May 30

‘Gathering blue’ by Lois Lowry

Kate’s mother is gone. What will she do now?

Now that Kate’s mother is gone, the village is ganging up on Kate because she is crippled. If one goes, they all follow. Kate doesn’t feel as comfortable as she used to, but her magical talent might save her.

Are you a kind of person who loves drama, mystery and action packed novels? Well this is the book for you. You must read this amazing story!

This novel is set in a small village where there are many people and jobs. Kate’s mother just died from an illness and her dad was attacked by crazy beasts while he was doing his job. Vandara likes to gang up on Kate and when she does, everyone follows. Kate is crippled and this makes it hard for her to do her job as a weaver although she is very good at this. Her mum has been teaching her weaving since she was little. Vandara and Kate don’t get along because of all the hate Vandara puts on Kate, but Kate’s special talent is there to prove everyone wrong.

I enjoyed this novel because it was interesting and full of surprises. It had a very creative plot which was very enjoyable. It is full of special and crazy characters. After a confusing beginning with Kate’s mother’s death, it started to get interesting. This novel was impossible to put down. This book also effectively tackles the theme of standing up for yourself and not worrying about what people think, but also the importance of doing what you love. This was very relatable for my age group.

I would recommend this book for readers aged 10+ who enjoy reading books that go back in time and have a little drama to them. I enjoyed this story and I rated ‘Gathering blue’ by Lois Lowry three out of five stars. It is not a book I would usually go for, but it is still an amazing story.

Marlee C, Year 8

June 21

‘Pig Heart Boy’ by Malorie Blackman

pig heart boyThe book ‘Pig Heart Boy’ by Malorie Blackman provides a story of a great life struggle. Would you take the chance to live a normal life but go through an operation that has never been performed before? This book shows how far a person will go just to keep on living. That is the case for Cameron Kelsey, a boy with a dying heart and the only one way to change it by getting a pig’s heart. If a heart-throbbing story with twists and turns is your ideal book, then ‘Pig Heart Boy’ is the book for you.

Cameron Kelsey is a 13 year old boy who lives in London wishing to have a normal life, but with his dying heart he can never enjoy time with his friends. His friend Marlon is constantly making sure Cameron is OK but that makes Cameron ticked off. Being the friend that always has to be careful about what he does and being the one everyone is worrying about is annoying and stressful. Cameron wishes to touch the bottom of the deep end at the swimming pool, to run and to play football with his friends. Cameron longs to play and enjoy life to the fullest with his friends, but he can’t, so when he is offered that opportunity to live life, he takes the chance with open arms. But this opportunity will be a 50/50 chance against life or death for this opportunity has never been preformed before. He needs to live, he wants to live to see a new piece of joy coming into his life.

I really enjoyed this book because it shows that anyone can have a bright future even when you think that future is slim. This book showed me what is important about a person and what isn’t. This book also showed new creative ways of modern medecine and how it can truly save lives yet take them away. This book made feel involved with the tough decisions made within the book and the exciting surprises.

I recommend this book to 12-18 year olds for this story can provide help to those needing a bit of light and hope for their future. This book can show others what other people have to deal within their own lives.

This blog was written by Mary B in grade 8.

November 13

‘The Fault in Our Stars’ by John Green

The fault in our stars“You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world…but you do have some say in who hurts you. I like my choices.”

John Green has written some of the best books that have been published. As well as this book he has also written books such as Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns. This particular book is mainly based around two main characters called Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters. Hazel Grace has been diagnosed with lung cancer. When she starts going to a support group she meets a guy named Augustus Waters. At first they don’t see eye to eye on everything but as the book progresses, they begin to feel very fond of each other and begin to realise that they have similar interests and life goals.

‘“I’m on a roller coaster that only goes up,” he said. 
“And it is my privilege and my responsibility to ride all the way up with you,” I said.’

