June 20

‘Ads R Us’ by Claire Carmichael

Ads are everywhere. It’s like Barrett’s brain is covered in them. That’s all he can see. It’s like a world of mystery. Barrett is running out of time. What will he do?

“Never look down on anybody else unless you’re helping them up.” Ads R Us, written by Claire Carmichael.

It is a very interesting, intriguing and happy novel to read. You never know what else may happen on the next page. It is mainly an adventure and action book, but there is a twist that no one is expecting.

The book is based in an ultra-modern city in the near future, where advertising is a non-stop occurrence. Wherever Barrett goes, advertising is always around him. Orphaned as a baby, Barrett Trent was raised in Simplicity outside the world of advertising but with the death of his uncle he has set off to find and live with his Aunt Cara, Uncle Adrian and cousin, Taylor. They work for an advertising company called Ads for Life where they advertise, but are they doing something wrong? Barrett finds out that his aunty and uncle aren’t telling him something, so he goes to find out what is happening.

I loved this book because it was always interesting and never failed to make me stop reading. The themes of this book are adventure, mystery and action. It made me very interested in what may happen next. Thrilling and thought provoking are the perfect words to explain this book. It makes you think, which creates a different mindset.

I would recommend this book to any age but 10 – 14 years of age would love this book. Ads R US relates to teenagers because it is based around a teenager called Barrett Trent where he tries to figure what is happening in his life. He is so young which relates to that age group.

In conclusion, teens would find this book a fascinating story. It is a great story about peer pressure, privacy and much more about advertising and how you should always do the right thing. This specific book fits in with the Science Fiction genre. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves action and mystery books.

Amy L., Year 8

June 19

‘Storm Thief’ by Chris Wooding

The book Storm Thief is set on an island\city called Orokos, a futuristic city where people live in high-walled districts, overseen by a government called The Protectorate. The Protectorate tries to shield their people from the impacts and dangers of the probability storms which can change structures and several other different things. Adding to this wreckage is the arrival of the Revenants which can kill you if touched by them. Throughout the course of the novel it is found that the Revenants and the storms were made many years prior by the founders of Orokos.

Rail and Moa are two teenagers from the ghettos, who live by stealing for their master Anya-Jacuna. Rail finds a faded artefact with the capability to open any gateway. Rail and Moa both escape from their master, now seeking to trade their fortunes in this chaotic city, and travel to the secret village of Kilitas, who are staging a break-out into the oceans of Orokos, believing there is land to be found on the other side of the sea’s.

During their adventure, Rail and Moa encounter Vago who was made by the Protectorate as the ideal weapon to be used against the Revenants. However, Vago had gotten away because of a storm, during which he had been taken from his captivity, and held prisoner by a brutal toymaker. Moa and Vago build a trust while Rail and Vago not so much.

As the head of the Secret Police, Lysander Bane and the assassin Finch (sent by Anya-Jacuna) surround the trio, each trying to either recover the golem or the artefact. The trio end up being taken to the Fulcrum, the heart of the storms and the Chaos Engine. Here Rail must figure out how to trust Moa and give up his own tenacious ways, while Moa needs to figure out how to stand up for herself. The golem must choose which side he is truly on, either the Protectorate’s or the ghetto people’s.

Ryusei K., Year 8

June 19

‘A single stone’ by Meg McKinley

A Single Stone is about a girl who ends up questioning the world. The book is also about seven girls who adventure off into the mountains to find the harvest for the town. So they can survive, they gather the harvest from the mountains surrounding the village. Nothing is more important than the harvest.

Jena the main character discovers something. The seven girls have trained many years for this adventure. There is something called ‘The Line’ and it is every girl’s dream to be on the line. Jena is the leader of the line.

Jena was born small and could take on anything. The village she lived in keep the seven girls strong so that they could leave for the adventure up the mountains. The village doesn’t over feed the girls or let them thicken because if they do they can’t climb the rocky hills.

Jena’s foster mum gives birth to a small baby that was just like Jena. Jena starts to wonder if the mum has something to do with small births. One day Jena was climbing the mountains when one single stone changed her whole perspective on life.

The story gives off big questions to the reader and makes you think about gender and the role of a women in society.

A Single Stone is a great book and is good for ages 12 or above. It is interesting and makes you think and want to read more. It was very entertaining. When reading A Single Stone, you can imagine the movement of Jena and the seven girls traveling up the mountains. It can change the way you think about the appearance of others and yourself. A Single Stone is beautiful and a many people should read it.

By Mabel B-M, Year 8

June 19

‘Uglies’ by Scott Westerfeld

Would you give up a life of fame, popularity and gorgeousness for a life of intelligence? Have you ever wondered about a world where people lose the power to think by themselves?

Uglies by Scott Westerfeld is a book that explores these possible imagined realities.

This story is about a fifteen-year-old girl named Tally. Tally lives in a world considered perfect. Everyone plays their role and does exactly what they are told. All Tally wants is to turn sixteen so she can finally become a ‘pretty’ and unite with her friends once again, however her newly found friend Shay stands in the way of that possibly ever happening.

Her odd friend likes to question the way they live and makes a dash for freedom by running away to a small camp named Smoke, leaving her unclear directions of the way there.

Tally’s dream is finally about to come true and as the day of her sixteenth birthday passes, Tally encounters intimidating and frightening people that want to know everything there is to know about Smoke, leaving Tally no choice but to break her promises and go after her friend. Tally arrives with every intention of going back to the city she came from and quickly realises life in the real world is hard work and you must earn everything you have.

However, once Tally finds out the real meaning of being pretty means that you sacrifice your own right of thought, she quickly reconsiders. She tries to stay but the people that sent her there won’t have it that way. She discovers that these people after her aren’t only trying to capture all the campers but want to control them. Instead of trying to save the camp something goes horribly wrong. Tally is convinced that it isn’t her fault but no matter which way you look at it, it is. Her best friend knows about her betrayal and Tally is left with no choice but to try to fix her mistakes, leaving you questioning are you in control, and who is the controller? Is it you?

