November 20

“The recruit’ by Robert Muchamore

The recruit             The Recruit is an adventurous novel that is great for teenage boys. This is an action packed book that has some useful insights about human behaviour. This book is about a boy named James who doesn’t believe in himself, however he later does as he has to believe because of the challenges he faces. This book was published in 2004 and was written by an author by the name of Robert Muchamore.

The book always makes the reader ask questions about the plot and it keeps the reader engaged. The beginning of the novel goes through some teenage issues, because James gets teased about his Mum. The book is about a teenage boy who thinks he can’t do things, however challenges are forced upon him and because he is under such tense situations, James overcomes his fears and succeeds in the challenges.

The CHERUB logo on the front of the book is the name of a secret service that helps James find his ways through life by training him to become a special agent. James finds the spy school helpful in dealing with the issues of his Mum.

The book could be found offensive to kid readers as there is some bad language used in this book. This language is caused from some of the characters over drinking alcohol and having too many cigarettes. Some characters also use drugs, which adds to the offensive language in the book.

Overall, The Recruit is a great read. The book makes you want to turn to the next page and keep reading. The plot keeps you guessing the whole way throughout the book. I would definitely recommend this book for teenage boys who are into action books.

Jordan, Year 9

June 17

‘Point Blanc’ by Anthony Horowitz

Point blanc“Very soon, we’ll have Alex here at the academy. And then, at last, the Gemini project will be complete.” (In British accent)

One of the protagonists, Mr Blunt, has discovered a young spy in London. His mission is to go under cover in a school for troubled schoolboys who have very rich parents. Mr Blunt and MI6 have a feeling that there is something going on in there. The kids’ parents are being killed and whoever is doing it makes it look like an accident. MI6 thinks it may have something to do with the headmaster Mr Grief (Antagonist). The spy will have a new identity with the name of Alex Friend, son of Mr Friend, a rich business man, very well known to one of the characters. This boy recently undertook a last mission (Stormbreaker) with good results. He is highly trained in mountain climbing, he has a black belt in martial arts and he is a good guns man. He is the nephew of Ian Rider (deceased uncle and old spy). You may know him as ALEX RIDER!!!!! (protagonist). Is this the type for story for you? Then it is the type of book for you!! Bam!

The book Point Blanc is a really good book for all ages. It has many qualities for different audiences. The reason why I liked it is because the main character is a young schoolboy such as myself so I had some connections. I recommend this book for young audiences such as thirteen to seventeen as it is a good strong read. For example the book might be good for an older audience because of the drugs and the murders, but it is not suited for readers under the age of twelve because it is a big book with over two hundred pages. Also it has murders, drug use and gore, so watch out! This is an ‘in your face’ book. It will keep you up till midnight. I know it did for me.

Kiefer L., Year 8


The novel Point Blanc by Anthony Horowitz starts off with millionaire Michael J. Roscoe’s death. Alex Rider gets in trouble with the police for damaging the new police headquarters. Alex is assigned by M16 to investigate the death of Michael J. Roscoe. Alex’s cover is as the son of a supermarket magnate. Alex has to spend a week as a member of a friend’s family and has to remember as much detail as he can. He arrives in Paris and he has to take his clothes off to be photographed and examined. Michael J. Roscoe starts off as the main character. Continuing on, Alex is introduced and as the story goes on he meets Dr Grief, Paul and James. Arriving at Point Blanc, Alex meets Dr Grief and a student whose name is James Sprints. Alex thinks something’s wrong with the academy because of the other boys. James reveals to Alex his plan to escape the academy after sneaking out of his room.

I liked this story because it had a lot of action and it taught me to take more challenges and be more confident. I’d recommend this book to boys ages 12-16 although some girls that are looking for a good adventurous book to read will also enjoy it.

Paul J, Year 8

November 17

‘Thieves Like Us’ by Stephen Cole

Thieves like us           Meet weird teenager Jonah Wish, a genius computer hacker, caught, thrown and sentenced for one year into juvenile hall. And only into the start of his second month he is broken out by a couple of unknown criminal gang members for some apparent reason, changing Jonah’s life for good.

He was brought to an unknown criminal hideout where he found out that the gang members that snuck him out of custody were under the command of a man called ‘Nathaniel Coldhart’ who recruits teenagers with unique talents like Jonah, who has special cyber hacking abilities.

Jonah does not realize what sort of a life he was getting into due to the distractions from all the materials provided by Nathaniel. All he knows is that once he is in the gang, there is no getting out.

As Jonah was recruited into the gang, Patch, Con, Motti and Tye would soon be sent onto a risky and secret mission assigned by Nathaniel Coldhart.

I really enjoyed this book because it was about criminal teenagers, and I felt that I could relate to what they were feeling throughout the book. I could not put this book down sometimes because I was completely engaged with the story and its interesting lines and wanted to know what would happen next. The descriptive language, engaging storyline of the book and traits of the characters, which Steven Cole assigned to the book, made it easy to make up scenarios within my head as to what was happening in the book.

 Angelo, Year 9


      Have you ever wanted to know what it would be like to be a computer hacker in your teenage years and then thrown into a juvenile centre?  If so, then Thieves like us by Stephen Cole will let you know what it’s like.

A teenage boy by the name of Jonah Wish is sentenced to one year in a juvenile detention centre where, in only his second month, he is busted out by an unknown pair of criminal gang members and Jonah’s world will never be the same again.

Jonah is taken to a criminal hideout where he and five other teens are under the command of Nathaniel Coldhart, who recruits teenagers with special talents like cyber hacking. Jonah doesn’t know what type of life he has been plucked into. All he knows is that he is in a teen gang and there is no getting out. Jonah and the others, Patch, Con, Motti and Tye, are about to be sent on Coldhart’s most important assignment yet.

