February 24

Safety on the Internet

Via the internet, we are the most connected we have ever been, however we need to realise that the information that we share is available to everyone and can be easily retrieved, even when we think it’s been wiped!
Here are a couple of sites which deal with Internet Safety:

Cybersmart – the Federal Government web safety website

Social Networking for Kids

Getting blunt: 16 things kids should know about social networking

1. People who ask you to keep secrets are almost always up to no good.
2. People will tell you what you want to hear because they want you to trust them, not because they think it’s true.
3. Your parents understand a lot more than you think they do, and no one online should convince you otherwise.
4. Private details are private.
5. If you have to hide it, you’re probably doing something you’re not supposed to.
6. Make sure your parents know who you’re talking to online.
7. Make sure your social networks are safe.
8. Don’t post anything online you wouldn’t expect the whole world to see.
9. Don’t let anyone guilt you into anything.
10. Always check with your parents before sending anyone anything – or giving out your address to receive “gifts” in return.
11. You should always report abuse or bullying – even if it isn’t against you.
12. Don’t tell anyone what you’re wearing.
13. Passwords aren’t for sharing.
14. Ask permission before spending money.
15. Don’t make friends with grownups.
16. Trust your instincts.

Generation Next also has 18 great tips for teenagers about Internet Safety

There are also lots of good clips on YouTube about Internet Safety. Check them out!

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