I found this a very intriguing book because when you start reading it, it’s incredibly difficult to put it down. Some of the scenes in this book very much relate to younger people and issues that they are faced with, which is a good way to get people’s attention. In my opinion, John Green is one of the best authors that you will come across because his books remind people that not everyone is as they first appear to be, and that if you look deeper and get to know them better, you may find yourself meeting a whole new person. I would highly recommend this book to young women from the ages of 12-20 and especially if you enjoy a good heart-filled, edgy novel. Even if you’re not a reader you should give this book a try. I rate this book five out of five stars and guarantee you will love it as much as I do.

~Emma H, Year 9


“I fell in love the way you fall asleep; slowly then all at once.”

Meet Hazel Grace Lancaster. She is 16 and affected by one of the worst diseases on the planet: cancer. Diagnosed with an untreatable form of thyroid cancer at the age of thirteen, which had since spread to her lungs causing them to occasionally flood with fluid, the condition has made breathing a problem without the assistance of her oxygen tank, which she called Phillip. Hazel described her condition as, “My lungs suck at being lungs.”

Hazel doesn’t attend school and is diagnosed with depression by her doctor, due to the fact that she barely leaves the house, eats little and reads the same books over and over. Her doctor also insists that she visits a cancer support group to make friends. This is where she meets Gus, who is also a 17-year-old cancer survivor with humour and a lot of love to give. After they meet, they fall hopelessly in love with one another and from then on is a mystery for you to discover.

This book is a fictional book full of romance and adventure of two love-struck cancer survivors living their lives to the fullest. I find this book a great read due to the fact it teaches you how precious life and love are. Also it shows that life is unfair in many ways and we need to push through even if you have no hope. I found it an incredibly hard book to put down and I am in love with John Green’s other books, including Looking for Alaska. I recommend it to mostly teenage girls, due to the fact that it is more of a romance novel. I rate The Fault in Our Stars 4 out of 5 stars.

Jess.R, Year 9


“ Some infinites are bigger than others”.

Cancer is such a dreadful disease and an emotionally draining experience. The fault in our stars is set in a small town in Indiana. This novel is about teens suffering from illnesses that meet at a support group each week. One week a new member joins the group and this is the start of when the two main characters fall in deep unconditional love.

This book is very well structured with realistic aspects, which create an engaging story line to follow. The Fault In Our Stars is about a Hazel Grace Lancaster, a 16-year-old girl suffering from lung cancer, who has a love for a certain book named ‘Imperial affliction’. Hazel meets a cancer survivor named Augustus Walters at a local support group called ‘The Literal Heart of Jesus’. This support group is for teens suffering from an illness which prevents them from having a normal life. This book is about Hazel and August’s emotionally insightful journey together. John Green creates a story filled with romance, bravery, friendship, quirkiness, excitement and emotional conflict, bringing laughter and tears to the reader. The author uses a great range of dialogue as well as descriptive and poetic language. This makes the book full of depth and intensity, which comes as an easy read.

In conclusion I believe The Fault In Our Stars is perfect easy read for female teenagers who love a good romantic, heart-filled book with a pinch of adventure. This book is about the story of two cancer patients who go on a wonderful journey. This book will bring laughter and tears to the reader.

Tiana, Year 9


‘The Fault in Our Stars’ is a novel by author John Green. The story follows the main character, sixteen-year-old Hazel Grace Lancaster, who battles with thyroid cancer. Thyroid cancer develops when the cells of the thyroid gland grow and divide in a disorderly way. Not only is Hazel trying to live a normal life, but she is also struggling with the fact that her parents will have to live and learn to be without her after she passes away. While attending a church support group for cancer survivors, as her parents believe she is depressed because she has cancer, she meets a boy who is one year older than her, Augustus Waters. Augustus has a type of cancer that causes him to lose his leg and wear a prosthetic, called Osteosarcoma.

From the first day that Hazel meets Augustus the two are practically inseparable. Being diagnosed with cancer is the basis of their friendship and their love for books. Hazel shares her favourite book, ‘An Imperial Affliction’ with Augustus, and they bond over this book and have a burning desire to find out how the story ends because the author stops the book before providing the conclusion about what happens to each of the characters. Augustus joins Hazel’s pursuit of the book’s author, Peter Van Houten, to provide the answers that they need. Augustus uses a wish foundation to fly him and Hazel to Amsterdam, where the author lives, to talk with him in person to find out the end of the story. While experiencing each other’s hobbies and interests on the way, the two find a love for each other.