I really enjoyed this book because it was about teenagers, and I felt that I could relate to what they were feeling throughout. I could not put this book down because I was completely engaged with the story and wanted to know what would happen next. The descriptive language, engaging storyline and traits of the characters, which Steven Cole assigned to the book, made it easy to make up scenarios in my head as to what was happening in the book.

I would recommend this book for teenage boys from around 14 to 18 years old who enjoy reading a thrilling, adventurous book with an intriguing creative plot with plenty of great cliffhangers; one you’ll be unable to put down.

Louis H, Year 9


Nathaniel Coldhardt is a rich, master criminal who recruits teenagers with special talents to undertake his deeply planned out crimes. These crimes take place in remote places all around the world, from Egypt to France. So far he has recruited four teens and has taken them in and given them a home. Although Coldhardt has put together a very special group, he needs another employee for his next crime. This employee is stuck in an institution. Jonah is his name and he has an immense interest in computers and solving puzzles.

Jonah Wish was an orphan who had a massive curiosity about computers. His gift was a vast knowledge of the electronic world and hacking. Jonah once tried to help one of the families he most loved with his talent, but ended up angering them and getting sent to the Young Offenders Institution. He was sentenced to the institution for a numerous number of years, until he was broken out by a group of teenagers. These teenagers weren’t normal though. They each had a special talent that had to do with solving puzzles and robbery. Even though they used their talents for immoral reasons, they’re all competent, nice teens that had a story as to why they do this for a living. These teenagers are Con, Tye, Patch and Motti. Jonah was welcomed into the group and met their boss, Coldhardt. He agreed to the offer to join the group. After this they were assigned a mission. They didn’t know this mission was the start to a huge operation. They travel the world to steal and figure out an ancient artifact.

This book was an action packed, mysterious, suspenseful and overall a different type of book. I liked the fact that the characters were a mystery until the middle of the book. Also the story line kept me on my heels. The plot made me want to know what happened next and made wanting to read more. This book was meant for people between the ages of 13 and 19 because of its language, setting and storyline. I recommend this book highly to read. I rate the book 4 out of 5 stars.  Jason, Year 9

November 12

‘Skeleton Key’ by Anthony Horowitz

Skeleton KeyAlex Rider is not your normal teenager living in England. He works as a secret agent for the British Secret Service that is called the MI6.

This book is an adventure just to read. If you like to read and are interested in an action packed, fast paced book, then I would definitely recommend that you read this.

In the story, teenage boy Alex Rider goes undercover along with two adult American secret agents from the Central Intelligence Agency. They must pretend to be a family as parents and son and go on a family holiday, but their mission is to locate and intercept the selling and use of nuclear bombs and weapons. They have discovered the location of the nuclear weapons, which is in an underwater cave. The two CIA agents have snorkeled down into the cave to find and retrieve the nukes. The two CIA agents were down in the water for a long period of time and Alex starts to worry if something has happened. What will Alex do? Should he go down to find the agents or is he already out of time?

Jack, Year 9

November 19

‘Skeleton Key’ by Anthony Horowitz

Skeleton Key      School boy by day, secret agent by night, action packed adventure, this novel has got it all. If you like the sound of this, then Skeleton Key is the book for you. This is the third and most dangerous mission of Alex’s short career. Who would have thought that a 15 year old boy could be the perfect spy?

      Alex is a 15-year-old boy who is a part of a spy organization MI6 although he really doesn’t want to be there. He is a skilled agentwho discovers that strange things are happening at the Wimbledon tennis tournament. As a result of this discovery a triad gang want revenge on him so he escapes to Cuba with two agents who pretend to be his mum and dad. He then feels responsible for trying to save the world from a Russian general after the two agents are killed. How will Alex survive and conquer the dangers that he will face along his journey?

       The story is first set in London, England and then Alex continues his spy mission in other countries around the world such as America and Russia.  

       I would recommend this book to teenage boys and girls but mainly boys of all ages who enjoy action or exciting adventure stories. I give it a four out five star rating because it was surprising and exciting not knowing what was going to happen along the way. It gives useful insights into human behaviour.

      Liam, Year 9


October 25

‘Point Blanc’ by Anthony Horowitz

Point blancCourage is one thing, but determination is another level of mind strength. These are two of many qualities evident in the personality of Alex Rider, junior spy.  

     Imagine living life with no parents, alone and forced to risk your life for an organization of people you have never met before. This is the life of Alex Rider, the main character in Anthony Horowitz’s book ‘Point Blanc’. This novel is an intricate yet teeth-clenching story about a young boy with the maturity of an adult, the courage of a soldier and the smarts of Einstein all combined to create one unstoppable kid spy.

     Anthony Horowitz writes this book to perfection, his wording makes you feel as if you are part of the book and the structure of the storyline keeps you questioning yet intrigued from start to finish.

     The start of the book is set in the gloomy city of London, when an average schoolboy becomes Alex Rider, kid spy. As the story goes on, you will find that Alex is used to living a tough life but finds himself out of his comfort zone when he is forced to change identity to solve the mystery of two deaths related to a schooling academy that goes by the name of ‘Point Blanc’. Alex must pretend to be a troubled schoolboy to attend this isolated, guarded school. He finds himself up against an evil duo, Dr. Grief and Mrs. Stellenbosch, two undercover teachers running a dark mission to take over the world. Alex must use his quick wits and athletic abilities to solve the mystery and get out of the academy before he is hunted and killed.

