November 20

‘The Secret Hour’ by Scott Westerfeld

the-secret-hour-midnighters-book-1There are 24 hours in a whole day, right? What if I told you that there are actually 25 hours but you just can’t see the Secret Hour? Or what if I told you that there are only a few people who can see it and they are the people who you would least expect?

When Jessica Day moves to Bixby, Oklahoma, she finds out about The Secret Hour. When midnight strikes, time is frozen for one hour. Jessica has this one whole hour to do anything she wants but she is also in grave danger. Monsters who are bloodthirsty killers called ‘darklings’ roam around during the secret hour.

Jessica finds out that she’s not alone. Rex, Melissa, Dess and Jonathan are with her and they all have certain powers. Rex is a seer, who can see things that others don’t. Melissa is a mindcaster who can see darkest secrets from a touch of her fingertip. Dess is a polymath who can figure out any math equation that could be thrown at her. Jonathan is an acrobat who can defy the laws of gravity. They are called ‘the midnighters’. They have gifts that can be used against the darklings but Jessica doesn’t know her power. For Jessica, it’s a mystery but she knows something is special about herself. The darklings finally pounce after decades when Jessica arrives. Why? What is her great power that could possibly arouse the darklings in fear?

The Secret Hour’ is an amazing book that I have really enjoyed. There is this kind of mystery because you really want to know about Jessica’s power. Sometimes throughout the story, you can relate to some of the characters. It is this which gives this book its strength.

I would recommend this book to teenagers from the ages 13-18 because the characters in this book are around a similar age. It’s also suitable for both males and females. If you liked Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus or Keeper of the Lost Cities, and you all enjoy a bit of thrill, wonder and adventure in novels, then this is a book that is guaranteed to make you read throughout the night.

Joshua O, Year 9

November 18

‘I am Number Four’ by Pittacus Lore

“In the beginning we were a group of nine.

      Three are gone, dead.

      There are six of us left.

      They are hunting us, and they won’t stop until they’ve killed us all.

      I am number four.

      I know that I am next.”


I AM NUMBER FOURThree are dead and I am number four. New York Times Bestseller novel ‘I am number four’ written by Pittacus Lore is a novel you will never want to put down.

Number four, Daniel Jones, John Smith. Whatever you want to call him, he isn’t who they think he is. He was one of the nine aliens that escaped from his planet ‘Lorien’ as a group of Mogadorians (from a planet of their own) invaded and attacked Lorien. The Mogadorians were in need for more supplies for their own planet. Fortunately, he and eight other children were sent away to Earth as he watched Lorien slowly die. Mogadorians followed the children to Earth and cursed them with a charm giving each of them their own number from one to nine. As each of them is hunted and killed by a Mogadorian, a whirl is engraved into their skin, burning their flesh. The first three are dead and Number Four is next. As the years pass, Number Four is constantly moving places and changing identities and eventually he gets fed up with it. So, Number Four and his guardian settle down in the small town of Paradise, Ohio. Here, Number Four receives his legacies that will assist him with fighting the Mogadorians when or if they ever find him. He also meets two friends that he doesn’t want to leave behind, if he was to unexpectedly leave again.

I have absolutely loved reading this book and its unexpected events as I turned each page. I imagined what the characters all look like and where they are as Pittacus has described every scene so intensely. This novel has kept me on the edge of my seat on every page and the thrills keep me continuing reading more.

If you love reading an adventurous, heart-filled, fantasy/sci-fi novel then ‘I am number four’ is definitely the best novel for you! I didn’t want it to end! It can capture an audience of either teenage boys or girls, as there is adventure and action but also some romance to top it off. As this novel is the type of story that I absolutely love reading, I have given it a rating of 4 stars.

Montana, Year 9


‘Nine escaped and retreated to Earth. Now three are dead, I am number four. I know that I am next.’ – John Smith (Number Four)

John Smith was just your average teen, right? Wrong. His home planet, Lorien, was burdened with an unforeseeable attack from the Mogadorians, who invaded Lorien yearning for its resources. The Mogadorians were evil creatures that set out to eradicate Lorien’s inhabitants, known as Lorics, and wouldn’t stop until they were all dead. The Lorics appeared to have no hope, but they managed to save nine children along with their guardians, who then retreated to Earth. There, they lived seemingly normal lives, except for one thing; the children had a curse placed upon them, which meant they could only be killed in numeric order. Number one through three were dead, and John Smith was number four. He and his guardian, Henri, dedicated their lives to trying to find ways to limit detection by the Mogadorians. They move to a small town in Ohio, and John becomes very attached, and makes some really good friends, which soon becomes an issue for their original plan of keeping a low profile wherever they went.
This is a great novel expressed by a narrator. It is well written, fast-paced, suspenseful, and extremely hard to put down once you’ve begun reading. I was completely engrossed in this story and I couldn’t wait to uncover what happened next. This novel is also relatable to teenagers, as it illustrates matters that are dealt with everyday such as trying to fit in, relationships, and bullying.

