November 23

Book Spine poetry

No safe place,

If I stay.

Only a matter of time,

While I live.

They told me I had to write this,

For one more day.

All I ever wanted.

Perfect world.


Living hell


The meaning of life.

Nobody’s perfect.

– by Rhiannon & Taylor

UPDATE: Congratulations to Dayna who won this competition! Well done! (Thanks also to our guest judges.)

November 11

November Competition: Book Spine Poetry

All I Ever Wanted:



A Kiss in Every Wave.

Find Me A River

Falling Under,

Into White Silence.

First Light.


What better way to mesh a love of books with poetry?

Try to create your own towering poem using titles around you.  You can be as literal or as abstract as you like.

What will you win? There are two chances to win in this competition – firstly:

At Aquinas, you’ll win a $25 voucher for 1st prize; 2nd and 3rd place will also win prizes.

Send a photo of your poem by email to:


National Book Spine Poetry Competition

You might also like to use the same poem to enter a national competition to win:

  • four young adult titles (we’ll negotiate which genres you prefer)
  • an ‘Inside a dog’ USB pen
  • an ‘Inside a dog’-tag

You have until November 30th 2011.

What is book spine poetry?

Instead of explaining, just take a look.

You have until November 30th 2011 to enter your book spine poem. You must post a copy of your entry beneath the book spine poetry blog post (remember to resize to 500 px first) or tag the photo with the Inside a dog Facebook page.  You can also email your entry for our team to post in both locations on . Please type ‘Book Spine Poem’ in the subject line.

The Centre for Youth Literature team will judge.

Get creative!

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