July 11

‘Starfish Sisters’ by J.C. Burke

Starfish sistersGeorgia, Ace, Micki and Kia are all passionate surfers and are good at what they do. Although have the same interests they are not particularly close to begin with. After being thrown together at surf camp, this group of girls deal with jealously, secrets and lies. Their lives are then filled with nothing more than drama. If you like juicy, action filled books, Starfish Sisters is the book for you!

Georgie loves surfing but over the past months she doesn’t have the same enthusiasm anymore. She’s a great surfer but over time the pressure of being great at something starts to get to her.

Ace is an excellent surfer and was thrilled to be selected into the elite surfing competition but that’s not what’s she focused on. Her main concern is her relationship with her boyfriend Tim. Kia is Georgie’s best friend and once the drama begins it hits her the hardest. These four girls are put together in a starfish cabin and form an uneasy friendship. This book is filled with drama and questions and is a great read. The main focus is about surfing but anyone could have easily connected with the book with any sport as it was written in a way that the targeted audience could relate to.

Chanelle G., Year 8

November 20

‘You Against Me’ by Jenny Downham

You against meWould you seek revenge if another guy hurt your sister? Right? You wouldn’t just sit back and let him get away with it, would you? Would you come to your brother’s defense for committing the assault?

This captivating book is set in a small town two hours out from London, Norfolk in England. Mikey McKenzie is an 18-year-old boy who tries desperately to keep his family intact. He is crazy about the protection of his younger siblings, Holly, 8, and Karyn, 15. He cooks, cleans, and takes care of his sisters as well as having another life outside of the house. Their mother spends most of the time in her bedroom recovering from a hangover. So, when Ellie comes home claiming that Tom Parker raped her, he’s not a happy man. Instantly, he seeks revenge.

Mikey’s mission is to bring down Tom Parker. Just when he thought nothing would stop him, love got in the way…

This book really appealed to me as the author, Jenny Downham, wrote it with such passion. She described the characters, settings and what was happening in the scenes so clearly that I could visually paint a picture of what was happening in my head. You could say the storyline grabs you like a hook and pulls you deep into the story, keeping you wondering what’s going to happen next. The progression of the story was perfect, with new twists and problems making sure I had my full attention on the book. I was crazily engaged and glued to this novel. Just how the author wrote the story switching between the two perspectives of Mikey’s and Ellie’s life made the story captivating. If you liked reading the book, ‘Before I Die’ by Jenny Downham, you will most probably enjoy this book.

I would have to recommend this book to people of various ages who are interested in reading heart-filled and romantic novels. This would be a great read for anyone aged fourteen and upwards. I’d rate this book ‘ You Against Me’ 4 out of 5 stars.



“Life being what it is, one dreams of revenge.”

This is true for Mike, who was dreaming of revenge because Tom assaulted his sister. The mission of Mike McKenzie is to bring down Tom Parker for ruining his sister’s childhood. But he didn’t know that something would get in the way of his plan and change his vengeful mission.

The main characters in the book are Mike McKenzie, Tom Parker, Ellie Parker. Tom is a teenager who loves parties, drinking and smoking. Mike McKenzie is an overprotective brother to his sister and family, trying to fix his family problems. Tom’s sister, Ellie, believes that she knows a lot about her brother but doesn’t know he is keeping secrets.

There are many reasons why I liked You Against Me, including the fact that it was dramatic and always kept me on the edge wanting to read more.

I would recommend this book You Against Me to young adult female readers who enjoy confronting issues about family and teenagers falling in love.

Zara, Year 9


Would you seek revenge if another guy assaulted your sister? Would you come to your brother’s defense if he were convicted of an assault he said he didn’t make? This is the dilemma Mickey Mackenzie and Ellie Parker face in their attempt to seek justice for their siblings.

Mikey Mackenzie is an 18-year-old guy desperately trying to keep his family together. With his father nowhere to be seen and his 15 year old sister Karyn claiming she has been raped, he has to step up, provide the family with an income, keep his mother sane, take care of his younger sisters, and be the man of the family.

Ellie Parker is a 15-year-old girl desperately trying to live a normal life even after her brother was accused of sexual assault. Coming from a well-known wealthy family, her brother Tom’s accusation is the talk of the town. Ellie is trying her best to stick by her family and make sure her brother doesn’t go to jail, but after she finds out Karyn is no longer attending school Ellie becomes uncertain. Does she know Tom as well as she thought?

When Ellie and Tom meet, an undeniable and completely unexpected chemistry forms between the two. Mickey and Ellie are complete opposites but seem to find many similarities in each other, the main being that both of their families are falling apart because of the others, and that they are both falling for one another. But what will happen if anyone finds out? Will their love be strong enough to keep them together throughout the toughest times? Or will it all be too much?

The book ‘You Against Me’ is very well written and captivates the reader from the very start. Set in Britain, the book focuses on many issues relevant to teenagers today. It keeps you wondering from start to finish about the common but unrecognised crime of rape, endless drama, and the constant surprises. ‘You Against Me’ captures your attention and is the kind of book you could sit down and read for hours on end. I enjoyed how the book told the story from two different points of view and I loved the mystery the book created. I would recommend this book to any teenager or young adult, as it is very relevant and appealing to this age category.

If this sounds like the kind of book you would enjoy reading, I would definitely recommend it. I rate this novel 4 out of 5 stars.

Mikayla S, Year 9

November 19

‘Loyal Creatures’ By Morris Gleitzman

loyal creaturesHave you ever wanted to hear a story about a boy who went to WW1 with the Light horse? Me too! Time to hop right into the report.

Frank Ballantyne is keen to join the Light Horse and do his bit in the war effort. So Frank fakes his age and volunteers with his horse Daisy … and his dad. In the deserts of Egypt and Palestine he experiences all the adventure he ever wanted to know about the exciting war, and a few things he wasn’t expecting. Sad moments, love and the chance to make the most important choice of his life. From being at Gallipoli to the famous charge at Beersheba, through to the end of the war and its unforgettable aftermath, Frank’s story tells a lot about WW1 and grows out of some key moments in Australia’s history.

The main character is called Frank who is a fifteen-year-old boy who had his mum pass away and has a crush on the girl who works at the pharmacy.

The other main character is named “Dad” and he is mostly known for not wanting for his son to go to war, and later on meeting up with his son in war.

He also has a horse named Daisy who goes to war with him. As the story develops, so does their friendship and their bond as a boy and his horse.

I enjoyed reading this book because of the emotional roller coaster that it takes you on while reading this book; they can make you feel a range of different emotions, which is why I found this book very enjoyable.

I would recommend this book to an age demographic of 12 and above because of its disturbing scenes when going to war. It is also a good read for anyone who fancies a book about true friendship and bonding.

-Robbie W, Year 9


June 24

‘Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment’ by James Patterson

Maximum RideHave you ever wondered what it would be like to fly, soaring through the sky above everyone else grounded by gravity? For most of us, it would be a dream come true. For Maximum Ride (A.K.A. Max) it is the nightmare that will never stop. Max was taken away when she was just born to a laboratory filled with scientists and test subjects. Max and five other kids had bird DNA put in them, allowing them to grow wings. They also grew larger lungs, thinner bones, extra muscles and their hearts grew more efficient. This allowed them to fly without too much pressure. The children were living in dog cages until one day a scientist called Jeb Batchelder took them away from the lab (A.K.A. The School) and up into a house in the mountains. There, he raised them like they were his own children. He clothed them, taught them survival skills, how to fight and how to read. He acted like a parent to them; two years of raising them until he disappeared. They all assumed that he was killed. From then on, they did everything themselves.