I did, however, find one fault with this novel, which is that the author didn’t use very descriptive language. For example, there wasn’t a clear description of what, exactly, the Mogadorians were; therefore I found it extremely difficult to envisage their appearance. Despite this, I still appreciated this novel and would recommend this riveting tale to anyone around the ages of 12-18 who enjoys stimulating, attention-grabbing, action-packed fiction novels with a captivating storyline. I rate this novel 4/5 stars.

Millie L., Year 9


‘I am Number Four’ written by Pittacus Lore is a captivating story filled with fantasy, thrill and romance.

This book is out of this world as you go on a journey with John Smith, also known as Four. A few years ago John travelled on a spacecraft with his guardian Henri and eight other children to come to Earth. The nine had to leave their planet Lorien as it was under attack by the Mogadorians, who were stealing their resources.  They left their planet but they aren’t safe. The Mogadorians have followed them to Earth and are hunting them down number by number. A curse was set on the children making it that they can only be killed in numeric order.

After finding out that Three was dead Henri and John fled to Ohio, in hope of not being found by the Mogadorians. The plan had been the same everywhere they moved: don’t make friends, don’t go out and don’t draw attention. But as soon as John has his first day at school in Ohio, the whole game has changed. Suddenly John finds that he doesn’t want to blend in and be alone. Could the photographer at school Sarah Hart change his mind about falling in love? Or is it the bully Mark who makes it hard to stay in the shadows? Is it the space geek Sam who won’t make John such a loner? Will these things have horrible consequences for John or will he come to his senses and carry on with what he’s meant to do. John’s decision will change his life and the life of Lorien, for better and for worse.

I enjoyed the book ‘I am Number Four’ written by Pittacus Lore. I thought the plot and storyline of this book were extremely intriguing and there was never a dull moment. I usually dislike Fantasy/ Sci FI books but this novel has surprised me as I thought it was a good book. I thought it was interesting when there were flashbacks to the planet Lorien. The only downside of this novel was the description used. The description about the Mogadorians wasn’t very good and I couldn’t picture what they looked like. I would recommend this book to girls and boys aged 11-16 years old. I would also recommend it to people who enjoy reading Fantasy/ Sci Fi.  I rate ‘I am Number Four’ 4 out of 5 stars.

Leisel L, Year 9

November 19

‘Hush, Hush’ by Becca Fitzpatrick

Hush hush‘ A fallen angel…. A forbidden love’


Nora Grey moved to the outskirts of Coldwater, into the only house on Hawthorn Lane, not expecting her life to be drastically meddled with.  She started school at Coldwater High, only to meet a strange, mysterious boy, an exchange student called Patch Cipranio, who seems to be overly interested in who she is. Patch has brought mystery and romance into Nora’s life as well as his darkened past.


Nora tries to figure out Patch’s past, only to notice two scars on his back. She questions his mortality until he lets her into his past by allowing her to witness everything he went through, everything he is. She finds his secret: he is a fallen angel. There has to be a reason why Patch is here, and Nora has so many theories. To kill her? Or to protect her? If Patch is trying to protect Nora, from whom is he trying to protect her?


Nora doesn’t know whether she should run from him, or fall for him; the wrong decision could cost her life.


As an unexpected series of events occur, one of the final scenes answers the question: Who is the guy in the ski mask that has been repeatedly trying to attack her? Luckily she has her best friend, Vee, by her side to help her through her confusion. So many close calls cause Nora’s mother to wonder, but Nora can’t open up to her because she doesn’t want to move or for her Mum to get worried.


I would recommend this book to teenagers or young adults who enjoy fantasy romance books such as the Twilight series. I enjoyed this book because of the gripping plot twist and unexpected ending. Hush, Hush is an amazing book that will keep you intrigued the whole time.


Rating: 4 stars    Pia. F, Year 9


“My heart fumbled a beat and, in that pause, a feeling of gloomy darkness seemed to slide like a shadow over me.”


