more than anything that The Power of Six will be made into a film too, because it will be even better!

Patrick C., Year 9


Are you bored and want a book that you just can’t get enough of? Something with adventure, romance and action? I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore, (the pseudonym  of James Frey and Jobie Hughes), is the right book for you!

This novel for teens draws readers into a high-paced adventure story, written in first person by a literally ‘out of this world’ boy, Number Four or John, and his guardian Henri who, with eighteen others, has escaped their home planet after it was devastated by another alien race, the Mongadorians , and escaped to earth. However the Mongadorians followed, but luckily nine of the children have been blessed with a charm where they can only die in order (1,2,3 etc.) which is foretold by the scars placed on their ankles. As Number Four has now turned sixteen, he has been given a new and third scar, meaning that he is next to die.

Personally, when I was reading this book, I just couldn’t stop, as much of this language was suited to my taste. The suspense and thrilling action made me sit on the edge of my seat.

I would recommend this novel to an audience of 12 to16-year-olds of both genders as the plot would be too advanced for young children to understand., and too simple for adults. However, it is perfect for teens, as it engages us with the characters and story.

So, for many teens like myself, this is a ‘must read’ novel, especially for those who enjoy adventure and action, so I would give this book a rating of 4¾ out of 5 stars.

Kim, Year 9

November 19

‘Incarceron’ by Catherine Fisher

Incarceron-1a4o3juOnly the man who has known freedom Can define his prison.

Your hands are tied to the rusty metal cuff that has a long strong thick metal chain attached to it. You have been pulling the chain forever to be free. Pull after Pull. Still cuffed to the chains, you have no idea where you are or why this mist comes over you.

You live in a world of the past you can’t quite figure out. Constant flashbacks of your past life are coming. What do you do? How do you solve it?

Incarceron is the tale of the modern advanced prison where Finn, a prison born inmate, is trapped. His past is catching up to him. He is tied to these cuffs. He is running but his past is coming. Claudia is the girl living in the past but her future and forgotten family and secrets are coming to be reattached to her life again. Finn and Claudia have been communicating through different worlds. They both live in a whole different universe and have different ways of life but for so long or as long as Finn can remember they have been in communication. But how?

Incarceron by Catherine Fisher is a fantasy; a mysterious fiction novel. I would highly recommend it to young adults because in my view it’s a book for a young adult who loves fantasy. At the start of the book it can be confusing so I would recommended it to young minds that are in between the age of a child and an older young adult. One reason I like this book is because it has that thriller tip of the iceberg to it and a bit of that forceful imaginative touch. It makes you imagine what’s going on, not you choosing to make the scene, which I believe is really fantastic for young minds to keep their imagination open. I would rate it 4 stars.

The thrill of Incarceron will leave you at the edge of your seat and stuck to the book until morning comes.

“Where are the leaders?’ Sapphique asked. ‘In the fortresses,’ the Swan replied.

‘And the poets?’ ‘Lost in dreams of other worlds.’

‘And the craftsmen?’ ‘Forging machines to challenge the darkness.’

‘And the Wise, who made the world?’ The Swan lowered its black neck sadly. ‘Dwindled to crones and sorcerers in towers.”

Welcome to Incarceron.

Lauren Yr 9


“Nothing has changed, or will change. So we must change it.”

Readers are invited to take a trip to Incarceron, a prison made up as a whole world, filled with people that live throughout this land. Many forests and towns are located in this one prison, but Incarceron is not the only land that some of the citizens believe there is.

Finn is a prisoner of Incarceron, awoken in a cell but he doesn’t remember his earlier life. Believing he’s not from the prison but from outside, he has already spent three years trying to find out where he’s from. It’s a challenge that he desperately wishes to accomplish.

Claudia is the daughter of the prison’s warden, living in a world frozen in the era of the 17th century, by law. She desires to show the people of her world the true story of a particular death. Living on the outside of the prison, she also has complications to face.

Both these teenagers are trapped in their own way, both believing they have never seen each other’s worlds but somehow they both find a way to communicate. Both wanting to accomplish their goals, they work together from their distant spaces to do so.

I liked this book because of the uniqueness. I found the point of view from both characters interesting and the book was very enjoyable to read. It was hard to put down this fascinating story. I enjoyed how Claudia and Finn communicated with each other to work together towards their goals, despite the distance between them. The settings were interesting and the story flowed well. The landscapes of both worlds were captivating and intriguing. Unfortunately, there were some parts of the novel that lacked description so it was harder to picture.