    The reason why I have been drawn to this novel is because the action packed chapters, the suspense of the mysteries and the tension of the characters combine to create this marvelous novel that is definitely worth reading. This excellent book will captivate most but I recommend this book for any person that is interested in mysteries, spies and action, particularly young teenagers. I rate this book 4 out of 5.

Matt. M, Year 9.


Meet Alex Rider. He is a 14 year old MI6 special agent back at school trying to adapt to his new double life and double the homework. But the MI6 has other plans for Alex. Does this sound like a book that you will never put down?

Investigations into the “accidental” deaths of the world’s most powerful men have revealed just one link. Armed with only a false ID and a collection of excellent disguised gadgets, Alex must infiltrate the academy as a student to expose the truth to the rest of the world before it’s too late.

The book will grip you with suspense, daring and cheek and that’s just the first page! I would recommend this book to 12-16 year old boys who like reading about secret agent stories. I am giving this book four out of five stars only because the book isn’t at its full potential.

Ryan, Year 9


Meet Alex Rider, a hesitant teenage spy who now works for Special Operations, MI6, who has just come back from his first secret mission. Witty, intelligent, patient and mischievous, he can get himself out of any situation.
Two of the world’s most powerful men have died and the only link is that they both had a son at Point Blanc. MI6 intelligence suspects this isn’t just coincidence, and Alex is chosen to investigate Point Blanc Academy. Put under disguise as the son of Sir David Friend, a worldwide supermarket owner, and a worthy candidate for Point Blanc, he is sent in with only a few discreet gadgets to aid him and no way to directly contact HQ.

`It’s going to be risky…’

Point Blanc is a thrilling, riveting story and is sure to please, especially if you enjoy any other of Anthony Horowitz’s books including the famous prequel “Storm Breaker”(which is now also a major motion film). I recommend this book to people around the age of 14, particularly boys. This is because the main character is also this age plus gender, and the readers associated with this audience can relate easy and may enjoy the genre more than others. Overall the book is great, and is definitely worth a read.

Thanks, Asher


Alex Rider is a spy. He works for Alan Blunt in MI6, special operations. In the beginning of the story there was a conference meeting going on for the police. Soon then Alex got up into a crane. The crane had a boat attached to the hook and then he dropped the boat on the conference building, which put many lives at risk. He was arrested and taken to jail. Later the next day he was bailed out and taken to an MI6 base in a building. He went into an office room to talk to his boss and another lady.


They then discussed about what his actions had caused and what could have happened. Then he was told that he had a second mission. It was about a rich man who has been claimed dead but some clues say otherwise. There is a boy that Alex needs to befriend so he can gain as much information as possible. Alex hesitated a lot and didnt want to do the mission. He was then told that if he didnt then he would have to go back to jail and also get an interview from the police. So Alex had no choice but to continue with the mission.


On his second mission Alex travels to a school high in the Alps called Point Blanc. He has to pretend to be a boy named Alex Friend, the son of Sir David Friend, owner of some supermarkets.The school is right on the Swiss border. When he is there Alex finds that Dr Grien along with Eva S. Stellenbosch is cloning the students at Point Blanc. His intention was to make sixteen copies of himself. He calls it The Gemini Project.


Alex in great danger even though he has lots of gadgets from Smithers the gadget expert at MI6. Dr Grien makes up a horrible death for Alex when he finds out that really he is a spy come to investigate Point Blanc. But will he die or will he survive? Even if he escapes he will have to make the journey down the mountain.

I really enjoyed this book! It was adventurous and had a lot of action. I felt that in some parts of the book it did get a bit boring and cliché but the rest was really good and I would definitely recommend it to boys and girls from the age of 10 to 15.

Tom, Year 9

November 5

‘Skeleton Key’ by Anthony Horowitz

“Sharks, Assassins, nuclear bombs. Alex Rider’s in deep trouble.” (Anthony Horowitz, Skeleton Key, back cover)

Skeleton Key is the third book of a series of nine books. It is a spy-based book, which is thrilling and entertaining. This book keeps you on your toes, and keep you wanting for more. This series has been set all around the world but Alex’s home is in Europe.

The main character throughout the series so far is Alex Rider, a teenage spy who has been pulled out of school because of his family’s past. He has invaded an enemy base in the top of a mountain and saved the world countless times, but in this book he has to go to one of the most famous, and money raising events in the world: Wimbledon. He has to find out the reason for a break in, uncover the truth and possibly save the world again.

I really enjoyed reading this book because of the action and thrilling pace. I recommend this book to teenagers because there are some words/ phrases that younger people wouldn’t understand. This is a good book to read and if you like spy books then this is the book for you.

Mitchell, Year 9


In the third book of the series, Skeleton Key by Anthony Horowitz, the main character Alex has returned back into a normal life after the death of his uncle. Despite Alex’s reservations he is talked into accepting another spy mission at Wimbledon, England. The story follows Alex on his dangerous spy mission and obstacles he faces in handling the task. Alex is a teenage superspy as a ball boy at the Wimbledon tennis in England. He follows the guard as much as possible and soon realizes that the guard is watching the player whilst talking on a fake mobile but then he makes a basic mistake. The guard realizes he’s being followed and tricks Alex into following him to a deserted part of the complex and then tries to kill him. Fortunately Alex survives but now the Chinese gangs are out to get him.

“Reluctant teenage superspy Alex rider is useful to MI6 in ways an adult could never be. Now they need his help once again.” (Skeleton Key back cover)

This turns out to be perfect for MI6 who use it as a new way to get him to accept a mission whilst they try to stop the gang killing him. He’s left with little choice over a mission that seems to be just relaxing in the sun whilst C.I.A agents investigate an ex- Russian general Alexei Sarov on the island Skeleton Key.