“The flock” has six members in it. Max is the eldest, so she looks after everyone else as though it is life or death. Fang is the second eldest, and he is the silent one. Sometimes he likes to sneak up on Max. Iggy is third, and he is blind, but he can still hear everything and he can also cook and make bombs, even though he’s blind. Nudge is next, and she is a chatterbox. She likes to talk all day long. She also likes looking at things she’s not supposed to, which is a good thing. Gazzy is fourth, and he likes to eat food and fart. He tries to always act tough. Last is Angel, and she is the most special. She can read people’s minds and she is the most important to Max. These six are always getting into trouble with erasers. Erasers are humans that have wolf DNA in them, and they are always being sent out to capture the flock, and one day they get Angel. This is the moment where they go out to get her back from the horrible scientists.

Maximum Ride is an amazing book. It talks about trust and friendship. I couldn’t take my eyes off it, it was so intense. Once I started reading, I was always left with a question in my head, so I had to keep reading. I would recommend this book to kids aged 13-15, and kids who love a combination of action and fantasy. If you also love massive twists at the end of a book, than I would recommend Maximum Ride to you. I would rate this book 9.5 out of 10.

By Cooper, Year 8

June 23

‘My Life as an Alphabet’ by Barry Jonsberg

mylifeasanalphabet‘This isn’t just about me.’

Candice Phee is an hilariously honest and a bit weird twelve year old girl. After the death of her newborn baby sister, Sky, her mother becomes depressed and stays locked in her room for hours non-stop. Her father and Uncle aren’t on speaking terms anymore. Mainly Candice lives a tough life. Can she get her family back together again? Can her Uncle and father talk to each other again? Can Candice make her mum happy again?

At school Candice is given an English assignment. She has to write about something that has happened in her life. The assignment involves writing one paragraph for each letter of the alphabet. But one paragraph isn’t enough to tell her teacher about her life, therefore she decides to write multiple paragraphs for each letter, e.g. ‘A is for Assignment’.

Follow the crazy life of Candice Phee in the novel ‘My life as an Alphabet’ by Barry Jonsberg, a true, heart-filled story. I enjoyed this novel in many ways, like what would the characters do next and whether Candice’s parents could be happy again. It was very interesting how Candice made her parents happy again. The story reminded me that people do go though things like this; everyone doesn’t have a perfect life and family, also people do suffer from depression.

I would recommend this novel for the ages between 11 and 15, who like to read true and humorous stories. When reading this novel young adults would get a full insight into real life problems that other teenagers would be experiencing. This novel keeps you hooked throughout the story with its humour and mysteries that some characters find (you eventually find them out). ‘My Life as an Alphabet’ is truly a great read; therefore I give this novel a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

Erin S, Year 8  


You could be around a person your entire life, but that doesn’t mean you know them. My Life As An Alphabet is a novel that reflects a teenage girl’s life through school and relates to the dreams and doubts that happen while growing up, discovering who she is as well as who she wants to be. The novel by Barry Jonsberg reflects all these qualities in the home and suburb of an out of the ordinary girl named Candice Phee and her life explained ‘as an alphabet’.

Candice is not really an ‘alphabet’ but she uses the alphabet as a prop to explain what has happened to her for an English assignment. During her time writing the assignment, Candice goes through her past and the tragedy that happened to her sister as well as the family tension that was created without her. At every letter of the alphabet she goes through her life and explains her feelings and weird ways she understands everything she does while writing her essay.

The character’s personality was portrayed really well in this book and the small funny things that happen once in a while throughout this novel were my favourite parts of reading this book. It had good jokes and new comedic challenges that await Candice, her family and Douglas Benson from another dimension, which in the end bring them closer, with Candice learning from her mistakes as well as others.

I rate this book four stars. It made me laugh, cry and just smile when I was reading small paragraphs in my small space of spare time. This novel made me want to read it every chance I got and once reading I couldn’t stop because of how addictive it was. The book was true to teenagers and heartfelt as well as funny in the most part.

If you thought this book was a good book to read then I would think ‘The Fault in our Stars’ or ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ would be another excellent choice to read.

By Angelique, Year 8


‘This isn’t just about me. It’s also about the other people in my life – my mother, my father, my dead sister Sky, my penpal Denille, Rich Uncle Brian, Earth-Pig Fish and Douglas Benson From Another Dimension. These are people [with the exception of Earth-Pig Fish, who is a fish] who have shaped me, made me what I am. I cannot recount my life without recounting elements of theirs. This is a big task, but I am confident I am up to it.’

Candice Phee is a twelve year old girl from the sunny town of Albright. Her life might seem like a piece of cake on the outside but really it’s not. Her baby sister Sky died years ago, her mum is depressed, her dad is angry at his brother and won’t talk to him and her best and only friend believes he’s from another dimension.

One day at school Candice is given an assignment by her English teacher. It has to be 26 paragraphs long and each paragraph has to start with the next letter of the alphabet. She then decides to write multiple paragraphs instead of one for each letter so that she can recount her whole life during this assignment.

I loved ‘My Life As An Alphabet’ because it shows a girl’s experiences as she tries to cope with guilt, depression and family issues while trying to fix everyone else’s problems at the same time. While this book could be sad at times it also was quite touching and humorous. It reminded me that nobody’s life is perfect and that everyone has their own problems. I would recommend this book to both boys and girls of ages 12 and up because this book is based on a 12 year old girl’s everyday life.

Georgia O, Year 8.

June 23

‘Starfish sisters’ by J.C.Burke

Starfish sisters“I liked the pain, it got the bad thoughts away.”

Do you like true, heart-filled, drama stories? Well, this is the book for you because it is full of drama and heart-filled moments and there is a lot in this book that happens in real life.

Starfish Sisters is a book by J.C.Burke based on four girls: Georgie (15), Kia (15), Micki (12) and Ace (17) who are at a surf camp and are struggling to get along with each other. Their dreams are to be the greatest surfer ever and get into the the surf boot camp. Georgie is a really good surfer who is trying to decide if she wants to be a surfer or a soccer player because she is starting to think that surfing is getting way too competitive. Kia is best friends with Georgie but she is starting to feel like she is a misfit to everyone, including Georgie and decides to self harm and struggles to stop herself. Micki is the youngest at the camp and is the first to find Kia self-harming. She lost her mom when she was little and doesn’t want anyone to know how her death happened.

I really liked this book because it is based on things that happen in real life. Kia goes through a really tough time with self-harming because she thinks that no one wants to believe in her and give her credit for anything. It is also a book about friendship because although not everyone is going to be friends, you need to find a way to get along because otherwise it just makes things even more difficult. I also like this book because it is very heartwarming and brings a lot of emotion.

Charlotte F, Year 8


“How could she have done that? She knew nothing about me and my life. I hated her. Perhaps now I hated her more than she hated me.”

Do you like books filled with drama, complications and you can relate to? Then this book is the one for you. It will keep you up past your bedtime just to finish the next chapter or two.

There are four main characters: Micki, Ace, Kia and Georgie. Micki is 12, turning 13 at the camp. She’s the youngest at the surf camp. She is shy and has many family troubles but still manages to focus on her surfing. Ace is 17. She is sponsored by one of the major surf stores in Australia, Ocean Pearl. She enters the camp in a relationship with Tim Parker, a world famous surfer. Kia is 15 and struggles with her self esteem. She wants to impress her dad and doesn’t want to be compared to her best friend, Georgie, or family friend Micki. Georgie is 15 and her best friend is Kia. Together they created a surf wear brand, Bikinia. They go to the camp hoping to make some sales. Georgie isn’t very confident but always sees the best in people. She’s not sure if she still wants to continue her surfing career. But she still goes to the surf camp anyway.

The book starts with all four girls on their own journey each with different reasons to enter the surf camp. Every girl at this camp is fighting for one of the four spots to go to the next level. It’s going to be tough, as each girl has been specifically picked to go to this camp. With fierce competition it’s not going to be easy. Will friendships last, or will they go down in flames? Not everyone is going to be good enough to make it to the next level.