Antoinette U., Year 8

June 15

‘Scorch Trials’ (Maze Runner #2) by James Dashner

This sequel of Maze Runner shows many teens in a dark, dark world that a dictator and his scientists put them through. They were put through horrific trials, supposedly to help save humanity. But there is little evidence of them actually doing this.

The teens in this book get decapitated and killed by lighting and they are also attacked by a city full of diseased people who turn cannibal. When these teens think that everything is over after being kidnapped, shot, drugged, pitted against the only people they have ever known and been lied to, they have also been lied to about their life. Worst of all, when they think their nightmare is over, they are manipulated by the scientists all over again.

The publisher of this book recommends it for ages around 12 and up but it may be a little darker and more violent than other people have thought. Some readers have turned towards more of an older category of teens such as ages fourteen and up.

I really did enjoy the book much more than the movie. This book kept me on the edge of my seat at all times it kept me interested and I was never able to put this book down. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who was looking for a dramatic sci-fi.

Anthea T., Year 8

June 15

‘Insurgent’ by Veronica Roth

Run! Run as fast as you can and don’t stop until you can’t hear them anymore. Then be quiet and watch your step. You can’t trust anyone, not anymore.

Tris is a divergent trying to find her way in a world where being able to be more than one faction is frowned upon, a world where you can’t be yourself.

Are your favourite book types the ones where you just can’t get enough, where you could just sit there and read the whole book in a day or two? If so, this book is perfect for you.

The setting of this book is a dystopian future where Beatris, her boyfriend Tobias (also known as Four) and her brother Peter have been running from the law for so long. Tris wants to bring the deaths of her father, mother and her best friend to justice by killing the leader of all this mess, Jeanine. Jeanine has manipulated all other factions into believing that being divergent is bad until one of her soldiers digs up a box that can only be opened by a divergent, but everyone she has tried so far has died… until they find Tris who is a 100% divergent. Will Tris be able to open the box or fail like everyone else?

The reason I loved this book so much is because of the concept that being different is OK and you should always fight to be who you are. Another thing I loved about this book is the five factions: Dauntless, Amity, Abnegation, Candor and Erudite. These symbolise amazing qualities that any person can have. I also really loved the theme of this book and the way the storyline went. So, if you enjoy these types books as much as me, you would love this.

The people that I would recommend this book to are people around 12 and up depending on your reading skills. You would love this book if you are into dystopian future and advanced technology with twists of civilisation of thousands of years ago. Overall, I would rate this book a 5/5.

Caitlin A. Year 8

June 15

‘The Hunger Games’ by Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games, by author Suzanne Collins, is an interesting science fiction novel created in a dystopian world. This novel shows the life of a fictional society where young teens must fight until the death in the yearly repetition of The Hunger Games.

The Hunger Games is run by a wealthy city called Panem, which is surrounded by 12 districts. Each district is to put forward one female and one male aged 12 to 18 to compete in the game which is aired on every television over Panem. Katniss Everdeen aged sixteen willingly chose to volunteer to participate in The Hunger Games instead of her younger sister Prim (aged 12) who was chosen to be the 23rd member of the 74th annual hunger games. Katniss instead becomes the female tribute for District 12 along with Peeta Mellark also aged 16, who is the male tribute. Katniss promises Prim she will win after taking her place.

Katniss is against hurting or killing anyone but is pushed to fight for her life once the games start. Only one will win. Things get complicated when Katniss starts to catch feelings for a boy from her district who is also competing and she teams up with a little girl from District 11. Will Katniss kill the ones she loves to fight for her life? Or will she let someone else win so they don’t have to be killed. For Katniss to survive, she must kill.

I have read the first book to The Hunger Games three times, and the other books many times as well. I think they are all such thrilling and terrific novels it is hard to put them down. The series won many awards since the book was released in September 2008 such as “Best books of the year, Publishers’ Weekly 2008,” “New York Times Best Seller,” “The California Young Reader Medal”. The Hunger Games series has also been turned into a film series winning many awards also.

I personally think this book is one of my favourites and I hope that they continue to make more.  I liked it because it was different to most novels I have read, with good detail and interesting plot twists. I could picture it as if I was there in Panem when I read this book. I think this book is good for any gender, and from ages 12 and up as it can be quite graphic.

Millah P., Year 8

June 14

‘Divergent’ by Veronica Roth

“Peter would probably throw a party if I stopped breathing.’
‘Well,’ he says, ‘I would only go if there was cake.”

‘Divergent’ is a science fiction book set in a futuristic Chicago, sure to keep you on your toes with plenty of interesting twists and turns throughout the whole book. It will keep you entertained and glued to your book, changing ideas and the way you think about ordinary life.

The story of ‘Divergent’ is about one girl named Beatrice who decides she isn’t happy with the faction which she was born into, so she decides to change into a separate faction to try and become a new person going by the name of Tris.

The story is set in a futuristic dystopian Chicago where things aren’t as they seem. ‘Divergent’ holds a host of many different characters such as Tris, Four, Caleb and a mysterious boy by the name of Four.

‘Divergent’ is a book about the choices of the main character Tris. The story delves into multiple subjects relevant to present day society. ‘Divergent’ is a book targeted at young teenagers through to old ones and it portrays a consistent theme of dystopia because of difference.

I believe ‘Divergent’ is an extremely entertaining book that I would recommend to people from the ages of 11-17. The character development makes you feel as if you are a part of the story; as though you are there with these characters.

Another reason why I believe ‘Divergent’ is a good read and would recommend it is because of the inability to put the book down I felt while reading it. ‘Divergent’ is a good book that I recommend because of its excellent story, plot, character development and immersing environment. I would rate the book a 5 out of 5 as it is an excellent read for a majority of teenagers.

