June 9

‘All this Could End’ by Steph Bowe

All this could endBang, bang stay down everyone!’ is basically the story of Nina’s life.

After being born into a family of bank robbers, Nina doesn’t have a choice but to follow the tradition. Nina and her family are almost always on the run, moving to new locations every six months across the north-east coast of Australia. Her parents Sophia and Paul have an extremely different idea of a career to her, after dragging her to yet another temporary home.

While starting at a new school with her brother Tom, Nina connects with a boy, Spencer, in a way she never really has before. But before Nina knows it, she is on the run again and must leave Spencer behind.

When Spencer finds that his soulmate has mysteriously disappeared, right at the time of a family crisis, it can’t get much worst; that is if there isn’t a gun held to your head. And who must be holding this gun? Nina. This puts Nina in a very difficult situation, where she must pluck up the courage and ‘spill-the-beans’. Suddenly Nina and Spencer’s friendship has been taken to a whole another level. But what show-stopper situation will come next?

The storyline is captivating, leaving you in a state of ‘wanting more’. With the relatable emotions and feelings that Nina and Spencer express, the reader identifies with the characters in the text. The excitement and wild-ride adventure shows situations of bravery, love, trust and adventure. The way the author blends the perfect amount of suspense and plot twists, makes me want to read more.

I would recommend not just this novel, but also this author to a young audience, because Steph shows an understanding of the emotions and feelings a young audience may be experiencing.

Brodee T., Year 8

November 30

‘Before I Die’ by Jenny Downham

Before_I_dieTessa has just found out that she has a couple of months to live and there is only so much she can do in that very short time. Before I Die by Jenny Downham is an exceptional novel with a great plot and interesting characters.

Tessa is a sixteen year old student who has leukaemia. She writes a list of ten things she wants to accomplish before she dies. Tessa finds out that the little things matter the most, like holding your dad’s hand, talking to your brother and hugging your best friend. The characters in the novel go hand in hand with each other, creating a real life atmosphere making you feel like you’re involved in the story. Zoey, Tessa’s best friend, was a big part of the novel, showing bravery even though she has a few troubles herself, which you can see in the book. Another stand out character is her father, going through it all and trying to find a cure for his daughter’s troubles.

I loved this book because it made me stop and think of the little things. Even though the book showcases death and dying, it shows how important life really is. This is a life-affirming and uplifting novel which made me wanting to race to the finish. Jenny’s writing was so powerful and it created real atmosphere whilst reading the book. I would recommend this story to mature teenage girls and adults as it has scenes that young readers will perhaps not understand. This is a very moving book and very effective for readers.

Erica A. Year 9


“I wish I had a boyfriend. I wish he lived in the wardrobe on a coat hanger. Whenever I wanted, I could get him out and he’d look at me the way boys do in films, as if I’m beautiful.”

― Jenny Downham, Before I Die

Months before you die, would you make list of things you want to complete? A bucket list? This is the question facing Tessa in Jenny Downham’s novel Before I Die.

This book was set in a small house in Britain. Before I Die is a compelling novel which follows a teenager who has been diagnosed with cancer. She has created a list that she wants to finish before her time’s up.

Tessa, the main character, is a teenager who is struggling with cancer. Her most important thing in the world is love. On the journey Tessa takes, she explores new people and breaks the law; things a normal teenager would not do. Will Tessa complete the list in the couple of months before her time’s up? Does her time even come?

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, as it always kept me wanting to read and I ended up never putting this book down. The story line is really interesting for all audiences and would come across really enjoyable to most teenagers as this story can relate well to teenagers going through a lot.

Jenny Downham’s characters seem really easy to relate to and kept my full attention through the whole book. Before I Die is a fantastic movie I would recommend for ages between 13- 20, but really would suit any gender and any age.

BIANCA E., Year 9

November 25

‘Shiver’ by Maggie Stiefvater

ShiverTo be honest with you, I haven’t really ever read any of Maggie Stiefvater’s work, not until now!

We were all given books to read and fortunately I was given ‘Shiver’ and I think it was one of the best books I have ever read. In this wonderful, amazing book there are two main characters, who pretty much made up of the book, Grace Brisbane and Sam Roth. Sam for six years has been watching and waiting for this one special girl Grace but not as you would expect. Sam when he was seven years of age was violently bitten by wolves and the toxic venom caused him to change into a werewolf as well. After Grace was dragged off her swing set and attacked by wolves he has been waiting for her to change so he can help her settle in but she never did. On the seventh year of waiting for Grace to change, they finally meet in person after Sam got shot in the neck and out of adrenaline changed into a human. Ever since they met they have fallen deeper in love but time is running out for Sam and they need to find a cure before it is too late.

For me, once you start reading this book it would be very difficult to put it down. I don’t think much young people could relate turning into a werewolf in the winter but young people can relate to the love and life problems that occur in the book. I would recommend this book to any teenage girls, who love heart-filled spectacular books. I can guarantee that this book will be one of your favourites books of all time.

Riley K, Year 9


I read this book and almost cried because it is beautifully written.

A little town called Mercy Falls is on the edge of a forest where the wolves live, including Grace’s favourite wolf. They normally hang out in Grace’s house or in the parking lot at Grace’s high school. She sees them when Sam drops her off to school and when picks her up as school finishes.

Grace is your everyday teenage girl. From my point of view, I don’t find anything special about her. She has the teenage sense of humour and an obsession with coffee. And then there is Sam; he is Grace’s ‘True Love’ and ‘her wolf’. At first, he is charming and then witty, then shy. He keeps on being shy for too long and then at the end of the book he starts to let Grace in and he really became Sam.

Sam doesn’t let anything go lightly and thinks about everything thoroughly, not to mention the flow of music lyrics forming in his brain at every situation.

My favourite character would probably be Isobel. She is the rich girl you would think was not a nice person, which is true at the start of the story, or at least that’s how the author lets her seem to be. But at the end of the book she helps Grace and Sam, biting her tongue the whole time. She is sassy and puts a kick into the story.

They mainly mention Beck in memories but he appears in person during the middle of the novel. Beck is the closest thing Sam has to a father. He is responsible and takes care of every wolf in the pack.

Lastly, Jack Culpeper is Isobel’s brother and is known to be dead at the start of the book but actually is going through the transition of a werewolf. He is cocky, arrogant and has no control over his temper and wolf form.

Grace never felt like she fitted in: quiet, sweet, obedient Grace.

What she did feel, it was when she felt the pull to the woods next to her house, but most of all, the lure and longing of ‘her wolf.’ Her life and love life changes when a shooting occurs in the forest. The love that blossoms when this boy enters her life is too much to let him turn back into a wolf so she tries to find a cure for his wolf side.

This book is beautifully written in the way that the characters are explained. You always know what’s going on in both of the main characters’ heads because the author frequently tells the story from two points of view.

I also love the plot. It has so many questions that get tied in at the end and it made me want to read the other books in the series.

I would recommend this to all teenage girls who love a good old romance fantasy. It will make your heart stop. It has a bit of humour, mystery, fantasy and a lot of love.

Emma J, Year 9

November 16

‘Ruby Red’ by Linzi Glass

ruby redDo you enjoy reading romantic romance novels? Novels filled life and suspense? Then Ruby Red is a fantastic option for you.