In Coldwater, Maine, life for Nora Grey wasn’t exciting in her quiet hometown, which is until exchange student; Patch Ciprano arrives, causing Nora’s life to change forever. Patch Ciprano, Nora’s new Biology partner, has moved to Coldwater and has brought his unilluminated past with him. Although dark and mysterious, Nora seems to think there is more to Patch than meets the eye. Questioning his past, two scars on his back may be the only thing between the living and the fallen. Other problems arise when a mysterious man in a ski mask follows her, costing the lives of her and the ones around her.


This book has multiple twists and turns and will keep you on edge the entire time. Each character has their own unique personality that really helps make this book far greater than the story line. The genre of this novel is romance, mystery, supernatural and fantasy, and will be perfect for people who enjoyed the Twilight series. This book is angled at teenagers and young adults. Although this is not my kind of book, Becca Fitzpatrick has written a fairly good book and the first of the ‘Hush Hush’ series. I would rate it 3½ out of 5 stars.

Bridget, Year 9


      Fiction becomes fact for Nora Grey when Patch Cipriano enters her life. After having awkward encounters with him, she starts to second-guess her reality. Having no idea of Patch’s past she gives in to his flirty attitude and mysterious personality, despite the fact that he knows everything about her, including her secrets, and she knows nothing about him.

      From the beginning of her biology class Nora knew that Patch kept a grave secret locked away with him. By his devilish smile, charming looks and chilling stare, Nora was certain that whatever her efforts, he wasn’t going to give in, until they both get stuck at a dusty old motel and all of Nora’s suspicions about fallen angels come true. From that moment on, Patch ‘s life gets intertwined with Nora’s and secrets from the past start to take over Nora’s already complicated teenage life. Every time an issue seems to get resolved a new one emerges.

      Unanswerable questions circle Nora, taking her deeper into a world where love, friendship and trust matter more than anything. Not knowing where to go, except to her, only best friend Vee, who seems to have everything in her life under control, Nora uses Vee’s help.

      However when Nora finds out that her new psychologist is on a mission to kill her, the only person she can turn to is Patch. Will Patch and Nora win the fight? Will they ever be together? These are just some of the questions that will make you want to read more.

      Hush Hush, is a very creative book and is certainly well written. I would recommend this to all teenagers who enjoy reading romantic fantasy novels. Once you start reading you won’t be able to put it down because your mind will be glued to the pages. I would definitely rate a 5 star read because of the fascinating storyline and perfect chemistry between Patch and Nora.

     By Vrinda A. Grade 9


November 8

‘The Secret Hour’ (Midnighters #1) by Scott Westerfeld

the-secret-hour-midnighters-book-1‘This will keep you reading way past midnight.’


      Jessica Day has moved to a small town called Bixby, Oklahoma, a quiet town where everything seems fine, but Jessica is bound to get more than she bargained for with the mystery of the secret hour.


      The town of Bixby is normal for other people but not for people born at the stroke of midnight.  These people have an extra hour where they have special powers and the rest of Bixby is frozen.  Jessica is a very lucky person thinking she has this mysterious place all to herself but there are other midnighters.  Dess, Rex, Melissa and Jonathan were also born at midnight and also have secret powers. These kids are not a threat, however there are creatures of the dark that lurk in the shadows waiting for their next meal to devour.  The creatures include slithers, flying slithers and the infamous darklings.


The main problem is trying to stop the creatures of the dark, and getting to know Jessica’s power.  Jonathan does not like Rex or Melissa.  This makes it hard for Jonathan to use his power to help fight the evil monsters, when he doesn’t trust the other kids other than Jessica and Dess. 


What I liked about this book is how it didn’t have a slow start to get into the interesting parts, also how it shows you the time of day at the start of the chapter.  Another part that I enjoyed was how it wasn’t too easy to read or too hard to read which made me read on.  The recommendations for readers that would like this book are the thrills, the adventure and the creepiness of the dark.  I would rate this book  8 out of 10, with10 being the highest and 0 being the lowest.  Truly a great read!