Marco M., Year 8


Becoming fearless isn’t the point. That’s impossible. It’s learning how to control your fear, and how to be free from it, that’s the point –Four in Divergent.

Tris is a regular teenager who lives in a world which is divided by factions. She doesn’t fit into just one of those factions. She is different. She is a Divergent. She could change everything.

Divergent is set in a dystopian future where you must pick your place in the world. Only being able to choose one faction, Tris Prior must pick her place out of five factions: Dauntless, Amity, Erudite, Abnegation and Candor. The factions were made to protect the world they live in from war and violence. After each person chooses a faction, they stick to the rules so it wouldn’t start any future conflicts.

‘What’s so bad about being a divergent?’ you ask? People who are Divergent have the power to corrupt society without even knowing it. Jeanine, faction leader of Erudite, believes in order and the abilities divergents hold frighten her, which pushes her to remove all of them from the divided society they live in.

What faction will 16-year-old Tris Prior choose, will she fit in or will the leaders discover she is a divergent and kill her?

This intriguing novel keeps you wanting to read it non-stop from the beginning right to the end. It is interesting to read how the different factions react and what they do in their daily life because it relates to different religions. Divergent has peaks of many writing styles with thrilling action, sparks of romance, bravery and mysterious characters which allow the plot to be enthralling. What I prized the most about this book is that It has many messages scattered throughout that have powerful meanings. For example, how you must pick a certain thing to fit into the society, such as choosing between what to do after high school and even picking different peer groups. These examples are accurate in the way they relate back to present day with teenagers who go through challenges like these in everyday life.

I would recommend Divergent to people who enjoy a mysterious yet excitement-filled story to high school students and young adults, both male and female from the ages of 12-25. Awarded with both Goodreads Choice Awards Best Young Adult Fantasy and Science Fiction and Good Reads Choice Awards Favourite Book, it is clear that Divergent by Veronica Roth is an all-around great book.

Sophia L, Year 8.


Do you want to read a great science fiction novel loved by the world? Divergent is a science fiction novel written by Veronica Roth. Overall the Divergent series made $6.7 million. This novel is a thrill-seeking adventures novel of a girl named Beatrice Prior who is different from everybody else. She is a divergent.

This novel is an enjoyable story set in the futuristic world where everyone is divided into five factions. In this world when you turn into an adult you must choose a faction and stay in that faction for life. Tris Prior chooses Dauntless, who are the clan of bravery but she discovers that she is Divergent. Divergents are rare and considered dangerous. Divergents are the people who cannot fit in just one faction because they fit in all factions. Tris discovers that she is a threat to everyone she loves. This novel is set in a land filled with war and factions.

Divergent’s main theme is of Tris Prior being a Divergent and how it is dangerous to everyone. This ends up turning everyone against her and all factions after her. It ends up starting a war because of the people helping Tris and the people wanting to find her and possibly kill her. Another interesting theme is Tris’s time in Dauntless as she completes activities and learns how to fight.

In conclusion, this novel can be enjoyed for its interesting themes and great character detail. The highlights in my opinion were the scenes where everyone is after Tris Prior and where she is sneaking around Dauntless. This book is great for teens to adults for it has characters of their age and themes they will enjoy. Finally, I rate this book 4 stars.

Tom F., Year 8

June 13

‘Extras’ by Scott Westerfeld

My chosen sci-fi novel is called ‘Extras’ by Scott Westerfeld. It is the fourth book in the UGLIES series.

What I like about the book is that it is thrilling and it makes you want to keep reading. It engages whoever is reading.

The book is about the world of uglies and pretties and popularity, for example, imagine that the world is a huge game of a TV reality show such as XFactor. Whoever gets the most buzzes gets the votes. Basically, in the book, people judge people by their looks and who gets recognition and who doesn’t. Personally this book really makes the readers understand how the ‘mind-rain’ affected people all over the world.

In conclusion the book was really interesting, and enjoyable and I would recommend it to people who love unexpected scenes in the book.

By Shanece P., Year 8

June 12

‘Gone’ by Michael Grant

One minute there. The next, gone.

In a split second every person aged fifteen and over simply disappears from the small town of Perdido Beach in California. Panic sweeps over the young teens, preteens and toddlers as the fight for survival begins. Modern technology is useless, emergency services are non-existent and phone lines are down. Among the chaos of screeching cars, burning kitchens and looting children, the struggle for control emerges when strangers arrive in town. They begin acting suspiciously towards Sam Temple and Astrid Ellison, two friends from school. A boy named Caine Soren from Coates Academy gains the trust of numerous kids with a plan brewing to introduce a leader’s council, with Sam being nominated. But behind the false act, what are Caine and his malicious friends really planning?

Embark on a journey with Sam, his best friend Quinn and Astrid, to find Astrid’s severely autistic four-year-old brother and uncover the secrets hidden within an enormous dome enclosing their world like a bubble. Mysteries will be discovered, changing the world for some or ending it for others, as a radioactive nuclear plant reveals the shocking truth. Soon teens learn and adapt to new abilities becoming dangerous, rules are enforced and anyone who doesn’t follow Caine’s second in command, Drake Merwin, will surely pay the price.

Beyond the streets of Perdido Beach, animals mutate and evil creatures emerge. Outbreaks of war will determine who’s weak and who’s strong. Lives will be lost, promises will be broken and friendships will be tested. Who will be next to leave the constricting dome? The clock is ticking as breathtaking decisions are made by Sam to protect his beloved town and his closest friends. Gone is a book that keeps you guessing, is full of suspense and has some surprising twists. A must read for young teens who enjoy action and drama.

By Michaela P., Year 8

June 12

‘The Industry’ by Rose Foster

If you love action, code breaking skills, mysteries and plot twists, then ‘The Industry’ is the book for you. ‘The Industry’ written by Rose Foster is a fantastic book because of its mysterious characters and action.

It is about a girl named Kirra Hayward who gets kidnapped by a shadowy group of mercenaries called the Industry. They are using her for her code breaking skills. She is torn away from her family and close friends.

