June 6

‘The Maze Runner’ by James Dashner

If trying to escape a giant maze filled with giant, gooey, stinging beasts is what you like, then the science-fiction novel, The Maze Runner ­by James Dashner is definitely for you.

The story stars a boy named Thomas who has just been dumped into the Glade, with about 50 other boys already there. But trouble is just around the corner. The first girl, Teresa, arrives at the Glade with the message that the Gladers need to escape the maze more than ever before.

The setting also adds interest to the story as you don’t know why they’re in a maze. A main character who stands out in Maze Runner is Teresa. As mentioned before, Teresa is a problem for the Gladers, not just because she is the only girl. During the book, you learn more about her as a character. This story is believable if you think into the future.

With the genre being science-fiction, this is a perfect theme for the novel. There are references to physics that the Gladers can’t believe. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to be Newton to understand it. This book involves aspects of adventure and thriller. The Maze Runner is one of those ‘page-turner’ books that you simply can’t put down.

At the end of the first book in this epic science-fiction trilogy, we learn why the Gladers were placed in the maze. The ending convinces you to read Scorch Trials and Death Cure.

With a maze of emotions, problems and solutions, the Maze Runner is one of the best novels that I have read. I really enjoyed this book because I feel as if you are in the Glade with Thomas and Teresa. The Maze Runner by James Dashner is an a’maze’ing book that I would recommend if you like the Hunger Games or Divergent series. I rate the Maze Runner 4.5/5 stars.

Katie R., Year 8


‘The Maze Runner’ By James Dashner

Remember, Survive, Run. These are three words James Dashner gives the audience to describe his action-packed book, ‘The Maze Runner’.

The Maze Runner is set in a Maze, and in the middle there is a small area where a group of teenagers live and work together to survive. Where they live, there are four towering doors open to the maze that close at sundown, but they should only open one at a time.

The main character is a boy named Thomas who wakes up in an old rusty elevator. Once he gets to the top he is surrounded by a group of people looking down, but just like everyone else, Thomas can’t remember anything about himself at first. He can’t remember his own name. Shortly after he arrives, he learns everything he has to know but then he must make a choice that changes everything.

The reason you should read ‘The Maze Runner’ book is because there is so much mystery that it makes you want to read on to find out what might happen and how it’s going to affected the characters. All the character has their own interesting story.

I would recommend this this book for people aged 10-25 who want a fast-past action-packed book surrounded by mystery. I rate ‘The Maze Runner’ four out of five.

Carter N., Year 8


“He began his new life standing up, surrounded by cold darkness and stale, dusty air.”

That was the opening sentence for this marvellous book, The Maze Runner. The Maze Runner is the first book in a trilogy by James Dashner. The author of this book did an outstanding job of making this book such a good read.

The Maze Runner is an action- packed, dystopian, science-fiction novel. I really enjoyed reading this book. It was nail biting, mysterious and a little sad. This book was such a page turner, I just read one chapter after another.

He doesn’t remember how old he is, he doesn’t remember his family. The only thing he remembers is his name. Hardly knowing himself, Thomas finds himself fighting for survival. When Thomas wakes in a strange lift he ends up stuck in the middle of a maze, powerless to try and escape. He is forced to be surrounded by other males who have been stuck in the maze for two years. Thomas knows there is a way out somehow, but the only thing is where. until he sees the doors, but the doors only stay open for a matter of time. What will Thomas do? One thing he finds out is that there are animal machines called Grievers that guard the maze and come out at night.

This book has also been turned into movie. I read the book before I watched the movie. I am glad I did that because I could picture it in my head and have my own way of understanding it. The characters in this book were very well described and all played their own part. The ending of the book was very frustrating, because Thomas completed the maze and finds himself stuck in another one. I really like the quote by the author of the book, ‘If you ain’t scared, you ain’t human.’ I liked this because it relates to this novel because it is about fighting for survival and being scared.

Overall, I really enjoyed this novel because when I first heard of it I wasn’t interested because I am not I fan of science fiction, but I am so glad it read it. It was very engaging and it was described very well. I recommend this book for people between the ages  of 12-17 because any younger than 12 may not understand it as much as teens. I rate The Maze Runner 4 out 5 stars.

Lily S., Year 8


First Hunger Games, then Divergent, now Maze Runner.

I’m guessing you would like at least of one these, and they all have something in common. They are all science fiction. Maze Runner is only the first book in this incredible series written by American author James Dashner. The author James Dashner has written many books in the past such as The Eye Of Minds, The Fever Code, The Kill Order etc.

This book is a very action-packed and interesting story. All the characters in the story are mostly teens around the age of 17. I think the character that stood the most for me was Chuck as we learned more about the story of his life than anyone else. Overall, I loved the book but hated the ending. How could you end such a good book like that?

There are many themes that are portrayed in this book, but I think they mainly wanted this this book to be mysterious and scary but still wanted a bit of comedy to keep the readers entertained.

To conclude, I really enjoyed this book as it kept me on edge and I couldn’t stop reading. The only things was the ending, but I still think that was how they wanted it to end so you would read the next one and I’m very persuaded to. I feel as if everyone should read it as it would suit everyone. 4/5 for this book.  

Jarvier, Year 8


‘The Maze Runner’ is the first book in a series written by the American author James Dashner. I have read many books of his, such as ‘The Scorch Trials’, ‘The Death Cure’, and ‘The Eye of Minds’. ‘The Maze Runner’ was first published in 2009.

Thomas wakes up in a metal box with no memory of who he is. He only remembers his name. Electric doors open overhead, with a group of teenage boys peeking through. The environment they were living in was like a farm surrounded by very high walls. They call it the glade. Beyond the high walls was a complicated maze with traps and robotic beasts called grievers.

This book is convincing. It gets me on the edge of my seat with the action in the novel. The writer’s style is uncomplicated and straightforward. The glade is the main setting in which the majority of the book takes place. It is surrounded by massive walls that make up the maze. In the glade, they make their own crops and bunks there.

The character that stands out to me is either Alby, the leader of the group, or Thomas, the main character. Thomas arrives in a cage and he proves to be brave, loyal and clever. He has a very limited memory of previous knowledge of the maze. If they get stung by the griever it becomes extremely painful for days or weeks. At the end, they escape the maze and there are people at the end that pick them up in the helicopter and they take them into the scorch.

The theme is friendship and to work together as a team and stay together, this is key throughout this book as Thomas makes relations with Alby, Minho, Chuck, Teresa, and Newt. Bravery is key throughout the maze to help save Alby.

I liked a lot about The Maze Runner because of the action and how we work together no matter what. The day after Thomas wakes up, a girl turns up in the glade; the first ever. This book is a good example of sci-fi because it has futuristic scenes and creatures. I recommend this book to young adults 12+ because it isn’t really for children because there are too many scary action packed scenes.  I give this book rating 9/10 because I really enjoyed it and I thought it was well written.