Texas C., Year 9       


    ‘Meet the Midnighters. By day, they’re outsiders. Teenagers with black coats and bad attitudes. By night, they might just be our last hope…’     

Strange things happen in Bixby, Oklahoma, although in this town there is something special. In this town there is always one extra hour at the dead of night. Jessica Day is new in Bixby and discovers that, in this extra hour, she is awake and can travel around. During this time everything is frozen and nobody moves and although this may seem fun, Jessica is not alone. They call themselves ‘midnighters’. Jessica begins to enjoy the extra hour she has received until she discovers that the town belongs to the evil creatures called darklings. Here they lurk in the shadows and threaten the town throughout this extra hour. The midnighters all have special powers that they can only use during the hour. The main midnighters are Rex, Melissa and Dess and they realise that Jessica is new to the extra hour and find out that the darklings are stalking her. Why are the darklings doing this? To find out, you’ll have to read the book!
I fell in love with this book from the start because I was so captured by the descriptive language which gave a clear picture. Scott Westerfeld made it very easy for me to create a visual image and made it feel like I was in the book; also how he described the characters’ powers, all so unique. It kind of felt old fashioned because of how computers were ordinary and phones were not real. This book would be recommended for teens and young adults. I think it would fit readers aged between 14-20. It would engage both male and female readers because it includes fantasy/sci Fi, mystery, thrill and a bit of action.

Reece, Year 9


June 17

‘Midnighters: The Secret Hour’ by Scott Westerfeld

the-secret-hour-midnighters-book-1“Meet the Midnighters. By day, they’re outsiders. Teenagers with black coats and bad attitudes. By night they might just be our last hope…”

Imagine you had one whole secret hour every day just for you, where everything froze. Not even a single breath or sound could be heard and nobody knew about it afterwards. Well that’s exactly what the Midnighters have. Every day at the stroke of midnight Rex, Dess, Melisa and Jonathan all enjoy the ‘blue time’ for one hour, as it’s called in the small town of Oklahoma Bixby.

But everything changes when Jessica Day, the new girl arrives. Jessica feels something is not right in Bixby when she starts having strange dreams and being chased down by strange creatures, at least she keeps telling herself it’s a dream… Melissa, who has a psychic ability, senses something strange about Jessica, realizing that she’s one of them too, but is that all there is to it? Is there something else going on with Jessica Day?

As Jessica starts to realize what going on, she knows the darkling want to capture her. She is constantly being chased down and only using the number 13 and clean metal to protect her doesn’t seem to be scaring the darklings any more. Why do they want to capture her? They haven’t seemed to care about the other Midnighters during midnight; so what’s so good about the new girl Jessica? Rex thinks if they find out her power it would give them a hint of why they want her but could her new power that she has brought on change the secret hour forever for good or for worse? What will the darkling’s think?

Read the book “The Secret Hour” and find out what happens to Jessica Day and her friends as she fights the darklings, changes the secret hour and finds out why the dark creatures want Jessica Day dead! This is just one of the many fantastic, suspenseful, exiting books Scott Westfeld has to offer – the Midnighters book series. This book was a very interesting, mysterious and very intriguing book that you just can’t put down and I’m sure many teenagers out there would love to read it! This book is available at the Aquinas library and other book stores.

Towella, Year 8


Meet Dess, Jessica, Rex, Jonathan and Melisa. Together they make the midnighters. They are a group of kids who have special powers and only they can stay up past midnight. They are ‘teenagers with black coats and bad attitudes’. Does this sound exciting? Is it the book for you? To find out you will just have to read it… won’t you.

Once the new girl Jessica Day comes into the story, Bixby High just isn’t the same. Rex, Jonathan and Melisa notice something strange about her. When they get to the bottom of things it turns out she is one of them!

I enjoyed the book “The Secret Hour” because it is a story about a 15-year-old girl, and we are around the same age group. The author (Scott Westerfeld) described each scene with great detail and it was easy to create a picture in your head. The main scenes in this book are Bixby High and Jessica’s house.

I would rate this book a 8.5 out of 10 because of its description and how the author has laid out the book. The descriptive words of this book are what makes it interesting. If you are thinking about reading a book about suspense then this is definitely the book for you!!!







June 3

‘Hush, Hush’ by Becca Fitzpatrick

‘His smile wasn’t friendly. It was a smile that spelt trouble. With a promise.’

 Hush hush     Becca Fitzpatrick’s novel ‘Hush, Hush’ (Book One of the tetralogy) is based on an average American sixteen year old, Nora Grey. Living on the outskirts of Coldwater, Maine, Nora finds life as it usually is in her quiet hometown: dull and uneventful. At least that was until she is introduced to the mysterious exchange student, Patch Ciprano. For Nora, Biology was just another subject for her to convey a scholarship role in. Little did she know that a new Biology partner could change her life forever. During the novel we find that Patch has not only brought his daring, mysterious and romantic charm but also his darkened past into Nora’s life. Through Patch’s dangerous actions Nora is practically caught between life and death. A lingering question is left unanswered. Who is the first to fall?