I recommend this book to advanced readers from 14 years and older. Any readers who love an adventure and enjoy journeying through incredible worlds would enjoy this book. Despite the lack of emotion in some sections, I give the novel four stars due to how captivating it is. Incarceron is a good story and I definitely recommend reading it.

Tiana A, Year 9

November 16

‘White Fox’ by Gary Paulsen

white foxAmerica has been taken over by the Confederation of Consolidated Republics, which is an evil corporation locking up everyone they see, even kids! Would you want your family to be locked away? The story takes place in 2017. Cody Pierce is a 14 year old boy being held captive in one of the many CCR prisons set up all over America and after seeing the tragic death of his parents Cody has no intentions of staying there. Cody is scheming of a way to escape, and with his friends Luther and McLaughlin they work together to find a way to escape. Throughout the book as they meet new people and new challenges they must all work together to find a way to survive because if they fail it means death.

The main characters of the book are Cody Pierce, Toni McLaughlin, Rachael and Sidoron who is the leader of Cody’s CCR prison camp. Throughout the book Cody, Rachael and Toni all develop relationships throughout the book and as times get tougher their relationships will be tested. Cody Pierce got the nickname ‘White Fox’ from the CCR because of his iconic white coloured hair. He is a strong willed teenager who has lived a very traumatic life. Major Toni McLaughlin was captured by the CCR and escaped with Cody and is now fighting as hard as he can to get back to the other American soldiers. Rachael is Cody’s friend and as they start to develop a special bond this becomes essential, as they need each other to survive. Sidoron is the leader of Cody’s CCR prison camp and is a very cruel man but at times he can show some weakness.

I loved this book. It was one of the most action packed books I have ever read and had everything a book needed in it. There are relationships that go well and some that go bad. There are lives on the line in death-defying situations and a non stop quest for Cody Pierce to go back to save his fellow kids.

I would recommend this book to boys over the age of ten all the way up to their twenties who love action and adventure filled books and an entertaining fast moving story. I give this book a rating of 8 stars out of 10.

Reece, Year 9


White Fox is a book about a 14-year-old boy named Cody Pierce who struggles to get through life living in a prison camp held by the C.C.R. (Confederation of Consolidated Republicans) The plot of the book is the C.C.R. and the USA are going into an all out war over each other. The year is 2017. In my opinion I believe that the age groups suited for this book are ages 10-15.

The book White Fox is called that because Cody Pierce, the main character in the book, was nicknamed ‘White Fox’ because of how Cody would wear a headband over his blonde hair. White fox Cody Pierce as a character in the book is very heroic. Cody shows his heroic ways as he tries to escape from the prison.

In the book Cody Pierce goes through major issues in life, such as he has to go through life, day by day, knowing that he is never going to see his parents again. This is because they both had died. Also in the book Cody goes through life meeting new people on his journey such as a Pilot named Major Toni McLaughlin. Major Toni McLaughlin is a very experienced pilot when all went wrong on one day when the army shot down his plane but he just survived.

I recommend this book to all ages of 10-15; this book is one of my favourites that I have read. I believe that both boys and girls of these ages will love this book. This book provides thrill, adventure, and anxiety. This book will be great for you if you like action as well.

James B., Year 9

November 13

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

17878931“ I am a red girl in a sea of silvers and I cannot afford to feel sorry for anyone, least of all the son of a snake.”

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard is an electrifying debut novel that merges the boundaries between fantasy power, gripping action and forbidden love and taking the wonderful world of YA by storm.

Red Queen takes place in a dystopian world divided by blood – red or silver. The Silvers are blessed with god-like supernatural powers and live in the lap of luxury while the Reds are commoners stricken by poverty living in the shadows of the elite. Mare Burrow is a 17-year-old Red girl, but in an extraordinary situation discovers that regardless of the colour of her blood, she is gifted with abilities that not even Silvers possess.

Victoria Aveyard writes to the beat of her own drum, every beat being a heart-stopping twist that will leave you on the edge of your seat in danger of a heart-attack. Throughout these twists and turns the main character, Mare, was such a pleasure to see grow and unravel from the beginning to the end. Character development in Red Queen was one of its best attributes as each one of the characters had their own very special personality and story.

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard has an exceptionally wide range of genres, dystopian worlds, gripping action, forbidden romance, betrayal, fearless plot twists and fights scenes as good as that of the Avengers, making this book readily available to absolutely anyone. It will make hard-core fantasy addicts weep with triumph and delight.