Anthony M., Year 8


The Maze Runner is an action packed sci-fi book. In this story, a group of individuals are trying to cast their way out of the maze that has taken hundreds of lives. The author of the book is James Dashner, and it was published in 2014.The book is mainly based around sci-fi but it also has a bit of horror and romance. James Dashner has written all different types of books but this one is the most popular. I would like to say the novel is interesting and I would highly recommend it.

The novel is set in another world. You would have to work for the people first before they entered you into the maze. You wouldn’t know that you were going to the enter the maze. The land area in the middle of the maze is small. The people in the maze would have to work to survive and they only live in tree houses. Some people were trying to work a way out of the maze. They try and work out a pattern of the maze because it changes every night. Thomas, Teresa, Newt, Minho, Alby, Chuck, Frypan and Gally are the main characters trapped in the maze who are trying to escape.

I really enjoyed the book “The Maze Runner Scorch Trials” because it was engaging and has a head-turning plot. The strategies they used to get out of the maze were incredible. They all played a major role in the book and if none of them had followed Thomas’s ideas they wouldn’t have survived or made their way out. It was very hard for me to put the book down because of how interesting it was and the suspense of every page in the book.

I could highly recommend this book to 12 to 18 years old and people who have a strong taste of sc-fi and adventure. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and can understand why the book series is continuing. I rate this book a 9 out of 10 because towards the end I found it to be a rushed finish.

Jake M., Year 8

June 21

‘Water’ by Geoff Havel

waterA man that had no family saved a young girl, giving her a chance for a new life and raised her as his own child. Tully is this mysterious girl and this man is so called her ‘dad’. Her dad is overprotective and she wonders why. Tully’s dad doesn’t let her go near water and her life is as boring as water itself. As interesting as Tully is, she has a few secrets up her sleeve that she doesn’t even know about, though someone does. What happens next in this story? What do you think will happen?

Soon some action occur. A man invades her house. Tully makes a sudden movement and makes a run for it. Though this guy wasn’t taking this behaviour, he takes Tully to a place that is the middle of nowhere.

The main character in this book is Tully. Tully is a girl, though she isn’t really a girl. Tully’s personality is big though she always wants to know what’s going on. Tully also has a lot of restrictions due to her ‘dad’ and doesn’t really know much about herself. All she knows is what her father has told her so all she knows about her life and her personalty is what her father has made up.

My opinion on this book was that it was great. I really enjoyed this book and I would give this book four stars out of five. The book ‘Water’ was interesting and a story that you can’t take your eyes off because of all of the action. Kids who want to read books about action, drama, thrill and mystery will find this book enjoyable, the same as my thoughts. I would recommend this book for ten year olds and up.

Ella C., Year 8

June 21

‘Liar’ by Justine Larbalestier

liarMicah Wilkins is a liar, a good liar too. She can’t stop lying, covering up from the secrets, or is she lying to you now? No one is certain, until her secret boyfriend Zachary (Zach) dies from unknown conditions.  Micah’s lies begin to overwhelm her. Classmates snickering saying she’s the brutal killer, though she says she didn’t do it. She’s a liar and everybody knows it. She told the teachers she was a boy. That lie lasted two days. Micah then said she was born a hermaphrodite. That was a lie too.

Micah Wilkins is an abnormal girl living in New York with her parents and younger brother. The story is told switching from ‘before’ to ‘after’ the death of Zach. Throughout the story Micah can’t help but lie to the reader referring to these lies as corrections.  Whatever she says don’t entirely believe her. Micah’s an unreliable narrator, never telling the truth, covering up what she really knows. Maybe she did kill Zach? Maybe she knows who killed him? Zach had a beautiful and popular girlfriend at school. Would Micah be jealous?

‘Liar’ is a thriller mystery that grabs the reader in right from the beginning. With the twisted main character, mysterious death and secrets beneath your bones, ‘Liar’ will surely have you questioning the truth. Micah’s mixed up storytelling definitely has theories flying. If you enjoyed ‘Life of Pi’ or ‘Flipped’ you must read this book. I recommend ‘Liar’ to anybody from 14-30.

Jessica V., Year 8

June 20

‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ by Peter Abrahams

DownRabbitHole“My all-time favourite. Astonishing!” says Stephen King.

Down the Rabbit Hole is a book about a murder that 13 year-old Ingrid is blamed for. The author Peter Abrahams has written many other books that are very popular for example Into the Dark. That was also a very good book.

The story is set in a city near a soccer stadium where people, including Ingrid, train. That’s why she gets blamed for the murder, because she was home alone and Katy got murdered by food poisoning. Ingrid was the only one there and they found her soccer shoes near the murder. The main character Ingrid is a girl who has just had her 13th birthday and plays soccer and really enjoys it. She lost her bag where the murder took place and so she was blamed for what happened.

This book is about somebody who gets murdered and the police can’t find out who murdered them. They have a couple of pieces of evidence leading them to think that the murderer was13 year-old Ingrid. She knew it wasn’t her because she was minding her own business, so she decided to solve the mystery on her own. The question is, does she find out who is the murderer?

I thought that this was an entertaining book because I am interested into criminal investigations, for example criminal minds, and when it comes to solving a mystery, that’s when I’m really interested because I like to solve mysteries and try and find out who did the crime. I also liked the way that Ingrid was solving the murder because she was blamed for it. She was not happy about that if that had been me I wouldn’t be too happy either. I would suggest people around the age of 12-14 to read this book because it’s not really for adults and it’s more for young teens but not too young either. It would suit people who like mysteries and investigations to do with crime.

To sum it all up, Down the Rabbit Hole by Peter Abrahams is about a young girl who is blamed for a crime that she didn’t commit and so she solves the murder instead. If you are reading this I recommend that you read Down the Rabbit Hole as well as its sequel. I’m sure that you will enjoy it. Trust me, I did!

By Maddison D., Year 8


Ever been in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Ingrid definitely has, well at least her soccer boots have. Everyone in Echo Falls has a secret, and this is the story of Ingrid’s.

Ingrid is a 13 year old girl who has a love for acting and Sherlock Holmes. After ending up in Crazy Katie’s house after her soccer game she accidentally leaves her bright red soccer boots there, which finally puts her love for Sherlock Holmes to good use.

The owner of the soccer boots is alleged to be the person who murdered Crazy Katie. To avoid being a murder suspect, Ingrid does what Sherlock Holmes would have done and decides to investigate and solve the mystery herself and prove herself not guilty.

To top it all off, not only does she has to solve the mystery by herself but also she must learn the lead part of the play and put up with her evil Maths teacher, Mrs Groome.

