June 10

‘Megan’, by Mary Hooper

Megan-by-Mary-HooperThe book I have read is Megan, written by Mary Hooper.

Megan is only fifteen. One day she finds out in the worst possible way some terrible news – that she is pregnant.

What will she do?

How will her friends react?

How will the father of the baby react?

But worst of all, how will her mother react?

Will Megan keep the baby?

In this readable story, Megan tries to make sense of something that whichever way she turns will change her life forever.

This book is a good read for teens preferably for 13 years girl and up. Boys could also read this book to teach them a lesson but this book it recommended mainly for girls.

I thought Megan was a great and easy read. It was very interesting and it didn’t have easy answers to the problems she encountered.  The book was difficult to put down and the ending leaves you wondering what will happen next. This book is first of the trilogy and once you finish it you just have to read the next one. I give this book a 5 star rating.

Ashleigh. L, Year 8


“Was one of those things really inside me? I put my hand on my tummy again. Could I feel something in there or was I imagining it? Was that just a bit of wobbly fat or something else? (Megan, p.18).

The novel that was read was ‘Megan’ by Mary Hooper. This book is a faction novel. Faction novels have information about possible events but it not true. The Megan Series are the other novels written by the author. They are about how Megan deals with her life and with her child. ‘Megan’ was simple and predictable but at the same time it was compelling and readers described it as though they needed to know what would happen next.

The novel was set in the 21st century in England. The characters in this book are legitimate. A character that stands out is the mother. The mother is a character that puts a lot of pressure on Megan as she wants her to have a good life and have a baby later in her life.

In Megan’s world, there are many dangers to her and her child. Some of these dangers include harassment, short teenage-hood, and the danger of never finding a partner.  Harassment is a danger to Megan as in high school she was harassed by some boys. After that Megan was extremely careful, as when she was harassed Megan felt terrible! Megan’s mother believes that she will only have a short teenage-hood as she will need to mature way too quickly. Not finding a partner is a huge danger for Megan as she has no one to rely on. Megan does not overcome these dangers but she is careful and tries to enjoy life with friends.

This story is engaging and powerful. At the end of the book it was extremely satisfying. Although satisfying it was almost expected that she would keep her child.

In conclusion, the book was interesting. The highlight of this book is extremely hard to decide. This book is recommended to be for young girls/women aged 13 years plus. This age group would most likely find it interesting and educational. This book could be rated 5/5 stars.

Rachel V, Year 8


“Everything in life is a reflection of a choice you had made. If you want a different result, then make a different choice.”

Megan was only 15 when she discovers during class that she is 5 months pregnant. Megan has to go through the troubles of being pregnant at a young age.

Megan goes through many challenges, from her close friend hanging out with others to her mum telling her what to do.

I recommend this story to a girl 13 years and up to read this book. The story taught you a good lesson to stay safe and that your choices may affect yourself and others.

Megan’s actions have changed how she thinks and acts. Megan’s mum transports Megan to her aunt’s. Megan’s aunt tells her what happened when she was pregnant around the same age and how her choices still come to her today. Megan meets many nice friends were her aunt lives and goes to a motherhood class to help her with the future.

Slowly Megan grows from her mistake and learns how to handle a baby with care and nurture. Megan’s mum starts to tell little white lies to her neighbours as to why Megan is missing, while Megan’s friend stars to drop hints while Megan is away. Megan writes to her father in Australia saying she might live with him with the baby because her mum wants the baby adopted. The book “Megan” has a great example that “Everything in life is a reflection of a choice you had made. If you want a different result, then make a different choice.” And that “The past can hurt but you can either run from it or learn from your mistakes.”

The book is quite a good book but not my style of reading. If you read and love the first book of “Megan” then you can read “Megan 2” and “Megan 3″ that will complete the whole story. I’d rate this book ” Megan” a 2.5 stars.

Sofia N, Year 8.


She was rambling on and I wasn’t taking all of it in and then she said, ‘Of course, it is possible to be pregnant and still have periods.’ I didn’t hear what she went on to after that, I was just stuck on that: of course, it is possible to be pregnant and still have periods (Megan Novel page number 8).

This novel was about a girl named Megan. The novel ‘Megan’ is a faction book written by Mary Hooper. Megan is a simple and predictable book, yet this story strikes reality first. ‘Megan’ was compelling because throughout the story you always wanted to know what would happen next.

The setting and characters in the book are based on reality. The story is set in the 21st century in Great Britain. The story brings excitement and danger at every corner. Megan is a book that involved doing research for all the characters. Writing this book, Mary Hooper made the characters pop out. The story line followed one character after another and this is what connected me to the characters.

“Without thinking, my hand moved on to my stomach. It didn’t feel any different. But was that because I didn’t want to? Was it just a bit bigger? Rounder?” Using this quote, Megan gives the character a feeling. Using this feeling, the book engages the reader.

Following Megan’s life, the story was powerful, heart-filling and overwhelming. The end of the story involved characters in an unthinkable decision. The story outline was interesting and truthful. The writer’s style gave me inspiration and this is because the theme of the story was about surviving and never giving up hope. The theme of the story changed every now and again.

‘Megan’ is a book that involves having bravery and courage. The highlight of the story was when Megan kept her child Jack. I recommend the story to pre-teens because the story was easy to read  and it was quite interesting. The theme changed every now and again and I rate the book about a 3.5 out of 5.

By Courtney D, Yr 8

November 14

‘Roxy’s Baby’ by Catherine Macphail

Roxy's_baby“Roxy was shaking with fear. She drew in a deep breath. She would not let her fear take over. She couldn’t. She had too much to lose. She had to be strong. To be brave. For once in her life she needed to think of someone other than herself.”