This novel is relatable to teenagers as teen issues are addressed in this book. I recommend this book to teenagers, young adults between the age of 12 and 25 who are interested in a heart-filled, romantic and exciting novel containing life lessons. I find this book an amazing read. I’d rate this novel ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ 4 out of 5 stars. Mia R, Year 9

November 12

‘Butterflies’ by Susanne Gervay

butterflies‘Butterflies’ written by Susanne Gervay is a book of beauty and hope. Katharine, the girl with burns, dreams of being a normal girl, not having scars on her face. She is 17, has a caring family and friends but missing something in her heart. Even with all the regrets and self-pity passing through her brain she still looks for the one.

The story is based around a girl called Katharine. When she was 3 she accidentally fell in a pit of fire and suffered severe third degree burns all around her body. Now, at almost 18 the burns are still there and troubling her. She hates being the girl with the scars and wants to be a normal girl:

‘I know there are miracles. The professor said there are miracles. I’ll have soft skin and pretty hair one day, I’ll wear my hair up. I’ll be like everyone else. One day.’

This book is enjoyable because the author described Katharine’s emotion very evocatively making the reader relate to her. Every chapter constructs and develops her emotions more deeply, and at times takes a very depressing tone. Due to the dark atmosphere and themes throughout the novel it leads it to being a difficult and confronting read, suited for a more mature audience of ages between 14 and 18. I rate this book 3 out of 5 because it’s a very touching story but could have been described from another character’s point of view, as it made the protagonist seem very self-centered and self-indulged.

– Paulette I Year 9


Like butterflies, those who survive burns defy their fragility to migrate large distances and find warm climates. Butterflies was written for all those heroes who survive burns for all those special people who help them on their great journey.”

Everything was kind of average for Katherine in her daily life. Katherine was severely burnt at the age of three, but once she started to believe in miracles, she started to become more comfortable with her appearance and what people would say. “I know there are miracles. The professor said there are miracles. I’ll have soft skin and pretty hair one day. One day, I’ll wear my hair up. I’ll be like everyone else. One day.”

The book “butterflies” was written with her inner-monologues italicized, contrasting with the present tense and third-person narration, gradually changing from self-pitying and anger towards a more mature self-acceptance. Through this book, Katherine has many humorous, fun and anxious events alongside her friends facing first dates, exams and arguments with parents.

Whilst everything is still occurring, Katherine refuses to let herself, along with other people, see her as a victim as she struggles with her identity and independence.

Challenges that are faced during ‘Butterflies” can be fiction to some and a reality to others. It can also be a realisation of some people’s difficulties in life and show what Katherine’s and many others’ reality can be like.

This story has shown the ups and the downs, dramas, anxious yet exciting events and many more occasions of Katherine’s day-to-day life as a senior in high school. A suggested audience for the book “Butterflies” would be for teenagers, as most people around these ages can easily comprehend the relevancy, language level and dialogue. This book can be relevant to teenagers as the events that occur throughout the storyline can also be realistic and what other people may go though as well.

I would recommend reading this book for an individual who likes reading about other’s daily lives and the realistic events they encounter. I would rate “Butterflies” a 3 out of 5 stars. Gen P, Year 9.

July 17

‘Wonder’ by R. J. Palaccio

wonder“Never judge a book by its cover and never judge a boy by his face.”

In an ordinary suburb lives an ordinary family and an ordinary boy named August. August does normal everyday things that any 10 year old boy would do. He rides his bike and eats ice cream and plays in the playground. But, unlike other 10 year old boys, August was born with a terrible deformity on his face that makes him stand out in the crowd.