Ruby Red is about a 17-year-old, girl named Ruby whose parents treat everyone of all races equally. Ruby becomes close to a character called Julian. She falls deeply in love with this character. He is a blue-eyed African. This is not acceptable and people disapprove of her love for Julian. This caused many problems in the story such as her mum helping ‘black’ people show their love and passion for art and her dad helping the Africans break out of jail.

I enjoyed and loved that I could relate to other teenagers in a different society as well as the heart-warming storyline and the themes in this book. This I feel is an easy read except for some scenes, which made it a bit more difficult to picture the image in my head.

I recommend this book to teenage girls between the ages of 12-18, because I feel anyone younger would not understand the meaning of this book and anyone older would not connect with the characters and storyline as much. This book is for people who like exciting stories with a bit of romance. Personally, as a teenage girl, I can relate to some of the topics mentioned and overall the whole idea of this book interested me.

You have to read this book, especially if you love romance with suspense. It’s a great book as teens can relate to scenarios mentioned in this book. I rate it 4/5 stars.

By Grace, Year 9


If you enjoy reading romantic novels filled with heartache and suspense that make you feel like you can relate to the story, then I suggest you read Ruby Red.

Ruby, the main character, is a 17-year-old girl whose family treats everyone with equality and respect. Julian, a dark-skinned blue-eyed African sends Ruby head over heels for him. Many people disapprove of this love, which causes many problems throughout this story. Ruby’s mum helps dark people express their love for art and her dad ends up helping the Africans out of jail.

I loved how relatable this book was for teenagers, especially in our society. It also included a very influential message. You don’t have to be the best reader to read this book. I found it was an easy read and very easy to understand. There were a couple of scenes in this book that were very busy and had a lot going on which made it a bit harder to comprehend.

I’d recommend this book to teenage girls between 12-19, as younger girls would not be able to understand the storyline or message as well but any older I believe would not be able to connect as much to this book or the characters’ personalities. This book is overall very exciting and makes you want to read more. I also really like this book personally as I feel I can connect easily to the storyline and there’s always something happening, which keeps it interesting. I would rate this book a 4/5, as it includes, heartache, suspense, romance and is relatable.

Chloe, Year 9


If you love a forbidden love story with adventure in it I suggest you read Ruby Red by Linzi Glass.

Ruby is a white girl who lives with her family in Johannesburg in the town of Seweto where there is hate and anger by ungrateful people. Ruby is a popular girl who is trying to fit in. But behind that, Ruby isn’t who everyone thinks.

Ruby suddenly falls in love with Johann who is African. It is forbidden that black and whites have a connection.

The main characters in the book are Ruby, Johann and the mother Annabelle. Ruby is kind, loving and stands up for what she thinks is right. Her mother Annabelle owns the art gallery and treats the black and white with the same respect. She doesn’t judge. Johann is charming, kind and handsome. That plays a major role in the book.

I enjoyed this book because it teaches you to have respect for others and not judge them. This is a different book from any other book as it talks about the life of blacks and whites and how it’s not respectful to treat people differently. As for Ruby’s family, her family treats both of them with the same respect and don’t judge anyone.

I recommend this book to teenage girls of ages 12-17, as it is based on romance and adventure. Under the age of 12 might not understand the meaning of the story.

In conclusion, Ruby Red is a great book to read and it talks about the history, love and adventure between the blacks and the whites.

Charlie, Year 9

November 16

‘Switched’ by Amanda Hocking

switched“‘You are a monster. You aren’t my child,’ my mother said as she held a butcher’s knife at me on my sixth birthday. My mother tried to kill me that day.”

Eleven years later Wendy doesn’t fit in, has no friends and has a bad temper.

A mysteriously hot new kid, Finn Holmes, comes to her school. One night she hears a knock on her window. She opens her blinds and she sees Finn Holmes there on the windowsill, which happens to be two stories high. She opens the window to talk to him but he climbs inside to Wendy’s horror and delight. ‘Come with me,’ he says, ‘you belong to the Trylle, a world where you fit in. Come with me. I’ll take you.’

Switched is an amazing book, the characters’ passion and the passion felt between the characters is so intense it is mesmerising. The passion flows off the page and flows straight into the soul. Wendy is easy to relate to because she isn’t perfect. In many books directed at girls the main character is usually perfect or almost perfect. But Wendy is a stubborn, short-tempered girl who has never really fitted in, however she finds that in another world her skills are considered a specialty. I was able to clearly picture the landscape of the scenes as the description of the places was vivid.

The only downfall of the book was that there was not much action but the book made up for that by having such high tension. The tension throughout the book kept me turning the pages

I recommend ‘Switched’ to teenage girls who like fantasy, adventure and romance books. It is an excellent book with amazing characters. I give this novel 4½ out of 5 stars as it kept me glued to the page wanting more. I can’t wait to read the rest of the trilogy. Pearl H, Year 9


“It was my sixth birthday, and my mother was wielding a knife. Not a tiny steak knife, but some kind of massive butcher knife glinting in the light like in a bad horror movie. She definitely wanted to kill me.”

Do you enjoy reading books about fantasy being and hot guys? If so, Switched by Amanda Hocking is part of the New York Times best selling Trylle series. This book is a great read that has you hooked and waiting for every new chapter. The characters are blended together in a unique type of fiction that has never been seen before as Amanda Hocking pulls you into the matchless world of the Trylle. The story is about a 16 year-old girl called Wendy Everly whose mother tried to kill her when she was six. She is a troublemaker, perhaps a testament to her attempted assassination, and is different to the other kids. She can’t stand processed food, has unruly hair and can persuade people to do things that she wants just by thinking them. She knew she was different, but never thought much about it until Finn Holmes shows up at her school one day. He is dark and mysterious and has an unusual fascination with her. As she becomes closer to Finn he pulls her into a world she never knew, the world of the Trylle.

I genuinely enjoyed this book, though I did find Wendy a bit bratty and immature. The concept of the Trylle was a refreshing change from the stereotypical vampire books, and had me thoroughly hooked as I learnt more about the tribe. The characters, setting and Amanda’s special writing style added to enhance the brilliance of the story, along with the romantic interest between Fin and Wendy leaving me to award it a 4 star rating. I would recommend this book to female young adults because of the love interest, or anyone else who enjoys this type of supernatural/romantic fiction or anyone who enjoyed Immortal by Lauran Burd or Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. This is definitely a book you want to add to your collection!

By Charlotte, Year 9

November 13

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

17878931“ I am a red girl in a sea of silvers and I cannot afford to feel sorry for anyone, least of all the son of a snake.”

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard is an electrifying debut novel that merges the boundaries between fantasy power, gripping action and forbidden love and taking the wonderful world of YA by storm.

Red Queen takes place in a dystopian world divided by blood – red or silver. The Silvers are blessed with god-like supernatural powers and live in the lap of luxury while the Reds are commoners stricken by poverty living in the shadows of the elite. Mare Burrow is a 17-year-old Red girl, but in an extraordinary situation discovers that regardless of the colour of her blood, she is gifted with abilities that not even Silvers possess.