Much of the story of ‘Roxy’s baby’ is set in London, in a little house a drive away but in the middle of nowhere.

Roxy is a 14 year old that has had too much fun at a party and is afraid to tell her mother about her pregnancy. She turns to the Dyces who take in girls just like her, girls who are pregnant and have nowhere to go. What could possibly be bad about them? Roxy finds them suspicious. No newspapers or contact with the outside world, no TV except for movies, no visits from former housemates and no babies. In the house she makes best friends with a fellow future mother Anne-Marie, who thinks of the Dyces as saints. This makes Roxy dismiss her concerns for a while, but deep down she knows that the Dyces are definitely not how they seem to be.

The storyline of this book grasped me from the very beginning. It jumps straight into the action and then traces back to where it all began. I believe this is one of the best ways of starting off a book. As well as this, the storyline is very interesting. It’s suspenseful and shows many different common attitudes of teenagers. The scariest part of it is the fact that it is based on a true story. It is very unbelievable and no one could ever imagine of the cruelty shown by the Dyces.

I recommend this story for girls or women, as it is a cruel story about a girl that I believe boys would just not enjoy. Girls and women can partially relate to how Roxy has trouble telling her parents about her pregnancy; they might sometimes even run away and not having anywhere to go. It would suit girls, of 13- 14 years as a novel or for a quick, exciting read for a lady of older age.

Erin T, Year 9


“Roxy could hear her heart beating in her ears. The floorboards creaked and doors slammed below her. She could hear the angry death threats from the demons that ran the Dragon House.”

If you love reading books with bone chilling thrills balanced with heroism and love, then ‘Roxy’s Baby’ is just for you.

Roxy is a wild 14 year old who never listens to her parents. When Roxy falls pregnant, she runs away thinking her family doesn’t love her anymore. She runs to London where she finds a care home for girls in her position but she is turned away as she is under aged. She meets a mysterious couple in a café who claim that they are in a business that helps girls and their unborn children. Roxy observes them as nice but are they really? The couple takes Roxy to a mansion outback called the Dragon House where Roxy uncovers horrifying secrets. Read ‘Roxy’s Baby’ and find out.

I thought this book was exciting, thrilling and relatable to teenage struggles. I rate this book 4/5. I recommend this book to 14-18 year old teenagers.

Victoria, Year 9


-Roxy’s Baby – Catherine McPhail

“Go home. I’m telling you. That’s all I’m going to say. More than my life’s worth to even say that.”

Roxy is an immature fifteen year old whose relationship with her parents is strained because of her constant defiance. One party, one kiss and more is all it took for Roxy’s life to turn upside down. She soon finds herself out in the cold searching for a safe haven for herself along with her unborn child. Then arrives the Dyces, who sweep Roxy away to a place for girls like her, away from the searching eyes of the police and the public. The Dyces are accommodating and kind, providing all the girls with whatever they require. Roxy soon meets Anne Marie and a close friendship forms, the girls relying on each other to get through the struggles of pregnancy. The days are carefree and joyful, but is it all too good to be true?

When the truth is unleashed, for once in her life, Roxy will have to think about someone other then herself.

I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Roxy’s Baby’ because it was a heartrending story of trust, friendship and lies. The book is based on a true story; this element creates an even more suspense filled plot. The one fault that let this book down is the lack of educated language as the writing is too simple. This book could have been improved by more descriptive language however it was still a very enjoyable read. This was a suspense filled story that left me wanting to always know more, however the story finished with a terrific ending.

I would recommend this book to teenage girls between the ages 13-18 who enjoy reading about the themes of teen pregnancy as well as family troubles. If you enjoy books that you cannot put down, then ‘Roxy’s Baby’ should definitely be on your ‘To Read’ list. I would rate ‘Roxy’s Baby’ 3 out of 5 stars. Kian, Year 9

November 12

‘Megan’ by Mary Hooper

Megan-by-Mary-Hooper“Without thinking, my hand moved onto my stomach. It didn’t feel any different.

But was that because I did want it to? Was it just a bit bigger? Rounder?”

Megan is such a captivating fictional novel from start to end. It is a relevant story to teenager’s life. It is a heart-wrenching story, which all starts with Megan a 15 year old who makes a dramatic discovery whilst in development class at school. She and her best friend, Claire had been passing notes and talking about boys. The class was talking about pregnancy, the pill and how it all works. The teacher had said something which made Megan pay attention. She was having all the signs of being pregnant. Megan’s head started spinning. No it couldn’t be, she thought. She’d broken up with Luke months ago. It couldn’t be true, could it?  She sat in despair, she was regretting the thought that if she was pregnant she would be 5 MONTHS. How was she going to tell Luke? What about her mum?  What is everyone going to think of Megan? Will she keep the baby? What about her holiday with Claire which they’d been planning ever since the start of this year?

The main characters in the book are Claire, Megan’s mum, Ellie, Susie and Aunty Lorna. This dilemma for the 15 year old teenager resulted in many difficulties between Megan, her best friend and especially her mum. Megan eventually was strong and brave enough to tell her ex boyfriend who was shocked but supportive with money and time. Megan however rejected Luke’s offer.

I really enjoyed this book because it was a touching, enjoyable story. Mary Hooper is an excellent author whose stories are easy to understand.  Her writing is very descriptive. You can understand and feel the emotion of the main character. One thing I especially liked about this story was that it didn’t end with a ‘happy ever after’ ending. It was different from every other book that I have read.  I would recommend this book to 13 – 16 year olds who like a fictional drama that involves confronting real life situations and consequences. I would rate this enjoyable novel a 4 out of 5.