August has been home schooled all his life but now it is time for him to face the fears of school. After meeting his funny new principal, Mr Tushman, August is not reassured as he knows what he will encounter at school will not be pleasant. He faces many difficulties fitting in and others find it difficult to accept him as a normal boy.

On the other hand, his older sister Olivia struggles with her own challenges. It’s tough when everyone knows you’re the girl with the strange little brother, but now Olivia gets to start fresh in High School.

I really liked the book Wonder because it gave a detailed insight on everyone’s point of view. There are even chapters from the eyes of August’s new classmates! I also enjoyed the way the author captured just what it would be like to be August with all of his difficulties and challenges. I would recommend the book Wonder to people who like soft and heart felt stories that make you cry and laugh all at the same time. The book suits kids and teens, boy or girl, from the age of 11-14. I have rated this book 4 out of 5 stars because the story line was magnificent, funny and sad with a hint of adventure in it too.

Leila A T, Year 8

November 19

‘Butterflies’ by Susanne Gervay

butterflies“Hairy ripples cover her. Her bald head snarls with threatening teeth like a hyena. It’s the beast. Too terrible. The beast.”

Butterflies’ by Susanne Gervay is a book about a seventeen year old, Katherine, who lives in Sydney Australia. She was severely burnt as a child, pushed into a pit of burning chemicals. She is still suffering with the scarring and her flaws.

This book is an insight into the lives of burn victims. It tells us how they suffer growing up and the trouble they go through to try to make themselves like other people.

Katherine has troubles at school with everyone and mainly the boys. She feels like everyone laughs at her because of her burns. She has liked this one boy for a really long time but he is really rude to her. She then realises that there are more people out there who accept her for who she is. She feels as though she needs so many more operations to become ‘normal’. Throughout the story she learns to live with her appearance with help from her friends, family and doctors.

I would recommend this book to teenagers who enjoy a bit of romance but mainly a heart warming true story. This is because people who read this will receive a very strong message that can relate to teenagers. Teenagers can learn that some people have it worse than themselves and to be more confident because of this. This is a good read and I would rate it a 3 star, mainly because the story line is very confusing. After a while it becomes easier to understand. Although, I did very much enjoy this story because I learned a very important lesson, acceptance, I learned to accept people for who they are. Overall this is an average book with a great message.
Emily, Year 9


Meet Katherine.  “They engulfed her small arms and she fell into the pyre of garden refuse and chemical flames”.

Katherine is a young, brave and heroic schoolgirl who just wants to be like everyone else. She has more to her than everyone thinks. Katherine was seriously burnt at three years of age and is going through some tough times at home in Sydney, Australia. Katherine, who is now 18, feels like she is being judged wherever she goes and being held back from doing what she loves because of her burns. Katherine has to ask herself a few questions on the way. ‘Do I want to go to the school dance?’ ‘Is there a dress that will cover my burns?’ ‘Will everyone judge me?’ All Katherine wanted was for her scars to disappear, the boys at her school to be nice to her and to wear whatever she wants without being embarrassed and self-conscious about her appearance. One of the many issues Katherine faces is her father wanting to build up his relationship with Katherine, her sister and her mother again after abandoning them. The main characters of this book are the brave schoolgirl Katherine, her loving sister Rachel, her very busy mother and her supportive best friend Jessie.

‘Butterflies’ is a compelling story that always keeps you on the edge of your seat. This book is filled with funny, exciting and wonderful moments as well as captivating, inspirational and emotion filled moments.

I like this book because it is very inspirational and there was a lot of expressive language, which made it easy to read at most parts and kept you on the edge of your seat. Every time you turn the page there is another drama or decision that Katherine has to make. I recommend ‘Butterflies’ to young teenage girls or anyone who loves a captivating and inspirational story. I rate this book a 4 out of 5 stars, as it is a very good read.

Madeline L. Year 9

November 17

‘Wonder’ by R.J. Palacio

wonderWhen you were at the age of 10 what did you do for fun? Play on playgrounds with some other friends? For a particular kid named August this isn’t what happens. To his mind he is normal but to doctors he is known to have a ‘few’ abnormalities. Born with a face so badly disfigured that his mother has kept him away from the outside, August has been home schooled just to keep him away from being mocked and judged by other children. As he gets older he has surgery to improve his disfigurement.