Victoria Aveyard writes to the beat of her own drum, every beat being a heart-stopping twist that will leave you on the edge of your seat in danger of a heart-attack. Throughout these twists and turns the main character, Mare, was such a pleasure to see grow and unravel from the beginning to the end. Character development in Red Queen was one of its best attributes as each one of the characters had their own very special personality and story.

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard has an exceptionally wide range of genres, dystopian worlds, gripping action, forbidden romance, betrayal, fearless plot twists and fights scenes as good as that of the Avengers, making this book readily available to absolutely anyone. It will make hard-core fantasy addicts weep with triumph and delight.

Red Queen will give you a rollercoaster of emotions that will leave you in a mess of tears or a heart attack of joy. In a wonderful world of betrayal against betrayal, Reds against Silvers, prince against prince and Mare’s heart against Mare’s head, it doesn’t get better than this. If I have said anything that has given you shivers down your spine, read this one of a kind book and “We will rise up, Red as the dawn.”

I give Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard a 5 out of 5 stars.

By Bronte, Year 9


November 13

‘The Fault in Our Stars’ by John Green

The fault in our stars“You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world…but you do have some say in who hurts you. I like my choices.”

John Green has written some of the best books that have been published. As well as this book he has also written books such as Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns. This particular book is mainly based around two main characters called Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters. Hazel Grace has been diagnosed with lung cancer. When she starts going to a support group she meets a guy named Augustus Waters. At first they don’t see eye to eye on everything but as the book progresses, they begin to feel very fond of each other and begin to realise that they have similar interests and life goals.

‘“I’m on a roller coaster that only goes up,” he said. 
“And it is my privilege and my responsibility to ride all the way up with you,” I said.’

I found this a very intriguing book because when you start reading it, it’s incredibly difficult to put it down. Some of the scenes in this book very much relate to younger people and issues that they are faced with, which is a good way to get people’s attention. In my opinion, John Green is one of the best authors that you will come across because his books remind people that not everyone is as they first appear to be, and that if you look deeper and get to know them better, you may find yourself meeting a whole new person. I would highly recommend this book to young women from the ages of 12-20 and especially if you enjoy a good heart-filled, edgy novel. Even if you’re not a reader you should give this book a try. I rate this book five out of five stars and guarantee you will love it as much as I do.

~Emma H, Year 9


“I fell in love the way you fall asleep; slowly then all at once.”

Meet Hazel Grace Lancaster. She is 16 and affected by one of the worst diseases on the planet: cancer. Diagnosed with an untreatable form of thyroid cancer at the age of thirteen, which had since spread to her lungs causing them to occasionally flood with fluid, the condition has made breathing a problem without the assistance of her oxygen tank, which she called Phillip. Hazel described her condition as, “My lungs suck at being lungs.”

Hazel doesn’t attend school and is diagnosed with depression by her doctor, due to the fact that she barely leaves the house, eats little and reads the same books over and over. Her doctor also insists that she visits a cancer support group to make friends. This is where she meets Gus, who is also a 17-year-old cancer survivor with humour and a lot of love to give. After they meet, they fall hopelessly in love with one another and from then on is a mystery for you to discover.

This book is a fictional book full of romance and adventure of two love-struck cancer survivors living their lives to the fullest. I find this book a great read due to the fact it teaches you how precious life and love are. Also it shows that life is unfair in many ways and we need to push through even if you have no hope. I found it an incredibly hard book to put down and I am in love with John Green’s other books, including Looking for Alaska. I recommend it to mostly teenage girls, due to the fact that it is more of a romance novel. I rate The Fault in Our Stars 4 out of 5 stars.

Jess.R, Year 9


“ Some infinites are bigger than others”.

Cancer is such a dreadful disease and an emotionally draining experience. The fault in our stars is set in a small town in Indiana. This novel is about teens suffering from illnesses that meet at a support group each week. One week a new member joins the group and this is the start of when the two main characters fall in deep unconditional love.

This book is very well structured with realistic aspects, which create an engaging story line to follow. The Fault In Our Stars is about a Hazel Grace Lancaster, a 16-year-old girl suffering from lung cancer, who has a love for a certain book named ‘Imperial affliction’. Hazel meets a cancer survivor named Augustus Walters at a local support group called ‘The Literal Heart of Jesus’. This support group is for teens suffering from an illness which prevents them from having a normal life. This book is about Hazel and August’s emotionally insightful journey together. John Green creates a story filled with romance, bravery, friendship, quirkiness, excitement and emotional conflict, bringing laughter and tears to the reader. The author uses a great range of dialogue as well as descriptive and poetic language. This makes the book full of depth and intensity, which comes as an easy read.

In conclusion I believe The Fault In Our Stars is perfect easy read for female teenagers who love a good romantic, heart-filled book with a pinch of adventure. This book is about the story of two cancer patients who go on a wonderful journey. This book will bring laughter and tears to the reader.

Tiana, Year 9


‘The Fault in Our Stars’ is a novel by author John Green. The story follows the main character, sixteen-year-old Hazel Grace Lancaster, who battles with thyroid cancer. Thyroid cancer develops when the cells of the thyroid gland grow and divide in a disorderly way. Not only is Hazel trying to live a normal life, but she is also struggling with the fact that her parents will have to live and learn to be without her after she passes away. While attending a church support group for cancer survivors, as her parents believe she is depressed because she has cancer, she meets a boy who is one year older than her, Augustus Waters. Augustus has a type of cancer that causes him to lose his leg and wear a prosthetic, called Osteosarcoma.

From the first day that Hazel meets Augustus the two are practically inseparable. Being diagnosed with cancer is the basis of their friendship and their love for books. Hazel shares her favourite book, ‘An Imperial Affliction’ with Augustus, and they bond over this book and have a burning desire to find out how the story ends because the author stops the book before providing the conclusion about what happens to each of the characters. Augustus joins Hazel’s pursuit of the book’s author, Peter Van Houten, to provide the answers that they need. Augustus uses a wish foundation to fly him and Hazel to Amsterdam, where the author lives, to talk with him in person to find out the end of the story. While experiencing each other’s hobbies and interests on the way, the two find a love for each other.

This novel is relatable to teenagers as teen issues are addressed in this book. I recommend this book to teenagers, young adults between the age of 12 and 25 who are interested in a heart-filled, romantic and exciting novel containing life lessons. I find this book an amazing read. I’d rate this novel ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ 4 out of 5 stars. Mia R, Year 9

June 23

‘I am Number Four’ by Pittacus Lore

I AM NUMBER FOURIn the beginning there were nine, they found the others, now they are coming for me…… I AM NUMBER FOUR.

I am number four is an action packed book that still fits in a little bit of romance, set in Paradise, Ohio. John Smith and Henri are in hiding. They are hiding from the Mogadorians, the hunters of their kind, moving to another town every couple of months, a new town, a new identity, a new life, any records or any trace that they were there, gone.

John Smith aka number four is a teenage boy who is living pretty much on the run from the Mogadorians, a race of aliens who are trying to kill him. After number three was killed, he moves to Paradise Ohio where he meets Sam who becomes his best friend and Sarah who he falls deeply in love with. John and Henri appear to be the perfect father and son but not everything is as it seems, as they aren’t even father and son and they aren’t even from Earth. With the Mogadorians tracking them, Henri and John must be cautious of their surroundings and Henri must train John to use his “special abilities.” This book is a mix of Action, fiction, romance, adventure and science fiction/fantasy.