As the agents prepare to go in to the general’s fortress of a house through an underwater cave, everything goes bad. The agents disappear; Alex goes looking for them and gets attacked by a shark whilst simultaneously finding out why the agents didn’t return, then the general’s men captured him.

In conclusion the book Skeleton Key by ANTHONY HOROWITZ is a super spy mission and it is recommended for teenagers and adults. Also I would give it a 5 out of 10 rating for the book.

Thomas, Year 9



“I wake up and I’m on this weird island with these strangers I don’t even know or have ever seen before.”

The story Skeleton Key is about a 16 year old boy, Alex Rider, who is a secret spy who has been at a tennis tournament in London. He has been up to so many dangerous things in his whole entire life with different type of criminals.

I really liked this book because it always got you out of your chair with all the excitement and all the violence in this book. It’s not one of those books that bore you, but with the Alex Rider series they always entertain you and you can’t wait to find out what the next page is going to be about.

I would recommend this book to teenagers as it has too much violence and killing for a young reader below 13 years of age.

Corey, Year 9


“Reluctant teenage superspy Alex rider is useful to MI6 in ways an adult could never be.” (Back cover).

Skeleton Key is a good book for young boys to teenage boys. It has a lot of action and adventure.  Skeleton Key is a book about a young teenage spy and his name is Alex. He has to overcome the most dangerous people to save the world.  There are lots of sequels like Stormbreaker and Point Blanc.  I liked the book because it has lots of action and adventure, which excites me.  The main character is Alex Rider. He is a mysterious boy who is a super spy with MI6 and he wants to find out how his uncle died. At the start of the book Alex finds himself at Wimbledon tennis competition for a secret mission and you are going to have to read it to find out what happens.  Overall Skeleton Key is a good book for the young boys and teenage boys.

Michael, Year 9


Hello readers and welcome to my own review of Skeleton Key. I hope you know what I’m trying to explain. Enjoy!

The story is set in England, then proceeds to Skeleton Key itself. Alex is a 15 year old teen who just wants to have a normal life away from the life of a spy. Turner and Troy are both hardcore CIA agents who think themselves to be better than Alex. Smithers is a nerdy genius who loves to make gadgets and never leave the computer. The book is basically about a kid who wants to just have fun in the sun without having to spy for the agencies. He would love to have a normal life ……. Fate has other plans.

I enjoyed the book because of the action and mischief that Alex got caught up in. I would recommend this book for ages 12 – 16. Keith, Year 9

November 2

‘Stormbreaker’ by Anthony Horowitz

If you love action and adventure you will love the book StormbreakerStormbreaker is a book written by author Anthony Horowitz.  The story is based in London, England.  It is about a 14-year-old boy called Alex Rider whose uncle, Ian Rider, has been killed.  Alex is sent of on adventure across the world.  He transforms from a schoolboy to a secret agent.  Armed with special gadgets and secret weapons, Alex has been sent out to stop the world-class very famous Stormbreaker and the multi millionaire Harold Sayle.  Alex soon finds out that he is caught up in trouble; the company and the military are after him.  Will Alex stop Harold Sayle and the famous Stormbreaker before time runs out?  And will Alex find out who had killed his uncle, Ian Rider.

I found this book very exciting to read because it is kind of based of the series “James Bond”.  I stayed up till about midnight reading this book.  I could not put it down.                 Jack, Year 9


Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz. This book is an action adventure, but nothing prepares Alex for the news that the uncle he always thought he knew was really a spy for MI6 – Britain’s top-secret intelligence agency.

Alex is a fourteen year old boy who was living with his uncle who was suddenly killed. Alex ventures off and tries to find out what happened and who killed him.

I recommend this book to teens and young adults between the ages of 12 to 20 years old who are interested in adventure books and stories. This book is packed with thrilling stunts and mysteries. This book is truly a great read. I rate this 4 out of 10 stars because I did not enjoy it. Stephanie, year 9


November 1

‘Point Blanc’ by Anthony Horowitz

Point Blanc is a spy thriller set in London around 2008. It is a gripping thriller involving a young boy and his mission to find out what happened to his uncle. Alex is the young boy who faces many challenges which sees him develop into a skillful spy. The truth about his uncle’s death is what drives Alex, but frustration and confusion haunt him as he struggles to get the answers he is seeking.

The book starts off with an assassination attempt on a rich man. They make a 3D hologram of a lift’s floor so when he walks into the lift he will fall 200 meters to his death. Alex is immediately involved in solving the crime and fine tuning his skills as a spy. Alex is put on his first mission as MI6 found out about the death of a multi millionaire. What Alex doesn’t realise is that he faces this challenge alone. Alex must put all his knowledge and skills to the test as he must try to uncover the death of the millionaire and find out about his uncles death.

From dropping boats on police stations to facing life-threatening decisions in armed situations, the book reaches its climax when all of Alex’s investigations lead him closer than he has ever been to solving his uncle’s death. Answers arrive for Alex but at the same time more questions need to be asked. Jarrad, Year 9


     “Alex Rider, teenage superspy, is back!”(Point Blanc back of book cover)

Alex Rider is an agent in M16 (British Secret Service). Alex is called upon again by M16 because of two mysterious deaths and there is only one connection between them: Point Blanc.

Alex is only 14 so he is the perfect to infiltrate Point Blanc. Point Blanc is a school for troubled children with rich parents but Alex is not troubled nor does he have rich parents, so for him to get into the school he has to go under cover. Alex goes under cover in a rich family but their daughter takes an instant disliking to Alex and so do her friends.