Mariah, Year 9


“Of course, it is possible to be pregnant and still have periods.”

Who knew that this sentence would change Megan’s life forever?

Megan was a normal 15-year old girl, preparing for her GCSE when one day, in her personal development class, her teacher’s passing comment made her worst nightmare apparent.  Megan had missed a few periods but had thought nothing of it until then. Megan finds out that she is five months pregnant. Important questions must be faced and decisions made. What will she do? Will she keep the baby? How will her ex-boyfriend react?  But more immediately, how will her strict mum react to this life changing accident?

The main characters of this book consist of Megan’s so-called best friend Claire, her ex-boyfriend Luke, her over-protective mother, her ‘perfect’ little sister Ellie, her Aunty Lorna and her social worker Susie. Megan’s mother’s reaction is scandalous because you would expect a mother to be more supportive; instead her reaction is what you least expect and, unlike some of the other characters, this attitude doesn’t change as Megan goes through this difficult time.

Megan is a heart-wrenching novel that is about a 15 year old girl that is pregnant. This story is about the decisions she makes on this life-changing journey. I would recommend this book to female readers from the age of 12 to 16 as this book discusses teen pregnancy in an informative way, revealing possible outcomes that come from unsafe decisions and it discusses real, common issues. I rate this book a four out of five stars as it was realistic and I was gripped by Megan’s difficult predicament.

Bethany, Year 9

November 4

‘Megan’ by Mary Hooper

megan“I’m 15, pregnant and all alone; Mum’s going to kill me.”


Megan is a heart wrenching story about a teenage girl’s dilemma of pregnancy. During a personal development class which talks about female reproduction, periods, the pill and how it all works, Megan’s worst nightmare was realized when her teacher announced, “Of course, it is possible to be pregnant and still have periods.”  Megan’s mind was in a head spin. She had already missed a period and from that point on, everything changed. She finds out she’s five months pregnant. How did this happen? What is she going to do? What will the father say? And more to the point, what will her Mum say?


The main characters in the book are Claire, who is Megan’s best friend, Megan’s mum, her little sister Ellie, her Aunty Lorna and social worker Susie. Claire acts as the ‘classic’ best friend who takes care of her, supports her and is a shoulder to cry on.  Susie the social worker and her Aunty Lorna are the biggest emotional support throughout the book, looking out for her and helping her make important and personal decisions. Megan’s mum and sister are the biggest shock of the book, because they are the least supportive and downright nasty.


I really enjoyed the book, ‘Megan’ because it’s a relevant story about real teenage issues. This book discusses a sensitive issue, teenage pregnancy, and the emotional experiences around it in a very realistic way. It shows that not all families provide the support that is expected from a teenager and there is not always a ‘happy ever after’.


Mary Hooper uses very descriptive and easy to read language. I easily imagined each of the characters and the scenes she described. I was really interested in the story from the beginning of the book till the end because you never really knew what was going to happen next. I was really hoping for a happy ending for Megan but the book doesn’t end there; it continues to the next novel ‘Megan 2’ which makes me want to read more.


I recommend this book to girls between the ages of 12 – 16 who like a good heart wrenching, fictional drama that involves confronting real life emotions and experiences. I rate the book ‘Megan’ 4 out of 5 stars.


By Natalya T., Year 9


“Without thinking, my hand moved onto my stomach. It didn’t feel any different. But was that because I did want it to? Was it just a bit bigger? Rounder?”


Megan and her boyfriend, Luke, broke up months ago and she is ready to get her exams over and done with so she can enjoy her holidays with her best friend Claire when she is informed in a personal development class,  “Of course, it is possible to be pregnant and still have periods.” Suddenly Megan goes in to shock. She had skipped a period and it had been months since she and Luke… No! She couldn’t be! But Megan couldn’t shake this thought out of her head. She worked out that if it were true, if she was indeed carrying a baby, she would be five months pregnant! What would happen to her if this were true? How would her friends react? What would her mother say?


Megan is a normal happy 15-year-old girl who goes to school, fights with her mum and just wants to get past her exams so she can go on her already panned holiday with her best friend, Claire, until she finds out the worst news possible. She’s pregnant. This obviously brings many complications upon her and she will have to make some of the biggest decisions of her life in the up and coming months.


Mary Hooper has produced an easy to read, heart-wrenching novel about a young underage teen pregnancy. Through the book you explore Megan’s journey along with her and it provides you with an insight on how the teenagers of today feel when going through this time in their lives. It shows how hard times can be without any support from family and friends. Many people will feel sympathetic for Megan with the awful treatment she receives from her mother and younger sister.


This book is a good read for young girls aged 12 – 16 as it informs them on the consequences that will come up if unsafe decisions are made. I rate this book a four out of five stars, as it was interesting and I was intrigued from the very beginning about Megan’s Story.


Britney, Year 9.


“Of course you can be pregnant and still get your period!”


     This simple sentence changed Megan’s life forever. Megan was a 15-year-old girl who lived a normal life as a high school student until she realized in her Personal Development class that she was experiencing the symptoms of being pregnant. She automatically went into shock; she counted the months that she had missed her period, realizing that 5 months had passed, which would mean she was 5 months pregnant. All Megan wanted to do was to finish school and enjoy her holidays with her best friend Clair along with all her friends from school. She researched her symptoms and the choices she would be able to make, before eventually coming to the conclusion that she was two months too late to be able to have an abortion.