I liked this book so much because it related to real life teenagers in that John and Sam were being bullied at high school by the popular boys. This book was also appealing because every time you turned the page there was more action, more excitement and more drama. Every new chapter brought something more interesting into the story, something extra about what happened to Lorien and the Loric people. Throughout the book it would give little bits of information so you had to keep reading to find out the rest of the information, for example the book mentions a second ship early in the book but you have to keep reading to find out what was on the second ship.

I would definitely recommend this book to both genders and any age from 12yrs to 16yrs. Most people over the age of 16 will probably find this book boring and most under the age of 12 will highly likely find this book too hard to read or not understand what is happening. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I rate “I am number four” by Pittacus Lore 4 out of 5 stars.

Hannah R, Year 8


Imagine being unable to recognise the few people you had to leave behind. It wouldn’t be good, would it?

The novel ‘I am number four’ was just like this and was written by Pittacus Lore. It was very interesting because it had the element of surprise in it a lot which was thrilling. The first chapter of the novel was going straight into the action so it started with a hook which caught my attention.

The genre in this book is adventure and action but it also has a bit of romance. It is not based on a true story so therefore it’s fictional. This novel is about a guy called John Smith, that can’t live a normal life. His home planet (Lorien) was destroyed by aliens called Mogadorians. These destructive aliens took away everything he had and loved. He was sent away with others to a safe planet called Earth, well it was safe then but not now. John found a stranger called Sarah who could be his love interest but that may not last long.

John will go through pain, hurt and many obstacles on the way to find out who he really is. John Smith has gone through many things but he’s always had a helping hand from his mentor Henri. Henri has always been a father figure for him because he wasn’t able to meet his parents. There are nine chosen kids that have a special gift that is used to save their plant and earth from extinction but has all hope been lost when he is faced with someone that took everything away from himself or will he not see the light of day again?

This novel is really fascinating and really hooks the reader, which I love. It’s is a good length book and won’t take long to read unless you decide it’s not something you’re interested in. The novel  reaches out to teens aged 12-15 years. I would not recommend this to any person higher or lower than this age because it will not interest them or hook them.  ‘I am number four’ is truly a great book that is a part of a series so you can continue to read them to see what happens next.

Lili S., Year 8


John Smith is not a normal teenager. He can’t run forever. But why is he running in the first place?

The novel ‘I am number four’ by Pittacus Lore grabs you from the first chapter, as it gets straight into the action. The story is set in modern day, in Paradise Ohio, a small town where everybody knows everybody. Maybe it’s a great place for an alien to hide away and live a ‘normal’ life.

John Smith aka Number Four is the main character of this book. He was chosen as one of nine kids to escape from the war that was happening in his home planet, Lorien. He is next in line to be hunted and killed by the Mogadorians (the aliens who started the war and intend on continuing it). As he is being chased, he decides to settle in Paradise Ohio. His guardian, Henri, finds out about some mistakes John has made and tries to make them leave, but as John’s legacies/powers grow he gets stronger and learns how to stand up for himself. Along the way John meets a girl with blonde hair, named Sarah. She is kind-hearted, similar to John in many different ways (except for the fact they come from different planets).

I really enjoyed this book because of the diversity that the pages of the book has in store. Also the action: it’s really grabbing and it’s too graphic yet still gives you a clear picture of what is happening. In the more peaceful times, the author uses very explanatory language, although leaving some details up to the reader, which it’s really great because everyone has a different look for Sam, John and even the heartless Mogadorians.

The genre of this book is definitely action and adventure, although it has some romance. I would recommend this book for girls and boys ages 12 – 15, as it is quite a diverse book that everyone would enjoy. With aliens, fire-resistance, relationships, and a tag-along dog Bernie Kosar, this book is enjoyable for both genders.

Will John learn to trust another person besides himself and Henri or will he block out everyone that comes close to finding out his secret?

Serayna N, Year 8


Have you been waiting for superpowers so that you can escape from evil aliens and save all your friends as well?

All of his life, 15-year-old John Smith has moved from place to place, never staying in the one area too long in fear that the Mogadorians will find him. They could kill him. John is protected by a magical spell that was placed on nine children from the planet Lorien, John’s home planet. An elder of the planet placed a spell on them that gave each child a number, and the only way the Mogadorians can kill them is to kill them in order from one to nine. Henri, John’s Cêpan or guardian, starts to get very worried when the first three have all been killed because John is number four. The Mogadorians will be after John next so they decide to move to Paradise, Ohio, a small town that they hope the Mogadorians wouldn’t look in, but when John moves to Paradise, Ohio, he wants things to change. John is sick of not being allowed to make friends and settle into a place so this time he’s going to act a bit differently. John meets the beautiful Sarah Hart and he’s awestruck. Suddenly John is very glad that they moved to the small town of Paradise, Ohio.

I really liked this book because it was such a good combination of adventure and fantasy with heart filled moments that show what true friendship is.

This story is most suited to boys but girls will also enjoy it and it is directed at ages 12-15 who like action, sci-fi. Fans of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, who would like this book.

Savannah F Year 8

June 12

‘Throne of Glass’ by Sarah J. Maas

Throne_of_Glass_UKErilea is a world where magic once thrived but now, under the rule of a tyrant, the magic has been outlawed and has disappeared from the land.

Celaena Sardothien is an eighteen year-old assassin who has been sentenced to a lifetime of slaving in the salt mines of Endovier. Dragged in front of the Crown Prince of Erilea, she is offered her freedom, however there’s a catch. She has to earn it by winning a competition against some of the most treacherous criminals in the land. If she wins she will become the king’s champion for three years, killing for the man who killed her family and razed her home. A mystery arises when competitors are being murdered. One by one their mutilated corpses are showing up. Celaena must find the killer before it’s her dismembered corpse they discover.

The book includes a love triangle, which is obvious right from the start. Celaena ends up falling for Captain of the Guard Choal Westfall and Prince Dorian falls for her in turn. The love triangle is clicheed and overused in many YA novels. However romance is not the main idea of this story, which is refreshing. Sarah Maas has not, like so many stories do, centred her book on love, heartbreak and heartache; instead it focuses on Celaena’s survival and how she earns her freedom.

The world Sarah Maas has created has history and culture. The amount of time put into creating such an intricate world with such a rich backstory is obvious. The novel has a wonderful blend of magic, romance, action and mystery. I would recommend it to people who enjoy young adult fantasy. It’s the perfect book for people who like to get lost in a world away from their own. I give the book four out of five stars.

Alex Y., Year 9

June 11

‘Six Impossible Things’ by Karen Wood

Six impossible things“So keep your head high, keep your chin up, and most importantly, keep smiling, because life’s a beautiful thing and there is so much to smile about.”

Meet Dan Cereill, a young fourteen-year-old Australian nerd. His life has just been turned on its head as he has just been told that his dad is a homosexual. Dan and his Mum have had to move out of the house because of the findings. They move to hide the pain but it never goes away. Dan’s mother is struggling with her business. She owns a wedding cake business that is failing. Dan is not worried. Instead, he just carries on.