Down the Rabbit Hole, by Peter Abrahams, is definitely full of suspense and officially one of my favourite books. It’s also Stephen King’s favourite. Stephen King quoted:

“My all time favourite. Astonishing.”

He also said it was so good he couldn’t put it down, which I completely agree with. Although I really enjoyed this book, I was a bit disappointed about the lack of Alice in Wonderland references. I think with the title, Down the Rabbit Hole, you would expect the storyline to be like Alice in Wonderland or at least have a few more references than just the school play.

I would recommend this book to anyone between the ages of 10-14 who loves a good mystery and books they can’t put down. In conclusion, I would rate this book 4 stars and would recommend it to anyone who loves a good mystery full of suspense.

By Madilyn O., Year 8


Welcome to Echo Falls, home of a thousand secrets. Thirteen year-old Ingrid Levin Hill had a secret too; one that could land her in jail for a crime she didn’t commit. Ingrid was an average girl who loved acting, soccer and Sherlock Holmes mysteries until one day she misplaces her soccer boots which lands her in the middle of a real murder mystery.

Someone in the town, known as Crazy Katie, was murdered and because Ingrid left her soccer boots at Crazy Katie’s house, if anyone finds out that the red boots belong to her she could definitely become a suspect. To prove herself not guilty Ingrid resorts to solving the mystery herself whilst also keeping up with her average teenage life which includes school plays, hanging out with friends, homework, mean girls, parents, an older brother and her stubborn grandfather. Ingrid must also keep the fact that she is investigating Crazy Katie’s murder a secret from everyone she knows as well as the police, who happen to be closer to her than she would like them to be. Ingrid’s big investigation leads her all over Echo Falls and she does everything she can to solve the mystery before it’s too late.

Down The Rabbit Hole is a well written story with an intriguing plot line. I loved the suspense and mystery in this story and the fact that the heroine was just an ordinary girl. Although there are many things I enjoyed about the story there were also a few ends that I would have liked if they were made a bit clearer, for example what happened to the person who murdered Crazy Katie?

This book has has many great reviews including one from world famous author Stephen King, he said, “My all-time favourite. Astonishing.” He also quoted, “One walloping good suspense yarn…I couldn’t put it down.”  I agree completely with Stephen King’s rave reviews because this story was full of suspense all the way to the very last sentence. I recommend this book to people of all ages who love a good mystery but because of the main character’s age I believe people between the ages of 10-15 will be able to relate very closely to the main character’s point of view throughout the book. I will definitely add this book to my list of favourites because it it one that will not be easily forgotten.

Chelsea M., Year 8 

June 20

‘The 5th Wave’ by Rick Yancey

5th waveMy finger yanked back on the trigger, the rifle kicked against my shoulder hard, and the barrel bucked in my hand as I emptied the clip.

Meet Cassie. She is an ordinary high school girl; well that was before Earth was invaded by aliens. Cassie is a girl on a mission. The only thing keeping her alive is her will to find her brother.

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey is a fast paced book that will keep you hooked right to the very end.

Things are no longer as they seem on Earth since the aliens arrived. They have wiped out 97% of the population and are disguising themselves as humans. Cassie has to do what she can to survive after her mother was wiped out by the sickening red death, a disease the aliens released to control the population of humans. She continues on her quest to find her brother, who was taken by the aliens, and tries to avenge her dad after he died fighting. Can Cassie save the Earth from the aliens before the human race ceases to exist?  Along the way Cassie is shot and is unable to move. Fortunately she is saved by a mysterious stranger. But can the stranger really be trusted? Evan Walker acts as if he is to be trusted, but Cassie begins to do some investigating and something about him just doesn’t add up.

I totally enjoyed this book because it really engaged me and I started to think about whether this thing could happen to us. Evan’s mysterious nature kept me guessing about the person he was.

The 5th wave is action packed and fast moving and is incredibly hard to put down.

I recommend this book to anyone from the age of 15 and up, as it does get a bit complicated throughout parts of the book and has some coarse language. Anyone who is interested in mysterious, action packed and adventurous novels will really enjoy this book. The 5th wave. I rate 8 out of 10 stars.

Riley S, Year 8

June 17

‘The Girl Who Knew’ by Sandra Glover

girl who knewThe gift of levitating objects and reading the future has been classified as a myth for a long time. After a life changing hit and run accident with her friend Lisa, Kits has been left paralysed and unable to do the things she used to be able to do before the hit and run accident. Lisa escaped the accident unharmed but can’t remember any evidence to help the police solve this mystery – who caused the accident?

“Kits finds herself in the situation of being unable to walk yet able to dream future events and sense her friends’ and family’s emotions. Kits gradually comes to realise that Lisa is unwittingly holding back important information about the accident. Could she have known the driver of the car?”

Even though Kits has been paralysed nothing will stop her from achieving what she wants to achieve. Kits finally realises her best friend Lisa might be in trouble, so Kits ventures out to find Lisa and check how she is going.

Does Lisa know more than she is telling? Can she help the police?

‘The girl who knew’ is a wonderful book which grabs the reader’s attention as soon as they start to read. I believe this book would be perfect for young teenagers who love to read books with mystery and paranormal aspects. Do you like supernatural books? Would you like to learn more about Kits and her best friend Lisa? Does Lisa know more than she is telling? If you want to find out what Lisa knows or what happens go read the book “The Girl who Knew” written by Sandra Glover.

Charlotte J, Year 8


The story Sandra Glover has written is exceptional. Kits used to be a normal girl with no problems, but while walking home one day Kits had an accident. Not only is she not able to walk, but she is able to pick things up with her mind and to see the future. This is a gripping book about a girl whose life has been turned upside down in one split second. This book is a combination of three brilliant genres: thriller, the supernatural and the everyday.

After the accident, both girls are different. Being unable to walk, “Kits is able to dream future events and sense her friend’s and family’s emotions”. Lisa is frustrated by her amnesia and haunted by her home life, past and present.

This book has enough suspense to keep my full attention. ‘The girl who knew’ is a book with peculiar situations on every page. It is engaging how amazing Kits figures out the problems, especially with trying to help Lisa when she hears her scream.

I really enjoyed this novel. This book has descriptive language which made it very easy for me to imagine the scenes in my head. I recommend this book to teen readers who are interested in paranormal, mysterious and thrilling novels. ‘The girl who knew’ explores teenagers’ emotions. Sandra Glover has combined the tension of the story with her strong characters to ensure the real and unreal is satisfying. I’d rate the book ‘the girl who knew’ 4 out of 5 stars. Cassidy B, year 8

June 14

‘Point Blanc’ by Anthony Horowitz

Point blancAlex Rider, teenage superspy, is back! One of the many famous books from Anthony Horowitz’s series of Alex Rider books is the novel ‘Point Blanc’.

