July 27

Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Reference sites & Translators

Want a great online dictionary, thesaurus, translator or reference tool for your students? Look no further than http://dictionary.reference.com
This is a great site to spend time on for some serendipitous learning, to complete the daily crossword, take a quiz or even to get definitions. What is a thesis statement? Don’t know? Look on dictionary.reference.com
Want the meanings to literary terms? You’ll find plenty at http://dictionary.reference.com/wordlist/literary


Infoplease contains an atlas, encyclopedia, dictionary, thesaurus, and Today in History, calculator, today’s news, metric conversion tool, spell check, periodic table, place finder, country profiles, a Homework Help Centre and lots more cool tools.


To translate 30 languages, look up grammar, dictionary, conjugation etc., my best site so far is Reverso .

Yes, Japanese is one of the languages!

Also look at:

Merriam-Webster Dictionary Thesaurus & Encyclopedia

Encyclopedia Britannica



The Free Dictionary

Some other really useful reference sites are:

Trove – a database of over 373 million resources. Choose Australian maps, sound recordings, films, digitised newspapers etc.

Virtual Reference Shelf – Library of Congress – a very comprehensive reference collection.

CIA World Factbook – Facts and figures about every country of the world – how they are governed, economic, geography, population, map, etc.

CIA World Leaders – Heads of state and government ministers of every country in the world, including the ministers of Australia’s government.

Australian Newspapers online – a site linking to lots of Australian newspapers.

Australian magazines – a site linking to lots of Australian magazines.

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