Dan has one concern: the girl next door named Estelle. Estelle is the girl of Dan’s dreams. Dan has never approached or talked to Estelle. Dan constantly tries to talk to Estelle but he becomes too nervous and backs away. Dan searches through Estelle’s attic to find out more about her. Dan finds her diary and decides to read it. Eventually Estelle finds out and decides never to talk to Dan again. He blew it. That might have been the only chance he would ever get.

Dan has some friends in the story. The main characters include Dan, Estelle, Frank (Dan’s Best Friend), Janie (Estelle’s Best Friend), Harold (Dan’s Dog), and Dan’s Mum.

Dan’s life is a mess so he has narrowed it down to six impossible things that he thinks would never happen.

I enjoyed the book because it talked about issues that happen in everybody’s life. The book also has humour and some young love. I would recommend the book to mainly teenagers but anyone can read it as well. I’m sure you will love reading it just like I did.

Finley, Year 8


“‘Guys, please, one life-changing shock at a time,’ I felt like saying.”

Six impossible things is a heart-filled novel that is about a fourteen year old dorky kid named Dan, who is having a very tough life. His parents are going through a divorce, his mum’s business is failing, he is going broke and is moving into his great aunt Adelaide’s house that smells of animals, and is dealing with his dad coming out of the closet. His life isn’t the best, but the one thing that he is not upset about, is Estelle, the gorgeous girl that lives next door who doesn’t even notice him. Apart from the drama at home, Dan also gets bullied at school. Now Dan’s life is left up to six impossible things…..

  1. Kiss Estelle
  2. Get a job
  3. Cheer up his mother
  4. Try not to be a loser at his new school
  5. Talk to his father and ask why he left
  6. Find out how to be a good person, and don’t be the person that leaves his family out of the blue

I think that this is a heart-filled book. Some of the events that Dan overcomes in the novel are realistic and some people also face those situations. But I also liked the book because I can relate to it in some parts. However, as I was reading the book, I realised that the story lines were well written and engaging. When I got near the end of the novel, I thought that is was a bit predictable, because other stories are similar.

I would recommend this novel mainly to girls above the age of ten who like heart-filled, realistic stories. I would give this book a 3/5 because in some chapters of the book, I found them thrilling, extreme and some were tension building, but I found some other parts a bit predictable and tedious. Overall I think that it was a great, realistic book that is suitable mainly for teenage girls.

Rhyannon, Year 8


”Invisible behind sheer curtains I stood in the bay window at the front of the house wishing to be anywhere but here, wishing it were two months ago and I had a mutant power that let me change the course of history, when she walked up the street, dreaming, completely unaware of the seismic shift in my heart she was creating with each step”.

A boy called Dan moved to a new house in a new town. Coming from a broken family, Dan and his mum were bankrupt because of his Dad’s bad choices. At first Dan hated everything until he laid eyes on the most beautiful girl in the world – Estelle his neighbour. Dan started to become a bit obsessed with this girl and in Estelle’s eyes Dan was a bit of creep. In the end Dan and Estelle started to talk and get along very well. Dan made a really bad choice and broke Estelle’s heart. At the end everything comes together for Dan and he lives a very happy life with Estelle.

The main characters in the book are Dan, Estelle and Jazo. The book is set in a small town. Dan didn’t like going to a small town from having lived in a big city, however in the end he started to like it. Dan was a 15-year-old boy who was shy and he was also a very good runner. Dan started to work out and became stronger physically and mentally.

Unfortunately I didn’t like the book as I believe that it was best suited for young ladies, not a boy of my age. Even though the book wasn’t my pick, I did like the part when Dan and Jazo had the big fight at the end of the book. I would recommend this book to young ladies of the age of about 12 to 16.

Michael.S Year 8



Six impossible things is a very eye-opening and very enjoyable book for many young and older readers.

The beginning on the book is very intriguing and catches you right away. It is based on real life problems that could happen to anyone.

This story is set in a little town with Dan as one of the main characters and he is quite shy but outgoing at the same time. Estelle is also another main character and is Dan’s best friend. She is also quite shy but is very nice and caring.

Dan is from a broken family and has no place to go due to how his family business went broke and the bad decisions his dad made. Dan is really hating his life at the moment and will never answer the phone when his dad calls. A couple of days later the most beautiful girl in the world turned up at school. His eyes glimmered and his heart became one again. This young girl named Estelle thought Dan was a creep every time he wanted to talk to her. This love hate relationship turned out for the best in the end.

I really I enjoyed this book because I really connected with the characters and the way the book just turned in a blink of an eye. This book also kept me on the edge of my seat and made me want to keep reading the book. I recommend this book to teenagers and some adults between the age of thirteen to twenty.

Kyle V. Year 8

May 19

‘Legend’ by Marie Lu

legend_coverDay is a renegade from the streets, a criminal on the run. June, on the other hand, is a student at the university training to be part of the republic. Her first task is to hunt down Day.

Do you like the ultimate game of cat and mouse, with action and romance on the side? Then ‘Legend’ is the book for you.

Set in a post-apocalyptic styled Los Angeles, June and Day are on opposite sides of a raging war. June is from a good family, training to become a military star. She is on a mission of revenge to find her brother’s killer; she will find him at all costs. Day, the ultimate outlaw, steals money and goods to support and take care of his family. June anticipates that Day is the killer, which makes the book so much more interesting as she is on the hunt for unsuspecting Day.

The story picks up pace when the two protagonists cross paths at a fight where June saves Tess, a close friend of Day’s. They become close even sharing a kiss one night but June doesn’t realise who he is. When June finally realises, she contacts Thomas, a soldier who served with her brother and they raid Day’s family house taking Day into custody.

While in custody, Day and his brothers are interrogated and tortured. June starts to have doubts about Day being the killer and after reading her brother’s journal she finds out that the government are corrupt and that the soldier Thomas actually killed her brother. She helps Day escape and they travel to the colonies to get ready to fight against the Republic.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book as it kept me drawn in from the very start. The action, the romance, the corruption, the controversy – its all there! I would recommend this book to 12-16 year old teenagers because the book uses mature content and language. The book is definitely worthwhile. I’d rate this book 8/10.

A must read.”

Trey, Year 9

May 19

‘Shiver’ by Maggie Stiefvater

ShiverForget the full moon and silver bullets. These wolves are different from any other wolves known. During the summer they’re human but by winter they’re wolves.

Shiver is an eerie, bittersweet love story with some thriller and comedy elements. The writing is lyrical and the descriptions are breathtaking and I can guarantee anyone who reads this book will love it.

When Grace was a young girl she was victim to a freak wolf attack. When she thought she was going to die, one wolf with yellow eyes fended off the others. Grace lived, and after the attack she has been catching glimpses of those same yellow eyes in the woods next to her house, protecting her. She always longed for winter to come so she could see her wolf again.

When another attack occurs and the wolves kill a teenage boy, a hunting party is assembled to shoot at the pack of wolves. Grace tries to stop the hunting in fear for her wolf, only to find a teenage boy naked and shot on the back of his neck, on her porch. The boy has the same eyes as her wolf. Grace learns that the boy, Sam, is her wolf and that he has been watching her and protecting her from afar since the attack. She discovers the deep, dark secrets of Sam’s past and she learns why he was gone during the summer and how it is possible. Sam fears he will turn into a wolf and will never turn human again. Sam and Grace will do anything to find the cure that will keep Sam human. How much will they really sacrifice to get the cure? Will they find the cure at all before Sam turns into a wolf again?