The story is set out in the modern day and is based on the protagonist Alex Rider. At the beginning of the novel, you would think that Alex is just an average 14 year old boy who attends school, however Alex is secretly an undercover spy working for the agency MI6. In this book he’s assigned to a task where he is put in an academy high in the mountains with a false ID and disguised gadgets. When he attends Point Blanc Academy which is set in the French Alps, he must discover the truth about what the principal Dr Grief is really doing behind the doors.

From the very start of the novel, the story is captivating as you are put straight into the action with an assassin attempting to murder Michael J. Roscoe. From then on it always keeps you wanting to know what will happen next. The book is highly entertaining as the main character is only my age but is completing missions that to me seem impossible. The book really drew me in by the way Anthony Horowitz wrote. He described every setting and character very precisely which helped to easily depict an image in my head. The novel developed from scene to scene perfectly with thrills and suspense on every page to keep you on the edge of your seat. The book ended with many questions left in my head such as whether the real or fake Alex survived. This question made me want to read the rest of the novels in the Alex Rider series.

This book is recommended to young readers who are passionate about reading a book filled of adventure, thrills and a bit of mystery. Along with this, anyone who has read other novels in the Alex Rider series would most likely enjoy Point Blanc. I rate the book Point Blanc 3.5/5 stars.  Kyra V., Year 8.


Meet Alex Rider. He seems to be a normal teenager but underneath he is an agent working for MI6. The story is set in the modern day and is based on the protagonist Alex Rider.  Alex is assigned a secret mission in the French alps at a school named Point Blanc.  While he is there, there are two deaths of billionaires whose children attend the school Point Blanc.  Alex must discover the truth about what the principal Dr Grief is really doing.

Alex is the main character of the story. He is a 14 year old boy who wants to live a normal life. Unfortunately, the MI6 doesn’t think that.  They want him to be a superspy.  Dr. Hugo Grief is the principal of Point Blanc. He is the antagonist during the novel and if his plan succeeds he will be the richest man alive and in turn the King of the world.

I enjoyed the story because the plot was very deep and interesting.  It kept me reading for hours and I was addicted.  The series of novels are all great reads according to other websites and reviews.  The way that Anthony Horowitz crafted the characters and plot kept my interest and I was never bored.  I really enjoyed the novel especially because the main character, Alex, was my age therefore relevant to my likings.  The ending was very different and has kept me thinking all this time after finishing the novel.

I would recommend book to teens and adults and anyone in between who are interested in adventure and thrilling books.  This book is great for most readers and I would rate this book a 3 out of 5.  Kai B., Year 8

June 13

‘Icefall’ by Matthew J. Kirby

Icefall“Trapped in a hidden fortress tucked between towering mountains and a frozen sea, Princess Solveig, along with her brother the crown prince, their older sister, and an army of restless warriors awaits news of her father’s victory at battle.”

This book creates a whole different world created by Matthew J. Kirby. The characters in the book faced many challenges, for example surviving off the food that was left. In the book there was a traitor amongst them and I couldn’t figure out who it was.

This book is a simple book maybe recommended for older primary schoolers to young high schoolers. When I say simple I don’t mean boring without an interesting plot, but it seems these days that many different books have magical and mysterious plots in these sort of books.

At the end of the book you’ll feel clueless and be like ‘Oh I See Now!!!!’ I rate this book 3 out of 4 because of its juvenile mystery.

Brooke M., Year 8


Berserkers, skalds, princesses, princes and warriors all trapped in a frozen fortress. Solveig, the youngest daughter, saves the loyal members of her family. If you’re into this kind of scene, then Icefall is for you.

Facing a war with rival warlord Gunnlaug, the king sends his children Asa, Solveig, and Harald, to a remote fjord with a group of the king’s most trusted warriors. Solveig begins to realise how big of a mistake that was. Unsure of what she is worth, she deals with everybody else’s problems while facing the isolation with berserkers and along the way she discovers who she is. This is a well-written story about Vikings and the struggles they had to endure; the cold, harsh winters and what they’d do to survive.

Icefall is a well written book although it is very slow. I found Icefall not keeping up with my pace and energy of reading. The main character’s development was too slow with her depressive thoughts dragging her down. Honestly, it was well written and had a well thought out plot. The story began to flow quite nicely after the basic character developed. There isn’t a lot of romance, at least not with Solveig, but her relationships with the men in her life are the most interesting relationships in the entire book: Alric, the skald (a storyteller and keeper of legends) who helps Solveig find her calling; Raudi, the childhood friend with whom Solveig fumbles uncertainly toward possible romantic feelings later in life; and Hake…oh goodness, Hake. The leader of the fearsome berserker warriors, Hake’s relationship with Solveig was my favorite of the entire book.

Overall the book Icefall was enjoyable to read but had some flaws. A nice book to read on a rainy day. Out of 5, I would give Icefall a 3/5 rating due to the slow beginning. Great for teenage girls, from grade 4-7 who like a strong female protagonist. Other books that readers who are into books like these would be Coraline, The Golden Compass and A Wrinkle in Time. MacKenna F., Year 8.

June 13

‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar

HolesHoles, holes, holes.

Digging holes is what they do all day in Camp Green Lake.

The novel ‘Holes’ is a great book written by Louis Sachar. It takes place in Camp Green Lake, which was once a swamp but now is a prison camp in the desert with no access to water. The main character Stanley has bad luck and so does all his family. This is how Stanley ended up in Camp Green Lake, because off his bad luck.

At Camp Green Lake all day every day the people there have to dig one hole every day. One day Stanley decides to run away and look for his friend Zero, who had already run away. Stanley is searching and searching and then he finds Zero but there was one problem and that was that they didn’t have food or water.

I like the book ‘Holes’ as it is an easy read and is interesting at the same time. I would recommend this story to young teenagers as it is quite a big book and it is suitable for their age.



Do you dig holes? That is what the children at Camp Green Lake do.

This book, Holes, is set at Camp Green Lake. Camp Green Lake is out in the desert where once a big massive lake was but it dried up over hundreds of years. Camp Green Lake is where naughty boys go to learn from their mistakes. They had to dig one hole in the lake bed every day.

Stanley Yelnats was sent to the camp for something he didn’t do. One day a shoe came flying out of the sky and hit him on the head. He picked it up and took it home. After that they found out and accused him of stealing. Stanley was at camp and was finding it quite hard digging holes. One day his friend ran away from camp and Stanley went after him. There were no walls around the camp because there was one hundred miles of dry hills and no water. Stanley found Zero (the boy who ran away) and went up the top of the mountain. Whilst up there they thought they knew where the treasure was so they sneaked back to camp and started digging. They found the treasure but before they could run away they got caught by the people working at the camp. The lawyers came and Stanley and Zero were free with the money.