I could relate to this book on many ways, and levels, which just made it so much more enjoyable. Even though this book was published in 2007 it is still very relatable, even more so today than it would’ve been eight years ago. This book falls under three genres: true, edgy and heart-filled, which are three genres that make a fantastic teenage girl book.

Olivia H. Year 8.


“How could she have done that? She knew nothing about me and my life. I hated her. Perhaps now I hated her more than she hated me.”

Are books with friendship, a story you can relate to and filled with drama your kind of books? Then this is the book for you.

In Starfish are four main characters: Micki, Ace, Kia and Georgie. Micki is 12 and the youngest at surf camp. She is shy and not very wealthy, she has many family troubles but manages to focus on her surfing career. Ace is 17 years old. She is sponsored by one of the major surf stores in Australia, Ocean Pearl. She enters the camp in a relationship with the world’s most famous surfer, Tim Parker. Kia is 15 and struggles with her self esteem. She wants to impress her dad and doesn’t want to be compared to her best friend, Georgie. Georgie is 15 and her best friend is Kia. Together they created a surf wear brand. Georgie isn’t very confident but always sees the best in people. She is not sure if she wants to continue her surfing career.

The book starts as all the characters enter their dream surf camp very nervously. They get introduced to their roommates not having a clue that they would soon become best friends. It was time to have their first surf. Most of the girls were the most nervous they have ever been besides Ace. Ace has always known that she was the best surfer but participating in this camp may test her skills. Georgie has always struggled with her confidence so coming to the camp was a hard decision for her to make but knowing that only the best surfers in Australia get invited, gave her faith. Kia and Micki are having some troubles becoming friends but throughout the book they have a breakthrough.

Starfish Sisters is a great novel that is very easy to relate to for teenage girls. It has a fantastic storyline that has many complications to overcome which also creates drama. They were all thrown in together, and not being friends yet, there was jealousy, lies, secrets and insecurity to deal with. They then realise that they need to stick together as their friendship bring out the best in all of them.

Olivia L., Year 8


“For the first time, three people knew who I was. The real me. And the best bit about it was that they still wanted to be my friend.” This is the reality for Kia, Georgie, Micki and Ace who are thrown together for a whirlwind of a summer and a once in a lifetime experience.

Four girls are chosen to take part in the Australian Elite Young Surfers’ Camp and by chance are put into the same bungalow, the Starfish Bungalow. Ace, also known as Courtney McFarlane, is the star of the camp and is always the centre of attention, after all her boyfriend is the one and only famous surfer Tim Parker. Carefree and confident, she never worries about putting in any effort. Although she’s Ace’s biggest fan, Kia lacks in all these traits. She never feels good enough for her dad and can’t stop comparing herself to others. Self-doubt is something that is also common with her best friend, Georgie. Georgie struggles to cope with the piling amounts of pressure and can’t seem to grasp the enthusiasm she once had. Whenever faced with competition she fails to reach her full potential. Micki is the youngest but far from the least mature. She’s been exposed to more than you’d think for her age, and hides many secrets about her past. Winning a place at the camp gives her chance to finally get away from her terrible home life and to be able to focus on surfing.

Throughout the book, the girls have to compete with eight others for just four spots on the junior training team. Expecting a summer of competition and hard work, they end up learning more about themselves and each other than they ever could’ve imagined. Discovering that there is more to each other than they thought, the girls leave with a bond of sisterhood and lifelong lessons.

I really enjoyed the book, ‘Starfish Sisters’ because it shows four girls coming together and putting aside their differences to help one another. There are many unexpected twists and turns in the plot that make it hard to put down. J.C. Burke does a great job of showing there are more layers to people than what meets the eye. The story also moves along at a great pace and never fails to catch your attention.

I recommend this book to teenage girls who love heart-filled stories that are slightly edgy and packed with adventure. This book addresses serious issues with youth today and sheds light on normally unspoken topics. It truly is a captivating book and I rate it four out of five stars.

Charli B, Year 8

June 19

‘Indigo Girls’ by Penny Russon

indigo girls“Three girls, one summer and a whole lot to learn from each other.

Two weeks every summer Zara, Tilly and Meike went to Point Indigo with their families, but this summer isn’t going to be the same because Meike wasn’t able to come for the first week so all that’s was left were Zara and Tilly. They both feel like Meike glues them together and when Meike is there they are called the Indigo Girls. These three girls are best friends but they all live different social lives. They say that if they all went to the same school they don’t think they would be such good friends.

Zara’s an ‘alpha’, the first letter of the Greek alphabet. She’s the popular girl.  Tilly is more of the nerdy kind of girl. She’s a very smart girl but also very quiet.  Then there is Meike. Meike is the kind of girl who is in the middle. She’s popular but she is also a nerdy kind of girl but she doesn’t really know what place she is at.

The Indigo Girls is a book about three girls who go to different schools and live in different social worlds. They’re best friends outside of school but they’re not the best of friends when Meike isn’t there to glue them together. This book was good. It told me that everyone can be friends no matter what, and nobody is perfect. I would recommend this story for girls under the age of 14 to 11, maybe even girls aged from 15 to 16.

Sara, Year 8

May 18

‘Looking For Alaska’ by John Green

“She loved mysteries so much that she became one.”

looking-for-alaskaJohn Green is one of my favourite authors and his recent book that I have read (Looking for Alaska) is definitely one that I will be reading again.

One of the main characters in the book is Miles Halter, often referred to by his friends as Pudge, just an ordinary smart teen who has the average couple of friends and is keen on getting good marks in school. He never thought that just by meeting one girl it would change his life and his perspective on things.

Alaska is definitely not a person that you would expect to meet every day either. She’s a go-getter, keen to accomplish anything that might stand in her way. She is always getting herself and others into trouble. You could say that she doesn’t really listen to other people’s opinions and she’s not the sort of person where you’d want to be on their bad side.

Miles and Alaska have a connection through poetry and together they go through a number of different obstacles. Life for Pudge and Alaska seems to just keep on going up and down all the time.

The minute I started reading this book I felt as if I had to force myself to put it down. I read it whenever I could, in bed, during TV; I’d even try to sneak a few pages in during dinner. I have to say if there isn’t a book that I like the look of I don’t really look very far into it but John Green is an exceptional writer and poet.

I would definitely recommend this book to people the ages of 13-18 and especially if you love a little romance with a dash of laughter and a sprinkle of poetry. If you loved “The Fault In Our Stars” (By John Green) then I can guarantee you that once you get your head into this novel, you just won’t be able to put it down.

Emma H., Year 9

May 18

‘Brotherband: The Outcasts’ by John Flanagan

BrotherbandThe Brotherband series, written by John Flanagan, is a five-part series of books about a group of eight outcasts and their journey to retrieve a holy item that was taken from their village.

This book is set in the times of the Vikings and is about a group of boys who come from the country of Skandia where, in order to become known as a warrior, you must face three months of training in groups called brotherbands. This book follows the adventure of Hal and Stig, two boys turning 16 and their journey through three months of weapon training, battle skills and ship handling, along with their six companions. These eight were all outcasts because they were regarded as different.

During their training, they are under the watchful eye of the ex-drunk Thorn, who is Hal’s guardian by the request of Hal’s father, Mikel, who died in battle. Thorn was also regarded as an outcast because of his right arm being lost the same day as Mikel lost his life.

This novel also partially follows the pirate Zavac, who captains the raven, a large black war ship. Zavac, along with his 50-man crew, attacks traders for their gold and wares. During the months of training, Hal’s brotherband, the Herons, raise to the top of the challenges to become the victors, only to have their victory ruined by an attack from raiders, seeking the mysterious amber artefact, the Andomal.