With more confidence now bestowed on him, his mother books an interview with the principal of the local school and he meets some students from that school to see if August likes the idea of going to school. Two of the students there are nice, the third is acting rude and obnoxious. August’s mum makes him go to school for a week as a ‘trial’.  Most kids avoid him but one student named Jack is kind to him, and in most of August’s classes and they became friends. On a school camp August gets bullied but Jack stands by him, and soon the whole class is standing up for him. This story is about mateship, getting past differences and looking ahead positively.

Via is Augusts’ sister.  She is learning about herself as she starts high school, and doesn’t know anyone and has to make new friends.  She also learns how to be a good sister to her brother, who is well experienced in being alone.  This story is great for anyone aged 16-30 years old because they would understand the situations more and the readers may be going though a new chapter in their life. I would rate it 3 ½ out of 5 Stars.

Harrison G, Year 9


Some stories are fun and interesting to read because they have explosions, guns and violence, keeping you interested in the dangers that the character faces. Others keep you interested and wanting to turn the page in different ways. Some keep you engaged in the story by having interesting and relatable characters that come alive in your mind as you read the story. Read along as August deals with real world problems and comes up with real world solutions that pull you into the story and make you want to read more. This book is called ‘Wonder’ and R.J Palaccio wrote it. ‘Wonder’ is a great book that deals with issues like bullying and fitting in and learning to accept others’ differences and it most suitable for children 9-12 years old. This is a great book that will make you feel emotions as you are moved by August’s story.

August isn’t like other kids his age. He likes the same things other 10-year-olds like, he feels the same thing other 10-year-olds feel and he wants to do what other 10-year-olds. But August isn’t an ordinary kid. He has an un-ordinary face. It scares other kids, makes them run away in fear and makes parents stare. August hates this, but there’s not much he can do about it. Because he’s had so many facial reconstruction surgeries, he’s been home schooled his entire life so he is just starting his first year of middle school. He is terrified. He is worried about what the other kids will think about him. But August puts on a brave face and goes to school.

This book is a very powerful and moving story about a boy with a disability who has to overcome his difference. Because he is a very realistic and relatable character, it make his journey and the challenges he has to overcome more meaningful. This book is also very interesting because it’s not only told from August’s point of view, but also form Via’s point of view (August’s older teenage sister) and other characters in the book. It shows that not only was August’s deformity affecting him, but it was also affecting his sister. She thought that August’s life was taking over the entire family’s life and that they were always focused on August’s life and that her achievements and accomplishments never got the true recognition because her parents were always focused on her brother.

‘Wonder’ was a very good book which made me want to keep reading and turning the pages because of its interesting and relatable characters, its emotion-driven storyline and its easy to understand language. I’d rate the book 4 out of 5 stars. A great read for anyone looking for a real world story about overcoming disadvantages and bullying, ‘Wonder’ is a very engaging and emotional book that boys and girls aged 9-12 will love.

Zoran, Year 9

November 26

‘The Raging Quiet’ by Sherryl Jordan

Raging quiet      Is it that we judge people too much on their looks and not what’s inside? We make assumptions about people based on what they look like without getting to know who they really are. Raver has had to deal with this his whole life.

      The Raging Quiet is a novel by Sherryl Jordan, which takes place in medieval times. It tells the story of a 15 year old girl, Marnie, who is forced to marry a 50 year old man in order to let her family keep their house and farm. Traveling to their new home in a seaside village near the town of Torcurra, she encounters a boy her age whohad been whipped. The young boy Raver is known as the madman of the village; a boy possessed by demons. Pretty soon Marnie and Raver become close friends. The story then follows the difficulty of this friendship, the villagers accusing Marnie of being a witch because she can communicate with Raver.