The story is set in school, Kirra’s house, plane and the Industry’s base and it is based in the present day. ‘The Industry’ is aimed at all ages from 13+ because of its action and mystery. It may not be suitable for younger kids. For example, Kirra gets kidnapped and violently thrown into a van.

Overall this is a brilliant novel because of the suspense and action. This is a book once you start reading you don’t want to put it down.

Ethan B  8.3

June 12

‘Delirium’ by Lauren Oliver

“The most dangerous sicknesses are those that make us believe we are well,” –Proverb 42, The Book of Shh.

Lena is running out of time. The day is near for her procedure but the one thing that is holding her back has golden brown hair, eyes like the ocean and a beautiful caramel-coloured skin tone. He is named Alex. Love killed Lena’s mother but will it take over her? Follow Lena and her best friend Hanna and see which path they choose.

‘Delirium’, written by Lauren Oliver, was published in 2011. It is the amazing story set in Portland, America 64 years after love has been named a disease and 34 years after scientists found a cure. Every teenager (18years old) must be cured before it’s too late; before they become an invalid.

Lena was very sure about the cure, the fence and the wilds “After the cure I’ll be happy…”  although after meeting Alex she then starts to question everything, question love, question her mother and question herself. The theme of the book is genetic engineering because of the way it reacts love and choosing for yourself and instead they do it all for you.

To sum up Delirium in a couple of words would be UNREAL, BEAUTIFUL and WOW. Delirium answers the nagging question of Love. What if it was a disease? And if you didn’t take the procedure you would be wanted by the government leaving you no choice but to go into the wilds. Which side would you choose? Love or no Love. The choice is yours.

I would rate this book out of 5 a 4, this would be because of how engaging it was to read. As soon as I started the book it was very difficult to stop. The age group it would be recommended for would be the young readers of 13 years and over. This book would be perfect for a female that loves Romanic, Sci-Fi books. Another book to put you on the edge of you would be “The Fault in Our Stars,” this book is Romanic and has every person getting the tissue box ready just like “Delirium.”

Mia A., 8.7

June 6

‘ Worldshaker’ by Richard Harland

‘Worldshaker’ is a meticulously crafted sci-fi novel by Richard Harland, published in 2009. The book features a flawed human civilisation that thrives on the unstoppable, pulverizing, steampunk juggernaut, rightly named Worldshaker.

The novel follows two main adolescent protagonists: Col and Riff. Col is the son of the Supreme Commander, and is in the position to soon inherit the role. It goes without saying that Col has lived a carefree, illustrious life of high nobility.

Riff, on the other hand, is a female slum-dwelling Filthy who has lived a troubled, unsafe life. From birth, all Filthies were shunned by society, and were required to toil away for the Worldshaker in order to live. Riff, however, was a Filthy who sought change and freedom. She denied her fate as a slave and pursued a better life. Upon discovering her actions, the governors soon took matters into their own hands, and Riff was on the run as a wanted offender, until she met Col. Through distasteful conversations and interactions that enthral the audience, the two soon become the most unlikely of friends. As they secretly spend more time together, Col questions the validity of all he has been taught in his life.  It dawns upon him that if it was all a lie, then he was the only one with the power to do something about it, even if it meant putting his eminent future at stake.

Jam-packed with action, adventure, realism and science fiction, Worldshaker invites readers of any age to follow Riff and Col, as she desperately fights to save her own life and the lives of her brethren, and as he supports her. Overall, Worldshaker is well worth the time taken to read it, and is a true page turner. Out of 5, I would personally rate this book a 4.5.

By Kurian J., Year 8


Have you ever doubted life on our earth?

If you have, don’t do it again. Imagine a world stuck on a gigantic mobile city, never being able to see the bright blue sky again or feel the fresh wind flowing through your hair ever again. That’s how the people are living on board the juggernaut Worldshaker in the novel written by Richard Harland called ‘Worldshaker’.

This is an eye-opening compelling science fiction novel about a boy named Colbert Porpentine who is lucky enough to live on the upper decks of the juggernaut with his family because his grandfather is the leader of the worldshaker.

There are two main characters: Colbert Porpentine and Riff the filthy girl from the lower decks. The story starts when Col (Colbert) is woken by a noise made by the guards outside his room, soon to find out a “filthy” from the lower decks has escaped up into the upper decks, moments later to find himself looking at a girl filthy named Riff. The filthy (Riff) then reveals to Col that the filthies can speak and communicate with others and that they are just poverty-stricken people that everyone thinks badly of.

This book was extremely interesting. In my opinion, the story took off straight away and then slowed down a little after the story started, which for me was a good thing. The highlight of this book, in my opinion, was the ending because it really showed the underlying message, which to me was that we are all equal and also don’t judge someone for how they look.

For me, this book is aimed to be read by teenagers as I think younger kids may not understand some words and the story might get a bit confusing. I would rate this book a 4 out of 5 stars and I did really enjoy this book!

Jayda W., Year 8


I think the author Richard Harland’s message is to not describe someone by their looks or what they wear.

The book was alright. It could have been better. What I thought was an attention grabber was how the guy at the top of the machine was a Sargent or was in the military and I thought there was going to be a war with the people at the bottom of the machine.

It was a science fiction book and was simple and predictable.

It’s kind of convincing and engaging but not in depth.

It didn’t tell too much of where they were.

The top guy yes but the girl no. The guy wears a uniform and is distracted. He doesn’t have a clue.

I think the novel’s theme is “It doesn’t matter what you look like or what you wear, we’re all the same”. This was easy to know what theme the author was trying to give. Don’t describe someone if you don’t know them.

The book could have been a little better at explaining where they were. The author’s trying to say “It doesn’t matter what you look like were all human.” It’s not the best example but it isn’t bad either. I would recommend this book for kids.

