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‘Point Blanc’ by Anthony Horowitz

Point BlancHorowitz pulls you into the book with fast-paced action. You just can’t put this sort of book down. It twists and turns when you least expect it. The sequel to ‘Stormbreaker’, ‘Point Blanc’ takes you to the French Alps and at first Alex (main character) is here to spy on suspects of two recent deaths when all of a sudden it turns into a rapid paced action thriller, only getting faster and faster. It turns into a warfare of spy on spy and can’t be ignored. “You nearly had me killed”, is how extreme this book really is. Nathan, Year 8

“An alarm bell exploded behind him. Lights came on throughout the academy. Alex pushed forward and set off, picking up speed with every second. The decision had been made for him.”

The story of Point Blanc is set up high in the French Alps where there is a school for super rich kids. Alex Rider is the main character. Alex Rider is 14 years old and a London schoolboy but secretly he is a spy working for British Intelligence, MI6. The story starts when Alex is at school watching his past friend buy drugs from a drug dealer in a white car. Alex follows the car away then gets in trouble. He is then arrested by the police then taken away to MI6 where he is being assigned to a recon mission. He then has to go undercover as a billionaire’s secret son to go to the Academy of Point Blanc to see if there is any connection between the owners of the Academy and two deaths of billionaires. Alex soon discovers the secret truth of the Academy and now his life is at risk. I liked this book because at every page you want to know more, because of the style of Anthony Horowitz. I strongly recommend this story to early teenagers who like mystery and action. Bryan year8

‘Point Blanc’ is an action book written by Anthony Horowitz, but not the type of action book where everything blows up randomly and there are heaps of guns. It actually has a bit of science in it. This creates a lot of mystery in the book and it keeps you wanting to read it at times, but sometimes it gets a little weird and I mean weird in the chapter “Room 13”. But that’s for you to find out. The story of ‘Point Blanc’ is mainly set in the school of “Point Blanc” in the French mountains but also spends some time in London. The main character of the story is Alex Rider, a 14 year-old MI6 agent, and the typical bad guy is called Dr Hugo Grief. He is the headmaster of the school. The story is that Alex Rider goes into Point Blanc and his mission is to explore the school and discover anything unusual that may help MI6. The reason MI6 want Alex to go and discover Point Blanc is because MI6 believe that they have discovered a link between the deaths of world leaders and their sons going to Point Blanc. This book is written quite simply and this means most people can read, it is easy to understand and you also never get lost in the story. People from the age 11 to 17 or even older can read this book and you shouldn’t get too bored with what I think is a cross between an adult and a kids’ book. To me this book had a bit of science and not enough guns and gadgets. When I read an action book I want guns, explosions, gadgets, excitement and fun! To me this book lost that essence half way through reading it and I found it slightly boring at times. I know that many people say it’s a great book and they say, “you’ll never want to put the book down”, but I didn’t get that once I had read deeper into the book. I would recommend this book to people who like a bit of science, spy work and can handle a little boredom at times. I would give this book a 6 out 10 stars.

By Joseph, Year 9

Point Blanc is a story written by Anthony Horowitz, in which the main character is a 14 year old boy called Alex Rider. He may look like a normal kid but he is actually a secret agent working for a top secret organization, MI6. But of course, nobody knows about this. The story starts when Alex follows a drug dealer back after seeing him selling drugs to a former friend. He then gets caught and thrown into jail after catching the thieves but doing a lot of damage. MI6 then contacts him and tells Alex that he has to go undercover to a school for problem boys, as his boss suspects something is not quite right. This book, I thought, was one of those books that you just have to find out what’s going to happen next while sitting on the edge of your seat. It is very full on with action, so I recommend this book to 13-16 year people who likes spies and action in the one book and I would rate this book an eight out of ten stars.

Toby, Year 9

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