      The main characters in this book included Claire, Luke, Megan’s mum, Ellie, Susie and Aunty Lorna. Claire is Megan’s best friend, however she didn’t support Megan the way a best friend should. She enjoyed the drama far too much and didn’t seem to care much for Megan’s feelings at all. Luke was her ex-boyfriend of only a few months. He was a typical, reckless teenage boy. Megan’s mum and little sister Ellie were very protective of their Megan. Her mum therefore flipped out when she found out the news of her daughter being pregnant. Susie the social worker and her Aunty Lorna were also main characters in the book. They were Megan’s rocks throughout the whole devastating and unfortunate position she had found herself in, the only people she felt she could turn to.

     I really enjoyed reading the book ‘Megan’, as it relates to real life teenage issues. This book touches a very sensitive subject of teenage pregnancy, but was still very easy and enjoyable to read. It opens your eyes to the real life situations some teenagers face day to day.

     Author Mary Hopper is a very intelligent writer and definitely writes to appeal to a young teenage audience. She used very easy and readable language throughout and it was very descriptive. It was easy to imagine every scene and every character that Mary Hopper described in this book. This book also shows that not every story ends with a happy ending and that some stories can end quite horribly as in this book.

      I recommend this book to teenage girls between the ages 12-16 as at 12 years old they are just starting high school and at 16 they enter their senior year. Girls within this age group may be able to learn from ‘Megan’ and or relate to her situation. I rate the book ‘Megan’ 4 out of 5 stars.

      By Charlee, Year 9


“A baby. It couldn’t really be true.”


       Megan is a powerfully dramatic read about a teenage girl’s pregnancy. An ordinary fifteen year old, Megan, discovers her worst nightmare in a Personal Development lesson. The teacher announced, “Of course, it is possible to be pregnant and still have periods.” At that moment, Megan knew she was pregnant. What is she going to do? What will she do with her schoolwork and exams? The question that scares her most was how will she tell her mum and how will she react?

      The main characters in the novel are Megan’s dreadful little sister Ellie, her untrustworthy best friend Claire and her very unsupportive and heartless mum. On the other hand, there is also the social worker Susie and her Aunt Lorna who are very sympathetic and supportive towards Megan and her critical decisions.

      I enjoyed the book ‘Megan’ because it is a book that deals with a difficult issue, teen pregnancy, which teenagers may relate to. It shows many emotional stages of the issue’s consequences and shows an ethical message of what teenagers should learn from. However, the story was predictable and did not have a major exciting climax.

      Mary Hooper uses engaging descriptive language in this book. The descriptive language made a very vivid image in my head of what the characters looked like and the settings in the story. The ending was decent which made you want to read more, which you can in the other two ‘Megan’ series.

      I recommend this book for young adults between the ages of 12-18 who like emotional and fictional drama books that relate to real life experiences and issues. I rate this heartfelt book ‘Megan’ 3 out of 5 stars.

Grace M, Year 9


November 1

‘The Wave Rider’ by Graeme Lay

Wave rider      Out of all the girls, Justine had to be the one . . .Why did Carl have to do such a horrible thing?

     The Wave Rider is an epic love story with twists and turn you will not expect. Reading each page, each sentence, you will be fixated!

      The day Carl arrived in Kaimara everything changed; well, for Justine it did. Carl turned Justine’s world upside down. Each day that went by they became closer and closer. They saw each other every day without fail until Carl did something you couldn’t see coming. Why would he leave? Did he just lead Justine on? All the answers are found within the book and it will leave you astonished!

     Personally I don’t like reading. I don’t read much but as soon as I read the first page of this novel, I was hooked. I didn’t want to put it down! Just by looking at the book you would believe it is a surfing book, but it’s not. It is a story about love and how to work through various situations and issues. I would definitely recommend this book to all teenage girls, not so much boys as it is a book for romantics.

  – Madison, Year 9


     ‘The Wave Rider’ by Graeme Lay is an easy-going and enjoyable read. The Wave Rider is an exciting love story that is full of many twists and will leave you startled! Why did Carl do this? How could he do such a thing to Justine after everything they had been through?

     From the moment Carl had stepped foot into the Kaimara chemist, Justine’s life had changed for her. She was startled at his beauty and went home that night thinking about ‘the Yankee’. Day by day both Justine and Carl had built a strong bond with each other that led them to a serious relationship once Justine had enough trust in him. They spent every day they could together visiting beaches to show Carl and introduce him to the local sites in Kaimara, all up until the day when Carl vanished out of sight, no note, no explanation. Why would he just leave like that? After his talk with Justine? How could he do this to her? All answers that are told throughout this novel will leave you gob smacked!

     This book starts off a little slow but within the first couple of chapters it really brings you in and starts to make you think and ask yourself who is the Yankee kid and what will be the relationship between him and Justine? Will there even be one at all? For me personally I’m not one who reads but as this book continues you really get attached and just want to keep going with the novel. I would most recommend this book to young teenage girls, not so much boys, as this book is a romance. 

     From the look of this book you would think it is a real surfing boy’s book but I’ll tell you, it’s not just that. It’s full of romance and young kids working through a various amount of their problems, issues and family relationships. I would rate this book with an 8/10.

     Briana, Year 9

October 25

‘Roxy’s Baby’ by Catherine Macphail

   Roxy's_baby   I’m not the kind of person who reads and especially not books such as ‘Roxy’s Baby’ but when I started reading I just couldn’t put it down.

      The characters have very amazing qualities. Meet Roxy, who goes out at night with her friends and parties then doesn’t come back till early morning, till one day she leaves and doesn’t come back.