Red Queen will give you a rollercoaster of emotions that will leave you in a mess of tears or a heart attack of joy. In a wonderful world of betrayal against betrayal, Reds against Silvers, prince against prince and Mare’s heart against Mare’s head, it doesn’t get better than this. If I have said anything that has given you shivers down your spine, read this one of a kind book and “We will rise up, Red as the dawn.”

I give Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard a 5 out of 5 stars.

By Bronte, Year 9


November 13

‘Divergent’ by Veronica Roth

DivergentWhat would you do if you had to make a life changing decision that could change your life completely? Would you play it safe and stay or would you leave and never come back? Imagine living in a world where you are judged and put in a category, a faction. It’s sixteen year-old Beatrice Prior’s turn to make this decision and what she chooses will surprise everyone.

If you love mystery, action and adventure then Veronica Roth’s novel Divergent is definitely the book for you.

Divergent is set in a post apocalyptic world that is divided into five factions: Amity, Candor, Erudite, Abnegation and Dauntless. It’s Beatrice and Caleb Prior’s turn to take the aptitude tests, then after comes the life changing decision of which faction to choose. Beatrice learns she is Divergent and doesn’t fit into any of the five factions so it is up to her instinct to choose the right faction. She comes to realise that the world she lives in, that’s meant to be safe, is not. In fact it is filled with mystery, lies, plots and secrets. She learns more about what she is and that it is not safe for her. Through the initiation into her chosen faction she experiences many challenges as well as romance, trust and tests. What faction does she belong to? Why is being Divergent so dangerous? And what secrets are faction leaders hiding from society?

I enjoyed reading Divergent, as I just couldn’t take my eyes off the page. From the second you open the book and read the first sentence you don’t want to put it down. It is intriguing, enthralling and definitely one of the best books to read. The book is also about fitting in, discovering who you are and fighting for who you are, very relatable to teenagers as it is also about romance. It takes you along the journey of Beatrice’s and Four’s romance story. It is a very intense book with lots of ups and downs, twists and turns and emotional and action packed moments. I would recommend this book to people between the ages of 13-40 that are at a higher level of reading as some context may be hard to understand and also people that love to read action/adventure and romance books. I would rate it 4/5 stars, as it is by far one of the best books I’ve ever read. What faction would you chose?

Mila, Year 9





One choice decides your friends, defines your beliefs and determines your loyalties… Forever.

“One choice can transform you.

One choice can destroy you.

Once choice will define you.”


“You nearly died today,’ he says. ‘I almost shot you.’

‘Why didn’t you shoot me, Tris?’

‘I couldn’t do that,’ I say. ‘It would have been like shooting myself.’

He looks pained and leans closer to me, so his lips brush mine when he speaks…..”


Do you long for excitement, and out of this world experiences? Suspense and heart filled wonder?

The Divergent series encompasses these emotions, leaving you awake ‘till all hours of the night unable to put the book down.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the main character lives in a deteriorating city, run by the Government. People are split up into different groups according to their skills and moral values. Tris and her brother, along with the rest of the population, are forced to choose what life they will live, once they turn 16. It‘s a choice that will determine their fates, and possibly their survival. In order to help them make this choice they undergo a test. Through this test Tris discovers that she is different, and therefore in danger.

Tris is Divergent, a fate that if she is not careful will get her killed. She is told by an unsuspecting ally to keep this true identity a secret, although she is clueless as to why. She discovers that the world around her is not what she thought. People are lying, plots are being created and the people she loves most are not who they say they are.

On an enchanting and thrilling adventure, Tris meets new friends, overcomes obstacles and fights for her survival.

Personally I enjoyed this book, filled with suspense it transported me to a different world. With twists and turns on every page Divergent keeps you on the edge of your seat. The main character is relatable to teens and most people in modern society, as she fights to find who she is and fit in, but eventually realises that everyone is different. This book deserves a rating of 7.5/10 as it is exciting and captivates the audience.

Divergent is a fictional novel recommended to young adults as it is easy to read and relatable. It is action packed with guns and violence for the thrill seekers and sentimental appeal for the romanticists. A gender neutral book that can be enjoyed by anyone, Divergent is definitely at the top of my booklist.

In conclusion, this enthralling story transports you to a world of romance and adventure, it is a riveting, read relatable to teens but readable by everyone. If you can read, this is a book for you.