     I thoroughly enjoyed this book due to how intriguing every chapter was. I found myself extremely enthusiastic as to what may occur in the next one to two chapters. This novel was a thrilling, action-packed novel, captivating my full attention. The major plot twists and change of events made the book one you could simply not leave hanging. I would recommend this book to any young teenagers to any young adults who may be engaged with books classified as a mixture of romance, fantasy, supernatural etc. All in all the finished plot of book one of the series has only encouraged me to delve further into the unknown events in the riveting novel by Becca Fitzpatrick, ‘Hush, Hush‘.

    Faye D., Year 8


“We choose those we like; with those we love, we have no say in the matter.” – Mignon McLaughlin

Nora Grey is intrigued by Patch Cipriano, a foreign exchange student who knows exactly how to push her buttons. Whilst Nora struggles with her feelings for Patch, she tries to solve the case of the King Horn hanging and the man in the ski mask who keeps mysteriously attacking her. She is in a race against time to figure out who the man in the ski mask is and to protect the ones she loves. The novel ends with a bang as the final showdown commences and the hundred-dollar question is answered, ‘Who is the man in the ski mask?’ If you like fantasy romance novels with a big ending fight scene, you’ll love this book. I recommend this novel to any teen girls who loved the Twilight series. I give this novel a 4/5 rating because it took a while for the action to start but when it finally started getting interesting I was hooked.

Alessandra, Year 8

November 25

‘City of Bones’ by Cassandra Clare

City of Bones is an amazingly detailed action, mystery and thriller book. The story is based in New York.

At the beginning of the story Clary Fray, the main character of the book, is in an all ages nightclub. She begins to see people that no one else can see. When she goes in to see what is going on, she watches as the supposing invisible person she is watching get stabbed to death. The plot continues spinning into a series of events, included losing her mother, being attacked by a ravage beast and waking up in many mysterious places. Clary learns about a lot of things that normal people believe never existed.

This is a fantastic book for all ages but it would be a good read for someone in high school or someone at a younger age who wants a challenge.

Daniel, Year 9

November 25

‘Percy Jackson and the Lightnng Thief’ by Rick Riordan

I am reading a book called Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief, written by Rick Riordan.

I have to admit I loved this book; it is so exciting! When I opened the book and as I read the first couple of pages it was packed with adventure. There are so many things going through your head. What will happen next?

This book is about a boy called Percy Jackson. He is a half blood: half  God/half boy, and he goes to a private school for troubled kids. Percy Jackson has a best friend Grover but there is a big secret that Percy Jackson doesn’t know about Grover. There is someone else in with Grover. Unsuspectedly the person who is in with Grover is Mr Brunner, who is the teacher in a wheel electric wheelchair. Mr Brunner and Grover had a secret meeting after school without Percy but the thing that they didn’t know is that Percy was behind the corner listening into what they were saying. The thing Percy heard was that he was half God. Is this true? Is he being delusional? Is this just all a dream that he wake up from?

Find out more and read the book. I give this book a 7/10 and I recommend this book to teenagers and boys and girls.

Mark B. Year 9

November 24

‘Hades’ by Alexandra Adornetto


Will she make a deal with the devil?

And what will happen to an Angel in hell?

Hades is a captivating book about love, deception and what you would do to keep the people you love safe. It is the sequel to the enchanting book Halo by Alexandra Adornetto. Every page will have you wanting to read more. You will not want to put the book down. The book begins at school when the bell sounds to go home for the weekend. It is Halloween and they are planning a Halloween party. Little did they know, this party would release Jake Thorn and his demons. Xavier and Bethany settle down to try and resume a normal life (well as normal a life as you can have when one of you is an angel) when a childish prank goes wrong and Bethany finds herself dragged down to Hell. When Jake plays dirty, Bethany must make the ultimate sacrifice in order to keep Xavier alive.

What would you do to save the people you love?