I quite enjoyed this book and have enjoyed what I have read of the rest of the series. I would recommend this book to a teen audience and rate it 4½ out of 5 stars.

Lachlann N Year 9


Blood spilling, waves crashing and swords slashing. In Brotherband The Outcasts, you will find all this and more. In this book you will see the tales of an old sailor by the name of Hal, being set to the challenge of making a Brotherband out of five outcasts: Thorn, Ulf, Wulf, Jesper and Edvin.

The story is set in an old town by the name of Skandian. It’s an island where young boys are chosen to be apart of a Brotherband and fight in wars.

Hal is an old sailor who saw is dad die when he was still a young child. People think of him as a drunk living on the streets. Thorn and his misfit friends have all been declined from a Brotherband. One day Thorn gets a job as a craftsman building boats. Halfway through a build, the man paying for the ship dies. Thorn pays the rest of the money so he may have the boat. He makes a brotherband out of himself and his friends with the leader being Hal.

The book has an amazing storyline that hooks you straight away. If you like action you’ll like this book. This book combines fighting, sailing and a good story all in one.

The novel would be good for teenage boys who like action, fantasy, a good story, hardship and friendship. Nicholas L., Year 8


Do you like adventure? Do you like action? Well this is the book for you! Will Hal and Stig survive the Brotherband training?

Set in the Viking times, this story happens to be twelve years after Mikkel, Hal’s father’s death. Erak, captain of the ship, called for an attack so when they reached their destination, he sent his two best warriors to invade and inspect first: Mikkel and Thorn. Mikkel was a taller and skinnier man and Thorn was a shorter more solid man. Best friends, these two went in for attack. Out of the blue, they were seen. A spear was thrown, hitting Mikkel in the heart, a nightmare, witnessed for Thorn. He fell over and as he died, Thorn promised him that he would take care of his family (his ten-year-old son and his wife). He rushed back to the ship and they had to leave immediately before they were attacked. On the way back home things weren’t too good either. There was a massive storm with heavy rain and thunder. This caused a big stress on the ship. Thorn’s right arm got tangled in rope and then it snapped and ripped off. This made Thorn even more depressed. He couldn’t fight, attack or do any of his daily tasks.

Six years after this incident Thorn became a drunk. Every night he tried to drink his depression away until Mikkel’s wife told him to deliver what he had promised to Mikkel, to look after his wife and son which he was way off doing. She let him work around the house for a minimum wage.

Another six years later he had become what he’d used to be. Hal had got a job with Anders, the local ship builder. Anders had a ship that he wanted to sell so Hal bought it. He later named his ship the Heron. He had to get ready for Brotherband training. During Brotherband training in Skandia, sixteen-year-old boys are taught the basics of ship navigation and fighting. A total of twenty-eight boys are divided into three for each Brotherband: the Herons, the Sharks and the Wolves. Hal, finding himself the unready leader of the Herons, must push and challenge his team to the limits to survive the Brotherband training.

I liked this book because it’s interesting and intriguing because it’s adventurous and set in the Viking times. I would recommend this story for 12 – 17 years boys to read.

By Jake B., Year 8


A bunch of misfits trying to be warriors… What do you think they will do? To achieve their goal of becoming a warrior they must be chosen and placed in a particular team and complete a hard course that goes for months. It targets their skills in seamanship and fighting.

This is a fantasy and action based book that is set in the Viking age, which means there are frequent wars that come and go. It is hard to make money, so Thorn and his colleagues work at a boat shop where they make boats and sell them to the public. One day Thorn and his colleagues were coming back from a raid and the sea got very rough. The boat started it sink but Thorn, being the brave person everyone knows him as, tried to save the boat and a bit of vine got caught around his arm and ripped his hand straight off his arm. Twelve years after Mickle’s death, his son Hal has been training and a person who builds what he wants to with the help of his good friend Stig. But he also has another friend he hangs out with called Anderson a local ship builder. A while after helping Anderson, Hal buys a ship and names it Heron. He learned to sail it and after training he chose to beach the Heron and start training for the brotherband. The young men aged 16 were put into a group, The Herons, alongside The Wolves and The Sharks. Hal found him the leader of the Herons, which was made up of a group of outcasts who were friends.

This book was a good read but in my opinion this book is more for older kids from 12 to 19 to really understand it. In conclusion, the book is a great book but the younger kids wouldn’t understand most of it and would probably get bored very quickly.

By Lochie, Year 8


Will he be chosen or not? In Skandia, there is only one way to become a fierce warrior. Only the brave and threatening men can be chosen for the Brotherband. The men are chosen for teams called Brotherband and must be trained for months and months of hard and terrifying training. The hard men train with sharp and frightening weapons and battle with tactics. Hal Mikkelson is the leader of the Brotherband.

There are two brothers Thorn and Mikkel who are the most frightening warriors. All of a sudden Mikkel gets a spear thrown right through his back, going through his heart out the front of his chest. That day Mikkel dies being a brave and fierce warrior saving the people in need. After that Thorn was heart broken. He didn’t know what to do in his life. Thorn was not in good shape. He turned into an alcoholic. Mikkel’s wife was heartbroken because of what happened to Mikkel but still stayed strong. She wanted Thorn to teach some kids how to battle so he could get back into shape. Mickel’s wife convinced Thorn to do it. After all Thorn’s experiences with battling and training hard he would have had to be an amazing trainer. Thorn trained Mikkel’s son for him to protect his mother seeing she has no one else.

After sailing the Heron, Hal beaches the ship and gets ready for Brotherband training. During Brotherband training boys who are 16 in Skandia are taught the basics of fighting and ship navigation. While Brotherband training continues, a Skandian fleet is attacked. The leader of the pirates, Zavac, demands to know about the secret treasure of Skandia. The leader of the trading fleet vows not to tell until he sees that one of the pirates had grabbed his nephew. Knowing that his nephew shouldn’t die for his mistakes, the head of the trading fleet begins to tell about the treasure, the abnormal, knowing that it is well guarded. As he talks he remembers that one night every year it is not so well protected.

I liked this book because there was lots of action and there was always something going on that wasn’t boring. I would recommend this book to males aged from 12 to 16.

By Seth W., Year 8


November 20

‘The Fault In Our Stars’ by John Green

The fault in our stars“You gave me a forever within the numbered days, and I’m grateful.”

The Fault In Our Stars is the bestselling novel by John Green, which explores the humorous, exciting and heartbreaking story of being alive and in love.

Cancer when you’re young isn’t always “The Fault In Our Stars” but it is for these normal teenagers, who are stuck in the pain of dying, and even more unbearable pain of living. Hazel Grace says, “I’m a grenade and at some point I’m going to blow up and I would like to minimize the casualties, okay?”

This is a story of two teenagers, Hazel and Augustus, both cancer sufferers who fall in love. Hazel Grace Lancaster, a sixteen year old cancer patient, believes that everything, including her cancer, is a side effect of dying. In fact it is, until she meets the love of her life, Augustus Waters.

As well as a beautiful love story, this novel tells us so much more about our lives. It tells us that in reality that “we can blame the stars, or tell ourselves it wasn’t meant to be, that it wasn’t destined to happen. But deep down we know that the stars were not at fault and it wasn’t “meant to be.” The fault was in ourselves.”

This is a novel that brings out so much emotion while reading, with so much happiness and so much sadness making you never want to put the book down. This book is a humorous yet sad story that will make you laugh and cry. I would definitely recommend this book to a female aged between 12-40 who likes to read a romantic, heartbreaking thriller. I’d rate the book ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ 4 out of 5 stars.

Kate, Year 9


“That’s the thing about pain… it demands to be felt.”

This novel, The Fault in our Stars, is all about romance and the love story between Hazel and Augustus. Unfortunately they both have cancer or have had cancer. It’s also about just having life the way you want to even though you know you can’t.