Piper, Year 9


Imagine living in a world that is split into five factions. Where your whole life is determined by one test and the results from this one test could change your life forever.

The book Divergent by Veronica Roth is about a girl called Beatrice Prior who lives in a futuristic world that is split into five factions according to their personal qualities. Amity – the kind, Erudite – the intelligent, Candor – the honest, Abnegation – the selfless and Dauntless – the brave. Beatrice has come to the time in her life where she has to take the Aptitude test and make a decision whether she will stay with her family in Abnegation or leave and go to another faction. Despite the pressure from the test, Beatrice also has a secret; a secret that changes her life, and if the secret got out she would be killed.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book Divergent as it was filled with thrill, action, adventure and even a little bit of romance. As soon as I started reading this book, I was hooked and couldn’t put it down, as it was such an engaging story with a lot of cliffhangers. This book relates to teenagers as it teaches you that not everything is easy and there are going to be tough decisions in your life that you will have to make. It also relates to teens as it focuses on “Tris” discovering who she is and following her own heart. Teenagers can relate to this as they are in the stage of their life where they are still discovering who they are. Beatrice teaches you that you don’t need to follow everyone else, not even the ones you love. Trust yourself and go with your heart.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone between the ages of 13-40 as it has a great storyline and is packed with action, adventure and romance. I definitely would recommend reading Divergent if you liked any of the Hunger Games or Maze Runner books. Divergent was such a good book to read and I really enjoyed it so I would rate it 4 out of 5 stars.

Makenna, Year 9

November 12

‘Pandora Jones: Admission’ by Barry Jonsberg

Admission‘It took slightly under eight hours for Melbourne to die’. 

The world of Pandora Jones is not one to envy. The prologue is an absolute killer. There’s no doubt you’ll be hooked from the first sentence, completely drawn in by the intense imagery that the protagonist, Pan, uses to describe the apocalypse. Realistically and vividly she tells of the horrors she has seen in the world as it ends, cars flipped over, fires, bodies lying in the street; utter pandemonium, and this is only the beginning.

Pan awakens in an infirmary, weak, confused, unaware of where she is and barely able to remember who she is. To top it all off, she’s considered to be one of the lucky ones. She remembers the apocalypse in blurry flashes, disjointed memories that she can’t place together. Soon she discovers that a deadly virus has swept through the world, killing nations and millions of people, including her family.

Although Pandora Jones seems like your average young adult dystopian novel, it is far from it. It dips and dives into different genres, filled with mystery, suspense, action, deceit, and even a touch of the paranormal. Pan is part of a select group of teenagers who are seemingly immune to the virus. Saved from a dying world, they are take to ‘The School’, an institution that trains the teens to survive and hones their talents in order to strengthen and use them. The majority of Pan’s group accept their fate, but Pan refuses to.

As more and more is revealed due to Pan’s inquisitive nature, and through her new partner in crime, Nate, the true nature of ‘The School’ begins to come to light. Slowly, it starts to seem as if the walls surrounding the school are one-way barbed wire, perhaps not meant to keep what’s out outside, but to keep the teens in. More and more questions are raised and the answers continually seem to be out of reach, until the end, where you will be left with an unimaginable truth that will leave your head spinning.

Explosive, brutal and utterly consuming, Pandora Jones will leave you breathless and wanting more. The power of Barry Jonsberg’s words is not to be underestimated. Your world will be turned upside down as you’re taken into the gripping dystopian universe of Pan. It is without a doubt a series that will stay with you long after the last page.

– Ashleigh D, Year 9


What would you do if the world died?

Pandora Jones wakes to an unknown world, a sanctuary for survivors of a deadly plague, which left only 10,000 survivors. The survivors are trained in fitness, combat skills, English literature and a skill they possess at The School. Pandora’s skill is intuition, the ability to find lost objects, predict people’s actions and have understanding of skill she has little knowledge of. Whether this gift will help her separate dreams from memories and discover the secrets of the school is the real question.

The story does not take hold until late in the book. Unless, you enjoy reading about a girl going through her life, the plot is too much like school to be interesting. The main character, Pan, is quite weak spirited and you often find yourself getting annoyed at her hesitance and lack of self-confidence. Most of the characters were underdeveloped, including Pan, the main character. The book would have been much more interesting from the point of view of Jen. She is a strong willed person who is not afraid to speak her mind but under the mask of self-assurance she wears, there is a kind and battered soul. The dialogue was too formal for the characters to be believable teenagers. The story drew you in with the prologue, creating anticipation for the rest of the book, however it was not able to match the level of excitement it created until the last quarter of the book. The story is believable if you are able to overlook the undeveloped science that they hint at in the book.