I enjoyed this book because it was an easy read and interesting at the same time. I recommend this book to teenagers because it is too big for a young child and too childish for an adult.



“Why are they called yellow spotted lizards when what scares me is the red glowing eyes and the sharp threatening black teeth?”

Today I will be talking about a widely known book, Holes. I will be telling you about the book without spoiling it for you.

Holes is a book explaining about how a young man has been put in a jail camp for not even doing the crime. His name is Stanley, or to his fellow prisoners his name was Caveman. This jail camp was in the hot desert where the inmates have to dig a hole every day five feet deep and five feet wide. This was an extreme challenge, each and every prisoner getting up at four in the morning to start their hard work digging holes. They dug at four in the morning to prevent digging in the hottest part of the day, but it still got pretty hot. Stanley got advice from the court to go to the camp instead of a jail, but what’s so punishing about going to a camp for eighteen months? At that time Stanley’s family didn’t believe the harsh heat, and the large scale digging of holes. The story raises many questions, including why Stanley’s doing time, or if Stanley’s guilty or innocent. What do you think?

This book is great for all ages, but especially those from ages 13-15 as it is about a young teenage boy. The book shows a wide range of character strengths including, courage, bravery and perspective. I highly suggest that you read this book and see o who you like the most of the camp mates.

By Emma R., Year 8


Stanley was walking home from school on the last day of school when something fell out of the sky and hit him on the head. He was unaware that the object was a famous baseball player’s cleats. As he ran back to his house, he was stopped and arrested by the police for stealing the cleats. He was sentenced to 18 months at Camp Green Lake. Stanley’s dad is an inventor and he is trying to find the solution for food odour.

Holes is a very interesting book about a young man called Stanley who got put in a jail camp for not even doing the crime. It is really good for teenagers to read so it can teach them that all things don’t come to a good ending. Any little thing that you may think was funny could end up putting you in a situation like it put Stanley. Camp Green Lake was thought of as a school camp to Stanley and his family but when he got there he realised it was not like a school camp; it was like jail but for teenage boys to go to instead of being punished by putting them in jail. They are sent to Camp Green Lake to dig holes for a living, 5 feet deep and 5 feet wide, without any rest every day. Sometimes boys would purposely get bitten by a snake so they could have a day’s rest laying in the tent. Stanley was not guilty. He was completely innocent but they didn’t know that at this stage. He had to go and dig holes like all the other teenage boys had to in Camp Green Lake. This book is a great book to read for young boys or teenagers, especially for those that are up to mischief and need to learn that if they do bad things they do get punished by being put in jail and they cannot get out of everything in life as a teenager.

Grace, Year 8

June 9

‘First Light’ by Rebecca Stead

First LightThea has never seen the sun. Her world lies deep within a glacier. Peter, a city boy, has arrived at Greenland with his parents. There he is troubled with strange visions that lead him to a crevice in the glacier. What happens when these people from two very different worlds meet? If you enjoy adventure and fantasy books then First Light is the book for you!

First Light is about Thea, a girl who lives deep within a glacier, and Peter, a boy who goes to Greenland with his parents while they study climate change. Thea has always wondered what it would be like above the ice, and her curiosity takes over her as she and her friend Mattias explore a tunnel, leading them to the unknown. Peter is no stranger to adventure, so one day he goes exploring in the snow and soon discovers a red light. The red light turns out to be a glowing ring, but before he can find out anything else about the ring, he becomes temporarily blinded. When he finally regains his vision, he knows his life will never be the same.

I really enjoyed the book First Light by Rebecca Stead because of its marvellous storyline about a boy and a girl from two very different worlds that eventually meet. This particular plot really intrigues me because it is like nothing I have ever read before, making it very unique. I was drawn to the way Stead wrote because it was very descriptive and made me picture the characters and scenes throughout the book. The descriptive language made it very easy for me to imagine the scenes in my head. The story progressed perfectly with just enough suspense and plot twists to keep my full attention. I just kept wanting to read more and more. I couldn’t put the book down!

I would recommend this book to girls and boys aged between 10 and 15 who enjoy adventure and fantasy books. This book is medium difficulty and suitable for both genders. This book is truly a great read. I would rate the novel First Light 3 out of 5 stars.

Ashley R., Year 8


First Light by Rebecca Stead

Thea has never seen the sun. Her whole entire life she has been living deep down within icy glaciers. Peter, a 12 year old boy, is about to leave New York City on a journey to assist his father in studying Greenland climate change.

Shortly before they leave for Greenland, Peter experiences irritating headaches that lead him to seeing scary visions. At the same time, Thea dreams of a path to the Earth’s surface. She hopes that one day Grace-Hope will return above the ice and she will find out the truth behind her mother’s death. Peter’s search for answers brings him even closer to Thea’s hidden home. Does this sound like a book that you would like to read? Then First Light is the book for you!

First Light by Rebecca Stead has to be one of the most gripping stories I have ever read. Stead has described the amazing adventures that Thea and Peter embark on during the novel in an intriguing way. Once I had picked the novel up I couldn’t put it back down. Each page led you deeper into the story unravelling the secrets of Grace-Hope. Each scene was detailed and made me feel as if I was there myself. Stead kept the excitement running through the entire book and made me want to read her other novels, which I did and they were just as amazing as First Light.

I do recommend this novel for anyone with a great imagination who enjoys adventure fantasy books. This novel is versatile for both genders and is a great read but not too difficult to understand either. I would rate this novel a 4 out of 5 stars. Trust me, once you read the first line of the novel you won’t be able to put it down.

Holly. M // Year 8

November 30

‘Ice Station’ by Matthew Reilly

ice-station“Now they were back…and they had brought the rest of the pack with them.”

This book is set in Antarctica. The main character is Shane ‘Scarecrow’ Schofield, a US marine who ventures off into dangerous places with mysterious treasures, but in this book, he ventures off to his Antarctic station. Together with his fellow marines, he finds a mysterious metal object deep in the Antarctic Ocean. Schofield’s US marine crew have set up a station in Antarctica, sending a pair of divers to go down to the diving bell. It all goes wrong when the operator finds that the pair aren’t responding to their transmissions.

This book was a really great read, with plenty of action and mystery. My favourite part was right at the beginning, when the divers have been down for more than four hours with their oxygen tanks having only a wisp of oxygen left. I was so surprised that there was so much action already. I would recommend this book to all of the young men out there who are looking for an interesting read, with plenty of action, along with mystery. The approximate age group for this book would be 14+, because there are a few swear words in the book and I personally don’t want anyone below the age of 14 reading this book. –

Angus W., Yr 9.

November 26

‘The Young Elites’ by Marie Lu

17984141Malfettos are survivors of the plague known as the blood fever, cast aside by everyone, even their loved ones, hunted down by inquisitors, all because they are marked, but some of these malfettos have manifested powers. They are called the young Elites.