        The setting of this story was London. The main characters are Roxy, Anne Marie and Mr. and Mrs. Dyce. Roxy and Anne Marie are just young teenage girls experiencing something other girls don’t usually go through at their age. They both have very different personalities, as Roxy is the bad girl looking for answers to every question whilst Anne Marie just believes everything the Dyces say. Roxy goes on a journey to be safe with other girls going through the same problem as her, but while doing that she causes problems when her instincts and answers to questions tell her someone is lying and she is about to get in big trouble.

       I loved this book because it gets more dramatic and interesting the further in I read and at times I felt that I was there with Roxy following her and watching her every move. It is very detailed at times, which made it feel more realistic. When things went extremely wrong I felt I that I was in danger too.

        I would recommend ‘Roxy’s Baby’ to girls aged thirteen to sixteen. I’d rate ‘Roxy’s Baby’ 5 stars out of 5.

Grace F, Year 9.


     I’m not one to read books and like them, but when I started reading Roxy’s Baby I couldn’t stop. All of the characters are very interesting and have their own unique qualities.

     This story is set in London. Roxy, Anne Marie and Mr. and Mrs. Dyce are the main characters of this book. Roxy and Anne Marie are two teenagers undergoing things young girls don’t usually experience at their age. Roxy is always looking for answers whilst Anne Marie always believes what Mrs. Dyce says. Roxy causes problems for herself when she uses her instincts to answer her questions.

     I love this book because it is interesting and keeps you wanting more. The more you read, the more interesting it becomes. It is a detailed book and because Roxy is a teenage girl, other girls could relate to some of the situations in the book. I would recommend Roxy’s Baby to teenage girls aged fourteen to sixteen years. I rate this book 3 stars out of 5.

     Emalisha S, Year 9.


“At the last moment, she shook herself free. No! She would not be caught by them. She knew now what that meant for her, and for her baby.”


      Roxy is a crazy and uncontrollable fourteen-year-old girl, who gets caught up in the wrong crowd of promiscuous partiers and winds up pregnant.

      Instead of telling her family when she is pregnant, Roxy keeps it to herself and runs away to London where she meets Mr. and Mrs. Dyce, who take her to a house full of young runaway pregnant girls, where everything is not as it seems. Roxy soon finds out the hidden danger lurking in the house.

       This was a great read. It was interesting because it gives you a look into someone’s life who is going through a hard time and trying to come to grips with something way beyond her maturity level. I believe that this book would be best suited for a young lady aged 14-17. I don’t believe that young men would enjoy this book as they can’t relate to it as much as women.

Tamara, Year 9


I really didn’t expect to see myself reading a book like this; I just couldn’t put it down. The endless mysteries kept me reading for hours. I really enjoyed this book not only because of the storyline in the book but also because of the secrecy and endless mysteries.

      This book also teaches a very important lesson which is not to accept things from people. Just because they look friendly and trustworthy doesn’t mean that they actually are. I found the book “Roxy’s baby” very intriguing and an eye opener. The book shows so much emotion but doesn’t let it get too over the top.

      In the book “Roxy’s baby” Roxy is a 14 year old rebel that doesn’t get along with her parents and that has recently found out that she is pregnant and has no one to go to. So while sitting around in the locker room Roxy finds a pamphlet in a magazine talking about a home for troubled girls that are pregnant and underage in the UK, so after seeing this pamphlet Roxy decides to head off to the United Kingdom. I wouldn’t say I would read this book again because I did find it quite scary in a way but I would definitely recommend it to people who like mystery books.

Maddy, Year 9

June 6

‘Roxy’s Baby’ by Catherine MacPhail


Roxy's_baby      Roxy crouched in a corner listening to sounds of Dragon House in darkness. A door swinging shut, the creak of a floorboard. Every sound made her jump. Were they looking for her?

     Does this book sound like your type of book? If you love reading books with a little bit of thrill and a little bit of heart and mind, then this is the book you have been waiting for.

     Roxy is a girl who gets pregnant at the age of 14 years old and runs away. She goes out to the city of London and finds a place to stay called Mayflower House where they help girls who have run away from home and are pregnant. Roxy is a little spooked out by this place and was asking if there was another place, before she met a girl who said there is and she knew the owners. Roxy called the owners to see if there was a way for her to go to that house. She ended up going to a coffee shop and meeting up with the people – Mr. and Mrs. Dyce. They talked and Roxy went in the car and went to their place called the Dragon House. Roxy slept all of the way to the Dragon House. Once they got there she was amazed to see that a house could be so big. Then she realised that Mr. and Mrs Dyce weren’t as nice as they said they were. The rest is for you to find out.

     I would say this book is for girls in their teenage years (from 13+) who would love this book. There are lots of twists in the story. You will want to keep reading all through the night. I would give this book a 4 out of 5 stars.

     Aimee-Rose, Year 8


“Roxy was shaking with fear. She drew in a deep breath. She would not let her fear take over. She couldn’t. She had too much to lose. She had to be strong, to be brave. For once in her life she had to think of someone other than herself”.

     I am the type of person that doesn’t really enjoy reading, however in my English class I was given the opportunity to read the book called ‘Roxy’s Baby’, by Catherine MacPhail. Although this book is for girls that are in the teenage years and who have a good experience of books and on life stories that make you feel like you are right next to them, I enjoyed it highly and it was one of the best books I have ever read and I think this is the book for you. 