Pandora Jones: Admission is best suited for students at the lower end of the high school, between the years 11 – 15. It is an interesting book, which will probably become faster paced in the sequels. I rate it a 2.5 out of 5 due to its slow story line, which fails to meet the hype of the prologue.

Alex Y., Year 9


Aliens! Zombies! Jesus! Satan! These words are predicted to end the world. But did it ever cross your mind that there could be another cause for the end of humanity? Pandora Jones Admission by Barry Jonsberg provides an alternate option for another end to civilisation.

The main character Pandora Jones is a defiant and inactive 18-year-old girl who has some unique talents. But how will her talents become useful when everyone around her is dying? Introduce a safe house and a few other characters and you have yourself a well-written story. Now enter Nate the tall, dark and handsome 18-year-old guy who’s great at running, as well as Wei-lin, the 14-year-old Asian who is Katniss Everdeen’s competition for archery. These characters construct a story of death, grief, acceptance, decision-making and friendship. When one of their friends goes missing without a trace, what do you do? When your group is shipped off to a mysterious land and you have no idea what to do or how to survive, who would you trust?

This book was extremely enjoyable to read for many reasons. Firstly the author wrote this book exceptionally well, in terms of describing surroundings, character building and incorporating emotion. Furthermore, the book uses the strategies of secrets, action, survival, intuition, truth and a pandemic to leave the readers wanting more of the spectacular literature. Additionally, the cliff-hanger at the conclusion is really captivating. With these positive aspects also come negative aspects. The author really needed to create some unique twists or a more uniquely structured plot to generate more interest throughout the book.

I would recommend this book to any person 12 years or above, simply due to the presence of some mild graphic scenes in the initial chapters. This book might interest teenagers who like to read post-apocalyptic literature, who like to get lost in another realm, or readers who enjoy a morsel of mystery and action. People who have read the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins or the Divergent series by Veronica Roth may enjoy this read as the books share the same genre and similar life or death plot.

Overall, Pandora Jones Admission by Barry Jonsberg is a fantastic read that keeps the reader hooked from beginning to end. The book was extremely well written however the author could have incorporated some authentic twists to the plot to generate more interest.

Sage, Year 9

November 12

‘The Hunger Games’ by Suzanne Collins

hunger gamesThe Hunger Games is an engaging book that tells the story of a girl in a poor family.

The story starts off with the main character Katniss in a poor district going hunting for food. It explains the circumstances of The Hunger Games where they choose two people from each district, one boy and one girl, and take them to a death match dome where the last man standing is the winner. Katniss’ sister gets chosen for The Hunger Games and Katniss volunteers to take her place as ‘Tribute’. The other person who gets chosen is a boy named Peeta. They go on a train and meet Haymitch. He is an alcoholic that has no faith in District 12 and he was surprised when he found out that these could be the first fighters from District 12. When they get to the Capital they go to a training facility and are told to learn how to use different types of weapons but do not show the other tributes what weapon you are really good with so they don’t know what to expect. That forces Katniss to not train with a bow and wait for private training. After all of their training, they are forced into the dome.

This book is very adrenalin filled as it makes you want to know what is going to happen next. You are always thinking, “Who is going to die next?” “How will the next person die?” “What trick are they going to play next?” This book will grab you and never let you go, like stinging nettle… except without the pain. Even though this is a great book, I say watch the movie over the book as it will give you even more adrenalin because you can see all the action take place and see how the characters react to things better. If you like adventure and action they you will enjoy this novel. Then, if you enjoy Book 1, you should go straight to The Hunger Games books 2 and 3.

Finn S., Year 9.


“Be brave and be thankful for what you have achieved.”

Once a year, two tributes – one man and one woman – would be chosen to fight until death against other teams of two. Does this book sound like the type of action and thriller book that interests you the most?

Living in the town was not the same anymore. People were dying because of the craziness after the first hunger games. Katniss, the first chosen to participate, she is not always alone. She is with Peter, the second chosen to fight. They had stuck together through the whole book and showed courage and bravery within themselves.