The Young Elites is set in a medieval fantasy world at a time after a tragic plague has struck the land and follows one of the survivors named Adelina Amouteru on her journey. Adelina grew up with an abusive father a mother and a little sister, Violetta, in a wealthy home. When she was young, her mum, her sister and she were all infected with the blood fever. Only she and her sister survived costing Adelina an eye. Because her little sister and she were marked, her father’s business suffered, which would lead to her father constantly hurting and teasing her.

The story starts off showing Adelina eavesdropping on her father having a conversation, were he bargains her off to a man. This was the last straw for her. She ran off starting the adventure that is The Young Elites. Without spoiling too much of the story, Adelina is captured by the Inquisitors and the leader of the Young Elites saves her life. He reveals himself to be the son of the king, Enzo, who was banished from the kingdom for being a malfetto. He reveals to her his plans to overthrow the new king who has ruined the kingdom. From this point Adelina is trained by the Young Elites to use her powers of creating illusions as part of Enzo’s master plan.

The story of The Young Elites was different and more entertaining than my usual reads, and although it is set in a fantasy world, the characters’ interactions and emotions were very grounded. Everything they did had an affect on the main plot. The main character also made this story very interesting. Instead of having a cliché protagonist they have a realistic and dark hero with a tragic past. I would recommend this book to people who like good character interaction, a little edginess from their books, fantasy and action.

Gil T., Year 9

November 25

‘The Mortal Instruments: City of Lost Souls’ by Cassandra Clare

City of lost souls“Pain made you strong. Loss made you powerful.”

This direct quote from The Mortal Instruments: City of Lost Souls shows the drama and intensity that this book illustrates throughout. This story is set in the fictional world full of warlocks, demons, werewolves, angels and shadow hunters.

Teenager Clary Fray lives with her mother Jocelyn and her new husband Luke Garroway. Both Clary and Jocelyn are shadow hunters whereas Luke is a known alpha in the nearby werewolf pack. Other shadow hunters include Jace Herondale, who Clary is currently in love with, Alec and Isabelle Lightwood and the Lightwood parents Marsye and Robert as well as Simon, a newly turned vampire who has been Clary’s best friend for her whole life and is presently dating Isabelle Lightwood. Magnus Bane, the high warlock of Brooklyn is also a main character in the series. He is currently dating Alec Lightwood, meanwhile helping the others when they are in need of his abilities. Lastly, newly introduced character Sebastian Morgenstern is Clary’s half brother, being mischievous and evil. Clary soon starts to hate and despise him.

In this book, Clary tries to find Jace after he had suddenly gone missing one night. After learning that Sebastian was the one who had taken Jace and that they are bound together (meaning that whatever may happen to Sebastian would happen to Jace), Simon, Isabelle and Alec set out to try and find a way to separate the two. Meanwhile, Clary finds Jace and tries to convince him to leave Sebastian using his own free will.

I would highly recommend this book to the teenage generation of readers as it is a book full of action, adventure and love and is an exceedingly easy read. Personally this is one of my favourite books and is extremely engaging to read in a short amount of time.

Kirah W., Year 9

November 25

Coming of the Whirlpool – Ship Kings 1 – by Andrew McGahan

The coming of the whirlpool“If you go to sea, you will come to the attention of the Ship Kings. And if they discover who you are, they will kill you!”

Intrigued by the sea and his desire to set sail, Dow Amber is about to face the toughest time of his life. Up in the high country in New Island we meet the woodcutters. Every autumn they travel up to the mountains, to cut down wood for their village. In this story we meet Dow Amber, an intriguing teenager who has lived his early years only knowing the high country. Like his dad, Dow has been brought up to a life of logging. However, when Dow’s dad shows him the magnificent ocean, he instantly becomes attached. He travels down to the bay known as the Claw where he hopes to learn the ropes of travelling the sea. However, he finds people who do not want to sail out, as they have been cursed by a whirlpool that haunts the bay.

The Rulers of the world, the Ship Kings, arrive at the shore. Dow instantly becomes intrigued with them, especially with a girl who lives on the ship. Does Dow’s life lie with the Ship Kings or will he face death with the mysterious whirlpool? Some fellow characters that are included in this story are Captain Chloe, Nathaniel and Boiler Swan the innkeeper.

I enjoyed this book because I was instantly engaged by the story. I can relate well to the book as the main character is a teenage boy. It set an interesting picture in my head of the setting and the events that occurred. The language that is included makes it a better read. The ending made me want to instantly pick up the sequel.

I recommend this book for teenagers and young adults who are interested in a thrilling sea adventure. This book would mostly appeal more for boys, however some girls who also love adventure might also enjoy this story. This story is an amazing read. I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars.

John K, Year 9.

November 20

‘The Secret Hour’ by Scott Westerfeld

the-secret-hour-midnighters-book-1There are 24 hours in a whole day, right? What if I told you that there are actually 25 hours but you just can’t see the Secret Hour? Or what if I told you that there are only a few people who can see it and they are the people who you would least expect?

When Jessica Day moves to Bixby, Oklahoma, she finds out about The Secret Hour. When midnight strikes, time is frozen for one hour. Jessica has this one whole hour to do anything she wants but she is also in grave danger. Monsters who are bloodthirsty killers called ‘darklings’ roam around during the secret hour.

Jessica finds out that she’s not alone. Rex, Melissa, Dess and Jonathan are with her and they all have certain powers. Rex is a seer, who can see things that others don’t. Melissa is a mindcaster who can see darkest secrets from a touch of her fingertip. Dess is a polymath who can figure out any math equation that could be thrown at her. Jonathan is an acrobat who can defy the laws of gravity. They are called ‘the midnighters’. They have gifts that can be used against the darklings but Jessica doesn’t know her power. For Jessica, it’s a mystery but she knows something is special about herself. The darklings finally pounce after decades when Jessica arrives. Why? What is her great power that could possibly arouse the darklings in fear?

The Secret Hour’ is an amazing book that I have really enjoyed. There is this kind of mystery because you really want to know about Jessica’s power. Sometimes throughout the story, you can relate to some of the characters. It is this which gives this book its strength.

I would recommend this book to teenagers from the ages 13-18 because the characters in this book are around a similar age. It’s also suitable for both males and females. If you liked Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus or Keeper of the Lost Cities, and you all enjoy a bit of thrill, wonder and adventure in novels, then this is a book that is guaranteed to make you read throughout the night.