I liked this book because of its constant action like hunting gone wrong and a near miss with a train. I would recommend this book to teenage boys or any one who likes a good action packed book. Kyle, year 9


Point Blanc is a spy thriller and action story set in London around 2000. It is an attention-grabbing thriller involving a boy and his operation to find out what happened to his uncle. Alex is the boy who is faced with many challenges which are teaching him to develop into a skillful spy. The truth about his uncle’s death is what drives Alex, but frustration and confusion haunt him as he struggles to get the answers he is seeking. 

The book starts off with a murder of a rich man. The person who killed him made a 3D hologram of a lift the exact same as his private lift so when he walks into the lift he will fall 200 meters to his death. Alex is immediately involved in solving the crime and modifying his skills as a spy. Alex is put on his first mission as MI6 found out about the death of a multi millionaire. What Alex doesn’t realise is that he faces this challenge alone. Alex must put all his knowledge and skills to the test, as he must try to uncover the death of the millionaire.

From driving cranes and committing crimes to facing life-threatening decisions in armed situations, the book reaches its climax when all of Alex’s investigations lead him closer than he has ever been to solving his uncle’s death.

Joel Year 9



He must be walking down the mountainside.” Anthony Horowitz

The story is set at Alex’s school. The main character is called Alex Rider and he works for the MI6. He is 14 and goes to school.

When Alex comes back from a mission for MI6 he sees a drug dealer selling drugs to kids. He decides to follow the drug dealer to see where he makes the drugs. Skoda, who is the drug dealer, gets to his place where he makes the drugs. The place where he makes them is on a little boat next to the police station and also next to a construction site. There’s a big crane in the site so Alex decides to climb up the ladder of the crane and picks the boat up and…

I liked the book because it’s full of action and it’s a really good adventure book. I also like the character Alex because he’s really smart when he tries not to be seen. I also like that he works for MI6, which is a secret agents’ place.

I would recommend this book to people aged from 13 to 16 for boys because it’s a really good action book and full of adventures.

 Jack, Year 9


May 10

‘Deep End’ by Sam Hutton

Special Agent Deep End by Sam Hutton is about a typical young teenage girl that loves ballet but unfortunately can’t dance anymore because of a tragic incident killing her mother and leaving her father in a wheelchair. So Maddie decides to join her father’s police investigation squad to fight crimes in London.

This book is edgy and thrilling at the same time. This book can be predictable through the story at times but is still very good. This is the only book I have read by this author, Sam Hutton.

At the beginning of this book it was very exciting and I just wanted to keep on reading. It was very entertaining with the characters. Maddie Cooper, the main character in the book was my favourite because I could relate to how she knew that her friends would not understand what she is going through so she had to lie and say she was fine.

I quite like this book because it was enjoyable and full of adventure.

This is a fantastic book for people who like thrilling and edgy books. I would recommend this book to people who like crime and adventure, between the ages of 12-17. Paige, Grade 8


Special Agent: Deep End is a spy novel by Sam Hutton. The main character is Maddie Cooper whose father is a police officer.

The newspaper said “ Top London police officer and family in shooting outrage”.

Maddie, her Father Jack Cooper and her mother were gunned down as they left the Royal Opera House London. Minutes before, Maddie was dancing on stage at the Royal Opera House.

Maddie found out who the person was that shot them, and now is looking for them.

This would be a interesting book for those who enjoy reading about secret agents and like fighting crime. I would rate this book as 4 out of 5.  Erin, Year 8

May 8

“Point Blanc” by Anthony Horowitz

Point Blanc is an action packed book that I would most recommend for a male to enjoy this book most… not that I didn’t though.

In this book ‘Point Blanc’ Alex Rider, one of the members of the secret agent/ undercover FBI family, discovers a journey coming his way. Now this book is an action packed book most guys would like to read. Just because I’m saying it’s a book that mainly guys would enjoy doesn’t mean that girls won’t enjoy it too. I read this book and I loved it and I’ll tell you why…

In Point Blanc I was always wondering what was going to happen next, but to be really honest before anything else, when I first started reading the book I wasn’t too sure about it because I thought it was just going to be a plain old boring book but that was only cause I had looked at the cover and the cover only and didn’t exactly get the big WOW factor from it. I’m not the kind of person that likes reading all that much but I really started to get into this book as I got further into the story because I was always saying and asking myself,

“OH MAH GOSH! I wonder what’s going to happen now or next and questions like…

Why has he done this?

No! Don’t do that!

WHAT! No way now what’s going to happen?

Well what will he or she do now!

And why is he doing all of this?” Etc. etc.

If you go by the library at any time and you have just nothing to do or you are/have been give a task to complete and need to pick out a book don’t walk past Point Blanc. Look at it and get it. I loved it and so will you!

Briana, Year 8


Point Blanc by Anthony Horowitz

“I had to choose whether to save her or to go home. I had to save her so I went back into the tunnel. I was yelling “Fiona, Fiona” and I heard her yell back “I’m here” I look down and there she is on the dark floor of the train rails. I could only see her shadow but I knew that it was her. I tried to lift her onto the horse but then I felt the rails shake. The TRAIN! I was trying frantically to lift her onto the horse but I couldn’t. If I run for it the horse will hit the train. I could see the train approaching and the train barricades where lowering. What will I do?”

Put yourself in a spot where you think that everyone might kill you, constantly being aware and trying to keep crime under control while not being caught by anyone. Explosions, shootings, drugs. Point Blanc is a very action packed book about a young spy named Alex Rider. He is put into many missions and some of them nearly get him killed. He finds drug plants, pretends to be a rich family’s son and even goes to a very strict academy.

Alex is 14 year of age and works with a secret organisation called M16. He has a will of adventure and won’t give up a mission once it starts. Alex had one mission in this book: to find Michael J. Roscoe’s killer. He had to pretend that he was a son to a very wealthy family. His goal was to get into the school Point Blanc because M16 believes that the killer is linked with the school.