       I rate this book a four out of five because the characters are loveable, it has a nice setting and the plot is very interesting. What I’ve enjoyed about the book is the plot and the characters. I like how in the first few pages you can tell what the plot includes and the characters’ personalities. This book is suited to readers who like medieval dramas and friendship or romance stories. It is suited to both boys and girls thirteen and over. I like how Marnie is a stubborn but kindhearted, generous girl, who doesn’t judge people by their looks and Raver is a boy who deep down is a sweet gentle soul who just wants to be accepted.

       Eden, Year 9

October 28

‘Wonder’ by R. J. Palacio

wonder“I know I am not an ordinary 10 –year- old boy, but I know for sure ordinary kids don’t make other ordinary kids run away screaming.”

Things are not the same for Auggie Pullman. Everyone sees him as different.


 After being homeschooled for years, Auggie Pullman is about to start fifth grade at a public school. But Auggie is a little bit worried; he doesn’t know how he will fit into middle- school life when he looks so different from his peers. How will they treat him? This is a question that keeps constantly running though Auggie Pullman’s head.

Auggie has had 27 surgeries to correct facial problems since he was born. But his face has earned him some terrible nicknames: freaking man, lizard boy and gross-out boy. His main features have been melted away as some kids describe it, “ like the drippings on candles.” He always dreamed that he would make it in the world as a normal 10-year-old boy and with some great friends, he might be able to succeed. But that all changes as his world turns upside down.


The main characters in the story are August Pullman, Via Pullman (sister), Summer, Jack, Justin (Via’s boyfriend), Miranda, Julian and Mum and Dad.


I have really enjoyed the book Wonder because it’s a story about a 10 year old boy who has so much bravery and compassion which he shows towards his family and his peers. In the book Wonder Auggie Pullman needs to learn to accept himself for who he is and not try to compare himself to everyone else. After reading the first page I was so touched by how this boy feels. Imagine going to school every day and being tortured about your face; it really is terrible. But this little boy has a strong heart which has helped him make his way though middle school. This kept me reading throughout the book.


R.J Palacio has put some excellent descriptions and details in Wonder, which have helped me portray different images in my head. The language in the book has helped me concentrate and give my full attention to every line I read.


The ending was so enjoyable and has made me realize that no one in the world should feel the need to bully someone, or for someone to experience being bullied.


I recommend this book to teens and young adults between 10-20 years of age who are interested in heart and mind books, who enjoy reading about the love and sacrifice that some human beings are capable of. This book is a truly wonderful read. I guarantee you’ll cry after reading the first page. I’d rate the book Wonder a 5 out of 5.

Maddison. L, Year 9


“I won’t describe what I look like. Whatever you’re thinking, it’s probably worse.”


Wonder, written by R.J Palacio, is an inspiring novel about the everyday struggles of a 10 year-old boy with a horrific facial deformity. August “Auggie” Pullman wants to be normal but no matter how hard he tries, a visit to the playground, going out for ice cream or even walking down the street becomes a show, a freak show, with him centre stage as the main attraction.

Just as August is becoming comfortable with his life, his parents announce that he will be starting school. For August, he feels like “a lamb to the slaughter”. All of Auggie’s life, people have stared and children have run away in fright. What will happen when he faces a school full of strangers for the first time? What will August have to go through to show his classmates he is no different from them? In this heart-felt novel, Auggie’s new adventure makes the reader laugh, cry and most importantly make the reader think about the things we take for granted and the challenges that others have to overcome.


Wonder isn’t just about Auggie and his facial deformity. R.J Palacio has portrayed many issues throughout the novel, such as young love, coping with the death of a loved one, bullying, sibling rivalry, peer pressure and the importance of friendship. Wonder also teaches that, “Heroes are made by the paths we choose, not the powers we are graced with.”

Brodi Ashton, novelist.


I loved Wonder and my rating would be 4 out of 5 stars. R.J Palacio’s use of clever language, fantastic writing techniques and emotion-packed sentences, keeps the reader interested at all times. I recommend this book for people aged 10 and up who are looking for an inspiring, uplifting and warm story that will have readers laughing one minute and crying the next.