I fell in love with this book because of its Romeo and Juliet theme and because it is told from the perspectives of both Sam and Grace and I love how it’s written this way. I would recommend this book to people of the ages 12-20.

Jada F, Year 9

May 19

‘Twilight’ by Stephenie Meyer

“About three things I was absolutely positive. First, Edward was a vampire. Second, there was a part of him, and I didn’t know how tame that part might be that thirsted for my blood. And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.”

twilightTwilight is set in Forks, Washington. Forks is rarely visited by the warm sunlight, a perfect condition for Edward’s family of vampires.

The story tells of the love between a human, Belle Swan, and vampire Edward Cullen. Bella is a pretty, pale, small, shy 17-year-old who likes to keep to herself and isn’t all that good at sports. Edward is a perfect stunning 17-year-old boy who is admired by every girl in his school, including Bella, and he is good at everything.

The book is about Bella moving to Forks and meeting Edward, with Bella immediately intimidated by his dazzling eyes. Edward can read minds but he is stopped when he realises he can’t read hers. He ends up feeling very protective over her and they fall in love, but it isn’t so innocent. Soon she will either have to decide if she wants to be with Edward forever, meaning she can’t stay human, or be with her family and not Edward. Throughout the book you fall in love with the love shared between the two characters. The amount of consideration and daring they present to each other is so meaningful.

One of the reasons why I love this book is because of the relationship between the main characters even though they are so different. Bella is quiet and harmless, and she often stumbles into damaging situations, and Edward often saved her from these scenarios. One of the first scenes leading up to Bella uncovering his secret is when she is standing by her car in a parking lot and she is almost slammed between two cars. If not for Edward’s super speed, she wouldn’t have survived.

I would recommend this book for teenagers; it is a very intriguing book, definitely hard to put down.

Angelique R, Year 9


“About three things I was absolutely positive. First, Edward was a vampire. Second, there was a part of him-and I didn’t know how tame that part might be that thirsted for my blood. And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.”

Twilight is set in Forks, Washington. Forks hardly ever gets any good weather so it’s mainly just cloudy with no sun. The story is mainly about a warm blooded person and a cold blooded vampire.

Bella moves back to Forks and she meets a guy named Edward at her school. She immediately fell for Edward Cullen. Edward can read minds but he is confused when he realises he can’t read Bella’s. He ends up feeling very protective over her and he follows her everywhere so he knows she’s safe. Edward ends up falling in love with Bella as well, but a human is a threat to the vampire world. If any other humans find out about Edward and his family the Denali Coven clan would have to kill the Cullens. But that doesn’t stop Edward and Bella; Bella’s just got to try and keep they’re secret.

I have recommended this book to many people, and the people I have recommended this to have absolutely loved it. This book is mainly for teenagers, young adults and even adults. This is one of my favourite books because the connection between the two main characters is a very interesting story and the book just doesn’t stop at twilight. There are four more novels in the twilight series and these books do not disappoint.

Erin Cullen, Year 9

May 19

‘The Vow’, by Kim & Krickitt Carpenter with Dana Wilkerson

the vow“I love you, Krickitt.”

“I love you too”.

One autumn morning in 1992, Kim Carpenter called Jammin Sports-wear and heard a chirpy and upbeat voice, like Krickitt’s. The first conversation Kim had with Krickitt wasn’t their last. They both wouldn’t only talk about purchases. Kim couldn’t stop thinking about this girl named Krickitt. He wanted to know more.

Kim lived in New Mexico, coaching The Highland’s University baseball team and Krickitt lived in California and practiced Gymnastics from kindergarten each afternoon in her mother’s gym.

A few months had passed since their first conversation and now they were spending more time talking to each other. The conversations with Krickitt were getting longer. They began to write letters back and forth to each other. In February 1993, Krickitt and Kim decided they would meet and spend time together and two months later Krickitt made the decision to go to New Mexico. Eventually Kim decided he would propose to Krickitt, two weeks after she returned home.

Kim and Krickitt’s life together was broken, as a car wreck left Krickitt with a head injury, keeping her in a coma for weeks, but when she finally awoke she had no idea who Kim was.

I really enjoyed the book ‘The Vow’ because this true tragic story of romance, kept my eyes glued to the book as each chapter had something of interest to keep you reading. I recommend this story to all people aged 13 and over who are interested in romance and enjoy reading, true story novels. This book has really caught my attention. I’d rate ‘The Vow’ 5 out of 5 stars.

Isabella, Year 9.

May 18

‘The fault in our stars’ by John Green

“That’s the thing about pain: it demands to be felt.”

“I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly then all at once.”

The fault in our starsThis story, The Fault in Our Stars, is set in a quiet place with not very many people around and it seems a little cold some days and some days are quite warm. This place is Indianapolis.

The main characters in this book, The fault in our stars, are Hazel–Grace and Augustus Waters. Hazel is a 16 year old girl who had been diagnosed with leukaemia and has to carry an oxygen tank around with her so she can breathe properly. Hazel also was very quiet and didn’t like talking in front of a big crowd. She also was sweet, kind, beautiful, loving and demonstrates emotions throughout the book.

The other main character is Augustus Waters. He is 17 years old and had cancer. He had been blinded by cancer and August was also a very good basketball player until he was diagnosed, having to get his leg amputated. Augustus Waters was a very kind and sweet and honest guy and filled with emotions here and there as well.

A little brief about this story is that it is about a teenage girl named Hazel with cancer that meets a guy named Augustus Waters and he had cancer but doesn’t anymore and Hazel falls in love.

The reason why I like the story so much is because it reminds me of my dad and I start to cry and I feel very emotional when I think of this lovely story. It is such an emotional ride while reading this story.

I would recommend this story to children that love to read from the age of 10 all the way up to an adult. It is such an amazing story and great read. I’d rate the book ‘The Fault in our stars’ 5 out of 5 stars. Sophia K., Year 9

November 18

‘Delirium’ by Lauren Oliver

DeliriumWhat if love were a disease, killing you from the inside out, taking every breath, hoping, praying it wouldn’t be your last?

Delirium, a book written by Lauren Oliver, is set in the small town of Portland, Maine. This novel consists of very few characters, one of which is Lena Haloway driven towards the thought of falling in love, but persistent to not end up like her mother.

Delirium is a difficult novel based upon the belief that ‘love is a disease’.

“There was a time when love was the most important thing in the world. People would go to the end of the earth to find it. They would tell lies for it. Even kill for it.” 

You would wait until your 18th birthday before you could receive the procedure, to be cured from love forever. Until then you would have to avoid any contact with an uncured male. But Lena, unknowingly meets a guy called Alex, who she thought was cured, only to find out weeks later that he indeed wasn’t cured at all and in fact was falling in love with her. Shocked and afraid ,she tries to avoid all contact with him, to find out that she herself may be falling for him also.