Alex V., Year 8

June 6

‘The Maze Runner’ by James Dashner

If trying to escape a giant maze filled with giant, gooey, stinging beasts is what you like, then the science-fiction novel, The Maze Runner ­by James Dashner is definitely for you.

The story stars a boy named Thomas who has just been dumped into the Glade, with about 50 other boys already there. But trouble is just around the corner. The first girl, Teresa, arrives at the Glade with the message that the Gladers need to escape the maze more than ever before.

The setting also adds interest to the story as you don’t know why they’re in a maze. A main character who stands out in Maze Runner is Teresa. As mentioned before, Teresa is a problem for the Gladers, not just because she is the only girl. During the book, you learn more about her as a character. This story is believable if you think into the future.

With the genre being science-fiction, this is a perfect theme for the novel. There are references to physics that the Gladers can’t believe. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to be Newton to understand it. This book involves aspects of adventure and thriller. The Maze Runner is one of those ‘page-turner’ books that you simply can’t put down.

At the end of the first book in this epic science-fiction trilogy, we learn why the Gladers were placed in the maze. The ending convinces you to read Scorch Trials and Death Cure.

With a maze of emotions, problems and solutions, the Maze Runner is one of the best novels that I have read. I really enjoyed this book because I feel as if you are in the Glade with Thomas and Teresa. The Maze Runner by James Dashner is an a’maze’ing book that I would recommend if you like the Hunger Games or Divergent series. I rate the Maze Runner 4.5/5 stars.

Katie R., Year 8


‘The Maze Runner’ By James Dashner

Remember, Survive, Run. These are three words James Dashner gives the audience to describe his action-packed book, ‘The Maze Runner’.

The Maze Runner is set in a Maze, and in the middle there is a small area where a group of teenagers live and work together to survive. Where they live, there are four towering doors open to the maze that close at sundown, but they should only open one at a time.

The main character is a boy named Thomas who wakes up in an old rusty elevator. Once he gets to the top he is surrounded by a group of people looking down, but just like everyone else, Thomas can’t remember anything about himself at first. He can’t remember his own name. Shortly after he arrives, he learns everything he has to know but then he must make a choice that changes everything.

The reason you should read ‘The Maze Runner’ book is because there is so much mystery that it makes you want to read on to find out what might happen and how it’s going to affected the characters. All the character has their own interesting story.

I would recommend this this book for people aged 10-25 who want a fast-past action-packed book surrounded by mystery. I rate ‘The Maze Runner’ four out of five.

Carter N., Year 8


“He began his new life standing up, surrounded by cold darkness and stale, dusty air.”

That was the opening sentence for this marvellous book, The Maze Runner. The Maze Runner is the first book in a trilogy by James Dashner. The author of this book did an outstanding job of making this book such a good read.

The Maze Runner is an action- packed, dystopian, science-fiction novel. I really enjoyed reading this book. It was nail biting, mysterious and a little sad. This book was such a page turner, I just read one chapter after another.

He doesn’t remember how old he is, he doesn’t remember his family. The only thing he remembers is his name. Hardly knowing himself, Thomas finds himself fighting for survival. When Thomas wakes in a strange lift he ends up stuck in the middle of a maze, powerless to try and escape. He is forced to be surrounded by other males who have been stuck in the maze for two years. Thomas knows there is a way out somehow, but the only thing is where. until he sees the doors, but the doors only stay open for a matter of time. What will Thomas do? One thing he finds out is that there are animal machines called Grievers that guard the maze and come out at night.

This book has also been turned into movie. I read the book before I watched the movie. I am glad I did that because I could picture it in my head and have my own way of understanding it. The characters in this book were very well described and all played their own part. The ending of the book was very frustrating, because Thomas completed the maze and finds himself stuck in another one. I really like the quote by the author of the book, ‘If you ain’t scared, you ain’t human.’ I liked this because it relates to this novel because it is about fighting for survival and being scared.

Overall, I really enjoyed this novel because when I first heard of it I wasn’t interested because I am not I fan of science fiction, but I am so glad it read it. It was very engaging and it was described very well. I recommend this book for people between the ages  of 12-17 because any younger than 12 may not understand it as much as teens. I rate The Maze Runner 4 out 5 stars.

Lily S., Year 8


First Hunger Games, then Divergent, now Maze Runner.

I’m guessing you would like at least of one these, and they all have something in common. They are all science fiction. Maze Runner is only the first book in this incredible series written by American author James Dashner. The author James Dashner has written many books in the past such as The Eye Of Minds, The Fever Code, The Kill Order etc.

This book is a very action-packed and interesting story. All the characters in the story are mostly teens around the age of 17. I think the character that stood the most for me was Chuck as we learned more about the story of his life than anyone else. Overall, I loved the book but hated the ending. How could you end such a good book like that?

There are many themes that are portrayed in this book, but I think they mainly wanted this this book to be mysterious and scary but still wanted a bit of comedy to keep the readers entertained.

To conclude, I really enjoyed this book as it kept me on edge and I couldn’t stop reading. The only things was the ending, but I still think that was how they wanted it to end so you would read the next one and I’m very persuaded to. I feel as if everyone should read it as it would suit everyone. 4/5 for this book.  

Jarvier, Year 8


‘The Maze Runner’ is the first book in a series written by the American author James Dashner. I have read many books of his, such as ‘The Scorch Trials’, ‘The Death Cure’, and ‘The Eye of Minds’. ‘The Maze Runner’ was first published in 2009.

Thomas wakes up in a metal box with no memory of who he is. He only remembers his name. Electric doors open overhead, with a group of teenage boys peeking through. The environment they were living in was like a farm surrounded by very high walls. They call it the glade. Beyond the high walls was a complicated maze with traps and robotic beasts called grievers.

This book is convincing. It gets me on the edge of my seat with the action in the novel. The writer’s style is uncomplicated and straightforward. The glade is the main setting in which the majority of the book takes place. It is surrounded by massive walls that make up the maze. In the glade, they make their own crops and bunks there.