     The book ‘Roxy’s Baby’ is about a disobedient girl that falls pregnant by an unknown man and is faced with telling her mum. She couldn’t deal with it and ran away from home and travelled to Paris. She once read an article about a place that took girls who were having problems at home. She finally arrived and realised that she was too young to go there. She gave up and her last hope was to go live with Mr and Mrs Dyces. They seemed like very lovely people but they are hiding a horrible secret and their secret might be too desperate to hide.

I loved reading this book because it shows what can happen in people’s everyday life. Along the way Roxy made many new friends, which made this book very exciting. It shows that if you never give up and you never stop trying you can get to where you want to go. If you are interested in what I have told you then this is definitely the book for you. I truly believe that this book is a four out of five and I suggest you read ‘Roxy’s Baby’. Aidan M. Year 8.


     Roxy is a wild and out of control teen. She hates her life and her prissy little sister. Her only comfort is her equally rowdy friends Pat, Tracey and Jacqueline. They swoop through life defiantly. She wants to be one of them.

     One night, while at a party, she lets a drunken boy kiss her … and now she’s pregnant. She won’t tell anyone about her secret, her friends, her family, even her own mother. She runs away to London. There, Mr and Mrs Dyce find her, a kind and loving couple who promise her a way out of her troubles. They take her to a place where she meets other girls like her in the same position: Anne-Marie, Babs, Agnes and Sula.

     There’s no going back home now because the Dyces won’t let her contact home. She lives her life in their mansion, looking after her unborn baby. For some reason, she doesn’t trust the Dyces. Though sympathetic and understanding as they may seem, eventually she works out the dark secret the Dyces have kept hidden for years. Can she stop them? There is only one way out – and it’s risky. But now Roxy has her baby to protect.

      I really had a good time reading this book ‘Roxy’s Baby’ because it captured my attention straight away and then I knew that I had to keep reading. It was a very interesting story and I enjoyed every minute of it. The attention to detail was very precise and that made it very easy for me to imagine the scenes in my head.

     I would recommend this book to teenage girls ages 13 – 20 that like very daring and thrilling novels. I’d rate the book ‘Roxy’s Baby’ 4 out of 5 stars.

Morgan W, Year 8



June 4

‘Megan’ by Mary Hooper

megan‘Without thinking my hand moved onto my stomach. It didn’t feel any different. But was that because I didn’t want it to? Was it just a bit bigger? Rounder?’

    In this amazing story you can experience the life of this incredible teenage girl.

     Megan is a ordinary 15 year old girl, but one day she finds out the worst possible news. She’s pregnant.

    It’s too late have an abortion, and she doesn’t know what to do.

      This young girl has gone through a lot of trouble and friendship problems.

      How will she tell her mother? What will she think? Would she have to keep the baby, or she put it in adoption? How would her ex-boyfriend react?

      This novel would relate to some young mothers, and would be great for teenagers to read. It shows what young parents had to go through and why you should or shouldn’t do the same. 

Mariko, Year 8

November 5

‘Megan’ by Mary Hooper

Megan and her boyfriend Luke broke up months ago. She looks forward to the summer break and going on a holiday with her best friend Claire. This all changes in an instant when Megan and Claire are sitting in a Personal Development class and her teacher say, “Of course, it is still possible to be pregnant and still have periods.” As soon as the teacher says this Megan moves her hands to her stomach. She didn’t feel anything different, maybe fatter? Rounder? This changes everything for her. She might be pregnant. Since Megan and Luke had done it she had only missed one period, and had four periods, so this would mean that she is five months pregnant.  In Megan’s mind, she is spiralling out of control. What will her friends think? How will they react? And worst of all, how will she tell her mum?

This is a great book and I would recommend it. This book would be appropriate for teenagers aged 14-16 and preferably girls. I believe that everyone should read this book so that they know what Megan felt like and what she was going through at the time she found out the worst possible news. She is pregnant.

Isabella, Year 9


Megan by Mary Hooper is a book about a girl that gets pregnant at the age of 15 and explores the issues and relationship problems that she has along the way. The story is set in a small town mostly at school as well as home.

We are introduced to the character of Megan early on in the novel and the first thing we learn about her is that she is concerned she might be pregnant. We follow her in her journey and two of the main issues that arise are dealing with teenage pregnancy and family relationships. She is undecided about what to do and she seems to be really worried about the situation.

Overall, I really enjoyed the plot of the novel. It’s very easy to read and understand. I would direct this book to girls in their teens and even adults. Personally I really liked the novel Megan and would rate it about a 6 out of 10. I encourage people that like to read romantic/teen novels to read the novel Megan.

By Jarlah Year 9



Mary Hooper

The biggest decision of all…

It was during a personal development class, Megan found out that pregnant woman can still have their periods. That is what caught her attention. Megan realised that she has gained weight and her stomach was rounder. But she had missed last month’s period and she was due again in another week. Megan hadn’t had any sexual attention for nearly 5 months. The last time was with her ex-boyfriend Luke. Megan Warrell is 15 and is in the 10th grade. She was worried but didn’t want to make it out as a big fuss. She had to find out more information. Megan picked up a pen and a piece of paper and started to write down the months since she had slept with Luke November, December, January, February, March and Megan circled March. If Megan was having a baby she had figured out that she is now 5 months pregnant.

“The pregnancy testing kit turned out positive…The two blue lines on the pregnancy test seemed to dance in front of my eyes.”

Luke.. Would he be involved?

How will he react if or when Megan decides to tell him that he is the father?

Same with Megan’s mother and father.

But will Megan keep or adopted the baby?

This book for targeted at teen girl aged between 14 to 17. It will make teen girls understand what is it like to find out that you’re a pregnant at a young age, but gives teen girls a message about teen pregnancy.