I enjoyed this book because I have never thought love to be a disease and this statement honestly intrigued me enough to continue reading. As I continued reading, it didn’t fail to disappoint, with constant drama and delusion throughout. I recommend this book to a female aged between 14-30 with sound reading ability, who is interested in fantasy/sci-fi. This is because the themes displayed in this book I believe only a female would enjoy or be interested in. Eve. B Year 9

November 17

‘Hush Hush’ by Becca Fitzpatrick

“ His eyes sliced into me and the corners of his mouth tilted up. My heart fumbled a beat and, in that pause, a feeling of gloomy darkness seemed to slide like a shadow over me. It vanished in an instant, but I was still staring at him. His smile wasn’t friendly. It was a smile that spelled trouble. With a promise.”

Hush hushEverything Nora Grey had ever believed to be made up became a reality when she met Patch Cipriano. At first she believed he was just someone who liked to keep his past just that, the past, something that wasn’t worth bringing up again. But, when she got to know him better she was faced with an uncomfortable realization that perhaps Patch wasn’t the person she had first thought he was. Perhaps she had grown to trust and love the one person she was trying to run from.  After a number of thrilling events and encounters, Nora began to ask herself questions: Who was Patch? Could she trust him? Was there really a guy in a ski mask following her? And the most terrifying question…  Who killed her father?

The beginning of the novel ‘Hush hush’ intrigued me in a way that it became almost impossible to put the book down. The main character that I was drawn to right from the beginning was Patch. This is because even though he was just a teenager in high school, he gave the impression that perhaps there was more to him than he was willing to show.

I believe the characters chosen in this novel were very believable, as they reacted in a way that I believe most teenagers their age would in certain circumstances. For example, Nora who is known as the ‘Good girl’ falls in love with the ‘Bad boy’ Patch.  There were a few moments in the book where I would have enjoyed more action and frightening encounters but over all it was a fantastic book.

Throughout the novel “Hush Hush” I believe the characters grew in bravery, trust and love. This book is the first of four in the series, and with so much that has already happened I can’t wait to read the next three books and see how Nora changes and develops an even further relationship with some of the main characters.

I would rate this a five star book and advise those who enjoyed the Twilight series, or are into romance and fantasy, that this is the book for you!

Tianah. M

Year 9


Have you met Nora Grey? She’s just an ordinary girl. Or is she?

Nora is a 16 year old school girl at Coldwater High. Her Dad was murdered so she lives with her mother on the outskirts of Coldwater, in a drafty 18th century farmhouse. Ever since Nora’s Dad has been gone, her mum has been working fulltime and it requires a lot of travelling, so she is hardly at home with her daughter.

One day Nora turns up to her biology class and finds out that her best friend, Vee Sky, was not her partner anymore. Instead she has a new partner. His name is Patch Cipriano. Nora suspects something very weird about Patch. He’s tall, dark, has black eyes and smells of cigars but there’s something about him that Nora wants to find out.

Nora Grey, a girl who didn’t expect romance to be a part of the plan, had her life changed upside down ever since Patch Cipriano arrived. His smile and eyes seemed to see inside her. They draw her to him, lowering her resistance to her better sense.

However, Nora is faced with terrifying events that make it hard to decide whether to fall into Patch’s arms or to keep herself hidden. The truth that Nora finds out will disturb her mind more than thinking about Patch.

“His eyes sliced into me and the corners of his mouth tilted up. My heart fumbled a beat and, in that pause, a feeling of gloomy darkness seemed to slide like a shadow over me. It vanished in an instant, but I was still staring at him. His smile wasn’t friendly. It was a smile that spelled trouble. With a promise.” – (Chapter 1, page 11). From that first moment onwards things were about to change for Nora and the wrong choice will cost her life…

I absolutely loved this book because there is an ongoing mystery throughout the story  yet a cute, romantic relationship building up between the two main characters.

I would recommend this novel to mainly teenage girls who like a hint of romance and mystery because this story will fill you with mixed emotions and hope that the story never ends. I wish that this story could come true! I rate the novel ‘Hush, hush’ a full 5 out of 5 stars.

Sarah .W., Year 9.

November 17

‘A Walk to Remember’ by Nicholas Sparks

A walk to rememberThey say ‘change is good’ but will it go Landon’s way when he realizes he can’t get the girl of his dreams by the way he is acting? Landon usually is the boy to go for the popular girls but will that all change when he falls for Jamie Sullivan, the daughter of the town’s Baptist minister?

‘A Walk to Remember’ is set in Beaufort, North Carolina. Landon is trying to live his last year at Beaufort High to the fullest. Landon Carter likes to be known as the troublemaker and likes to live life on the edge, unlike Jamie who is someone kind hearted, very religious and has many morals. Landon doesn’t have a very good relationship with his dad unlike Jamie who has a very good relationship with her dad. But Jamie’s mum passed away at childbirth. Therefore, she is very close with her dad, the town’s Baptist minister.

Landon has gone to school with Jaime since primary school but he would never picture himself with her, as they are complete two different people. Landon the troublemaker gets into trouble and faces the consequences. Landon is made to play the main part in the annual drama play along side Jaime. Jaime and Landon get to know each other but will popularity get in Landon’s way?

I thoroughly enjoyed ‘A Walk to Remember’ as it keeps your attention throughout the whole book instead of it being a boring book. ‘A Walk to Remember’ is a book that you will have trouble putting down as you want to know what happens. I also like this book, as it is a romantic book so therefore it has a lot of drama and the book has events in it that you would not expect.

I would highly recommend this book to teenage girls aged around 14-18 as it has a lot of drama and romance that girls would be drawn to. Another reason I would recommend this to teenage girls, is the characters in the book are relatable to them. Also, the problems in the book would relate to teens as the characters have to deal with popularity, bullying and relationship troubles.

Taylah D, Year 9.


“Halfway down, Jamie suddenly seemed to tire, and they stopped while she caught her breath…it was, I remembered thinking the most difficult walk anyone has had to make in every away, a walk to remember.”

This story is set in the 1950s with two completely opposite, equally loveable characters, Jamie and Landon. They have lived in the same boring town for their whole lives but couldn’t be more different. Jamie is friends with the popular kids that excel at school. Landon? Well, Landon doesn’t excel at anything. He’s average at sport and he gets average grades. There’s nothing special about him. But what Landon doesn’t know yet is that he’s going to be the co-star at this year’s school Christmas play with the help of an acquaintance Jamie. Jamie is a lonely sort of girl who carries a Bible everywhere she goes, even to school. Jamie excels at school. She cares about orphans, the homeless and also loves church. Jamie is also the preachers’ daughter, so of course all the adults love her in a town where everyone is ridiculously religious. You could say these two are complete opposites of each other and you would be right. Jamie’s sweetness could one day get her in trouble, and that’s exactly what happens when Landon asks her for a favour. Jamie accepts Landon’s favour, but in return asks for her own. When Landon has to pay back his favour, he almost wished he didn’t ask Jamie in the first place.

I love this book because there are many different plot twists. It’s unique and I haven’t read a book like this. I found this book enjoyable because the two characters pushed each other around and bicker at every step until the very end. This book also shows the pressures of modern high school life, such as peer pressure and intimidation of people that are different. I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars, simply because sometimes the storyline could get a little confusing.

I would recommend this book for teenagers and young adults from the ages of 14-25 who loves romance and suspense.