Hazel (Hazel Grace which is what Augustus likes to call her) is scared. She’s scared because she thinks of herself as a grenade and the only way she knows how to minimize the casualties is by shutting everyone she ever cared about or cares about out of her life forever. But what happens if one person is able to knock down her walls and finally get her to open up and not shut him out?

This story is set in Indianapolis, America but they do travel to Amsterdam in Europe to meet their favorite author. Hazel is a 16 year old girl who has been diagnosed with depression. She believes that it is not a side effect of the cancer treatment which the doctor’s keep telling her and her mum thinks it is. Instead, it is a side effect of dying, in her eyes, because she is never going to live her life like everyone else; I mean she already has an oxygen tank.

Augustus is the boy who fears oblivion. He’s 17 years old, has already lost one leg to cancer, loves Hazel and finally gets her to open up.

What happens when Augustus and Hazel first meet? Why do they meet? You can only answer these questions if you’ve read this heart-filled story. This a heart-filled story because it is not about cancer, it is about romance and the love between Hazel and Augustus. The Fault in our stars is such a great book because it is funny, loving, true, romantic, sad, and above all because the kids are in love and characters are funny and have personalities too but they just so happen to have cancer. The book doesn’t let the cancer describe them as a person, it lets them show their personalities which is what Augustus did to Hazel.

I rate this book 5 stars out of 5 stars and, even though everyone all over the world loves this book, I recommend it to whoever is going through a rough time and for teenage girls and older. This book is so heart filled and romantic so that’s the only reason I’m recommending it to young females. Most girls are into romance and love stories. So what happens in this story and why? Only you can find out. Are you going to take the chance?  Remember “Some Infinities are bigger than other infinities, ……but I’m just glad I got my little infinity with you” and “maybe okay will be our always.”

Amelia B, Year 9

November 20

The Outcasts (Brotherband 1), by John Flanagan

brotherband-1-the-outcastsIn medieval times in the mythical town of Skandia there was a group of boys who had a dream: the dream of being included into a BrotherBand. It is one of the highest honours in Skandia.

A BrotherBand is a group of boys who get selected in a team, and train for three months, learning to use weapons and sail a boat. Only one BrotherBand can win the race. The points are totalled up to see, which team wins.  Hals’ BrotherBand is named the “Herons.”  The first activity is to see who can build the best shelter to live in.  If they win the most points they win Skandia’s most valuable treasure.  Hal is an inventor who has designed the Herons’ boat.  They named it the Heron after their team.  He has a revolutionary new idea for the sails. If Hal’s idea works they are certain to win.  Hal is the leader of the BrotherBand, the ‘Herons’, so he drives the boat and coordinates his crew.  He tells them when to row. Hal’s best mate is Thorn. He is a Maktig, which is the champion fighter of the year.  Thorn has been the Maktig for three years in a row when he was in his prime time.  He was like a father figure to Hal.

I liked this book because of its adventurous outlook and the main idea of the book.  If it wasn’t about sailing and adventuring around the sea it wouldn’t be the book for me.  I recommend this book is for 11 to 15 year old boys who are interested in adventure and enjoy being outdoors, otherwise this is not the book for you.  This truly is the book for you, I’d rate this book ‘BotherBand The Outcasts’ 4 out of 5.

Josh, Year 9


John Flanagan, the author of the worldwide best selling series, Rangers’ Apprentice, has made a return to writing with a new fictional series, Brotherband. Flanagan has taken all of the best components, elements and interesting qualities from Rangers Apprentice and has incorporated and further developed them, to create a remarkable, stunning and truly breathtaking read.

Be prepared to sink into Flanagan’s fictional getaway, which is filled with pirate raids, challenges, and prodigious adventures that make you hold your breath. John Flanagan’s creativity and ability to explain his virtual world really has shown in this new, innovative series.

Hal is the main protagonist in the Brotherband series, whose heritage makes him an outcast among the popular boys in town. Hal faces the daily struggle of a young boy. He and his mother have enlisted the help of the old drunk, Thorn, to guide Hal and train him in the ways of a manly Skandian warrior. At the age of 16, Hal will begin Brotherband training, but without knowledge of the world, strength to defend himself and any real friends to rely on, he’s worried that he’ll be seen as an outcast for the rest of his life.

But things take a turn for the better when the selectors announce Hal as a Brotherband leader. However, the only boys left unselected by the other two Brotherbands are a group of witty, quiet, and relatively unknown boys from the town. Hal needs to give his team a real sample of what Brotherband training is going to be about, and needs to form bonds and become closer with his group if they want to even stand a chance of winning.

This story is a combination of adventure, action, fantasy and cliff-hangers that are found in every corner of the book. It was very entertaining and I felt engaged with the feeling of suspense, mystery, and the authors practicality, his attention to detail and his inventive technique that isn’t seen by many other writers. The book gave me a sense of realism, and provided an insight as to what it would have been like to live in a seaside town full of mighty warriors. Flanagan’s style of writing keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting to find out what will happen next.

I recommend this book to people who enjoy adventure, seamanship, and those who take interest in seaside affairs and are aged between 11-14. The book is very well written and the author definitely hasn’t cut any corners with his detailed style of writing. I’d rate this book a 4/5 stars as it kept me deeply interested and entertained and made me want to keep reading.
 – Owen, Year 9

November 20

‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ by John Boyne

boy in striped pyjamasMeet Bruno, a young nine-year-old boy from Berlin. His father is a very important individual of ‘The Fury’ (Adolf Hitler). When the family moves closer to their father’s job, Bruno’s life takes a huge twist forcing Bruno to find new friends. The main characters in the book are Bruno and Schmuel. Bruno is the son of a Fury commander who is moving from Berlin closer to the concentration camps. Schmuel is the young Jewish boy who has been placed in the concentration camp with his father. When these two boys meet by the dividing fence their friendship takes off putting both their lives in great danger. The story follows the two boys as they become unlikely friends and try to help each other through tough situations life throws at them.

I really enjoyed this book, “The Boy In The Striped Pajamas” because it gives the reader a good understanding of what life was like in World War II and also has a beautiful storyline with an interesting view on life in that era. I was engaged throughout the book with clever use of dialogue and a great verbal description of the events taking place. The book was full of twists and turns and the ending was the perfect eye opener to what times were like through war. I recommend this book to anyone who loves a beautiful book and is mature enough to understand the history behind the novel. This book is honestly a fantastic book and is one of the best books I have ever read.

Tate B, Year 9


The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas is a story with the unlikeliest friendships between Bruno and Shmuel. Written by John Boyne and published in 2006, this is a top selling book.

Bruno, only nine years old ,is a boy living in Berlin when his family has to move closer to their father’s job. Bruno’s life changes in a blink of a an eye and takes a twist when he meets up with another young boy by the name of Schmuel dressed in striped pyjamas and they are divided by a fence. These two boys, Bruno and Schmuel, are the main characters. Bruno’s dad was a Nazi commander and he moved closer to the concentration camps, where Schmuel was living with his father. When Bruno and Schmuel became friends this put both of their lives in serious danger.  The novel is about difficult situations these boys face and then overcome each other’s challenges.

This book is great because you have an understanding what it was like in World War II. Boy in the striped pyjamas has a good storyline throughout which I really enjoyed. It would be really enjoyable to read for all ages, the young and old. I was engaged with the thrill and adventure. Also the use of words the writer put in was very catching, with some parts boring and others parts with a lot of twist and turns. This book made me read to the end and I really enjoyed every page. I would recommend this book to those 12 years old and older as it has a more serious side. This book was great to read. I had a lot of fun reading it and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I would rate this 3 out of 5 stars.