Katie R, Year 9


“Mummy, why does that boy’s face look all weird?”


      Have you ever been asked this? No? Well, August Pullman has.

      Auggie, as his friends call him, wants to be an ordinary boy. He does ordinary things, he’s friends with ordinary people and he is an ordinary boy but only on the inside. Auggie was born with a facial deformation, the kind that scares little kids and attracts the unwanted attention of many.

      Star Wars obsessed Auggie was home-schooled for the first ten years of his life due to the surgeries he needed. Now that he doesn’t need another surgery for a while, his mother has decided it was time for Auggie to go to school. He’s been shielded from most of the negativity and brutality of the outside world. Auggie is going to be thrown head first into a school full of kids that don’t care what they say and he’s not looking forward to it. Auggie wants nothing more than to be accepted by his peers for the way he is, I mean, is that so much to ask for?

     “Wonder” is a phenomenal book written by R.J. Palacio. It was captivating and immensely powerful. It’s such an easy to relate to book, even if you don’t have a massive face deformation, in a way that it makes you understand how Auggie feels, which makes it even more compelling. This book teaches you so many lessons such as never to judge someone by the way they look. Society today is willing to throw someone under the bus for being different. R.J. Palacio has written this book in such a direct and unpretentious manner that it’s not difficult to understand. This is one of the best books I’ve read in a while.

      ‘Wonder’ is a powerful and well-written story that I would recommend to anyone between the ages of 11-16. No matter what genre you prefer, this book will capture your heart and make you want to read it again and again.


– Dita.L, Year 9


“What’s the deal with your face?”

August Pullman does not have an easy life, getting weird looks from everyone around him and from all the surgeries he has had. But after all the years August has been home-schooled, August is going to school for the first time.

August is starting school at Breecher Prep for 5th grade, just like everyone else. But the problem is that no one wants to be around August because of his looks. August is worried about how other people may treat him. He knows what people say behind his back: ‘Freak’, ‘Monster’, ‘Lizard boy’. But August finds some friends, Jack and Summer. But after one day, the friendship starts to break apart.

Even though he has had 27 surgeries, all August has ever wanted is to be normal and to be treated like an ordinary 10-year-old boy.

‘Wonder’ by R.J. Palacio is a perfect example of how people get bullied, and how the victim gets treated. It shows how people think about each other and how they want to fit in. Wonder also shows what other people think of August and what happens to the people closest to August, like his sister, Via. It shows how her life is affected by August. Wonder shows how not only August got bullied, but how Jack and Summer start to get judged and bullied by other people in the school.

R.J. Palacio created a magnificent book that shows love, loneliness, sadness and judgment. He creates a perfect example of what a child’s life could be.

Reading ‘Wonder’ made me happy and I wanted to read on. Wonder is a heart and mind book and I would recommend this book to anyone of any age because it is perfect. I would rate this book 5/5 star.

Ruby, Year 9

June 11

‘Wonder’ by R.J. Palacio

wonder     After reading the first page of this book Wonder I knew it would be an interesting book.

     This story is mainly set at a school. There are many different characters in this book. The first person you read about is August Pullman. He interests me because he was born with an abnormallty. The second person you read about is his sister Olivia but everyone calls her Via. The third person you read about is Summer. She also interests me because on the first day of school August was at a table on his own and she came and sat at the same table as him and they became friends. The fourth person you read about is Jack. He is a bit weird because the day he met August he was a bit rude to him and now they became friends somehow. The last person you read about goes back to August but this time he has hearing aids on.

     August is finding it hard trying to find new friends at his new school going into fifth grade. This is quite an inspirational book because it focuses on the heart and mind when you read this book start to finish. I would recommend this book to young teens between ten and fourteen who are interested in inspirational books. This book is the best book I have ever read. I rate this book four out of five stars.

     Luke O, Year 8


‘I won’t describe what I look like. Whatever you’re thinking it’s probably worse.’ Wonder

Do you like a book that is captivating and also heart wrenching at the same time. Then “Wonder” is the book for you!