I rate “Megan” 4 out of 5 stars. Amy, year 9

May 1

‘Megan’ by Mary Hooper

What’s not to love about books! I love them. They teach you life lessons, and they contain experiences that are exciting. Megan is definitely a life experience but to people like Megan’s Mum it’s a huge drama. This novel is placed in Chester, Great Britain.

Megan is a girl who is 15. She has a wonderful life but her Mum thinks that her sister is the better child. Megan had a boyfriend Luke; they broke up earlier in the year but before they broke up they got intimate and later on Megan then found out that it got her pregnant. Her life was turned up side down and she also faced a life changing decision: ‘Keep the baby or give it up’.

I liked this novel because it has drama and insights about life, which is helpful being a child and growing up. This book is just like the song ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ because Megan goes through all these rough times, just like you or a friend may have gone through but there is an end to the hard times. I advise for girls to read this book if you are 13-16 as it would give you an idea of troubles that can come in the future. Never give up a chance to read a book or have an adventure.

By Tayla C, Year 8.


I have really enjoyed the book Megan by Mary Hooper. Megan is a real girly sort of book that boys wouldn’t really enjoy, I think.

I would suggest the book is pin pointed at girls between the ages of 13 and 17. You could learn a lot about handling your problems, in some ways you could become a better person, find more friends and even have a better relationship with your mum or dad. I would suggest to girls to read this book if they were having a hard time at school or home or want to read a true story. The book is an easy read and very interesting.

The book’s main characters are Megan and her mother. Megan doesn’t really like her mum but she relied on her mum to help her out through hard times. This is the first book of a series of three.

This book is a great book for girls between the ages of 13 and 17 and is a fast easy read.

Olivia Year 8


I find it difficult to find a book that I actually approve of. I am only a teenager so I am interested in things like vampires, dramatic love stories and of course teenage dramas. This book ‘Megan’ is a thrilling novel that will keep you guessing at every page. It is completely unpredictable and has got everyone’s approval, according to my reading group.

It is about a fifteen year old girl in high school who lives an ordinary hormonal life that consists with boys, friendships, more boys and annoying parents that do not seem to understand anything. As her life flies by normally, she will find out the news that no teenager ever wants to hear: she’s pregnant! It is the worst possible thought that a girl can have and just to make it more horrifying, it was reality. She goes through many dramatic situations containing betrayal and rumours, and the spreader of the rumours is her best friend, who seems to be pleased with her friend’s misfortune. There is a complete avalanche of happenings and emotions that will be hard to catch up with but you’ll eventually get there, as I know I did. Imagine if you had found out that you were pregnant and single at such a young age. How would you react? Although it was an emotional and shameful notification, Megan had dealt with it so maturely and sensibly.

I have recommend this book to many of my school friends and some are still in the middle of reading it and some have finished and have already made recommendations. This book should be for mature 13 year olds, otherwise 14 and over. I personally loved this book and had fun reading it.
By Melis, YEAR 8

May 1

‘Roxy’s Baby’ by Catherine Macphail

I am the type of person who does not particularly like reading. But I have found a book through my English literature circles, ‘Roxy’s Baby’ by Catherine Macphail, that I have thoroughly enjoyed. This book is about young girls and it is targeted tat young girls reading this book and that is exactly what this book has done. All the girls in my literature group have the same opinion: we love the book, it grabs your attention straight away, it is as if it takes you into the book and takes you through the same journey as the characters.

The book ‘Roxy’s Baby’ was set in London. There are four main characters in this book: Roxy, Anne Marie and Mr and Mrs Dyce. Roxy is the main character. She runs away from home and lives with Mr and Mrs Dyce. At the same time Roxy is pregnant to an unknown man, which makes her life difficult. Anne Marie is a new friend of Roxy’s, who Roxy meets at Mr and Mrs Dyce’s house. She has shown Roxy her way around the house. Mr and Mrs Dyce are the lovely people who have provided Roxy and other pregnant girls a home. A short outline of the story is that Roxy got pregnant at 14 and ran away from home without telling her mother about the pregnancy. Then she went to live at a house that she found in a magazine, and these people were supposed to look after her but it did not really work out for her there. One of her friends that she met there told her to go to Mr and Mrs Dyce who will help her. So Roxy meets Mr and Mrs Dyce at a café and they said she could live at their home. Then she meets Anne Marie at the house and has lived there ever since.

I love this book because it was a journey; Roxy lived and moved to many different places, she also made many new friends, which made this book very enjoyable and exciting to read.

By Jazmin Yr 8


I am not the kind of person that loves to read but Roxy’s Baby by Catherine MacPhail was a thrilling, compelling, edgy story well suited for a young teenage girl audience (14-16). I would rate this book four stars. The reason this book interests me is because in this story are some problems teenage girls are faced with such as teen-pregnancy, running away from home and trusting strangers. Some teenage girls can relate to the problems in this book.

Roxy’s baby is a mysterious story with lots of twists and turns along the way and is always fast paced ahead of you leaving your hands gripped to the book until the very end.

Roxy’s baby is set in England when a young girl Roxy flees from home to London to a home for girl runaways because she is having a baby.

But along on her journey she meets the overly compassionate Dyces who seem kind at the start but have a horrible secret that they’re desperate to hide, maybe even too desperate. I recommend this book to teenage girls that aren’t under 13. By Indiia, Year 8


The book Roxy’s Baby is about a disobedient 14-year-old girl falling pregnant. She runs away to London to live with the Dyces. She finds out the Dyce’s aren’t the most honest people and she finds out their secret.