The character that stands out to me is either Alby, the leader of the group, or Thomas, the main character. Thomas arrives in a cage and he proves to be brave, loyal and clever. He has a very limited memory of previous knowledge of the maze. If they get stung by the griever it becomes extremely painful for days or weeks. At the end, they escape the maze and there are people at the end that pick them up in the helicopter and they take them into the scorch.

The theme is friendship and to work together as a team and stay together, this is key throughout this book as Thomas makes relations with Alby, Minho, Chuck, Teresa, and Newt. Bravery is key throughout the maze to help save Alby.

I liked a lot about The Maze Runner because of the action and how we work together no matter what. The day after Thomas wakes up, a girl turns up in the glade; the first ever. This book is a good example of sci-fi because it has futuristic scenes and creatures. I recommend this book to young adults 12+ because it isn’t really for children because there are too many scary action packed scenes.  I give this book rating 9/10 because I really enjoyed it and I thought it was well written.

Anthony M., Year 8


The Maze Runner is an action packed sci-fi book. In this story, a group of individuals are trying to cast their way out of the maze that has taken hundreds of lives. The author of the book is James Dashner, and it was published in 2014.The book is mainly based around sci-fi but it also has a bit of horror and romance. James Dashner has written all different types of books but this one is the most popular. I would like to say the novel is interesting and I would highly recommend it.

The novel is set in another world. You would have to work for the people first before they entered you into the maze. You wouldn’t know that you were going to the enter the maze. The land area in the middle of the maze is small. The people in the maze would have to work to survive and they only live in tree houses. Some people were trying to work a way out of the maze. They try and work out a pattern of the maze because it changes every night. Thomas, Teresa, Newt, Minho, Alby, Chuck, Frypan and Gally are the main characters trapped in the maze who are trying to escape.

I really enjoyed the book “The Maze Runner Scorch Trials” because it was engaging and has a head-turning plot. The strategies they used to get out of the maze were incredible. They all played a major role in the book and if none of them had followed Thomas’s ideas they wouldn’t have survived or made their way out. It was very hard for me to put the book down because of how interesting it was and the suspense of every page in the book.

I could highly recommend this book to 12 to 18 years old and people who have a strong taste of sc-fi and adventure. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and can understand why the book series is continuing. I rate this book a 9 out of 10 because towards the end I found it to be a rushed finish.

Jake M., Year 8

June 6

‘Red Queen’ by Victoria Aveyard

‘Red Queen’, by Victoria Aveyard is a story of a girl called Mare.

This is a world which is divided by the colour of blood, red and silver. Mare is a red, which is a commoner, and they are ruled by silvers which possess superhuman-like powers.

Mare is retrieved one day from her old rundown home and is ordered to work for the silvers in the palace. While in a royal ceremony in front of all the important silvers, Mare displays superpowers only a true silver could withhold. ‘The little lightning girl’ then was to act as a long-lost silver princess, as the queen orders.

The story was told that she was raised as a red but was silver by blood. Some questioned but most believed this and she was named Princess Mareena. She was forced to betray her family and blood and every day her true colours were hidden behind lies and makeup.  Mare is forced to fight mental and physical battles, but the physical were the dangerous ones because if ever her skin was pierced and her real self was revealed, her life would be in jeopardy.

This novel would suit readers of any age and gender. This book is good for people who like the genre of science fiction but not over the top with aliens and out of this world creations, so it is a balanced story with real life relations.

This book was filled with action and excitement on every page, keeping me intrigued. You will enjoy this book if you enjoyed The Hunger Games, The Selection, Graceling, or Divergent as it is a blend of these books as stated by the author.

This book was a great read and I rate it five out of five stars.

Alisha M Year 8

June 6

‘Incarceron’ by Catherine Fisher

“Only the man who has known freedom can define his prison.”

This futuristic thriller is set in and out of a prison called ‘Incarceron’. In the prison, there are different groups, with some members willing to die for freedom. Outside the prison, there is a frightening hierarchy that no one dares to question.

There are two main protagonists in this book, Finn and Claudia. Finn is a prisoner at Incarceron and is eager to escape. Claudia, however, is on the outside, but she is also stuck in her own kind of prison and is being forced into an arranged marriage. In an interesting twist, Claudia’s father is the Warden of Incarceron. Finn and Claudia both happen to find a ‘Crystal Key’ to communicate with each other. Together they plot an escape, which is not without its obstacles.

This novel has themes that are very relevant to a teenage audience, such as loyalty, trust, desire, and friendship. With a fast-paced plot that readers will find entertaining, the structure of Incarceron is simple and easy to understand. The characters are also multi-dimensional and surprisingly relatable. I also found the themes to be thought-provoking and clever. As a fan of novels with a dystopian edge, I found this to be one of the best steampunk stories I’ve ever read. Although it’s probably unfair to compare this novel to red hot page-turners like ‘The Hunger Games’, this book is right up there with some of the best dystopian novels on the shelves today. This was the first Catherine Fisher book I’ve come across, but it certainly will not be my last.

I would recommend this book to guys and girls over the age of 11, just because it takes a while to understand the storyline, and the themes may be too dark and mature for younger readers. This book is a must-read for those who enjoy high-tech, dystopian, steampunk, and sci-fi novels.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would rate it four out of five stars.

Cody C, Year 8

June 6

‘Tomorrow, When the War Began’ by John Marsden

“We believed we were safe. That was the big fantasy.”

Wirrawee, the setting in the book, is covered by large farmlands, a small amount of industry and well known town residents.

Ellie, the main character, is a caring innocent teen who wants to go on a camping trip to Tailors Stitch with her six friends during the school holidays for a week. They found Hell, as the locals call it, a secret campsite that’s unspoilt. It can be accessed by the Steps of Hell.