Joshua O, Year 9

November 16

‘White Fox’ by Gary Paulsen

white foxAmerica has been taken over by the Confederation of Consolidated Republics, which is an evil corporation locking up everyone they see, even kids! Would you want your family to be locked away? The story takes place in 2017. Cody Pierce is a 14 year old boy being held captive in one of the many CCR prisons set up all over America and after seeing the tragic death of his parents Cody has no intentions of staying there. Cody is scheming of a way to escape, and with his friends Luther and McLaughlin they work together to find a way to escape. Throughout the book as they meet new people and new challenges they must all work together to find a way to survive because if they fail it means death.

The main characters of the book are Cody Pierce, Toni McLaughlin, Rachael and Sidoron who is the leader of Cody’s CCR prison camp. Throughout the book Cody, Rachael and Toni all develop relationships throughout the book and as times get tougher their relationships will be tested. Cody Pierce got the nickname ‘White Fox’ from the CCR because of his iconic white coloured hair. He is a strong willed teenager who has lived a very traumatic life. Major Toni McLaughlin was captured by the CCR and escaped with Cody and is now fighting as hard as he can to get back to the other American soldiers. Rachael is Cody’s friend and as they start to develop a special bond this becomes essential, as they need each other to survive. Sidoron is the leader of Cody’s CCR prison camp and is a very cruel man but at times he can show some weakness.

I loved this book. It was one of the most action packed books I have ever read and had everything a book needed in it. There are relationships that go well and some that go bad. There are lives on the line in death-defying situations and a non stop quest for Cody Pierce to go back to save his fellow kids.

I would recommend this book to boys over the age of ten all the way up to their twenties who love action and adventure filled books and an entertaining fast moving story. I give this book a rating of 8 stars out of 10.

Reece, Year 9


White Fox is a book about a 14-year-old boy named Cody Pierce who struggles to get through life living in a prison camp held by the C.C.R. (Confederation of Consolidated Republicans) The plot of the book is the C.C.R. and the USA are going into an all out war over each other. The year is 2017. In my opinion I believe that the age groups suited for this book are ages 10-15.

The book White Fox is called that because Cody Pierce, the main character in the book, was nicknamed ‘White Fox’ because of how Cody would wear a headband over his blonde hair. White fox Cody Pierce as a character in the book is very heroic. Cody shows his heroic ways as he tries to escape from the prison.

In the book Cody Pierce goes through major issues in life, such as he has to go through life, day by day, knowing that he is never going to see his parents again. This is because they both had died. Also in the book Cody goes through life meeting new people on his journey such as a Pilot named Major Toni McLaughlin. Major Toni McLaughlin is a very experienced pilot when all went wrong on one day when the army shot down his plane but he just survived.

I recommend this book to all ages of 10-15; this book is one of my favourites that I have read. I believe that both boys and girls of these ages will love this book. This book provides thrill, adventure, and anxiety. This book will be great for you if you like action as well.

James B., Year 9

November 13

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

17878931“ I am a red girl in a sea of silvers and I cannot afford to feel sorry for anyone, least of all the son of a snake.”

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard is an electrifying debut novel that merges the boundaries between fantasy power, gripping action and forbidden love and taking the wonderful world of YA by storm.

Red Queen takes place in a dystopian world divided by blood – red or silver. The Silvers are blessed with god-like supernatural powers and live in the lap of luxury while the Reds are commoners stricken by poverty living in the shadows of the elite. Mare Burrow is a 17-year-old Red girl, but in an extraordinary situation discovers that regardless of the colour of her blood, she is gifted with abilities that not even Silvers possess.

Victoria Aveyard writes to the beat of her own drum, every beat being a heart-stopping twist that will leave you on the edge of your seat in danger of a heart-attack. Throughout these twists and turns the main character, Mare, was such a pleasure to see grow and unravel from the beginning to the end. Character development in Red Queen was one of its best attributes as each one of the characters had their own very special personality and story.

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard has an exceptionally wide range of genres, dystopian worlds, gripping action, forbidden romance, betrayal, fearless plot twists and fights scenes as good as that of the Avengers, making this book readily available to absolutely anyone. It will make hard-core fantasy addicts weep with triumph and delight.

Red Queen will give you a rollercoaster of emotions that will leave you in a mess of tears or a heart attack of joy. In a wonderful world of betrayal against betrayal, Reds against Silvers, prince against prince and Mare’s heart against Mare’s head, it doesn’t get better than this. If I have said anything that has given you shivers down your spine, read this one of a kind book and “We will rise up, Red as the dawn.”

I give Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard a 5 out of 5 stars.

By Bronte, Year 9


November 13

‘Brotherband: The Outcasts’ by John Flanagan

BrotherbandImagine you and your friends are on a splintered ship sailing through the treacherous, rough and unforgiving seas. Well that is what Hal, a young Viking in training has to face in order to get his victorious title.

This amazing novel is only one of many of John Flanagan fictional quests and is certainly a thrill to the reader. It is filled with challenges, raids and extraordinary adventures that leave you in cliff hanging suspense. John Flanagan has started an extremely enjoyable series and his endless thought and amazing plot lines make this book impossible to overlook.

Life for Hal has never been great. He has had to grow up without a father figure to look up to, which is difficult when you live in a town best known for its warriors. He is also known as an outcast due to his heritage, a slur that will stay with him for the rest of his life. But Thorn, Hal’s best friend, slowly shakes him out of that thought and helps him become the leader and warrior he always wanted to be and, in the future, needed to be.

The cruel and harsh trial of the Brotherband training is the only way anyone in the town can become a fierce warrior. Teams are put head to head and try to survive the fierce environment that the Brotherband’s training has to offer. When the rules change and a third team is allowed to participate, Hal finds himself with the role of captain of the ship Heron and a crew of outcasts like himself who have barely even seen each other. It is up to Hal to show his team what the Brotherband training is really about and train them harder than they have ever trained before so as they can have even the slightest chance of winning.

This is an unbelievable novel and I have read nothing like it. In every corner you are given close calls and kept in cliff hanging suspense. John Flanagan’s amazing skills of writing thrilling adventure, action and fantasy novels have really excelled in this book especially. He sets the scene perfectly and with such attention to detail, so much so that it actually feels like you are in the action.

I highly recommend this book, especially to teenage boys looking for an amazing adventure. This is definitely one of John Flanagan’s best and he keeps you on the edge of your seat till the very end. I give this book a 5/5 as it kept me in the thrill and action of a real medieval Viking journey from beginning to end and is a fantastic start to a series that I am now looking forward to reading.

Caillin, Year 9


Are you a person who loves adventure books filled with challenges and fighting? Well Brotherband: the Outcasts is the book for you with many adventurous challenges involving navigation and battling. The story is set in the times of the Vikings on an island called Skandian where groups of boys are placed into bands where they must complete challenges for points.

Hal is the main character in the story who unwillingly finds himself the leader of the Herons whose guardian is his friend Thorn who was requested to protect Hal by Hal’s father when he died.