I liked the book Point Blanc because it is a very action packed story and that is what I and most other people, mainly boys would enjoy.

Liam, Year 8.


Point Blanc by Anthony Horowitz is a good book with an interesting plot and interesting characters. Alex Rider is the main character. He is a high school boy turned spy. Go with Alex on an adventure as he fights Dr Grief and his second in command Mrs Stellenbosch.

Alex doesn’t have any parents so his uncle took him in when he was just a baby. After his uncle was killed, Alex was forced to be a spy. As a little boy, Alex was taught how to fight in martial arts. He was also taught several languages including French, German and Spanish. Alex can only speak a few phrases in Italian

Alex is the main character in this book. Point Blanc is directed at 12-14 year old boys who enjoy sci-fi and thrill seeking adventure. Point Blanc starts with an exciting scene where an unknown assassin named the Gentleman murders Blunt’s friend.

All of Horowitz’s books start with an exciting scene that you come to expect from Horowitz.

Ashley, Year 8

May 8

‘Boy Soldier’ by Andy McNab

When I first picked up this book I could not put it down. It was such a great story by Andy McNab.

Boy soldier is an extremely exciting action packed adventure that informs you of the Special Air Service’s biggest secrets. The story starts at an Army training camp in Wiltshire, England. A 17-year-old boy called Danny Watts is training to be in the army like his lost grandfather, Fergus Watts, who was supposed to have died in jail because he sold out to the Columbian drug cartels, at least that is what Danny was told. After a long and frustrating search they finally meet each other, but are immediately forced to be on the run from people who want Fergus and Danny killed.

I absolutely loved this book because of the highly detailed expression. It’s got a fast paced action packed storyline. I would recommend this book to boys who are interested in the military, warfare and action packed books. Ashley, Year 8


Boy Soldier is a fantastic book written by former SAS spy, Andy McNab. It is an exciting book, full of mystery and action.

We start off with Danny Watts, a 17-year-old orphan dreaming of becoming a soldier. He is determined to find his long lost grandfather, SAS traitor, Fergus Watts. As Danny and Fergus finally find each other, there is someone else on the hunt for them. Will Fergus and Danny be tracked down and killed or will they both get away?

This book is a great read and it made me want to read more. I liked it because it engaged me in the action and the author’s description made it realistic. I would recommend this book for boys between the ages of 12-18 who are like the military and the SAS. I liked this book because it is exciting, full of mystery and action. I would rate this book a 4 out of 5.  Shane, Grade 8


This book by Andy McNab is a really action packed and exciting book. As soon as I started reading it caught my attention and I wanted to keep reading.

The story starts in a British army training camp. A 17-year-old boy, Danny Watts, is being trained in replacement of his lost grandfather, Fergus Watts, which dies in jail, as Danny was told, but that isn’t the whole story. When Danny has finished his long and tough training, he goes looking for his grandfather and as they finally meet, they are on the run again from people that want both of them killed.

So far the book is really good, and just a great book for boys are into being in the military and who want a good action packed exciting book. The storyline in the book is great and you never want to stop reading. Jack, Grade 8


Boy Soldier is a book I struggled to put down. This action-adventure story written by Andy McNab (Famous author of several award-winning action and war books) is an outstanding novel set on war, military and adventure.

The story itself is placed around 17 year old Danny Watts, who aspires to train in the army just like his lost grandfather, Fergus Watts, who was supposed to die in prison due to being sold out to the Columbian drug cartels. At least, this is what Danny was told. After a long action-packed search, Danny meets his grandfather, only to find he is not dead. However, now Danny knows too much; he has uncovered a secret even he cannot believe. Immediately, it is discovered what Danny knows, someone wants him and his grandfather dead. Soon everything will be revealed to him. Is there a major conspiracy going on? Will Danny and his grandfather survive?

I absolutely loved this novel; it goes to excellent detail and can easily make you feel like you’re living the story. Be warned, once you start, you can’t stop until you read the book from front to back. I highly recommend this book for boys with a taste for action, adventure and thriller books of all ages. Robert, Year 8


`Boy Soldier’ by Andy McNab is a really action packed and exciting book. As soon as I started reading it caught my attention and I wanted to keep reading.

The story starts in a British army training camp. A 17-year-old boy, Danny Watts, is being trained in replacement of his lost grandfather, Fergus Watts, which dies in jail, as Danny was told, but that isn’t the whole story. When Danny has finished his long and tuff training he go’s looking for his grandfather and as they have finally met the on the run again from people that want both of them kille n d.

So far the book is really good and just a great book for boys who are into being in the military and who want a good action packed exciting book. The storyline in the book is great and you never want to stop reading.

 Jack Year 8

November 23

‘Land of Fire’ by Chris Ryan

Land Of Fire is based on SAS (Special Air Service) operations during the Falklands War in 1982.  The main character in the book is an SAS trooper, Mark Ryan, who is chosen for a near suicidal mission that would halt the Argentinian air power in the region and prevent the destruction of English naval vessels.  Mark Ryan and the five other members of the patrol, including his brother, are inserted behind enemy lines to gather intelligence on the Argentinian air assets and to destroy anti air batteries, when they are compromised and are forced to run for the Chilean border. As the book progresses, Mark is forced into very dangerous situations and fights for his life in a hostile and unpredictable country.  I would recommend this book for both teenagers and adults, male and female, though it does contain a high amount of military slang and swearing.  Land Of fire over all is a great book that keeps you on the edge of your seat and keeps you guessing.  Luke, Year 9

May 23

‘Point Blanc’ by Anthony Horowitz

Point BlancHorowitz pulls you into the book with fast-paced action. You just can’t put this sort of book down. It twists and turns when you least expect it. The sequel to ‘Stormbreaker’, ‘Point Blanc’ takes you to the French Alps and at first Alex (main character) is here to spy on suspects of two recent deaths when all of a sudden it turns into a rapid paced action thriller, only getting faster and faster. It turns into a warfare of spy on spy and can’t be ignored. “You nearly had me killed”, is how extreme this book really is. Nathan, Year 8

“An alarm bell exploded behind him. Lights came on throughout the academy. Alex pushed forward and set off, picking up speed with every second. The decision had been made for him.”