Chloe, Year 9

May 13

‘The Secret Hour’ by Scott Westerfeld

midnighters secret hour“The outside air sparkled, shimmering like a snow globe full of glitter.” I haven’t read the whole book but this is what I’ve read so far.Jessica is the new girl at Bixby High in Oklahoma and she has already been “accepted” into the “popular” crowd. Many things are strange about Bixby; the water tastes different and gives you funny dreams, there’s an annoying curfew and a weird group of teenagers in black clothes who sit in the dark corner of the cafeteria. The “midnighters” as they call themselves, are able to live for an extra hour during midnight. Sounds cool, right? Jessica has a funny dream about the rain freezing and her dancing around in it, but when she wakes up the next day her jumper that she wore was damp. The names of the “midnighters” are Rex, Dess, Melissa and soon to be midnighter Jessica. This book is one for people who love fantasy but with a hint of spooky books. I think that the author, Scott Westerfeld, did really well to create the things that the world turns into at the hour during midnight. The front cover basically states everything. When people pick it up they know it has something to do with time and teenagers. This book is a very good read and it will definitely keep readers up way past midnight. Emilia, Year 8

‘The Secret Hour’ is a fantasy book about a new girl at Bixby High School. She has trouble in her classes because her parents put her into all advanced classes. She thinks that Bixby is a weird town, and she hates the water there. A girl she met, Dess, was a weird type of person. Dess and her friends think that she is one of ‘them’. Dess and her friends all wore black. I don’t really like the book so far and the writer’s style is not what I would read normally. It didn’t really explain what Dess and her friends meant when they said “she is one of us”. The front cover is of blurred people in the darkness, but this is a good cover for the book. The story kind of confuses me and it’s not the type of book I like. But I would recommend it to my more ‘fantasied’ friends. The theme of the novel is a dark type of fantasy. It is a book that you can’t stop reading after one or two chapters. You have to keep reading to understand it more. Tahni, Year 8

‘The Secret Hour’ by Scott Westerfeld is a fantastic book for young readers who like mystery and fantasy. Once you start reading, it’s very hard to put it down. I think that most people would be able to relate to it in some way. I think the plot was surprising because it had so many twists and turns in it. ‘The Secret Hour’ by Scott Westerfeld is about a girl named Jessica who has just moved to Bixby. She had heard rumours about the water giving you weird dreams. This starts happening to Jessica but they’re all too real. When Jessica moves to Bixby, a small town that has a curfew, Jessica becomes friends with Rex, Melissa, Dess and Jonathan, who tell her why she has been having these weird dreams but they aren’t dreams because they are actually real. Jessica is special and they don’t know why.  I really enjoyed reading this novel, because it is in my favorite genre of writing. I really enjoy fantasy/mystery books. The idea of having an extra hour in each day because you are born exactly at Midnight was really intriguing. I would highly recommend this book to kids 11 years and up because it’s easy reading if you want something light. Wendy, Year 8

‘The secret hour’ is a fantasy, Science fiction and a bit mysterious type of book. It was written by Scott Westerfeld. ‘The secret hour’ is a very well plotted book and keeps the reader hooked. The setting of the book is in a small town called Bixby. The four main characters (Des, Melissa, Rex and Jessica) go to a small high school named Bixby High. The characters in the book seem really interesting and when you read more you learn more about them. The character who stands out the most for me is a girl called Des. Big crowds of people annoy her so she turns her music up as loud as it can go on her ipod and doesn’t care after that. She’s also super smart in a lot of subjects. The plot in the book runs really smoothly along as the story goes and it makes you want to read more. I can’t say what happens in the end because I haven’t read to the end. The writer’s style is easy to understand.
I thought the book was alright (so far) because it wasn’t brilliant but it was good enough to keep me awake. The highlight of the story so far is when Jessica woke up in the middle of the night and everything in her nightmares was coming true right before her eyes. I would recommend this book to 12 – 15 year olds because it is a very complex book for people to read and it’s around the age group of 12 – 15.When Jessica moves to Bixby she realizes that everything isn’t as normal as it seems. Her strength, mind and courage help her figure out what’s really going on in Bixby. I would finally give this book a rating of 7/10. Nicola, Year 8

‘The Secret Hour’ is a fantasy book by the author Scott Westerfeld.  It was a bit confusing at the start, but it got better as it went on. The first time I started reading it I wanted to read more. It’s a story about a girl Jessica; she’s the new girl at Bixby High School in Oklahoma and started hanging out in the popular clique ever since she started. I haven’t read the entire book, but ever since I’ve started it has been a bit confusing. This is definitely a book for people that are into dark fantasy stories. The only illustration in the book would be the front cover. The people are kind of blurred and behind writing ‘The Secret Hour’. As soon as I saw the book I knew it was going to be dark and mysterious so it definitely suited the cover for what type of book it is. I do like the book but it’s not one of my favorites. I would recommend this book to people that loved the ‘Twilight’ Saga as its sort of got the same type of theme to it. Melissa, Year 8