I liked the book because the book has interesting challenges and makes you not want to put the book down. This is also a good book because it had heaps of action to keep the book exciting and the book is easy to read and people can easily relate to some characters.

I would recommend this book to males aged between 12 and 17 who are interested in action-adventure books because teenagers can relate to some characters.

I would rate Outcasts a 4 out of 5 stars because it is an enjoyable book to read.

I personally don’t know why you haven’t read this book yet if you haven’t read it. You won’t regret it. It’s a ‘must read’ book.

Jack, Year 9

November 13

‘Skulduggery Pleasant’ by Derek Landy

Skulduggery“There’s no such thing as winning or losing. There is won and there is lost, there is victory and defeat. There are absolutes. Everything in between is still left to fight for.” Skulduggery Pleasant – Derek Landy

Skulduggery Pleasant is the first in a series of nine books, with two extra books positioned outside the main story. It’s a tale about a wise cracking detective who wields the powers of elemental magic, those being Water, Fire, Air and Earth. Along with his partner, Valkyrie Cain, these two have to save the world from a madman attempting to bring back a race of ancient gods. To accomplish this they must attain the help of a master swordswoman, a tailor who is also a boxer, and an information broker nobody can trust. Along the way, Skulduggery and Valkyrie must solve the murder of Valkyrie’s uncle, author Gordon Edgely, who was killed for something he owns, a weapon powerful enough to kill a god.

The book Skulduggery Pleasant is categorised in action, mystery and thriller genres, and themes included are fantasy and horror. It can be a challenging read for younger audiences especially as later in the series the books have over 500 pages, but if you like lengthy books, then the series by Derek Landy, including his other works, will be a great read for anyone enjoying other novels in the same genres. Many of the stories end in cliffhangers that keep you asking questions, only to be revealed in the later books in the series. The books contain many twists in the plot and then when you expect something to happen, the books throw in a series of unforeseeable events.

This novel was published in 2007, but is still a great book to read. I would recommend this book as a more advanced read for an audience ranging from 12 to 16 years of age. Once you finish this book I would advise you to continue on with the series, as the other books are just as great as this one. I would rate this book an 8.5/10 as it is a fairly long book, but leaves so many questions about the characters.

Lachlann, Year 9


“Doors are for people with no imagination.” Derek Landy – Skulduggery Pleasant.

Skulduggery Pleasant is a thrilling tale of adventure, mystery and foreshadowed events, developing relatable characters and well placed witty humour. This book is suitable for most young adults who like action, mystery and thriller novels.

Derek Landy weaves the tale of a twelve-year-old girl named Stephanie Edgely, who lives with her mother and father in Haggard, a small coastal town near Dublin in Ireland. She live a relatively ordinary life as an only child until she meets a strange man at her uncle’s will reading. His name is Skulduggery Pleasant. No one know what he looks like underneath his large hat, dark over-sized sunglasses, heavy trench coat and long scarf, but the secrets that lie beneath are much bigger than his appearance. After this, Stephanie’s life becomes a little more adventurous, now that she knows magic exists and that the end of the world is fast approaching, and the only people who can prevent it are Stephanie and her new friends.

This story is a thrilling ride of twists and turns and unforeseeable events that jump out at you with no warning. The way Derek Landy describes and develops his characters, it makes you feel like you are standing right there with them experiencing and feeling what they are through the book. As soon as I finished this novel I craved more because I didn’t want the story to end and the characters to fade while there were still so many questions to be answered.

To conclude, Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy is without a doubt an amazing book. It has everything – witty humour and all. But this novel is only the first in a series of nine marvellous tales each with another problem to solve, bigger and more dangerous than the last. I rate this book a 9/10.

“Every solution to every problem is simple. It’s the distance between the two where the mystery lies.” Derek Landy – Skulduggery Pleasant

Jack Year 9


Did you ever think that someone could live while being dead? Well…Meet Skulduggery Pleasant, a wise cracking detective, powerful magician, and sworn enemy of evil. Oh, I almost forgot, he’s a skeleton. Stephanie Edgley is a 12-year-old girl who is sick of living a boring normal life. This ends one day with the sudden death of Stephanie’s uncle, Gordon Edgley. Skulduggery and Stephanie must partner up and uncover the secrets that lie beneath the so-called ‘accident’. Stephanie is introduced to the world of magic and realises that what she got into is a lot bigger than she thought.

One night after Stephanie inherited the house from Gordon’s will, a man tries to kill her. Skulduggery came to the rescue and saved her. This is when Stephanie finds out that her uncle was living a more powerful and dangerous life owning a weapon that could kill a god. With the help of a tailor, a librarian and a swordswoman, Skulduggery and Stephanie must defeat the evil Serpine.

I really like this book, as it is a book that I didn’t want to put down. I wanted to know what happened next as Stephanie and Skulduggery continue to solve the mystery. It has a fantastic plot and every page keeps you one the edge of your seat. I would recommend this book for teenagers around 12-17 years of age. I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

Jemma D, Year 9

June 24

‘Worldshaker’ by Richard Harland

WorldshakerBehold, the juggernaut Worldshaker, a mobile city as tall and as great as a mountain. Col Porpentine lives a life of luxury with his elite family in the upper decks of the juggernaut, but his life is about to turn upside down when he meets a “filthy” girl.

This book would keep you reading for hours and hours without ever wanting to stop. “World Shaker” by Richard Harland would certainly be a book for you!

As two officers barged into Col’s cabin in the middle of the night, they informed him that there was an escaped “filthy” girl. Filthies were thought to be an uncivilised, unintelligent and dangerous group of people living in the lower decks of the juggernaut. They were classified as nothing but mindless savages by people in the upper decks. But, everything that Col knew about the Filthies changed when the officers left his room. The missing filthy was hiding under his bed! It turned out that the Filthies were nothing that Col expected them to be. The Filthies were anything but mindless, violent and savage. And for some reason, Col’s unexpected sympathy towards the filthy girl urged him to not call the officers and hand the filthy in. That was a very big mistake that affected him for the rest of the story. After that unusual encounter, the filthy girl managed to escaped and Col was nominated as the successor of his grandfather, Sir Mormus. He was soon to be the Supreme Commander of the juggernaut.

I really enjoyed this book because of its very good and unique plot. I’ve never read anything like “World Shaker” before and I was amused and hooked from the beginning of the book up until the very last page. The characters and the settings of this book were described excellently and the constant action, plot twists and suspense within the storyline got me sitting on the edge of my seat wanting for more. There weren’t any anticlimactic or dragging parts in the book and the story sure did end with an impact.

I would recommend this book to teenage boys who enjoy the adventure and/or edgy genres because this book is jam packed with action and plot twists. I loved this book and it made me want to read the next book in the series, “Liberator.” Overall, I’d rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

Kai Y., Year 8