By Josh, Year 9


Would you change your view on a person just because of the colour of their skin or their beliefs?

The novel ‘The Boy in Striped Pyjamas” by John Boyne kicks off in the mist of WWII and begins with a 9 year old German boy named Bruno who comes home to find his maid packing his things because his family is moving from their luxurious house to a ‘smaller’ one. Bruno’s father’s job is very demanding as he is a commandant in ‘the Fury’s’ ranks.

Having grown up in the war, Bruno has been brainwashed into thinking that Germany is the master race and that they can do anything without consequence. While exploring the new house, Bruno discovers a large barbed fence and find huts of people in striped pyjamas. What he doesn’t know is that this is a concentration camp for the Jews that the Fury has taken as prisoners.

Along the way Bruno meets many interesting characters such as Shmuel, a little Jewish boy that he met while exploring along the fence. Shmuel is bruised and very skinny and Bruno is clueless and doesn’t know what he goes through on the other side of the fence.

This novel was an interesting read and showed there is no limit to how cruel humans can be. I recommend this novel for young adults and up from the ages of 14 to 40 as this novel is very mature and is not for the young. This book is for those who enjoy fable or history novels, as it may not be true but focuses on a real event in history and teaches a true lesson about racial discrimination. This novel was an interesting read but it wasn’t the greatest as it takes a long time to get interesting. The ending was very sad and left a large impact and changed my perspective on mankind. I’d rate this novel ‘The Boy in Striped Pyjamas’ 2 out of 5 stars.

Harry, Year 9


No human race is superior; no religious faith is inferior. All collective judgments are wrong. Only racists make them.” Elie Wiesel, a holocaust survivor

The boy in the Striped Pyjamas is a 2006 novel by John Boyne. It is a gripping and touching fable based on a very sad fictional event that we know now as the Holocaust. It is viewed through the eyes of a young boy named Bruno, the son of a Nazi commandant who has formed a very odd friendship with Shmuel, a Jewish boy captured by Nazi soldiers. By focusing on Bruno’s innocent and confused idea of his Father’s job it gives a whole new perspective on how the everyday Germans experienced this event. The tragic but exciting journey that they partake provides resourceful insights on the consequences of WW2.

Bruno, a ten-year-old German boy ,lives in a five-storey house with his mother, father and his older sister, Gretel. His father’s job is “very important” which requires their family to leave the life they have in Berlin. Not long after, they manage to find themselves at a place called “Out With”. Here Bruno finds a very dull looking house with soldiers patrolling everywhere and nothing for him to do. However, from Bruno’s bedroom window he manages to spot, what seems to look like a town, where everyone is wearing blue and white striped pyjamas. Soon after Bruno’s discovery his curiosity and boredom got the best of him, so he decided to go investigate this “town”. He followed the wired fence, which surrounded the area where the people lived. To Bruno’s excitement he saw a figure in the distance that turned out to be a Jewish boy named Shmuel. These two boys manage to form an unbreakable friendship that unfortunately ends in tragedy.

I quite enjoyed reading this book as I like reading novels relating to real life events but this story isn’t suitable for everyone. The story has very serious themes and will require some maturity to fully understand the devastation of war. In saying this, I would recommend the book to anyone aged 13 and above who enjoys reading fictional novels. I believe this age group will have the maturity required to fully understand and appreciate the story. The novel, “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas” is a gripping and touching fable. I felt that it did have a very slow beginning and quite a sad ending. Therefore, I would rate these book 3 out of 5 stars.

Kye, Year 9


Irish writer John Boyne’s fourth novel, ‘The Boy in the Striped Pajamas,’ is a fictional and touching story about an odd friendship between two boys in awful circumstances and a reminder of man’s capacity for inhumanity. Bruno is a nine-year-old boy growing up in Berlin during World War II. He and his family move from their comfortable home in Berlin to a house in a deserted area where there is nothing to do. When Bruno gets to their new home he is immediately homesick after leaving his school, his three best friends, his house, and his grandparents. His new home is smaller, full of soldiers and there is no one to play with, however, from his bedroom window he notices a town of people dressed in striped pajamas separated from him by a wire fence. He spots a dot in the distance and as he gets closer, he sees it’s a boy. Thrilled by the possibility of a friend, Bruno introduces himself and the boy also introduces himself. He is a Jewish boy named Shmuel who lives a strange but similar life on the other side of the connecting wire fence who, like the other people there, wears a uniform of striped pajamas. Bruno’s friendship with Shmuel grows stronger over time and they become very close. Almost every day, they meet at the same spot and talk. Eventually, for a variety of reasons, Bruno decides to climb under the fence and explore Shmuel’s world.

The storyline is very intriguing and dramatic, which makes the novel more interesting to read. Although the main character is only 9 years old, I recommend this book to older teens and adults who are interested in dramatic novels. This book is truly a great read. I’d rate the book, ‘The Boy in the Striped Pajamas’ 5 out of 5 stars as the storyline is intense and intriguing.

Grace, Year 9

November 19

‘Starfish Sisters’ by J.C.Burke

Starfish sisters“Starfish Sisters” written by J.C. Burke, is a story about four girls who all love to surf. Their names are Georgie, Kia, Micki and Ace. The four girls meet at a surf camp and that’s when the happiness, tears and adventures begin. “Starfish Sisters” is a book about the heart and mind. There are boys, breakups, surfing and most importantly the four discover the meaning of friendship.

      Ace is the eldest of the four girls and also the most confident as she is a beautiful model and is also sponsored. Then there are Georgie and Kia who are best friends before the camp and then Micki the youngest of the four. Georgie loves surfing but the pressure of competition is becoming too much for her. Kia can be very unpredictable as she battles with insecurities, jealousy, and having to live up to others’ expectations. Micki also has her own problems as she has to deal with family back home and Kia giving her the most unwelcome arrival. All four girls share the same goal of being selected to be included in the National Training Team.

      This is a book about true friendship, acceptance and a common bond of sharing the same dreams. Will all the girls make it into the team and stay friends? Find out as you read about the Starfish Sisters’ achievements and battles along the way.

Gabriella, Year 9

June 14

‘Starfish Sisters’ by J.C. Burke

starfish“For the first time, three people knew who I was. The real me. And the best bit about it was that they still wanted to be my friend.” (front cover)

This is the start to a trip that bring ups and downs in the girls’ relationship. Can they keep it together? This is a story written by J.C Burke, an amazing writer.


This is a story about four different girls with different backgrounds: Georgie, Micki, Kia and Ace (Courtney). They all have a dream of surfing professionally and making it into the junior squad team. But along the way they come across some bumps and troubles. Will they make it through them?


Courtney (Ace) is a professional surfer and a model for a surfing club. She’s lots of fun to be around and everyone wants to be her. Then there’s Georgie. She is an amazing surfer but she cracks under pressure. Can she keep it together? Other than that she’s a friend of all. Micki is the youngest of all the girls and the happiest. She proves to them that being young doesn’t mean that you can’t be as good as the rest of them. Then there’s Kia. Although she doesn’t really like Micki, she tries to pull it together because her best friend Georgie is getting really close to her. She is having the feelings to do something bad but can’t seem to do it. What will she do?.


I really enjoyed this novel. It is very very interesting and some people could actually relate this to their real lives, so there are some lessons to learn. I would rate this novel 4 out of 5 because there are so many things to learn. I would recommend this story to teen girls because it probably wouldn’t interest boys unless they liked a bit of drama.