The book the Hunger Games had two settings in the novel: the town and the arena. The arena was filled with big trees, rivers and very open flat plains. The town was set on the bottom of a tall grassy hill beside a small farm, and the arena was set in the middle of nowhere, where no one was going to find them.

The characters were very outgoing and full on. The main characters were Katniss and Peter alongside their parents and close friends. As the book came to an end Katniss and Peter did end up falling in love, which gave the novel a romantic theme towards the end.

I really enjoyed this novel because it’s a story about a young woman who volunteered to compete in the Hunger Games after her little sister was chosen to fight. Little did she know her life would never be the same after the risks she had chosen to take. I recommend this novel to the ages of 12 to 18 if you are interested in a very heart racing thriller and adventurous novel this would be just for you. On the other hand it was just magnificent over all and I’d rate this book a 4 out of 5.

By Cooper, Year 9


In the distant future the U.S. is gone and had spiralled into chaos and unpleasantry ruled by a simple game. Now in its place is Panem, in which the city of Capitol stands, somewhere in the large populated Rockies, ruling over 12 rebellious districts filled with rather poor people. For the people that rule over the cities to maintain an iron grip, the Capitol holds an annual televised reality show called the Hunger Games, a rather lethal form of survival to which each district must send one boy and one girl. Out of these 24 teens only one will survive.

Katniss, who volunteers to take part in the game in place of her sister, competes alongside Peeta who is also a District 12 competitor. She soon meets Peeta who she has to fight with in order to survive against the other districts, as they will be pinned up against each other and will have to kill one another for resources. Their competition is complicated by Peeta’s announcement that he is in love with Katniss, however Katniss does not have feelings for Peeta. The Hunger Games is an action, adventure and thriller novel that revolves around the main charter Katniss who lives a rather normal life hunting for food to feed her mum and little sister but she puts herself in danger to protect her little sister after she was chosen to contribute in the Hunger Games.

The two later find each other during the game and form an an alliance in order to survive, and now they are struggling to fight against the other players and traps set by the game makers in the 74th Hunger Games. Katniss doesn’t want to hurt or kill anyone if possible but when it comes down to it Katniss’ instinct to survive will overwhelm her, but when she starts to have confusing feelings about the boy named Peeta from her own district who is also her fellow contender, things get worse for her, and then she teams up with a little girl from District 11 but they are both well aware that only one of them will remain and only one person can survive to win the game but who will it be?

Kaynan B, Year 9


The Hunger Games is an annual event where a boy and a girl from each of twelve districts are chosen to compete in a fight to the death in which the reward is money, fame, prestige, but most of all, survival.

The Hunger Games – Catching Fire novel, written by Suzanne Collins, is set in a place called Panem, North America in which there is a very rich city called the Capitol, surrounded by twelve districts. The Capitol hosts an event called the Hunger Games for their amusement. Following the first Hunger Games novel, the main character Katniss Everdeen lives a life of fame and fortune after winning the 74th hunger games.

But the life of kings is short-lived as the Capitol plans the 75th hunger games in which there will be a ‘quarter quell’. A quarter quell is a special hunger games where the previous winners are pitted against each other with only one of them coming out alive. These plans spark an uprising from inside the Capitol itself and all the other districts, leaving room and many possibilities for new novels.

The Hunger Games – Catching Fire is an amazing novel filled with action, adventure and a little bit of romance here and there; not surprising since it was written by the very talented author, Suzanne Collins.

The Hunger Games is an action-adventure story. It is very entertaining for men and women of all ages, though I would recommend it for people over the age of 12. I was completely engaged in the book, glued to the pages in excitement. Hunger Games – Catching Fire is an extremely engaging book; it had me begging for more with the adventure, mystery and a bit of romance. The book was a complete success, and I can definitely see why. 4/5 stars from me.

Harry, Year 9

November 12

‘Delirium’ by Lauren Oliver

Delirium‘The most dangerous sicknesses are those that make us believe we are well.’ – Proverb 42, The Book of Shhh.

It’s been sixty-four years since the President and the Consortium identified love as a disease, and forty-three since scientists perfected a cure. It’s called amor deliria nervosa, and those who become infected are dangerous infractions in society, and must be neutralised at all costs. The cure is administered to citizens the day they turn eighteen, and Lena Haloway only has ninety-five days left. Lena, along with everyone else, looks forward to the day they receive the cure, as a life without love is a life without pain: safe, measured and predictable. But her best friend, Hana, doesn’t agree with that at all, and neither does Alex, the mysterious boy with the autumn coloured eyes who keeps popping up when Lena least expects it. And with the Government refusing to even admit to the existence of the Invalids, an underground rebel alliance from the other side of the border, Lena is starting to disagree as well. With memories from her past resurfacing about her mother and how different she was from other cured parents, Lena begins to doubt everything she was ever forced to believe, especially when she starts harbouring feelings of the illegal kind for a certain boy who seems to know far more about the disease than he lets on. Lena starts to realise just how little control she has over her own life, and opens her eyes to just how little humanity there is inside a machine.