During a quiet, damp, cold shivering night, Ellie is woken by the loud growl of hundreds of jets flying by at a low height leaving her and her friends confused the following day. Not long after, they slowly walked back up Hell’s Steps to the Landrover to return home to what they thought was going to be a normal afternoon. They first arrived at Ellie’s house to find her dogs dead, no connection to any radio or power, which left them unable to call anyone. Wirrawee was a ghost town. Do you think the town has been over run and in conflict? Are they in War? Is the life of many people dependent on them? Will there be another living day for anyone?

Tomorrow When the War Began most certainly is one of the best books I have read. It’s the touching story of an overwhelming experience, romance, action and friendship, a story that made it hard for me to put the book down whilst sitting on the edge of my seat the whole way through. This book teaches you the meaning of friendship, and how important it can be for you and your friends to stay together in times like this.

This book is not gender specific. Anyone who reads the book will enjoy the adventures, the breathtaking moments that will keep you hooked. The suitable age for this book would be from twelve years of age to eighteen. If you have read John Marsden’s books you’ll find this similar. I rate Tomorrow When the War Began a definite 5 out of 5 because it has been written very maturely and was so enjoyable to read.

Lilly-Rose H., Year 8

June 6

‘Ship Breaker’ by Paolo Bacigalupi

Imagine you’re in a world divided in two. There are those who are rich who sail around the world in huge clippers trading spices and making more money, and there are others who live in shacks made of anything they can get their hands on, tearing apart ships for a living. 15-year-old Nailer is the shortest person on his light crew which gives him the job climbing through the power ducts collecting as much copper wire as he can.

Are you the kind of reader who is interested in action-packed sci-fi novels? If you are, this is the kind of book for you.

This book is set in a dystopian world on the Gulf Coast of New Orleans where oil is limited and uncommon and stripping beached oil tankers is a common sight for 15-year-old Nailer Lopez and his light crew who work hard and endless hours to make a quota, until a massive storm hits the coast. With Nailer only just surviving, he finds a clipper ground and untouched by anyone and its only survivor, a young girl, could be his ticket out of his job. He would never have to go in or out of an electrical duct again.

Overall I enjoyed this book ‘Ship Breaker’, because of its interesting and bizarre plot and with its mysterious characters. I recommend this book for people who enjoy dystopian stories and are aged 10 – 15. I would rate this book 5 stars.

Seth O., Year 8


“Killing isn’t free. It takes something out of you every time you do it. You get their life; they get a piece of your soul. It’s always a trade.”

Nailer is running out of time. He is getting too big for his work. Once he is sent off the crew he will be on his own, left with his drug driven, violent father in a beach shack with no food or supplies. One day a deadly hurricane hits the coast killing three of Nailer’s crew, but did this hurricane also wash up the “lucky strike” he was wishing for?

The novel is set in a dystopian future on the Gulf Coast of New Orleans, stripping old, rusty oil tanks that leak all over the beach. Nailer Lopez at the age of 15, and the rest of his crew, work long, hard hours to make quota and stay alive. Nailer and his crew struggle to survive off the tiny wage of pay and forever-lasting hours of work.

Since Nailer is small, he works in a dangerous environment, stripping copper wire from the old, ruined ship vents. Nailer knows he will soon be too big for his job and his only hope for survival is hitting a lucky strike.

A disastrous hurricane strikes and leads him to an unknown clipper ship, which has on board a young, rich girl. Nailer has two extremely hard decisions: should he proceed to live a bland, boring life, stripping ships, or should he take the biggest risk of his life and save the strange girl (Nita), to live an adventurous and wealthy life?

The novel “Ship Breaker” is an awesome read! The strange characters and amazing plot is what caught my eye. The suspicion kept carrying on page by page which is why I just could not stop reading.

This is definitely the most eye-opening novel I’ve read yet! If you’re into a book packed with action, quirkiness and darkness, this is most definitely a book that your heart will treasure.

I definitely recommend this book for teenagers (aged 13-18) who show interest in Science Fiction and strange, dystopian novels. This is one of my favourite books yet!

– Jay W, Year 8.


‘Ship Breaker’ is an amazing Sci-Fi yet romantic book. It also has a lot of adventures and troubles along the way.

This Sci-Fi fiction book is about Nailer, his crew and drug addicted Dad, going on a big adventure on Nailer’s boat. On their trip Nailer leaves his violent, drug driven dad on a beach with absolutely no food or water and he had to figure a way to live.

If you love Sci-Fi and love action packed adventures and problems, then ‘Ship Breaker’ is the perfect book for you. It includes amazing things that nearly everyone could possibly like! ‘Ship Breaker’ is also about romance, loyalty, braveness and more. In the book the characters are very brave and smart because they do quite a few difficult things along their journey around the world.

I really enjoyed the book ‘Ship Breaker’. It’s really a good book about all kinds of themes, moods and set in different places, although it’s not my type of book.

I would recommend ‘Ship Breaker’ to people who absolutely love books set in different places, with variable themes and mood changing chapters. I would recommend it to readers over 10 years of age.

Kayla J, Yr 8


‘Ship breaker’ is a book that is action packed Sci-fi. Somewhat romantic, and mysterious, this book is also to do with engineering and craft ship.

A good quote from ‘Ship breaker’ would be “I’m a chess piece. A pawn,’ she said. ‘I can be sacrificed, but I cannot be captured. To be captured would be the end of the game.” This quote signifies that Nailer never gives up and he is determined to win the ‘game’.

This book is set one hundred years from now and trouble is happening with the ice. It is a very gripping and suspenseful book as in some parts of the book it makes your heart beat a little faster.

This novel is set one hundred years from now when the ice is melting, oil is scarce and work is tough. The 15-year-old boy Nailer and his crew work hard hours from day to day, willing themselves to live another day. Nailer is getting too big for his work as a copper stripper who works on wrecked ships, but he doesn’t want to let his friends down as he knows if he stops his work he and his crew will be struggling to survive. Later on in the story, Nailer finds a young and wealthy girl that was the only survivor from a terrible hurricane that happened to a ship. He is torn apart as to which road he should take, whether it is to go with the girl or to stick with his crew and help them survive.