Skie M., Year 8

June 7

‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ by John Boyne

Boyinthestripedpyjamas     This is the story of Bruno, the son of a German soldier during World War II, who forms an unlikely friendship with Schmuel, a young Jewish captive… Does this sound like the type of book you enjoy reading? If so, then ‘The Boy In the Striped Pyjamas’ is the book for you!
For Bruno, life is about to dramatically change. One day Bruno arrives home, he walks into his room and finds Maria, his maid, cleaning out his room. Apparently, because his father’s job is so very important, he and his family are being shipped off to a camp by the name of ‘Out With’ in Poland. It’s a boring and lonely place and, for a while , Bruno has nothing at all to do. This is until he spots the thousands of people in the striped pyjamas surrounding the fence of his home and, one day, decides to go on an adventure to find out who they are. This is where he meets Schmuel at the border of the fence. Schmuel is a young Jew who is being held captive by the Germans. This gives Bruno doubts about his father and causes stress in the family. During the book Bruno and Schmuel grow close and everything is fine until one day Schmuel’s father goes missing…
I enjoyed the book, ‘The Boy In the Striped Pyjamas’ because it is a story about an unlikely friendship between two completely opposite young boys. The book was written very well and I could not put it down. The language John Boyne used in the book made it very easy to imagine the scenes and also to get a sense of the characters. Though the book was at times a little boring, it still provided enough twists and turns for me to want to read right through to the end.
I would recommend this book to teenagers and young adults between 12 and 20 who are interested in realistic and heartwarming novels. The book is a good read and I would rate it 3 out of 5 stars.

Chelsea, Year 8.


     How would you feel if you had to move away from everything you know and love?

     When Bruno had to move away from his friends, school and basically everything he loved for his father’s work, things went from good to bad. For starters, the house he’s moving to is called ‘Out-With’ and it’s in the middle of nowhere.As soon as Bruno gets there he immediately feels homesick. He misses everything he left behind. His new home is full of strange soldiers and there are no children to play with other than his sister Gretel. But who wants to play with a 12 year old girl who’s into collecting freaky looking dolls?

     But when Bruno notices strange and unusual people dressed in striped pajamas from his window, he’s looking across the wired fence that separates his house from the people. One day Bruno becomes so curious that he just has to investigate.

     When Bruno gets closer to the fence he notices something in the distance and to his discovery it’s a boy! Bruno excitedly introduces himself and this strange Jewish boy’s name is Shmuel. Every day they meet at the same spot to talk. But one day Bruno climbs over the fence to explore Shmuel’s world, even though he’s forbidden to. Schmuel’s and Bruno’s friendship becomes stronger with every day they go through together.

     John Boyne’s ‘The Boy In The Striped Pajamas’ is a book for ages 12 and up. If you’re looking for a book that’s about friendship this book is for you. I enjoyed this book along with all its twists and I hope people who read this will like it too.

Tara, Year 8


     Do you like discovering new things and adventures like Bruno? If you do, then “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas” is the book for you. During this book you go on an adventure with Bruno, to a fence and you meet a boy called Shmuel.

     The two boys could almost pass as twins. They were both born on the same day, April the 15th. This book is based around the time of World War II in Germany. The story begins when Bruno comes home from school one day to find his maid, Maria, packing all of his belongings into boxes. Within days Bruno and his family moves to ‘Outwith’ for his father’s work. His Father’s work is very important as he is a German soldier.

     One day, Bruno was looking out his bedroom window. He noticed a large group of people in striped pajamas on the other side of the fence. Bruno wondered why so many people were wearing striped pyjamas. A few days later his curiosity had finally got the better of him and he decided to go on an adventure to see what was happening on the other side of the fence.

     When Bruno arrived at the fence he came across a boy, called Shmuel. Shmuel was a Jewish captive who had been put into a concentration camp by the Germans. Bruno sneaked out of his house every day to visit Shmuel and they become close friends. One day, Bruno sneaked into the other side of the fence, the side the people in striped pyjamas are on, Shmuel’s side.

     I enjoyed this book because it was a good story about friendship and adventures. I would recommend this book for girls and boys aged 12+.

Leisel- Year 8


June 5

‘The Indigo Girls’ by Penny Russon

indigo girls     Wouldn’t you love to go camping with the ‘Indigo Girls’ even if one of them wasn’t able to make it? If yes, then this is the book for you.  

     However, what would you do if one of your friends ended up in hospital. How would you cope if she was in hospital all because of you?  For Tilly (the smart one) Zara (the popular one) and Mieke (the one who holds the group together),  this is true.

     ‘Indigo Girls’ is a fantastic book filled with adventure, fun and mysteries that are yet to be found out.

     This book is for teenage girls who enjoy going camping and having fun with friends.

Tianah, Year 8


Have you been in the situation where everything revolves around the girl in the middle, and you barely know anyone else in the group?  If so, this book is perfect for you. How would you feel if one of your friends ended up in hospital? Would they still be friends? Somehow Zara, Tilly and Mieke got through this. This book is perfect for girls who love going on adventures with friends and learning how to trust each other even when you have many differences.

   “The Indigo Girls” is a fantastic book if you enjoy learning about friendships. This book is filled with mysteries and many differences.

Mariah year 8

May 1

‘The Indigo girls’ by Penny Russon

The Indigo Girls has all the elements of teenage girls’ lives. For starters, it deals with having boyfriends, going to parties and troubled friendships.

This book is a heart and mind book, with suspense and friendship. It all starts on their yearly camping trip to Indigo when one of the girls doesn’t turn up (Mieke). Miekie is like the glue of the group; Zara, the Queen Bee, and Tilly, the geek, are left circling each other unsure how to relate. Will it become a summer of torture or will they find what a true friend is?

Teenage girls will love the raw truth about their lives that has been captured in this book. Natasha, Year 8


Have you ever been in a situation where you are with someone that is completely different from you. The Indigo Girls, by Penni Russon, is aimed at young teenage girls that face regular problems.

The Indigo Girls is a great teenage novel that is about two girls that have completely different personalities. Zara,  who is the most popular person,  and Tilly, the geek, are left running around Indigo Island feeling completely alone. Most girls could relate to this novel because it has troubles that you deal with every day. Tilly and Zara learn more about each other and change the way they keep secrets and think about each other.

The Indigo Girls is a novel filled with fun, laughter and drama. I enjoyed reading this book and I would recommend this book to young teenage girls because you can relate well to the complications that occur in this book. Georgia, Year 8


Have you ever been in a situation where you are reading the most boring book in your life? Well today I have experienced just that, and I am going to share with you my painful time. First of all, the start of the book did not grab my attention, and the second page I didn’t understand. The third page I just couldn’t read. So you were all hoping for a blog and I advise you all not to read The Indigo Girls.

The Indigo Girls is about a camp called Indigo Island. It’s about three girls called Zara, Tilly and Mieke.  Usually every year the three girls go to the camp. But this year there is a twist. Mieke does not come and the camp does not go as planned. Mieke is like the chain that holds the group together so Zara and Tilly start to argue and fight with each other.

Does the summer turn out bad or good, does Mieke come to join them and will Zara and Tilly learn to get along?

Ella Year 8!


The Indigo Girls by Penni Russon

Have you ever been without a friend? Without anyone to bond with? Two completely different girls, who live different social lives, getting together? Well this is what The Indigo Girls is about.

The Indigo Girls is about three girls: Zara – the popular one, Tilly – the geek and Mieke – the one in the middle. The three girls have been going to Indigo every summer since they were nine years old and are known as The Indigo Girls. This summer, Mieke isn’t there and Zara and Tilly are left without Mieke to bond them together. How will this end? Will Zara and Tilly have the best summer of their lives or will it be pure torture?

The Indigo Girls is a fun, heart and mind book filled with friendship and drama, boys and lots and lots of secrets. Find out what happens in The Indigo Girls.