The story of Point Blanc is set up high in the French Alps where there is a school for super rich kids. Alex Rider is the main character. Alex Rider is 14 years old and a London schoolboy but secretly he is a spy working for British Intelligence, MI6. The story starts when Alex is at school watching his past friend buy drugs from a drug dealer in a white car. Alex follows the car away then gets in trouble. He is then arrested by the police then taken away to MI6 where he is being assigned to a recon mission. He then has to go undercover as a billionaire’s secret son to go to the Academy of Point Blanc to see if there is any connection between the owners of the Academy and two deaths of billionaires. Alex soon discovers the secret truth of the Academy and now his life is at risk. I liked this book because at every page you want to know more, because of the style of Anthony Horowitz. I strongly recommend this story to early teenagers who like mystery and action. Bryan year8

‘Point Blanc’ is an action book written by Anthony Horowitz, but not the type of action book where everything blows up randomly and there are heaps of guns. It actually has a bit of science in it. This creates a lot of mystery in the book and it keeps you wanting to read it at times, but sometimes it gets a little weird and I mean weird in the chapter “Room 13”. But that’s for you to find out. The story of ‘Point Blanc’ is mainly set in the school of “Point Blanc” in the French mountains but also spends some time in London. The main character of the story is Alex Rider, a 14 year-old MI6 agent, and the typical bad guy is called Dr Hugo Grief. He is the headmaster of the school. The story is that Alex Rider goes into Point Blanc and his mission is to explore the school and discover anything unusual that may help MI6. The reason MI6 want Alex to go and discover Point Blanc is because MI6 believe that they have discovered a link between the deaths of world leaders and their sons going to Point Blanc. This book is written quite simply and this means most people can read, it is easy to understand and you also never get lost in the story. People from the age 11 to 17 or even older can read this book and you shouldn’t get too bored with what I think is a cross between an adult and a kids’ book. To me this book had a bit of science and not enough guns and gadgets. When I read an action book I want guns, explosions, gadgets, excitement and fun! To me this book lost that essence half way through reading it and I found it slightly boring at times. I know that many people say it’s a great book and they say, “you’ll never want to put the book down”, but I didn’t get that once I had read deeper into the book. I would recommend this book to people who like a bit of science, spy work and can handle a little boredom at times. I would give this book a 6 out 10 stars.

By Joseph, Year 9

Point Blanc is a story written by Anthony Horowitz, in which the main character is a 14 year old boy called Alex Rider. He may look like a normal kid but he is actually a secret agent working for a top secret organization, MI6. But of course, nobody knows about this. The story starts when Alex follows a drug dealer back after seeing him selling drugs to a former friend. He then gets caught and thrown into jail after catching the thieves but doing a lot of damage. MI6 then contacts him and tells Alex that he has to go undercover to a school for problem boys, as his boss suspects something is not quite right. This book, I thought, was one of those books that you just have to find out what’s going to happen next while sitting on the edge of your seat. It is very full on with action, so I recommend this book to 13-16 year people who likes spies and action in the one book and I would rate this book an eight out of ten stars.

Toby, Year 9

May 17

‘Sure Fire’ by Jack Higgins & Justin Richards

Sure fireThe book ‘Sure Fire’ is very captivating. It’s written by Jack Higgins and Justin Richards. I love the fact that I can’t stop reading it. The book is about twins who lose their mother in a car accident in New York. While they’re attending their mother’s funeral they meet a strange man named John Chance who claims that he is their father. The twins, Jade and Rich, were surprised because it’s the first time they’ve seen them him in their whole life. They hate living together in John’s ‘colourless’ apartment. It’s really cool how Jade and Rich (the twins) are opposites and have completely different personalities. I’m very impressed with the book so far. I would recommend this to people between 13-15 and people who like adventure stories. Connor, Year 8

I have finished reading Jack Higgins’ ‘Sure Fire’ and I like the book very much. One of my favourite parts of the book is when Jade and Mr Halford drove a tank into the limo that Rich was being driven in. I think that it was a very interesting book that kept me guessing right up to the very end. I like the way Jack Higgins has made Jade and Rich more than they seem. Jack Higgins seems to have a way to make the reader think that one thing is going to happen and then suddenly something totally unexpected happens and this is the greatest part of Jack Higgins’ writing. ‘Sure Fire’ is a great book for people my age because it has just enough action and unexpectedness for people to enjoy the book. In conclusion I think that ‘Sure Fire’ is a great book and one of the best that I have ever read. By Stephen, Year 8

‘Sure Fire’ is a great book about two kids whose mum died when she was hit by a car when the kids were just 15. They went to her funeral and while they were there they met a strange man named John Chance who happened to be the children’s long lost father who had left them before they were even born. The author has done well with the start of the book but I think it could have used a bit more action at the beginning. That would have made the book a whole lot more interesting and would make the characters even more exciting and would have pulled the reader to read even more pages.  As soon as you see John Chance you will know that there is something weird about him.  So far the book is great and I can’t wait to finish the book. The more I read this book , I feel like every time I turn the page something exciting is going to happen but that can just be my imagination sometimes. I would highly recommend this book o readers from ages 10 -17 as it is a great adventure book.  By Jarrod ,Year 8

The book ‘Sure Fire’, written by Jack Higgins was a great book to read. It is a story about twins, Jade and Richard whose mum dies because a car hit her. At the funeral the twins meet a strange man. To their surprise the strange man was their dad (who they have never seen before). Their father begins to get to know his kids that he never knew he had. Will this book take an unexpected twist for the worst? This fiction book is great for 10-18 year old girls or boys who love to read about guns and explosion. By Sam C Year 8.