Serenity, Year 9

November 10

‘BEFORE I DIE’ by Jenny Downham

Before_I_dieWhat would it be like to be sixteen and living with cancer?

Tessa Scott knows as she has been living with cancer for four years, going through chemotherapy and fighting back against hospital visits but she has now decided to stop the chemo and the doctors don’t give her long to live. Tessa and her best friend Zoe come up with a list of things Tessa wants to do before she dies. Some are very risky and some are ‘have to do’ things but Tessa will go through anything to get this list done. On the list there are the things that most teenagers are curious about doing. Zoe, Tessa’s best friend, is alongside her, doing the list with her. Number one is sex.

Tessa’s relationship with her father, brother, mother, her best friend and new boyfriend are all becoming precious as the weeks start closing in on her as time slowly runs out.

As always there will be struggles, meltdowns, tantrums and of course love is going find its way. I really enjoyed reading this book although it was a bit slow in some parts of the book because it kept you wanting to read more. I would recommend this story for (13-17) year old girls.

Aimee, Year 9

November 10

‘If I Stay’ by Gayle Forman

ifistay_GayleForman“I realize now that dying is easy. Living is hard.” ― Gayle Forman, If I Stay

What would you do if you had to make the hardest decision of your life? Seventeen-year-old Mia Hall from Gayle Forman’s book If I Stay, had to make that decision. It all began with Mia living a great life with her friends, family and boyfriend Adam. Mia would never have thought that her life would have come this choice.

Mia narrates the story. Throughout the entire book, she explains how she and her family live. Her father had once played in a band but is now a teacher and her mother was a groupie but was now a travel agent.

When Kat and Denny (her parents) first fell pregnant with Mia they were expecting her to be like them, to share their passion for music: punk rock. But as Mia grew older she grew to love the cello. So her parents hired a teacher to teach her how to play, seeing how passionate she was.

As she grew up her love for the cello did as well. Her family were happy, her friends were happy, she and her boyfriend were happy, until one day it all came crashing down in a freak accident.

Everything Mia had once loved and cared for had just disappeared. Not only was Mia left an orphan but also was induced into a dreadful coma. This is where she experienced flash backs of all the wonderful moments she and her family had together. Mia was able to view everything that was happening around her, but was unable to participate. Mia could not feel anything, not even the pain her own body was going through. She knew if she were to continue living her life, she would awaken without her parents and brother; but if she were to leave, she would be with them. On the other hand, if Mia were to stay, she would still have her Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles and friends around her.

If YOU had the choice, would YOU stay?

This book was a beautiful story to read and the category, I believe, would fall under ‘heart filled’. I recommend this book to girls between the ages of 13-25 who also enjoyed The Fault in Our Stars by John Green and or The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky.

I would rate this book If I Stay 4 out of 5 stars because the ending could have been a little more exciting.

Alexia, Year 9


“What if you got the choice to stay or to go?”

Gayle Forman’s ‘If I Stay’ explores the life of Mia, a 17-year-old talented cello player, the daughter of a travel agent and a schoolteacher. As a result of a tragic event, Mia is left without her parents and is placed into an induced coma. With nobody to help her, Mia has to make the biggest decision of her life – will she stay or will she go. While in this coma, Mia’s out-of-body experiences enable her to see everything that is happening around her. Essentially, she is a spirit walking on Earth. In addition to this, Mia has flashbacks of memories and events that happened in her childhood. Eventually, coming close to death, she is triggered to either pass on to the afterlife or awaken from her coma.

‘If I Stay’ draws on many themes that are relevant to young people, including love, loss and the importance of relationships and offers useful insight into human responses to tragedy.

I enjoyed this book because it was heart-filled with emotions, love and romance. A great variety of descriptive language was used throughout the novel and the flashbacks Mia had really made the story come together.

I would rate this book a 9/10 because of the relevance of the themes and language used throughout the text. Teenagers would be the best age group to read this book as it is about love, romance, and making one choice over another. It shows that choices are difficult to make in life and that you have to make your life count because it could be over sooner than you think.

By Taylah, Year 9  


Could you imagine having to choose whether to stay and live in a world without your beloved family or to leave altogether and leave your grandparents, boyfriend and your best friend behind?

In the novel ‘If I Stay’ by Gayle Forman there are adventures of love, heartache and loss.

The novel contains the main character, Mia, narrating on her life. She fell in love with her soul mate Adam. Their relationship was full of ups and downs as Mia was a kind-hearted cello player and Adam was a wilder band member. Mia was close with her grandpa and grandma and was always spending time with them. Her grandparents were a big part of her life and were always there for her. Mia’s parents and brother were all the punk rock type of people with her dad who was in a band, Mum who was always around concerts and music and her brother Teddy who played the drums. They all respected her with the choice of playing the cello instead of a guitar.

One-day Mia’s life was put on edge; the accident affected everyone who had known her family. This is where Mia faced the hard choice: whether to stay or to go. The story of the novel was enjoyable but the end of the book was a bit of a let down.

It is a love story that captures your attention and makes you not want to put it down. This novel shows us how precious family and friends are to everyone because you never know what could happen. I would recommend this novel to teenage girls between the ages of 13 to 18 and/or anyone who enjoys reading heart-filled novels. Overall, this novel was enjoyable to read as it captured your interest throughout the whole novel. I would rate this novel a 4 out of 5 stars.

By Abbie D, Year 9


What would you do if you had to choose? To live or to die. To stay or to go. How would it affect you? How would it affect your friends and family? For seventeen-year old Mia, these are the questions she has to face. Now she must make the heart aching decision to stay or to go.

For Mia, surrounded by family, friends and a gorgeous boyfriend, decisions seem tough. Her family all share a love and passion for music. She was working towards her acceptance to the prestigious Julliard school. Her future was full of hope. But life can change in an instant. One cold February morning on a snowy road, Mia’s future changes for the worst. With her mother and father killed at the scene of the car accident and little brother injured, she now must make the decision of a lifetime, to stay with what’s left of her family and with her friends, or leave the world forever, making everything easier for herself.

I loved this book because the story is emotional and every page leaves you wanting to read more. I would recommend this book to thirteen to eighteen-year-old girls, or to anyone who like heart filled novels. I rate this book 4/5 with very high recommendation.

“Everyone has to make choices. Some might break you.”  Hannah C, Year 9   


  Imagine if on one ordinary day, nothing different from any other day, your life was turned upside down and it would change everything. But instead of destiny doing its job, imagine if you had a choice to decide your fate. What if you could choose if you wanted to stay or go? This book, “If I Stay” by Gayle Forman is a story about a girl named Mia, who had everything: a happy family, friends who cared for her and a beautiful boyfriend. Her life was perfect until one day her life took a horrific turn and it was changed forever. However, instead of having fate do its work she had a choice on how her ending was going to be. So the question is, will she stay? Or will she go? Will she make the right decision? And will it be a good one or a bad one?

In my opinion I really enjoyed this book since it was filled with drama and action, something perfect for teenage girls. It really showed me that we all have to make our own choices sometime in our lives and making that choice may or may not be easy. From this book I did not only get a good read but I also learned things about how life works. I recommend this story for teenage girls who enjoy dramatic and heart-filled books such as “The Fault In Our Stars” because this book is just the sort that will make you cry and take your breath away.

Tara B. Year 9