‘Ship Breaker’ is very interesting and in some places gripping and suspenseful. This book was really good because of its plot, having mysterious characters and its brilliant way of describing the experiences the characters are having. The book has a confusing but exciting start because you can’t really tell where it is going until the characters start to get involved. During the middle of the book it was so gripping that I didn’t want to put it down because there was something that made your heart race from page to page. It is a really good book for readers around 12-15 because it involves romance, suspense, thrill, survival and family.

In conclusion, this book was amazing and a really good experience to read. I recommend people to read it from the ages of 12-15 who are interested in a mysterious book that can take them places they thought they would never go. I rate this book a Four out of Five stars.

Olivia H., Year 8

June 5

‘The Giver’ by Lois Lowry

(Undertaking an incredible & impossible journey)

In an isolated and futuristic society, twelve-year-old Jonas lives with his father, a Nurturer of infants, his mother, who works at the Department of Justice, and his eight-year-old sister, Lily. They are all awaiting December, for the Ceremony of Twelve, when Jonas will be given his assignment as a new adult of the community. “But for Jonas, things are different. While his friends are selected to be doctors or teachers, Jonas is sent to an old, tired man (The Giver), where Jonas discovers the dark secrets that lie beneath the surface of his world.”

Are you the kind of reader that takes interest in action-packed, dystopian literature with fantasy? If so, you must read this intriguing story!

The novel is about a world that has removed pain, war, emotion, fear and hatred. Everyone must look and act the same. At the age twelve, every member of the community is assigned a job based on their abilities/interests. At the Ceremony of Twelve, Jonas is given the assignment – The Receiver of Memory. The Receiver is the keeper of the community’s memory of the past, so the community can avoid making mistakes. As Jonas receives memories from the Giver, memories of pleasure, pain, colours, weather, excitement, terror, hunger and love, he realises how boring and empty life is in his community. The memories make Jonas’s life much more meaningful. Jonas grows more and more frustrated with the members of his community, and the Giver, who has felt the same way for many years. They plan for Jonas to go to elsewhere. So, the memories of the past can be released to his community. Once Jonas crosses the boundary of memories, all of them flow back into his society.

I really enjoyed the story ‘The Giver’ because of the engaging plot, interesting characters and Lois’s way of explaining pain and pleasure. After a thrilling and intense beginning, the story and its characters started to develop. This fantasy novel soon became impossible to put down. With eagerness carried from page to page, each answer developed new questions.

The themes of this book that young people are dealt each day is the importance of memory, the relationship between pain and pleasure and the importance of individuality.

I would recommend this book to capable readers 12 and above, who are interested in action packed science fiction, fantasy and dystopian literature.

I truly enjoyed reading this book, and it is easy to see why it won a Newberry Medal. I rate ‘The Giver’ by Lois Lowry five out of five stars.

H.M. Year 8


Imagine a world where no one is different or in pain. There is no war, no fear or competition between anyone. This will also mean that love, compassion and laughter do not exist.

This science fiction book is based on an imagined scientific world that deals with human existence without emotions. How does that affect life and how will the main character Jonas learn to live his chosen life?

Through the book, we follow the life of Jonas, an 11-year-old boy who experiences his life-changing job at 12 years old. He meets his mentor The Giver and life is not the same.

The society that Jonas lives in is not complicated and this leaves Jonas wanting to change his people through the life calling he was given. As Jonas learnt to adapt his thoughts as the receiver of memories, he was able to take control of his emotions. His life changes once he becomes a leader and makes an impact on the life of his family members when entering different worlds. The author takes us on an imaginative concept of different reactions that humans can have and shows us that society really does need emotions good and bad to function suitably.

This book would be suitable for readers of the age from 12-14 as it is easy to read and keeps you interested to know what will happen next through the journeys it takes you on. The Giver was not your typical science fiction book dealing with aliens, monster and fighting. This supernatural world used what we have as humans and changed it to give a thoughtful story which allowed the reader to question and understand more about our human aspects of life.

By Trent L., Year 8

June 5

‘Elsewhere’ by Gabrielle Zevin

‘Sorry, but nothing of much importance ever happened to me… I’m just a girl who forgot to look both ways before she crossed the street.’

Are you the kind of reader who enjoys drama, fantasy and a bit of romance? If so, then ‘Elsewhere’ is the book for you!

The novel is set in the afterlife, where a young girl named Elizabeth had been hit by a car while riding her bike to the mall. She wakes up and finds herself on a cruise ship thinking that it’s all a dream, but when she watches her own funeral, she is forced to realize the horrible truth. The ship takes her to Elsewhere, a place where the deceased age backwards until they become babies and return to Earth to be reborn. Liz meets her grandmother, Betty, who died months before she was born. She also meets Owen Welles, a boy who died from smoke asphyxiation many years ago, and the two quickly develop a friendship. Elizabeth continually struggles to accept the fact that she can no longer turn 16, or get her driver’s licence and go to college. She endeavours to find a way to get back to Earth, so she can finally be with her friends, family, and go back to her normal way of life.

I really enjoyed the story ‘Elsewhere’ because it had a fascinating and riveting plot, with hilarious characters. I especially enjoyed Gabrielle Zevin’s creative way of describing and expressing the character’s thoughts and emotions. After a confusing beginning, the story became very interesting and this developed further throughout the book. This was a whimsical, enthralling take on life and death, and made me really appreciate my life, family and love. This book consists of certain themes that teenagers struggle with on a daily basis, such as grief, family and relationships. It shows us that even when things seem terrible, there will always be people that care enough to help.

I would recommend this book to capable readers from the ages 13 upwards who take an interest in fantasy, science fiction, romantic and humorous novels. I truly enjoyed this story and it’s easy to see why it has won various awards.  I rate ‘Elsewhere’ by Gabrielle Zevin five out of five stars.

Skye M, Year 8