My opinion of this book would be that this book is a bit silly because Roxy is 14 and pregnant and she runs away. Most girls at that age wouldn’t really know how to run away and I didn’t like how she mistreated her mother either, but on the other hand I liked the thrilling parts at the end of the book. It did have me on the edge of my seat wanting to know what happens next. I would have to give this book a 5/10 because of the reasons I stated. I would recommend this book to girls at the age of 13-15 because I think it would interest them more than older or younger girls.

I would have to say this book was OK and I think other girls would enjoy it more than me. By Olivia, Year 8


Roxy’s Baby By Catherine Macphail

They’re generous, kind and joyful. But can anyone be this good?

This story is set in England. It’s about a young teenager girl called Roxy who falls pregnant. With worries that her mum won’t accept her, she makes a plan to run away to a home that looks after young pregnant teens that have been kicked out of home. With no hope there, she meets a loving and compassionate couple, the Dyces.

They take Roxy to their beautiful home where they look after other under age pregnant teens. Roxy is so happy that they are so kind and generous. But can anyone be this kind? They must want something?  Roxy soon finds out the dark truth about the Dyces. Roxy’s terrified. She needs to get out. But how?

I highly recommend this book to all teenagers.
I do not recommend this book to anyone under the age of 13, because of the story line is extremely too old for young children. A lot of teenagers throughout the world go through the same under aged pregnancy issue as Roxy. This is definitely a book that a lot of teenagers can relate to. What I like about this book is that it is a mystery and edgy sort of book and the story line has been wonderfully thought out.

Paris, Grade 8

November 14

‘The Wave Rider’ by Graeme Lay

The ‘Yankee kid’ was an American surfer boy who could ride the reef waves. He had moved to Kaimara and wasn’t planning on staying, and then he met Justine. From the first look of the cover of this book, the reader would assume it’s a surfing book, but it’s actually a teenage love story.

This book will have you hooked and you won’t be able to put it down! Each page has a new twist, which you won’t expect. Justine was planning on travelling around with Carl once she has finished school but everything changed. Why would Carl leave? What is she going to do with the baby? As you keep reading on you will keep thinking, what will happen next? This book is a mysterious love story and you won’t be able to put it down. Rachael, year 9.

October 26

‘Roxy’s Baby’ by Catherine MacPhail

I like this book because it’s interesting, thrilling and exciting. Towards the end of the book, it becomes more and more interesting. The part I don’t like about the book is when we don’t find out how Ann Marie goes in her life without her baby. I think this book would suit teens the same ages as the character in the book (Roxy). You don’t hear a lot about 14 year olds falling pregnant. People my age would want to know what was going to happen to Roxy next, seeing as she has two to care for now.      Lucy, Year 9


I am really enjoying the book Roxy’s Baby. I find it interesting never knowing what this outgoing crazy girl is going to do next with her life.  Finding out Roxy was pregnant at such a young age was a shock and you would think she would stay with her family for support. But as she runs away with a family she doesn’t even know on her own is a very risky take. I can’t keep my eyes off the book. Is the situation for Roxy and her baby going to work out and be safe? Can she trust the Dyce family?

Olivia, Year 9

November 3

‘Megan’ by Mary Hooper

megan“Megan” by Mary Hooper. Megan is an average teenager who likes hanging with her friends and going shopping. The only difference is she’s pregnant and the father of her baby is her ex, who she is not quite fond of any more. She loses her friends and family and is forced to stay with her aunty. Everyone is telling her to get the baby adopted but is that the right choice for Megan? The book is full of ups and downs and is very addictive. It’s suitable for teenage girls and can help you think like Megan and see that this is a life changing experience and not for the better. It is an amazing book and I hope to read the second one in the near future. Jessica, Year 9.
Megan is 15 and finds out she is five months pregnant, after hearing in a personal development class it is possible to be pregnant and still have periods. When her so-called best friend Claire tells a group of girls about Megan’s pregnancy, it’s not long until the whole school knows and Megan has become the latest and greatest gossip. When her mum finds out about the pregnancy and Megan is excluded from school, she is sent away to live with her aunty for a while. She attends a school for young pregnant girls where she is able to still complete her exams. As Megan takes us on board her emotional rollercoaster, there is one question waiting to be answered. Will she or will she not have the baby adopted? Stephanie, Year 9
May 16

‘Megan’ by Mary Hooper

meganMegan is a normal 15 year old school girl until she finds out something nobody is expecting, something that will change her life forever! Megan is pregnant, the father being someone she doesn’t go out with anymore. What will she do? Who will she tell? How will they react? Everybody is telling her to get the baby adopted, but is that what she wants to do? This book has many twists and turns, ups and downs but will Megan make the right choice in the end? This is a book you just can’t put down, it is suitable for teenage girls, it relates to real life stories and awkward situations. Tayla, Year 8

Megan is a normal 15 year old girl until one day she is faced with a decision that will change her life forever. She’s having a baby. Who will she tell, what will she do and should she keep it? I found Megan an enjoyable read for teenage girls. It relates to real life stories and I can’t wait to read the next one! Georgia, Year 8

As a fifteen year old you would believe without doubt that this was true. Having a baby “was this really true?” Megan finds her life hard as she is losing friends and has people at school hassling her. She is confused whether to have the baby adopted or not. What would you do? I found this book very interesting and I very much recommend this book to teenage girls. I am already on the second book. I find this book very hard to stop reading and can’t wait to find out what happens next. Olivia, Year 8 http://www.maryhooper.co.uk/