This book is about how a boy experiences the ups and downs, success and failure of going to school for the first time. ‘Wonder’ is a story of a boy who is used to having people run away in terror of his face and how he survives his first time at school.

August Pullman is an ordinary boy; he eats ice cream, plays his Xbox, and rides a bike just like every other boy.  August is normal except for the fact that he was born with a terrible facial abnormality. As August was born with this abnormality he has been homeschooled by his mum his whole life.  But now, for the first time, August will attend school. He will start in Fifth Grade at Beecher Prep School and August is so not looking forward to it. Everyone dislikes being the ‘new kid’ but imagine being the new kid with an abnormality. All a new kid wants to do is blend into the crowd but being August that will be hard to achieve.

‘Wonder’ is a story with lots of emotions. On one hand, August is having the time of his life at school with his new friends; on the other, August has to deal with a great amount of sadness about being picked on. ‘Wonder’ is suitable for anyone who has experienced being different, or been treated differently about his or her looks. This book draws you in from the very first page; you can’t put the book down, it is that good. Reading ‘Wonder’ helps you realize how lucky we are. I recommend this book for 9 to 12 year olds. I would rate ‘Wonder’ 4 out of 5 stars.

Bethany M. Year 8       

May 4

‘The Girl Who Knew’ by Sandra Glover

girl who knewThe gifts of levitating objects and seeing the future have been classified as myths for a long time. But after the car accident with her friend Lisa, Kits can’t be so sure about that. Frequently in dreams, Kits has seen glimpses of the future. And with the right amount of concentration she can lift objects from the ground only using her head. But no one believes her about these strange gifts, so when Kits sees Lisa’s life in trouble, who does she turn to? This book is a gripping tale about a girl whose life has been tuned upside down in one split second accident. It is a great book that has a great storyline and I would recommend it to all teen readers who are interested in thrill and mystery. Holly, Year 8

May 4

‘Pig Heart Boy’ by Malorie Blackman

pig heart boyThe book ‘Pig Heart Boy’ is about a young boy who has a very weak heart. Cameron doesn’t have a very long time to live and  the clock is ticking down with each second passing by. He has been on the heart transplant list twice and was cut both times for other people who needed it more than him. It was a few weeks after that, that the doctor walked through the door with  the news that would change Cameron’s life forever. I think this book is a fantastic book because you never know what going  to come next. Rachel, Year 8

I have only read half this book but already have I found that it is interesting. ‘Pig heart boy’ is about a thirteen year old boy who has a failing heart and is in desperate need of a new one. Already he has been cut from two transplant lists because the hearts went to others who seemed to have had a worse experience than himself, which I think is wrong. Just when all hope was lost a doctor arrived at his door suggesting to do a heart transplant on him, but instead of an ordinary heart he was willing to transplant a pigs heart into Cameron.  So far the book has been about his experiences on how he is coping with his new heart and with his mother being pregnant I’m sure there’s yet to be more experiences along the way. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone who loves a story with a heart and truth. Meleea, Year 8

‘Pig Heart Boy’ is about a young boy named Cameron, who is 13. Cameron has a heart which is having big difficulties. It could stop beating in a year or so. Even though Cameron and his family are having a hard time with his heart problems, he will not give up! With the help of Dr. Bryce, Cameron may be able ot live a longer and happier life. With the help of Trudy will this happen? Will Cameron make it through this hard and miserable time? This book is full of questions that the author is so eager to tell. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone who loves a true story. Jacinta, Year 8

‘Pig Heart Boy’ is a brilliant book and I can’t wait to finish it. The story tells about a boy, Cameron, who has a bad heart and is told he only has a year to live. The doctor then surprises him explaining that he has exciting news to share and that there could be a chance for him to live forever. To do this he must get a pig’s heart. I really enjoy reading this book and just can’t wait to finish it. This book always has different things happening on every page. This story relates to real life. I highly recommend this book to everyone who likes a good story, although it is quite sad. I am really enjoying this brilliant book and can’t wait to read on! By Tyler, Year 8