From the moment I picked this book up, I couldn’t put it down, and it will definitely be one that stays with me for a long time. Each page was thick with tension and I found myself feeling like I was in the story with Lena, afraid that at any second I would be taken away for knowing too much. The suspense really was killer, and I found that I could relate to the characters easily, like they were real people. Every emotion Lena felt was translated flawlessly through the descriptive language in the book, and the vast use of vocabulary made the heavy situation palpable and full of real substance. Not once did I encounter a moment that seemed to drag on or lack essence of any kind, and the story was full of twists and deeper meanings where I had to read between the lines, making me think about what that sentence really meant long after I’d finished the book. The characters were well developed and relatable, and their fear for their lives was especially raw and material. It’s a book that I could read over and over again, and every time I would get lost in the story.

I recommend this story to girls, around thirteen to adulthood. People who enjoyed The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins or Matched by Ally Condie would appreciate the story especially. I rate Delirium 5 stars out of 5, and I will probably be reading the book a second time.

Lily T., Year 9.’


“The most dangerous sicknesses are those that make us believe we are well.” –Proverb 42, The Book of Shhh. (p1). Wow, sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Let’s find out…

This story is set in the future, in a place and time where love is a disease. Imagine that! Half of the movies we see would never be made, no one would be dreaming of Harry Styles, and what would happen on February 14th? Nothing, that’s what. It’s Valentine’s Day if you didn’t know…

The main girl, Lena, is 17 and about to get ‘the cure’ for love, called “The Producer”, along with her friend, Hana. Hana is a rebel, and likes going to parties. Lena goes to one and meets Alex, who is a boy. Alex flirts with Lena, and she feels confused because Alex is supposed to be cured, and she is worried about her future. Lena is afraid of Alex.

One night, Hana goes to a party, and Lena goes to warn her that it is going to be raided. Some dogs attack her, and Alex saves her by looking after her wounds. Lena’s future has already been chosen, and her future husband follows the rules, and she feels bad that she is thinking so much about Alex. This is like some cultures where they have arranged marriages.

They run off into the wild and it gets quite romantic. They read poetry to each other and Lena realises that Alex isn’t cured and he is falling in love with her.

I would tell you more but I don’t to wreck it. It’s interesting if you like books like “Divergent” or “The Hunger Games”. I like more mystery type books with more action than this one. If you are a girl, aged 14-15, and into romance, you might like this book. I would rate this book 3/5 because it was ok but not as interesting as I thought it would be, based on the blurb.

— Katelyn, Year 9


“He who leaps for the sky may fall, it’s true. But he may also fly.”

(One of the most famous quotes from Delirium)

Delirium is an award-winning book around the world. In fact this is the best book that Lauren Oliver ever wrote that is now a book series. This book is based on romance and maybe a tiny bit of adventure. This book definitely keeps your eyes wide open especially for ages between 14 and 20 years. Not only does Delirium have an amazing story line but the book also follows along with beautiful wording that I couldn’t get my eyes off the book!

Delirium is a successful novel that is about forbidden love and everybody in the story is scared of being in love. The government has a rule that when you turn 18, you have to get a cure. This cure is for everyone to not have the ability to fall in love forever or, as the government calls love, the disease Amor Deliria Nervosa. The main character of the book, Lena, is 17 and in a few days she turns 18 and then she will get the needle. But she also has one dark big secret that she knows is not good at all for her. The government will not be impressed at all.

In my opinion, this was a great gripping story that will have all teens reading more than once. I definitely rate this book at least a four out of 5 stars as I couldn’t get my hands off the book. I am so very happy that I got to do a review about this amazing book, and I will be definitely continue on with the book series for a very long time.

Madison – Year 9


“You can’t be happy unless you’re unhappy sometimes”. – Lauren Oliver

Delirium is an award-winning book loved by many teens. This book is set in Portland, Maine. It is based around 64 years after love had been stated as a disease by the United States government.