Laura, Year 8

October 28

‘The Indigo Girls’ by Penny Russon

The book I am reading at the moment is ‘The Indigo Girls’. I have really enjoyed the book so far. Three teenage girls have different lives and friends, but every summer for two weeks they go on holidays as Indigo Girls. But this year one friend, Mieke, hasn’t turned up. She’s the girl who brings all the girls together. Is this a disaster? Zara and Tilly are left to get to know each other. Are they going to overcome the awkwardness and attend all the fun activities that they have attended for the last few years? This is a very exciting book for all age groups but I recommend it for teenage girls.
I rate this book a 7/10. I have really enjoyed this book so far, as the plot is very interesting.This book makes you want to keep reading and reading and never put the book down.
Tyler, Year 9.

I found that the book, ‘The Indigo girls’, should be read by a young audience, probably around the age of 10-12. Even though I would give this book a 7/10, I found that for my age I was not interested in this book as much as I would have liked. ‘The indigo girls’ is about three girls who get together to go camping at the beach. One time when they go camping, Mieke texted them saying that she could not show up. Does this mean the end to the indigo girls? Or the start of something new? This is a read that can be easily done, mostly suited for people who like heart an soul books. This book is also good for people who are going through a rough time with friends. Can Zara and Tilly become friends? Read this book to find out. Jacinta, Year 9

“Summer always seems to start when we go to Indigo.” 

‘The Indigo Girls’ is a marvellous book written by Penni Russon. Three totally different types of people come together at Point Indigo. Zara, Tilly and Mieke love camping on the summer holidays, until Zara and Tilly were informed that Mieke couldn’t make their summer holiday. Mieke ties the group together; Zara and Tilly are worried that their friendship may not last without Mieke. Zara and Tilly’ s friendship grows, as well as themselves.

This was an intriguing book that kept the reader engaged. This book was interesting as you never knew what was going to happen next. Especially when you think you could predict what was happening, the unexpected happens. Both point of perspectives were good during this novel as both Zara and Tilly were writing the book. The two girls had totally different personalities and their point of view of life was very different although this book was written in the same perspective. This book is most suitable for girls aged 11 – 15.

Rhiannon, Year 9.

October 20

‘Starfish Sisters’ by J.C.Burke

‘Starfish sisters’ is a book about four girls who get picked for a surfing camp that goes for three weeks. The four girls Kia, Micki, Ace (Courtney) and Georgie or the STARFISH SISTERS (named by Jake the surfing coach) are all in the same room and all have one thing in common: their love for surfing. Kia and Georgie are the only two that know each other from outside the camp. When Georgie get to the camp Kia tells her that Micki, who is only 12, is in their room. Kia was going on about how Micki won’t be able to handle being in a room with older girls and Kia was being mean about Micki behind her back. Georgie is sticking up for Micki saying she may be a really nice girl. Kia also tells Georgie that a Pro-surfer from Ocean Pearl is in their room called Courtney (known as Ace by her friends). Kia was going on about how Ace is the person to be with because she has a hot boyfriend called Tim Parker and she is a good surfer and model. Georgie was trying to tell Kia that Ace might be all stuck up and not be very nice. All the girls find out that it’s not easy making friends with each other. Kia doesn’t like Micki that much even though Kia and Micki’s parents are friends, Kia isn’t getting along with her best friend Georgie because she had a better day at surfing than Kia.

This book is full of surfing, fights and finding friends with in each other. When Micki who only owns one board breaks it in half, the three other starfish sisters decide to hold a fashion parade to raise money to get Micki a new board. When the four girls get picked, as a surfing team will their team win?  With the battle for friendship behind them will this bring them closer friends or enemies? Read STARFISH SISTERS to find out. Michaela, Year 9.


A group of four normal girls, Georgie, Kia, Micki and Ace are crazy for surfing. They love to surf and they have all been selected for an elite surfing selection camp. Georgie and Kia are best friends from outside the camp and have been placed in the starfish bungalow along with Micki and Ace, who they’ve never met. The camp will be their home for the next three weeks and will be a place where they will share lifelong memories and experiences.

Although Kia and Micki have never meet before, both their fathers are best friends and all Kia’s dad ever talks about is how great Micki is and how she’s an amazing surfer. So when Kia hears that she has to stay in the same bungalow as Micki she is overcome with jealousy and ignores Micki and treats her like she’s nothing. However Georgie was not to happy herself when she heard that Courtney Mcflarne would be in her bungalow. She thought Courtney would be some stuck up girl who’s perfect and pretty and skinny. As the girls get to know each other they realise people may not be as they seem and sometimes secrets are better shared with friends than bottled up inside. “Starfish Sisters” helps you learn about friendships and how to deal with secrets and serious problems. It’s a great book and I personally recommend that teens should read it as it contains good life lessons and has a good storyline.

Leah, Year 9

Three weeks at surfing camp are about to change the lives of four very different girls. The story is told by the four girls in alternating chapters, going from Georgie to Kia to Mikki to Ace, over and over. I think that was a genius move, as I really got to know each of them. Another thing I loved was that I got  the story even though I don’t know anything about surfing, because it was written in such a way that it could’ve been any sport. Georgie is a natural surfer who’s starting to feel the pressure of being great at something. Georgie’s best friend Kia goes on taking the bad things and lets it get to her. Mikki is another natural talent who can’t wait to see if she can get away from the things that are tying her down. And lastly, there is Ace, the girl who seems to have everything together but really doesn’t. The four of them are stuck together in the starfish cabin and form an uneasy friendship as they get to know each other and start to show the cracks in their lives. Shakira, Year 9

June 1

‘The Indigo Girls’ by Penni Russon

indigo girlsThe story ‘The Indigo Girls’, is about three totally different girls who have been going to the same camp (Camp Indigo) since they were nine. They were from different cliques and wouldn’t usually get along out of school but they were best friends: Zara, Meike and Tilly. They have been friends since they were nine, and Mieke always glues them together in their time at Indigo. But this time, Mieke could not attend Camp Indigo for the first week of their holiday this year. Zara and Tilly, both don’t know how to act in this situation. They both know their differences yet they try to get along. They put their differences aside. This book is suitable for teenage girls because the story can relate to friendship problems at this age.  I really enjoyed this book because it explains how a friendship is formed and the problems that they came across were common. Jasmine, Year 8

Every year, Zara, Tilly and Mieke, who all go to different schools and live in different social worlds, are the Indigo Girls, only this year, Mieke won’t be there until the next week. “The Indigo Girls” is a book about friendships and finding their true self. Penni Russon is the author of this book. “The Indigo Girls” is an interesting book because it tells you about real life and real emotions. This book is recommended for teenage girls.  This book is set at Camp Indigo, during the summer holidays. The setting is very convincing as it is set at a beach and is surrounded by forest, where you usually have camps. The character that really stands out is Zara because she’s popular but she’s not stuck up or mean. She’s popular in a good way. She can be friends with popular people and friends with the smart people, like Tilly. “Indigo Girls” is an amusing, girly novel, which is easy to read. Girls will relate to “The Indigo Girls” and will come away enriched. Personally, I liked reading the book. I thought that it was fun to read and was interesting. I would recommend this book to teen girls because it teaches you about friendships and it’s a good book to read. I would rate this book an 8 out of 10. Dana, Year 8

The Indigo Girls is a great book for girls that like to read about friendships and drama. I would recommend it for girls aged 12-14. Any younger and you might not understand and older you would probably think that it is boring. You would enjoy this book if you liked books such as ‘Matched’ by Ally Condie or ‘Secrets at St Jude’s’ by Carmen Reid. Zara, Tilly and Mieke go camping every year but this year Mieke can’t come. She was the one who kept them all together. Now she isn’t there. It is awkward at the start between Zara and Tilly. They are totally different people, as Zara is really pretty and popular and Tilly is smart and not as popular. They think that Mieke is  coming after one week but they don’t know if she is even coming for sure. There are a whole series of funny, interesting and dramatic events that happen, some for the better and others not so much. Monet, Year 8