October 29

‘Thieves Like Us’ by Stephen Cole

‘Thieves Like Us’ is a novel about a boy named Jonah who has been put into a detention centre for hacking and stealing via the Internet. He is then broken out by a bunch of teenagers who are a gang and who are in need of a computer technician in their gang. This book is an action book which mainly boys will enjoy. I have not finished reading this book but so far the book has me intrigued to read more because this book seems like it will have action, mystery and maybe even love. This book is overall a good book and even though I haven’t finished it I can vouch for it being a really great book. Josh Year 9

May 12

‘Point Blanc’ by Anthony Horowitz

Point blancI really enjoyed reading the book ‘Point Blanc’, written by Anthony Horowitz. This book is about a fourteen year old boy, named Alex Rider. In his last book Alex Rider’s uncle worked for MI6 and unfortunately got killed on a mission. In ‘Point Blanc’, Alex is forced to take his uncle’s place and work for MI6. Two deaths occurred of the world’s most powerful men and their sons both went to Point Blanc, so MI6 have sent Alex on another mission to pretend he is a student at Point Blanc, but really he is trying to figure out who killed those two men, and if their deaths have anything to do with each other. Jasmin, Year 8 

Alex Rider, the 14 year old MI6 spy, has been sent on his second big mission. MI6 believes that something suspicious is happening at the school Point Blanc.  But you see, not just anyone gets sent to Point Blanc. Only seven troubled teenage boys are sent to Point Blanc each year. But here is the catch… all seven of these children’s parents are billionaires. People say the headmaster at Point Blanc is a crazy lunatic. Two of the rich fathers have been killed but why are they disappearing? You’ll have to read it and find out. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys things like James bond or Zac Power. I would probably switch places with Alex because his whole life is filled with heaps of excitement. The perfect set music for this book would be the original James Bond soundtrack. If I could ask the author three questions about his book they would be: What gave you the idea for a 14 year old spy agent? Did you visualize your story before you made it or did you make it up as you went along? How long did it take for you to write this book? I would rate this book 7/10. Jake, Year 8 

‘Point Blanc’ was very interesting and I enjoyed it but I didn’t want to stop reading the book once I got past the first page. Alex Rider was the main character. He was young and only fourteen and had been asked to go on a mission to Point Blanc and find out who killed the two guys. I never thought it would be so interesting at the start but it was, and I don’t really find investigations interesting because it stresses me out but this was a really good investigation. And I hope they make a lot more books based on ‘Point Blanc’. Serena Year 8

‘Point Blanc’ is a very interesting story, as the lead character, Alex Rider, is an undercover investigator. When two men are dealing drugs to Alex’s school he starts to investigate further, and there are two boys that have been killed. Alex Rider goes to investigate Point Blanc to find out who killed who? As much as I hate investigation stories this book had me intrigued. I did not know what was going to happen next, or if there was going to have a twist at the end or at the part I was going to read next. ‘Point Blanc’ was a book I could hardly put down. I really enjoyed it. Tara, Year 8

Alex Rider is an ordinary fourteen year old boy, at an ordinary school in an ordinary West London comprehensive. But that was soon to change. Alex had found out that his uncle, Ian Rider had been a secret spy working for MI6. Sadly Ian Rider had been murdered and Alex had been forced by MI6 to take his place. Alex is then sent off to Point Blanc Academy to find out and foil the plans of the sinister Dr. Grief. Point Blanc is a very interesting book similar to the famous James Bond series. It was a very good book because Alex Rider did not just march up and save the day, he had to endure boring days at school and build up the courage to save the day, which in my opinion is not easy. The breathless pace and witty dialogue, together with a cast of unforgettable characters, makes this a hugely enjoyable read.  By Asser, Year 8 

‘Point Blanc’ is one of the most exciting books I have ever read. It is a great book full of action, adventure and mystery. ‘Point Blanc’ is a book about a kid who is a secret agent who works for a secret government organization called MI6. There are deaths of some rich people, thought to be an accident, but MI6 wants to look further into the deaths of these people so they send Alex to Point Blanc, the academy where the two rich men’s kids went, where Alex discovers a big secret. What is the secret? What will MI6 do about it? Wade, Year 8


August 5

‘Cross my Heart and Hope to Spy’ by Ally Carter

cross my heartThis book gives insight into a spy’s life. The main character, Cammie Morgan, is a spy in training. We follow the ups and downs of her school life and her life as a spy. Ally is a perfect main character – she’s one of a kind and isn’t fighting for a boy’s attention.

I found the book interesting, always with a twist around the corner. As I read on, I found myself wanting to read more and more. I recommend this book because it has a gripping plot and it deals with problems teenage girls have to face as well as difficulties at school and being a spy. Although the book is mainly aimed at girls, I think boys could also read it and enjoy it. It’s one of the best books I have read by far. It’s got it all – boys, spies,  fancy balls – I would definitely read this book again.

My favourite part of the novel was Chapter 15. It was an unexpected twist that at the ball every person received a character to play for the entire evening. They must eat like her, dance like her and be her. If I could rename the book I’d call it ‘Confessions of a Teenage Spy’. Author’s website: Year 9 student