Lena Holoway is a seventeen-year-old girl ready for her 18th birthday. When she turns 18 she will be able to have the mandatory medical procedure that causes patients to be incapable of love. Lena is hoping that the cure will let her lead a safe and traditional life.

Delirium is about a world where no one can love as it has been declared a disease. People were not allowed to love, as it would mean you have a disease. Lena can’t wait until she gets the cure so that everyone would have a life without love and pain. Hana is Lena’s best friend who doesn’t agree with the cure and neither does the mystery boy, Alex. Lena eventually realises that she also disagrees. She realised that her memories from her past were reappearing about her mother, she realised that her mother was much different to the other cured parents. Lena began to realise that she doesn’t believe in everything she was taught to believe.

I liked this book because it has an interesting plot that keeps readers stuck in the book. You can’t keep their eyes off it. I would recommend this book to teenagers from the ages of 13 and above because it’s a hard book to understand and it’s more for that age category.

Thalia F., year 9

June 24

‘Worldshaker’ by Richard Harland

WorldshakerBehold, the juggernaut Worldshaker, a mobile city as tall and as great as a mountain. Col Porpentine lives a life of luxury with his elite family in the upper decks of the juggernaut, but his life is about to turn upside down when he meets a “filthy” girl.

This book would keep you reading for hours and hours without ever wanting to stop. “World Shaker” by Richard Harland would certainly be a book for you!

As two officers barged into Col’s cabin in the middle of the night, they informed him that there was an escaped “filthy” girl. Filthies were thought to be an uncivilised, unintelligent and dangerous group of people living in the lower decks of the juggernaut. They were classified as nothing but mindless savages by people in the upper decks. But, everything that Col knew about the Filthies changed when the officers left his room. The missing filthy was hiding under his bed! It turned out that the Filthies were nothing that Col expected them to be. The Filthies were anything but mindless, violent and savage. And for some reason, Col’s unexpected sympathy towards the filthy girl urged him to not call the officers and hand the filthy in. That was a very big mistake that affected him for the rest of the story. After that unusual encounter, the filthy girl managed to escaped and Col was nominated as the successor of his grandfather, Sir Mormus. He was soon to be the Supreme Commander of the juggernaut.

I really enjoyed this book because of its very good and unique plot. I’ve never read anything like “World Shaker” before and I was amused and hooked from the beginning of the book up until the very last page. The characters and the settings of this book were described excellently and the constant action, plot twists and suspense within the storyline got me sitting on the edge of my seat wanting for more. There weren’t any anticlimactic or dragging parts in the book and the story sure did end with an impact.

I would recommend this book to teenage boys who enjoy the adventure and/or edgy genres because this book is jam packed with action and plot twists. I loved this book and it made me want to read the next book in the series, “Liberator.” Overall, I’d rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

Kai Y., Year 8


June 23

‘Legend’ by Marie Lu

legend_coverWould you steal and would you help a criminal? Day is a criminal who steals to help others and family; June, a high ranking officer helps the Republic… Day murdered June’s brother, and she has sworn to avenge his death.

Set in the future in the Republic of America there is a war between the Republic and the Patriots and a fatal plague spreading.

June is a very smart young girl who was raised by her older brother and not her parents. People know her for her perfect trial (test) score, a feat no one had previously achieved. Her brother works in the Republic as a captain. June couldn’t live without him, as he takes care of her and misses awards presented to him to take care of her when she is sick. June is the smartest person ever in the Republic and uses her skills in her training and new job in the Republic.

Day is a 15-year-old boy born in the poor areas of America. His family struggles for money an his mother think he’s dead, however he lives his life stealing from the Republic and providing his family and friends with the things he can give. Day has two brothers, a mother and a father who is gone. Now that his youngest brother has caught the plague, a disease with a cure that costs a fortune, Day’s only chance to save him is by stealing a vial of medicine that is in a guarded hospital. Day’s best friend is a girl named Tess who he found in the slum.

Metias, June’s only brother, is at the hospital guarding the newly delivered cure but Day manages to trick others into letting him in. When Day steals the medicine he ends up on the street with Metias who pulls out his gun, but Day throws his knife and kills him. He manages to escape but once June finds out she has sworn to have revenge.

I liked this book because it was so full of twists and had a whole set of adventure, action, mystery, bit of romance and 100% mind blowing.

I recommend this book to 12+ because it has some parts that only older people would understand.

Christopher O (Yr 8)